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May 23, 2022

Call It Destiny by David E. Milligan [Classic/Gen/Incomplete]

In the second season episode, 'Return of Callisto', Callisto kills Perdicus the morning after he and Gabrielle are married. But what if he was only wounded, and the newlyweds returned to Poteidaia, leaving Xena to chase after Callisto?

May 12, 2022

Completion of Like Life parts 31 & 32 by Gin [Devil Wears Prada/Alt/Complete]

May 10, 2022

Resurrecting Xena by David E. Milligan [Classic/Alt/Complete]

A continuation / sequel to 'Gods and Demigods.'

Using Gungnir, his mighty spear, Odin killed the Dahak-inhabited body of Xena,  killing Dahak as well.

While Gabrielle was preparing Xena's body for burial in Amphipolis, Autolycus showed up, claiming that Xena was inside him. After proving to Gabrielle it was so, they have to find a way to put Xena's spirit back into her body before it is too late.

May 2, 2022

"War God Interludes" by D.C. Parker [Classic/Gen/Complete]

5. Livia / GEN

When starting out to get her daughter back, things for the warrior don’t work out quite as planned.

Gods and Demigods by David E. Milligan [Classic/Alt/Complete]

Sequel to 'Ares Versus Thor or Mjölnir and The Chakram'

Thor searches for a hero to aid in the struggle against an enemy that threatens the Northlands. He goes to Xena and Gabrielle, hoping they can help him find who he is seeking. But it is Ares who takes them to Hercules, who has gone mad after killing his wife and sons.

The Way Series by TZ [Classic/Alt/Complete]

14. The Way of the Queen

After so many years on the road, would Gabrielle be ready for a countrywide war and leading the Amazons nestled within it? Would her relationships help to keep her sanity?

15. The Way of Alliances

Alliances are made to benefit all of the parties involved. Amazons create and maintain them to build strength. Individuals also do the same. Some are suspicious to third parties. Some have a lifetime purpose.

16. The Way of the Elders

Elders have wisdom, experience, advice and humor. For the Amazons, they are powerful members. They are the living, speaking history of the Nation.

17. The Way of Generations

Every decade, the Amazons renew their numbers. Festivals celebrate their accomplishments. This is another Festival of Life, when Amazons meet men to get pregnant and add to their population. Some are chosen and some just sneak off.

18. The Way of the End

Some things just come to an end.

Two gods, two titans and one immortal warrior that lives to protect the Chosen's descendants. She served her alliance for two thousand years, but finally got a reunion with her deepest love.

One Moment of Patience by M.S. Wilson [Classic/Gen/Complete]

In Sins of the Past, Gabrielle's father says the Poteidaians have "heard about" Xena, which suggests she never conquered Poteidaia when she was taking over towns in the area; maybe she didn't see them as a threat, or maybe they voluntarily sent tribute, but she seems to have bypassed them in her march. This story takes place in an alternate history where Xena did conquer Poteidaia, thus meeting Gabrielle ten years earlier. Fans (and the show) have often speculated about what path Xena's life would've taken if she'd met Gabi in her formative years and this is my take on that possibility. There's no hint of romance, since Gabi's just a kid (I figure Gabi's about 9 or 10 years old here and Xena is 17 or 18), but there's definitely a connection between them.


From Stein Williard -

My new short story, A Heart to Conquer, is available on Amazon. An extract is available here.

New Releases from Desert Palm Press

Just a Birdhouse


Emily Fohr

When twenty-one-year-old Bellamy Artois returns to the coast of Saint __ de Vie to visit her wine aficionado grandfather for the summer, she falls eagerly back into step, daydreaming alongside her childhood friend, Appoline Alarie.
Vacationing on the seaside, Bellamy attempts to balance the affections of the village baker, while struggling to keep her growing infatuation with Appoline, internal and at bay. Together, the pair rediscover friendship and explore its confines, as deemed by society. The soundtrack of their summer is narrated by Paul Simon songs and the fantasy of French romance; melodious freedom begging to be inhaled and exhaled without any inhibitions.

Available at:
Desert Palm Press, Amazon, and soon at Bella Books and Smashwords,


Cinco De Die-O


Toni Draper

It’s Cinco de Mayo on San Antonio’s famed River Walk, a time of mariachis and margaritas, but when muertos are thrown into the mix, there’s a mystery to be solved–and quick! When newly assigned SAPD Officer Paige Turner (the daughter of a librarian with a bookish sense of humor) shows up looking for answers, it’s bar owner Bobbi Garza she finds, and there is an immediate and irresistible sizzle between the two women causing much more than the comal in the little cantina’s cocina to heat up.
But when a second body appears, and then a third, they begin to wonder WHAT’s happening and WHERE all the people are coming from – and find themselves forced to put their attraction to one another on a low-flamed back burner and team up with a duo of neighboring merchants in an attempt to solve the WHOdunit.


Available at:
Desert Palm Press, Amazon, and soon at Bella Books and Smashwords


Candle on the Water


M.A. Myers

High school senior Stephanie Turner is about to be the state swimming champion until a last minute bout with the flu ruins her chances. Despondent after her crushing loss, her world is instantly brightened by a pair of sparkling brown eyes belonging to one Sara Austin. Their bond forms in an instant, but their love must remain a secret in their conservative Midwestern community.
Sara's self-sabotage, fueled by her jealous friend Jenny, causes them to go their separate ways. As the two women struggle to survive in their own worlds, entering into loveless marriages to fit in and denying their own truth and personal desires, the timelessness of their love endures. Soon, Stephanie will find that the love she shares with Sara reaches across the centuries, and destiny will prevail over human prejudice.

Available at:
Desert Palm Press, Amazon, and soon at Bella Books and Smashwords


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