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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
??? ??? Cheyne Pocket Watch (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Tiggster PlayTime 
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Pat R Phoenix And The Flame (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick L. Graham Prelude to a Dig
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Elaine Sutherland Pappas Journals (The) (1) 
Pappas Journals ll: In the Reich (2)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Bongo Bear Personals (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Bat Morda Party (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick ArdentTly Passion Tense
Kierce/Dakota FBI/artist phair Post Traumatic Treat
Tanner/Star Kidnapper/ young woman [90's] Teagen2 Paid in Full
??? Woman laments [90's] Shadylady Pain
??? Forgotten soul yearns [Fantasy] Carola "RyŻchan" Eriksson Pain's Fairytale
Jean Woman is intrigued by a painting [90's] Bongo Bear Painting (The)
Rebe/Starr Lovers get it on [90's] Fantasy Bard Pampering
Rocky/Lex Cop/ singer-writer-tarot reader [90's] evil little bard Paladin (The)  No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Panter/Tera Warriors meet [fantasy] T. S. Hubbard Panter's Pride (1)
T. S. Hubbard Hunted (2)
Orie/Erica Jungle woman /crash survivor [90's] Teagen2 Panther
Bly/Jordan Physical Therapist/ Writer [90's] Cruise /Stoley Paradise Found
Sunny/Lindsay Casino dealer/vacationer in Bahamas [90ís] SX Meagher Paradise Island
Ryan/Sarah Walking trip becomes dangerous [90ís] Bard of New Mexico Paradise Springs
Rita/Penny Meter maid/ office worker [90's] Mavis Applewater Parking Tickets and Other Annoyances
Uber fanfic characters meet on vacation [90's] Scully Partner Trap (The)
Alexandra/ Jordan FBI agents are partnered [90's] Cheeya Partners (1)
Cheeya Partners Plus One (2)
Cheeya Forever... One (3)
Syliva/Lee New Yearís party [90s] Mavis Applewater Party (The)
J.J./Rae Gay protestors [90's] Shadowriter Passing On
Saxon/Jude Trauma surgeon/ filmmaker [90's] Radclyffe Passion's Bright Fury
Fallon/Sarah Warrior weds [1500s] Kim Pritekel Passion's Fool
Liz/Amy Dominatrix/ sub [90's] D. Virtue Passions Fulfilled
Camryn/Ashley Bartender/ patron [90's] d a m n a t i o n Passions of the Soul No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Xena/Gabrielle Cops [parody] Sally Budd Passion's Plaything
Nicolia/Leah Guide/ Joseph Connell Passover
Sydney/Kelly Homicide detective/ news reporter [90's] Niki Past and Present
Amanda/ Cameron College student/ bar bouncer [90's] Zee Past Is Present 
Rachel/Kristel Wealthy mother/ student [90's] damnation Past Love (1)
damnation Eternal Love (2) [aka Religion for Hire]
Sarah Travels back in time Denic Past Tense of Love (The)
Karah/Gabrielle Officer helps a woman Athenian Bard Path Less Traveled
Maria/Svetlana Starship captains [SciFi] At3sparky /Windstar Pathfinder 
Xena/Gabrielle  Delusional woman   Kamouraskan Patience
(Martha) Held in clinic [90's] ??? ???
