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November 29th, 2009

Welcome to a new writer at the Academy, SoCal Bard!

Making Love Stay by SoCal Bard
Sylla Iper is an artist living in New York City. Gwen Nottingham is her network's star anchor for its vaunted morning show. Sylla is conducting a workshop in North Carolina when she gets an interview request from Gwen's producer. During the interview the curiosity of both women is piqued. When Sylla makes her way back to the city the relationship between the two women begins to simmer.

Death Wears Yellow Garters by Rae D. Magdon
When Jay Buchanan agreed to accompany her wealthy girlfriend, Nicole Fox, to a birthday dinner, she never expected the night to end with a murder. Now, Nicole's grandfather has been poisoned, and the only clue on the scene is a yellow garter. It's up to Jay and her crazy Aunt Mimi (who is a little too fond of detective stories) to solve the mystery... if the police don't charge them with stalking first.

Added Part 6 (conclusion) of Too Much To Ask by Kennedy Northcutt

November 25th, 2009

Added part 6 of Infamia by Vivian Darkbloom

The Incredible Adventures of Brice Johnson, Bus Driver The Second Adventure by Silverwriter01
In this second adventure, Brice is busy with Thanksgiving Day preparations. She also has a new pet, a new best friend, and a new girlfriend. One of whom with betray her.
(Part Two of a Series: The First Adventure)

November 24th, 2009

If You could See Me Now by Robin Hicks [Original/Alt/Complete]
(NOTE: This is a revised Version of Untitled by Robin Hicks)
It's been ten years since Micah James has seen the only woman she had ever truly loved. After her hasty disappearance years ago, she has come back to town to be with her Mother and had never thought she would run across Quinn Thomas again. What will happen when the two women meet face to face for the first time in 10 years?

November 23rd, 2009

Added part 4 of Earthbound by JM Dragon & Erin O'Reilly [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 5 of Too Much To Ask by Kennedy Northcutt [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]


November 22nd, 2009

Added Part 11 of Twisted Secrets by Mickey Minner

November 21st, 2009

L-Book ePublisher New Book Release

Second Nature
by Jae. Shape-Shifter Romance.
http://L-Book.com Author of Backwards to Oregon.
All formats: eBooks, Paperback, Audio eBook and Micro/SD Memory Card.
Commuter Novel: 604 pages, 185,000 words. Audio is mp3 format, 20 hours listening time, 834 MB, 108 Tracks, eBooks are included.

Novelist Jorie Price doesn't believe in the existence of shape-shifting creatures or true love. She leads a solitary life, and the paranormal romances she writes are pure fiction for her. Griffin Westmore knows better — at least about one of these two things. She doesn't believe in love either, but she's one of the not-so-fictional shape-shifters. She's also a Saru — an elite soldier, investigator, and if need be an assassin with the mission to protect the shape-shifters' secret existence at any cost. When Jorie gets too close to the truth in her latest shape-shifter romance, Griffin is sent to investigate — and if necessary to destroy the manuscript before it's published and to kill the writer.

Note: As per L-Book new release tradition, we are giving away Free jigsaw puzzle of the book cover. Receive the free gift with purchase of Second Nature any format. All puzzles are 300 pieces and sizeable to best match different size screens. Free Gift Jigsaw Puzzles by Galore Puzzles. Thank You for supporting eBooks, L-Books (Audio) and our authors. Roxanne

Like Andrea by Gin [The Devil Wears Prada/Alt/Complete]
Andy discovers that Miranda is acting strangely and decides to figure out what's going on with her ex-boss. Set a little more than a year after the end of the movie.

November 20th, 2009

Added chapter 7 of Taming the Wolf By Sammet

November 17th, 2009

Added part 3 of Earthbound by JM Dragon & Erin O'Reilly [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Some Friends In Deed by Annazon Fox [Classic/Alt/Complete]
This is a post-Friend in Need tale of redemption. It includes Amazons, bonfires, and that ever-so-romantic setting otherwise known as "a cave."

November 16th, 2009

Announcement from Intaglio Publications
Intaglio Publications, Inc. is proud to announce the release of The Clash Between the Minds by Nann Dunne
The Clash Between the Minds
Nann Dunne Release: November 2009 Price: $16.95 ISBN: 978-1-935216- 10-0 Genre: Romance Available athttp://www.bellabooks.com and Intaglio ebooks www.intagliopub. com In the sequel to The War Between the Hearts , The Clash Between the Minds finds Sarah-Bren Coulter, her partner, Faith Pruitt, and Faith's son, Benjamin, dealing with the Ku Klux Klan's rising influence in their community. When Sarah and Benjamin become involved in the violence, Faith is appalled by Sarah's actions and staggered by the obvious danger those actions pose for her family.

