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Attention all Bards!

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All fandoms welcome. Doesn't have to be spooky, but spooky is great!

Please submit before midnight 10/30/2022, USA central time (GMT-5).

September 26, 2022

Soul Mission by Chef Etiquette [Classic/Uber/Alt/Complete]

Xena and Gabrielle love story. In the Show, they state that the 2 are soul mates, together in everylife. Well, what happens when Gabrielle runs into her future soulmate's incarnation.Well Keep reading and find out.

A Friend In Need: Reimagined by TrueT159 [AFIN/Alt/Complete]

The following story is my attempt to fix the horrible ending to Xena Warrior Princess that was "A FRIEND IN NEED". I'm aware that it's certainly been done before and I'm sure my version won't be the last. But I thought it would be fun to do my own version of how I think things should have gone. Some of the dialog and scenes have been taken directly from the show. While other things have been changed. Besides the crap ending obviously. I feel like that's not really a spoiler saying that a head of time. Otherwise why would I even be writing this since it's the ending that's the problem. Anyway I hope you enjoy my rewrite of the series finale of Xena Warrior Princess, "A FRIEND IN NEED: REIMAGINED"


Stein Willard

My third book in my Sci-Fi series, called A Leap of Faith, is out on Amazon. Read an extract.

September 22, 2022

Xena: Roman Gladiator, Chapter 18 by David E. Milligan [Classic/Alt/Complete]

'Away!' -- Fearful of Batiatus ingratiating himself to a less and less popular Caesar by giving him Xena, Lucretia devises her own plan.

September 20, 2022

Xena: Roman Gladiator, Chapter 17 by David E. Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

'Back to the House of Batiatus' -- Expecting Xena to be sold, no one can explain why she is returning to the House of Batiatus.  Gabrielle tries to find out why from the house slaves on the way back. Lucretia again suggests to Batiatus that he free Xena and Gabrielle, but he refuses when he realizes what he must do.

September 14, 2022

Xena: Roman Gladiator, Chapter 16 by David E. Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

'A Not-Quite-So-Sweet Aftermath' -- Lucretia was the one who sent Gabrielle to be with Xena. Lecretia is perplexed when her favorite sex slave, Hermes, confesses his love for her. Batiatus is unhappy about the Xena situation. Lucretia suggests that maybe he should just free her and Gabrielle.

A Single Step Parts 9, 10, 11 By Kennedy Northcutt [Post Fin/Alt/Incomplete]

Post FIN: Xena is dead. Gabrielle may have possibly moved on. We'll see. This story takes place years after Gabrielle's adventures in Egypt as “the girl with a chakram.” She built a hospice near Amphipolis and lives there with others. And then a stranger shows up and changes everything.

September 6, 2022

Attic Days, Attic Nights by Phineas Redux [Classic/Alt/Complete]

Xena and Gabrielle return to Athens after a long absence only to find their wish to relax hindered by a myriad of requests for assistance awaiting them from every quarter of the city.

Xena: Roman Gladiator, Chapter 15 by David E. Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

'A Sweet, and Baffling, Aftermath' -- Xena meets one of Cicerius' gladiators, who is from Amphipolis and knows who she is.  Xena and Gabrielle are allowed to spend two nights together as Xena's reward for defeating Gaulus the Destroyer.  Xena tries to explain why she had to be so bloodthirsty in the arena.


Two New Releases from Desert Palm Press
(Heart of Heroes – Book 2)


Molly J. Bragg

When Naomi Woodward’s doctor recommended her for a clinical trial, it seemed like the answer to her prayers. She was finally able to get her gender confirmation surgery and the surgery was a resounding success. She finally looked and felt like the woman she always knew she was.
Her new face and new body finally helped her work up the nerve to ask out Anika, the beautiful nurse that lived across the hall. To her delight Anika said yes, but when they are attacked during their date, Naomi quickly discovers that the experimental procedure she went through had some unexpected side effects, and that when Anika told her things with her family were complicated, she really should have listened.
Now, armed with superpowers she barely understands, a snarky artificial intelligence in her head, and allies that include a Superhero, a Dragon, and the literal Devil, she has to keep Anika safe from the archangel who’s out to kill her while they work desperately to prevent a second civil war in heaven.

Available at:
Desert Palm Press, Smashwords, Amazon, and Bella Books


Back in the Saddle


Toni Draper

Deep in the heart of Texas ranch and rodeo lands, freelance writer and barrel racer Kendall Greer, a woman with a heart of a poet, finds it broken and herself in a loveless relationship. As soon as she decides to put all thoughts of romance aside and focus on rodeo instead, she crosses paths with roper Deb Mueller. And, they soon find themselves falling cowgirl hat over boots, hard and fast, for each other - but together learn it takes time to trust and love again.
Available at:
Desert Palm Press, Smashwords, Amazon, and Bella Books

(Desert Palm Press is continuing its 10% discount. Use 10DPP at checkout)

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