Kate/Heather Patient/nurse [90's] BluDreamscape Patient Troubles
??? Doctor / judge [90s] Andrea Dorea Patient Zero
Mackenzie/ Cameron Revenge at high school reunion [90's] GabGold Paybacks series [1-3]
Malyssa/ Shannon Pastor/ farm girl [90's] FC Barnes (aka scouterpup) Paying My Penance
Jen/Pearl Woman fantasizes about killing a rival [90's] Cephalgia Pearl Had to Die
Nick/Christie Bounty hunter/ mother [90's] damnation Penance No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Claudia/Bethany Musician/ volunteer [90's] Barbara Davies Pendragon Cove
??? What one sees Kira Chase Perceptions
Kris/Sarah Cop shares the day with her lover [90's] Panther Perfect Day (The)
Mac/Trina Women meet in sex toy shop [90's] D. S. Bauden  Perfect Fit (A)
Alexandria/ Emily Woman goes all out on Valentine's Day [90's] Anne Azel Perfect Moment (The)
??? Description of a moment [90's] LilTrain Perfect Moment (The)
Chris/Marsi Baseball prodigy/ attorney [90's] J. C. Wilder Perfect Pitch
Cassidy/ Anna Suicide attempt impacts 4 lives [90ís] Austin Hunter Daniels Perfect World (A)
Cassidy/Anna Woman attempts suicide [990ís] RD Wylder Perfect World (A)
Annie/Julia Librarian/ lawyer [90's] Merry Gangemi Perfection Remembered
Tirsh/Jo Attractive choices [90's] F.J. Davey Perfect Strangers
Leilani/ Parker Champion surfer/ sports photographer [90's] T. Stratton / Wizzy Perfect Wave (The)
Drew/Lola Sheriff/ friend's daughter [90's] Alex Tryst Persistence (1)
Alex Tryst Time: Clock of the Heart (2)
??? PWP JLNicky Personal Ad
Jessica/Kate Actress/ assistant [90's] Kat Personal Assistant
Taylor/Cory Adminstrator/ caseworker [90's] Minerva Perspective series [1- 14]
Reed/Aisling Brotherís friend becomes more [90ís] Meghan O'Brien Peter's Choice
Branson/ Callaway Builder battles Amish activist [90's] Larisa Phantom (The)
Erika/Christina Costume party [90's] Kim (KP) Pritekel Phantom
Xena/Dalana Ghost / writer [90's] Teagen2 Phantom Lover (1)
Dalana/Logan Writer/ lodger Teagen2 Phantom Love (2)
Teagen2 Phantom Love 3 (3)
Rachel/Danielle Hot date at the musem [90ís] CherokeeEchols Philbrook Trilogy (The)
Julie/Tink Tough Sgt saves a newbie [SciFi] DJ Belt Phoenix (1)
DJ Belt Phoenix 2: Last 20 Meters (2)
Devon/Kara Space pilot/ docotr [Sci-Fi 22nd Century] Janet Lynne Phoenix Rising
??? Phone call sparks anxiety [90's] Lady J Phone Call (The) (1)
Dimples / Lady J Other Side of the Ring (The) (2)
Dimples / Lady J Final Ring (The) (3)
??? PWP JL Nicky Phone Call (The)
Amalthea/Fey Attorney/ diplomatic aide [Sci Fi] Nene Adams  Picker of the Slain [1-4]
Lisa/Keri Photography student gets more than a picture [90's] Mavis Applewater Picture Perfect
Miranda/Alex Boss/assistant [90's] Moon7U Pieces
Shannon/Teal PWP G.S. Binkley Pillow Talk
Alanah/  Gabryona (Sunlight) Sex kittens [90's] LB Anderson Pimps...Signoras...Ho's No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Mary Lou / Jay Women search for treasure [90s] Anne Azel Pirate Gold
Alexia/Molly Irish pirate queen/thief [1700s] Mavis Applewater Pirate Queen (The)
Meg/Alice Pirate meets a young lady [1670's] Barbara Davies Pirate Treasure (A) (1)
Barbara Davies Planterís Punch (2)
Martine/Alexis Summer lake sailors [90ís] Renee Strider Pirateís Yarn (A)
??? PWP Emyster Pizza & Wine
Rei/Flick [Felicity] Women meet on a bus [90's] damnation Place Called Home (A)
Jolly/ Christina Architect/ art gallery owner [90's] Ali Vali Place to Dance (A)
Vera/Kayna warrior/ priestess [Fantasy] Christina Anton Plain Lands (The): Meeting of Heroes
Grace[Xena]/ Faith [Gabrielle] Reincarnated as kids grow to doctor/teacher [90's] FlyBigD Plan D series [1 - 33]
FlyBigD Plan D #2: Bodies Change, Love Never Dies
FlyBigD Plan D #3: A Test of Faith
FlyBigD Plan D #4: Saving Grace
FlyBigD Plan D #5: Brain Damaged and Loving it
FlyBigD Plan D #6: The Reunion
FlyBigD Plan D #7: Palomino Heart
Poppy/Julia Resort owner/ young mother [90's] Ali Vali Play It Again, Sam
Snipe/Duchess Assassin/player [Fantasy] Lyraine Playing At Power
??? PWP Nightowl Playing or Watching?
