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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Immortal Xena ??? Charles Anderson Journey (The)
??? ??? Colleen Just A Breath Away
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Xerxes JC & The Secret Of The Scrolls
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Red Hope Janice versus Janis
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Harlequin Janice and Mel Adventure (A)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Cap'n Cat Janiceís Solstice Carol
??? ??? CJ Wells January Thaw
??? ??? Colleen  Just a Breath Away
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick A. Hawk Janice (1) 
    A. Hawk Melinda (2) 
Jackson/Aly Explore haunted barn [90ís] Sandra Barret Jackson's Choice
Rhett/Lacy Woman in Vegas hits it big [90ís] JL Nicky Jackpot
Rona/Hine Goddess sings a mate into being [Fantasy] Ambyrhawke Shadowsinger Jade People (The)
Loren/Jamie Lawyer/ rock star [90's] Arkonia Jamie James
Alex/Jana Mechanic/ sick woman [90's] Jera Jaws of the Wolf
Jennifer A young girl gets a special friend [90's] Zuke Jennifer's Muse
Robin/James Time travelers go to X&G Greece Kamouraskan Joining (The)
Lucia/Ellie Reporter intrigued by apparent runaway [90's] PatD Jingle Bells For Easter
Rebecca/Kait Basketball players/ practical joker [90's] Anais Joke (The)
Cole/Erin Paralegal goes on blind date [90's] Tara Kerry Joke's on You (The)
??? Co-workers passion ignites Mayhem Incarnate Jones
Hyper/Corey Cop/reporter [90's] Larisa Journalistic Endeavors
Cass/Sarah Construction co. owner reads pioneer woman's journal [90's & 1850's] Kim Pritekel Journals
Liz/Rowan Friends take a road trip [90's] zee Journey to Harvest Moon (The) 
Quin/Petra  Executive/Professor [90's] S. African Hunter & vineyard owner/ journalist [90's]  Anne Azel Journeys series [1-3]
??? ??? Anne Azel Journeys series [1-3]
Danny/Laurie  Doctor/ Masai Social ahtropologist [90's] Anne Azel Journeys series [1-3]
Alex/Sarah ??? Anne Azel Journeys series [1-3]
Andree/Celia Susan/ Marie Friends travel through life [90's] Mary Michaels Journeys
??? Betrayed friend [90's[ Lady J Judas' Kiss
??? Night brings change [SciFi] ArdentTly (Trish Shields) Judgement
Xena/Gabrielle Judge/lawyer [90's] Warrior Judge Judicial Love
??? Woman recalls her role model [90's] Unnamed Bard Judy
Tricia/Chloe Accidental time travelers A. J. Bard Jump!
Walker/Celeste Women meet while on jury duty [90's] Mavis Applewater Jury Duty (1)
Mavis Applewater Reaching the Verdict (2)
??? Noble/ slave [Fantasy] Callisto Wolf Just A Story
??? Unhappy people out for a walk [90's] Emily Mills Just A Walk
Alex/Marianne Woman discovers her bi-sexuality [90's] Sandra vd Klift Just Alex
Morena/Brandy Former high school lovers now roommates [90's] Mavis Applewater Just An Ordinary Day
??? Passion flairs [90's] Fantasy Bard Just Because, No Matter What
Kyle/Amy Woman recalls when she 1st realized she was gay S Lynne Just Breathe
Barbara/Talia Financial consultant meets old friend [90's] Blue Dragon Just Business as Unusual
Jade/Lindsay Writer/ photojournalist [90's] Stoley Just By Chance (1)
Stoley Stolen Moments (2)
Alice/nat Office worker /corp. instructor [90ís] J. Rosestar Just Dinner
Unkown Distraught woman helped by stranger [90's] K. Lee Just Do It
Delaney/Gib ??? Carrie Carr Just Like Old Times
Charlie/Katie Child who plays as Xena [90's] LJ Maas (deceased) Just Like Xena (1)
LJ Maas (deceased) Making New Memories (2)
Danny/Jesse Woman drawn to outlaw [Western] Amanda Calkins Just Like Jesse James
Shaz/Alexa Love comes in unexpected places Rabster Just Maybe
Cassy Blackjack dealer/ lounge singer [90's] WarriorNutcase Just My Luck
Karla/Olivia PR Executive/ assistant [90's] Mavis Applewater Just One Of Those Things
Hayden/Kelly Friends become more [90's] Asgard Just One Perfect Weekend
Kate/Amy Builder/ graphic designer [90's] Anne Reagin Just Rewards
Sarah/ Pregnant teen [90's] Ophelia Just to Express My Love
Ivy/Fairlight Women celebrate the holiday [2010] Miri Just Your Extraordinary Christmas...
Kate/Perry Mugging victim/ dream lover [90's] Georgia Beers Justice
Xena/Gabrielle immortals Lady Savay Justice and Redemption
Cam/Cheryl inmate/ framed attorney [90's] Alex P. Justice Deferred