In an unexpected consequence, Faith is given the ultimatum to forsake her relationship with Sarah and move back to the schoolteacher's house provided by the town council or lose her position at the school. Faith's overwhelming fear for Benjamin's safety and her commitment to the children she has contracted to teach compel her to agree. She intends the parting from Sarah to continue only until the end of the school year, but Sarah is devastated by Faith's decision. Subsequent events cast serious doubts on the certainty of their reunion.

Will Sarah regain her family? Can the two women overcome the clash between their minds and prevent a permanent separation? Thanks, Steph.


© 2006 Kate Sweeney, Author of SHE WAITS
The first book in the Kate Ryan Mystery Series
http://www.KateSwee neyOnline.com - Kate@KateSweeneyOnline.com
NOW AVAILABLE! Click here to find out more!
http://www.scp- inc.biz/index. asp?PageAction= VIEWPROD&ProdID=632

November 15th, 2009

Siren's Call by Shadowriter [Original/Alt/Complete]
Jordan's looking for a conquest at her favorite leather bar, but instead finds a lesson in life when a friend challenges not only another top, but everything Jordan thought about herself. Please mind the disclaimers on this story.

The Changing Moon by Shadowriter [Original/Alt/Complete]
The night before Halloween, and 28 people have been kidnapped to take part in an ancient hunt -- as the prey. How many will survive?

Added Part 4 of Too Much To Ask by Kennedy Northcutt

November 13th, 2009

Announcement from the Academy of Bards- Solstice Challenge
<.pushes button on cyber tape recorder.>

Good Morning Agent Bard...

It's that time of year again. the organization know as The Royal Academy has issued a challenge to ALL writers. This time they are encouraging multifandom stories. MULTI-FANDOM.

Oh, the audacity...oh the humanity...oh what killer stories we will have to read.

<>ahem, yes<>

You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the Academy by participating in the challenge as a writer. You will communicate with headquarters with a series of code words that you must include in your story. Follow the roools and your survival is assured; break them and we disavow any knowledge of your mission. Good Luck.

Oh and we understand that EVIL J and OZ are also cooking up a Punzle but we'll worry about that when it surfaces.

This cyber tape will not self-destruct...you'll have to delete it yourself. <.g.>

The Royal Academy of Bards Solstice Challenge - The Rools

November 11th, 2009

Grasping at Straws by Jae [Original/Alt/Complete] A prequel to "Backwards to Oregon".
To most upright citizens of Independence, Missouri, Tess Swenson is just the madam of a brothel. Few people know that she's also the owner of a livery stable and a number of other successful businesses — and Tess likes it that way. She can check on her employees without having them scramble to put on an act just because the boss is visiting.

On one of her secret inspections, she makes a surprising discovery.

A Rooster's Job by Jae [Original/Alt/Complete] A sequel to "Backwards to Oregon".
In 1851, the Hamiltons traveled two thousand miles over the Oregon Trail, lured by dreams of living in the idyllic Willamette Valley with its lush prairie, trout-filled rivers, and mild winters.

But the winter of 1852 turns out to be the hardest one in many decades. So now the rich grass is buried under inches of snow, the rivers are frozen, and Luke finds that their rooster isn't doing such a great job either.

Added Part 3 of Too Much To Ask by Kennedy Northcutt [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

November 10th, 2009

Untitled Story by Robin Hicks [Original/Alt/Complete]
It's been ten years since Micah James has seen the only woman she had ever truly loved. After her hasty disappearance years ago, she has come back to town to be with her Mother and had never thought she would run across Quinn Thomas again. What will happen when the two women meet face to face for the first time in 10 years?

November 9th, 2009

Added Part 10 of Twisted Secrets by Mickey Minner

Announcement from Erin O'Reilly
Now that I've finished posting Fractured I am offering the story in the following formats: e-books, word, html and pdf . If you'd like one of these downloads you can go to http://eoreilly.jmdragon.net/downloads.html and download any or all for free.
Erin O'Reilly

November 8th, 2009

Added part 2 of Earthbound by JM Dragon & Erin O'Reilly

November 7th, 2009

Announcement from Kim Pritekel
Hey, all. Well, it's been over a week, and I had my second post-op doctor's visit yesterday. I got some... bad is way too strong of a word, but it'll have to do. See, I started to notice that the vision wasn't as clear as it had been before, though it's still good. Just something was... off. So, the doc discovered that the clear membrane capsule that holds my lens is beginning to cloud. Apparently this happens to 1 in 5 cataract surgery patients, and OF COURSE, I would be that 1 in 5. So, that's the bad news. The good news is, it can be remedied with a simple laser procedure, though it's going to cost me another grand or so. So, THANK GOD you all were SO generous!! I have the left over funds from the auction to cover this final piece to make my vision as good - and then better - than it was the day after surgery.

