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Last Updated:  10/28/2005

"ABCDEFG" Or "A Bard's Convenient DIY Erotic Fiction Generator"

. This is not really a story but a joke tool to help bards write sex scenes. It's as simple as ABC, or to be more precise, it's as simple as ABCDEFG. Bards, do you struggle when it comes to writing that passionate and erotic sex scene? Yes? Then struggle no more. Claire Withercross Productions in association with Claire Withercross International Conglomerate Enterprise Associate Consultants bring you the ABCDEFG! Yes, the ABCDEFG! The tool all writers of erotic fiction in the Xenaverse have been waiting for. Twosomes! Threesomes! Lonesomes! With multiple usage of the tool you can create orgies with up to 17, (YES 17!!!), of your favourite characters in the Xenaverse in the most dirty, explicit, disgusting sex scenes you can imagine, (and I know how much some of you bards can imagine!). Never be stuck for making your sex scenes original, sexy, passionate, or bizzare ever again with the ABCDEFG. A Bard's Convenient DIY Erotic Fiction Generator.

The Adventures Of Gabrielle (And Some Other Person)   ebook version available

This is a parody of how the dynamic duo first got together. It's likely to be the first in an occasional series. A young woman ventures into the big bad city and applies for a job as a sidekick. However, the hero may not be all she at first seems!

Great Blow For A Day Job - with Blindzon Elyzon

Being bard to a Warrior Princess is a difficult job, especially when said Warrior Princess is your harshest critic. Gabrielle's method of coping with the criticism makes her ill and the cure leads to an explosive conclusion!

As The Camera Turns   ebook version available

Ted Raimi introduces a short programme of out-takes from the filming of my story "As The Stomach Turns". See the actors have trouble with their lines, props, and flatulence. Discover how Kevin Smith gets paid; be amazed by the eloquent use of the words and in the same sentence; and find out which of the stars forgot their underwear. Also features footage of a scene that never made it to the final version of "As The Stomach Turns".

As The Stomach Turns   ebook version available

Gabrielle, convinced that she is dying, recounts one last adventure. A mission where she and Xena unite two nations through the love of a prince and princess. A tale of love, a tale of gods, a tale of vomit!

The Case Of The Missing Snowmen

A children's story using Little Xena and Little Gabrielle portrayed in Lucia's Comic Strips.

Cross Words

An epic tale of love, set against the backdrop of ancient Greece. Two women, one, a tall dark and menacing warlord, the other, a short, naive young bard. Thrown together by the horrors of war, they forge an unlikely partnership to fight for the greater good. Sounds good? Unfortunately my story is just a little campfire scene.

Hanging Gabrielle

Hanging Gabrielle is a little vignette that does exactly what the title suggests. Except Claire says she doesn't go all the way to protect the squeamish.

I Will Remember   ebook version available

An old woman reminisces about an old friend.


Mistress and slave, friends, lovers, what is the nature of the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle? I was sent back to Ancient Greece to secretly observe and record my findings. I only had one day and through the conflicting evidence I think I found the right conclusion.

In The Name Of Love   ebook version available

Xena's word is her bond, and when she vows to kill an enemy the next time they meet, she means it. But that was before she met Gabrielle. Now, after turning away from her evil past a reformed Xena and her former enemy meet. Will Xena keep her word? She wants to, and she's not alone in that wish. But the outcome of keeping her word could have far reaching consequences.

Love On The Ocean Wave   ebook version available

A tragic tale of doomed love aboard ship. Xena and Gabrielle want to relax and have fun, but the arrangements the bard made includes providing entertainment. Meanwhile, love is in the air as various passengers fall for the charming and beautiful bard, (that's Gabrielle, by the way). There is also a serial killer on board, and the feisty young blonde, (Gabs again!), is determined to catch him before the body count gets too big.

A Near Life Experience and A Near Life Experience, Too

These are the same story told from different POVs and is "Sins Of The Past" revisited, with a twist.

After hesitating when Draco's men capture the women of Poteidaia, Xena finds herself rounded up with them. One story, two points of view. Gabrielle sees a dark, mysterious and dangerous woman, yet at some level there is an attraction for her rescuer. For Xena, it's just another day at the office, except at the end of it she acquires a sidekick.

Pillow Talk   ebook version available

The Release   ebook version available

Gabrielle arrives in a village and finds work at the local tavern to pass the time until Xena arrives. When the warrior turns up she brings news that three warlords are making a treaty that will stop their infighting and strengthen there grip on the country. Can Xena and Gabrielle stop them? Or will Xena's past get in the way?

A Stranger In The Garden

55-Word Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction



The Gratuitiously Necessary Fight Scene

The Heartbeat


Random Thoughts Series

1. Bridge

Xena is traveling alone, looking for her future. Feared and judged by people who know of her she has a choice to make.

2. Living With The Big Lie

Xena has found a friend, or is it trouble. Hero or villain, her friend says the former, but Xena has her doubts.

3. Runaway

Xena and Gabrielle help a boy everyone else seems willing to give up on.

4. Mad

Xena and Gabrielle wonder if the world is flat, why don't we fall off?

5. Hard As Love

A day on the road seems pleasant, but Gabrielle has something she wants to tell Xena. Can she find the courage to say it? And how will Xena react?

6. Hollow

It's the morning after the night before and Xena and Gabrielle seem happy. However, Xena realises something very important about their relationship.

7. Alone

Find out what Gabrielle and Xena think about when it's too hot to sleep and they have to spend the night apart.

8. Paper Lies

In need of money, Gabrielle performs at a tavern where she receives a job offer that leaves Xena less than pleased.

9. Brave

Xena attends a gathering to say goodbye to a friend. Afterwards she asks herself an important question.

10. The Great Escape

Xena and Gabrielle help a group of wrongly imprisoned people escape, with a little help from a friend and a rat. At the end of a tiring day Xena considers the greatest escape of all.

Conclusion - Made Again

Gabrielle writes her thoughts down after tending to a sick warrior.