D.C. Parker

Last Updated:  05/02/2022

About That Dance

Well...our two favorite girls have just managed the whole issue with Lucifer and the Heart of Darkness thing...and now, have gotten to the point where what happened then was actually some kind of..clue...


In this little piece of fluff I made up, our two girls have to endure my slightly different version of their timeline. We meet up with Xena's old flame and mentor Lao Ma, who gets rescued by our heroes this time. Ming Tien, that little piece of..ahem..is killed by Xena, and she and Gabrielle take Lao Ma back to her own castle.

And for the rest...well...let's see...

Distant Shores

In this short piece, Xena is tormented by her past, and gets some unexpected help with getting over it.

Letting Go

In this short piece set somewhere between "Motherhood" and "Coming Home", we get a slightly different view on relationship between the former God of War and his Chosen One.

"The Hidden Scrolls"

Just some little scenes and thoughts that occurred to me while watching the show, that might have happened before, inbetween, or after the named episode. Enjoy!!!

1. Sins of the Past

The Warrior Princess tries hard to think of a way to get rid of her new companion.

2. The Greater Good

During one of the longest nights of her life, Gabrielle can’t help but confront herself with the possible death of her friend.

3. The Quest

After having been resurrected from death, the Warrior Princess suddenly sees herself confronted with the consequences of her actions.

4. Return of Callisto

After Gabrielle’s wedding, an angry Warrior Princess makes a mistake that will cost both her and her best friend dearly.

5. The Price

On the verge of war against the Horde, the warrior thinks about how her friend doesn’t seem to realize what truly is happening to her.

6. The Debt 1

On her way to Chin, the Warrior find herself caught in yet another night tormented by thoughts of the past and the woman that laid claim to her heart.

7. The Bitter Suite

Being with the warrior again after managing their way out of Illusia, the bard realizes that going back to the way things were isn’t as easy as she thought it would be.

8. One Against An Army

After having defeated the Persian army, the warrior finally acknowledges what she feels for the Bard while both relive the death of Xena’s son.

9. Crusader

Finding shelter in a rundown Tavern after having defeated Najara, the Bard reveals a much unexpected truth about the Warrior Princess.

10. A Family Affair

After her reunion with the Warrior Princess, the Bard ponders what they have just been through. Pent up emotions reveal themselves…quite effectively.

"War God Interludes"

Just some little scenes and thoughts that occurred to me while watching the show, that might have happened before, inbetween, or after the named episode. Enjoy!!!

1. The Xena Scrolls

When day turns into night and silence washes over the adventures of the day, the newly found descendant of the Warrior Princess finally has the chance to come to terms with some unexpected discoveries.

2. Successions

Being trapped inside that strange, dangerous in between world Ares created for them, the Warrior Princess soon finds out that there is more to his motives of doing that than she could have guessed.

3. Eternal Bonds

Forced again to make a decision to keep herself and her child safe, this time the Warrior Princess can’t as easily escape the emotions that have been haunting her for a long time now.

4. Amphipolis Under Siege

Her plan got her what she wanted, but after all is said and done, the Warrior Princess can’t help but feel guilty…and decides to do something about it.

5. Livia

When starting out to get her daughter back, things for the warrior don’t work out quite as planned.