So, again, thank you all. This, unfortunately will considerably cut into what I'd planned to do with the extra - the homeless and Lucy's Starship Foundation, but at least I've got the money to cover it. The doc said this will likely take place within a couple, three weeks. He wants to make sure my eye has totally healed.

But, other than that, things have gone remarkably well: no pain, no serious limitations. This has truly been the most pleasant surgical situation of my life.


Announcement from the Academy of Bards
Essence by Ladyhawke is now also available in eight smaller parts in case you should have a slow internet connection. If you get a timeout messagewhile opening the whole file please use the smaller ones.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 (Conclusion)

Should you have problems loading any other story please let us know.

November 6th, 2009

Inferno by Ladyhawke [Uber/Alt/Complete]
This is set a year after Shadows. The continuing story of Kaitlan and Lee; Their life, their love and their secrets.
I'd advise reading Shadows first.
Sorry for the long wait.
Ladyhawke :)

November 5th, 2009

Added Part 2 of Too Much To Ask by Kennedy Northcutt

November 4th, 2009

Too Much To Ask by Kennedy Northcutt [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]
This sequel to A Nation's Pride takes place sometime after events in Season 3 and pushes the envelope on a new timeline in the Xenaverse.

Taking a break from life on the road, Xena and Gabrielle help rebuild Amphipolis in the aftermath of the destruction Athena's army wreaked on the town. A strange mystery and a desperate request for assistance interrupt their brief time-out and embroil the duo in a tumultuous hornet's nest of angry gods, pregnant Amazons and complications too numerous to name.

November 3rd, 2009

A new Bard joins us today! Welcome Gracelan Chase :)

Impotent or maybe not by Gracelan Chase [Uber/Alt/Complete]
Jolie is having a hard time these days her life is in a shambles. All she wants is to understand why and for Michelle to come back. See if this shaggy blond gets her raven haired love back. I believe in happy endings, don't you?

Added Part 4 of The Long Way into the Light by Skald the Bard [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

November 2nd, 2009

Essence by Ladyhawke [Original/Alt/Complete]
A killer is on the loose. Detective Rhimes and partner are doing everything to catch him.
But still the 'Tooth Fairy' claims another victim. Getting no where fast on the case, Detective Rhimes Captain wants a psychic to help. Now the problem is to convince the psychic, Miss Newton, a woman with a painful past, to help catch a killer.
But what if not only can the psychic see the killer, but the killer can see her...

A Christmas Carol III - Circle of Love by Dillon Watson [Original/Alt/Complete]
Another chapter in the continuing saga of Gabriella and Jacqueline as they expand their circle of love.

Sheena's Sight II by Dillon Watson [Original/Alt/Complete]
Sheena finds out what she has to do to help save her new girlfriend's brother. Is she up for the task?

Bonds by Rhuarc Black [Original/Alt/Complete]
Watching a BDSM relationship through time.


LFRCA Book Cover Awards
We are very pleased to announce the results of the 2008 LESBIAN FICTION READERS CHOICE BOOK COVER AWARDS.

The following books received the highest votes:
On Azrael's Wings
Lethal Affairs
Deal With The Devil
Adijan and Her Genie
Thirteen Hours

Congratulations to their Cover Artists
Stephanie Solomon-Lopez
C. A. Casey
Sheri Dragon

Thanks to all who voted.

Jo Fothergill
LFRCA Administrator

November 1st, 2009

Earthbound by JM Dragon & Erin O'Reilly [Original/Alt/Complete]
Amanda Lawson's life fell apart when a cement truck, killing her partner of eight years, hit the car Amanda was driving. Not only did she lose the love of her life but was critically injured leaving her with limited use of her legs. For Amanda, being alive was the cruelest thing life offered her. For two years, she lived alone downing prescription drugs to relieve pain that was both emotional and physical.

Twice she found a 1999 phone book that seemingly appeared from out of nowhere, opened to a page for spiritual healers. Believing that her lover, Gwen, was sending her a message, she dialed the number of Luminitsa whose ad read let me heal you with the light .

The visit to the spiritualist's home brought Amanda face to face with Luminitsa and her beautiful and mysterious granddaughter, Raphaela. A thread of light beckons her to a new life if only she believes. Will Amanda abandon the comfort and oblivion her pills afford? If she does, will it be the rescue she is looking for or just another nightmare to haunt her dreams.

Extra Credit by Iseqween [Classic/Alt/Complete]
After “Something New, Something Old,” Gabrielle and Xena reconsider their notion of semi-retirement, given the succession of adventures that began interrupting their attempts to celebrate 25 years together in “Fifty Winters Ago.” For Gwen/Widget.



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