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Attention all Bards!

Please join the Academy for our annual Halloween Special!

All fandoms welcome. Doesn't have to be spooky, but spooky is great!

Please submit before midnight 10/30/2022, USA central time (GMT-5).

Send an email with your attached story to:


October 28, 2022

Safe And Sound Back Home In Greece part 5 by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Complete]

'Messina and Home' -- The ship lands at Messina without Roman interference. It then sails into the Ionian Sea, to land in Prevaza, Greece, seven days later. But after landing, a disturbing fact about their time as slaves comes to light.

October 27, 2022

Safe And Sound Back Home In Greece part 4 by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

'East to West. Then Back Again' -- The sun comes out and the winds pick up. The ship lands at an abandoned village, abandoned because of a years-long drought, meaning no water. The ship's captain decides their only chance is to return back the way they came, hoping there will be no Roman warships to contend with. Gabrielle suggests a mutiny to stay the course.

October 26, 2022

Safe And Sound Back Home In Greece part 3 by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

 A thick fog develops, hiding the Poseidon from the Romans, but with no way to tell which way they wanted to go, Captain Santilla could only let the ship drift with the tide.

October 25, 2022

The Howling Moon by TheGuardian [Classic/Alt/Complete]

This is the latest part (part 17) of my "The Guardian" -series.

The trio has to change their plans when Exl is taken ill with a cold and they meet three hunters on their way. They learn that a village is being terrorized by a dangerous creature and they set out to capture it before it can do any more damage. What is this creature and what is it capable of?

October 21, 2022


Dusty Road Home
Sometimes secrets are meant to stay buried!
by Award winning author - Isabella

Available at:  Sapphire Books    Amazon      Smashwords

Lesbian Romance and Intrigue – Read the first 3 chapters here

Melanie Crenshaw has fallen off the proverbial map. Notoriously private on a good day, the world-famous mystery author has gone dark to avoid any public blowback or scandal from her latest failed relationship. Seeking quiet and solace, she retreats to her rural hometown, hoping isolation will be just the atmosphere she needs to finish her novel. But going back home is never as easy as it sounds, especially when a nosy reporter starts sniffing around.

Pulitzer-winning investigative journalist Pilar Stein has seen people at their worst—and has the scars to prove it. After taking time off to heal from a particularly brutal assignment, she’s back in the saddle and ready to reclaim her place among the elite of hard-hitting reporters. Unfortunately, her re-entry story—a profile on elusive author Melanie Crenshaw who has suddenly disappeared—seems to lack the teeth necessary to catapult her back to the top of her game.

Appearances are deceiving, of course, and Pilar soon discovers that what she deems a simple fluff piece might well lead to the scoop of a generation…just not the one she expected.

As Melanie fights to maintain her privacy while Pilar takes a backhoe to her past, the two women find themselves torn between their own professional convictions and their growing attraction to each other. And no matter which road they take, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Stein Willard: My new book, Enchanted, a sequel to Immemorial, is now available on Amazon.

New Release from Desert Palm Press
Not Sorry
(A Mountian to Coast Romance)


Ann Tonnell

What could possibly happen when an ex-con finds her way into the home of a reclusive lottery winner? This unlikely meeting in the North Georgia mountains leads to Not Sorry’s story of trust, romance, love, growth, and forgiveness. Liz takes a chance on Monty’s skills, but her interest becomes more than her home’s improvement.

Will Monty’s opportunities lead her out of Liz’s Life?

Available at:
Desert Palm Press, Smashwords, Amazon, and soon at Bella Books

October 11, 2022

Safe And Sound Back Home In Greece, Chapter 2 by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

'At Sea' -- Gabrielle discovers that life as a novice sailor is nothing but muscle aches and blisters.  For the first four days, the ship makes good time, but then a Roman war ship appears, and it is all they can do to stay ahead of it.

Until Dawn by TrueT 159 [Classic/Gen/Complete]

One night as Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer sit around the campfire, Xena and Gabrielle tell the chilling story about her and Gabrielle's fight for survival one night in an unknown forest. And how they made it until dawn.

October 6, 2022

Safe And Sound Back Home In Greece by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

Sequel to  ''Xena: Roman Gladiator"

Previously  --    Xena and Gabrielle were captured and taken to the ludus at the House of Batiatus in Capua where Gabrielle was made into a house slave and Xena was forced to train and to fight in the arena as a gladiator.  Batiatus' wife, Lucretia, fearful of her husband trying to gain favor with an increasingly unpopular Caesar by letting him know Xena was at their ludus, arranged for Xena's and Gabrielle's escape in the middle of the night.

'Chapter One, 'Going Home' -- Xena and Gabrielle arrive in Napoli without running into any Roman soldiers. Xena negotiates passage home for her and Gabrielle on one of the ships, but not with coins, but by working as deck hands on the ship during the voyage back to Greece.

Hammer Down! by Norsebard [Uber/Alt/Complete]

In Goldsboro, Nevada, the popular Dirt Stock Car Championship visits Thunder Park Raceway to run the EverFresh Two-Fifty - the spectacle has the entire town flocking to the track to see the drivers duke it out in their colorful racers. While Sheriff Mandy Jalinski and her deputies work flat out to keep the peace, Wynne Donohue and her best bud Ernie Bradberry spend the long, hot Saturday up on the grandstand chugging beer, watching the racing and reminiscing about the old days. It's Ernie's last weekend in town, and Wynne is determined to make it a memorable one...

The Search for Brisingamen by Phineas Redux [Classic/Alt/Complete]

A classic ‘Xena, Warrior Princess’ story. The Norse Goddess Freya seeks the help of Xena and Gabrielle in recovering her stolen magical necklace ‘Brisingamen’.


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