Laura/Carol Young kids at school [90's] BikerBard Playground of the Past
??? PWP Lisa S. Playing the Victim
Patience/Bonnie Lady/ governess [90's] Mavis Applewater Plaza (The) (1)
Mavis Applewater Patience's Haven (2) [aka Plaza (The) Part 2]
No Names Slave/ Mistress T. Novan Pleasure Principle (The)
??? ??? T. Novan Triumverate
Xena/Gabrielle Plumber/ customer [90's] TZ /Silk Plug and Plunge
Deven /Rhian Martial artist/ landscaper [90's] Harley Poetry in Motion (1)
Harley When you Dance with the Devil (2)
Mickey/Colette Woman each discuss their meeting [90ís] Flo Points of View
Lou/Nicky US agent/Pole dancer [90ís] Bliss Pole Dance
Dara/Elizabeth Activist lawyer/ DOJ lawyer [90ís] Alex Tryst Political Crossfire
??? Phone calls at the office [90's] Rocky Poll Taker (The)
Rzie/Zoe ??? Alix Poor Little Girls
Kelsey/Alyssa Cruise Officer/ asst. purser [90's] Stoley Port of Call
Jayne/Liesel Pirate/ plantation daughter [1670's] Kelley Piper Port Royal
Jane/Sally Lonely Australian woman  F.J. Davey Portrait Of A Stranger
Gigamore/Tully Demon hunter/ guard [fantasy] Zee Possession
LJ/Kylie Archaeologist/ assistant [90's] Erin O'Rielly Possibilities (1)
Erin OíRielly Of Love And Betrayal (2)
Erin OíRielly Reflections Of The Past (3)
Leah/Dara An unexpected visit spurs shy woman into meeting her neighbor [90ís] Lois Clorec Hart Postscript
Charlie/Wade Enforcer/ wealthy daughter [90's] JP Practical Lies
Drew/Cameron Car accident brings women together [90's] T. Stratton Present In The Snow
V Inauguration journal [fantasy] BJ Gale President Has Left the Building (The)
Khristina/ Samantha Vampire/ homeless woman [90's] Mavis Applewater Price I Paid (The)
Kate/Jay News anchorwoman/ journalist [80's] Lynn Ames Price of Fame (The) (1)
Lynn Ames Cost of Commitment (2)  [excerpt only]
Leandra/Ashley Jungle woman/ photographer [90's] Amber Primal Touch
??? Princess helps a dragon [Fantasy] Lady Ranea Princess and the Dragon (The)
Xena/Gabrielle Immortals in 1800's Carla Jane / Jim Princess Guerrera (La)
  Princess vampire [1600s] Shadylady Princess of Darkness
Principia/ Gabrielle Noblewoman/ Slave are souls reincarnated Wishes Principia
Luce/Wren POW/ interrogator [SciFi] Kodi Wolf Prisoner of War
Reece/Faith Club owner/ bartender [90's] Vertigo Private Dancer (1)
Vertigo Reece's Faith (2)
Vertigo Merry Christmas Reece (3)
Vertigo Faith's Heart (4)
Vertigo Keeping Faith (5)
Jayne/Alice Accountant/Adventure tour planner [90ís] KG MacGregor Private Dining
Jo/MacPherson Bad ass cop/ DA [90ís] Larisa Private Hell (A)
Sarah/Neal Lovers wait 5 years [90's] S. Lee Proposal (The)
Eve/Kat Partners cleanup apt. for holiday [90's] GirlBard Procrastination
Chris/Erin NZ show star/ Texan actress in NZ [90's] Cath Bard Professional Standards I - III
Glenna/Dorothy married American / Jewish emigre [40's] Mavis Applewater Promise (The)
Chris/Madeline Lt-General/ divorcee JM Dragon Promise (The)
Kris/Jamie Architect/ magazine proofreader [90's] LilTrain Promise Me
No names Enforcement Officer / Mother [90's] BikerBard Promise Not Kept (A)
Fletcher/Finley Park Director/palentologist [90's] BS Raven Promise of a Lifetime (The)
??? Person recalls a horrific event Chantal Promise of a Deliciously Sinful Life
Charlie/Megan Young woman inherits if she spends a year on auntís farm [90ís] Annie SA Promises (1)
Annie SA Promise Me Again (2)
Devlyn/Kelly Govt. agent gets help from a woman [90's] Irish Promises to Keep (1)
Irish Come On Home (2)
Irish To Serve a Friend (3)
Neal/Sarah Special day arrives [90ís] S. Lee Proposal (The)
???/Genevieve Writer [15th century] trfan Prose and Cons
Xena/Gabrielle Writer/Mechanic RedHawk Proxy Personals
??? Punk [90's] JDG Punk Like Me
Kara/Alicia Partners face breast cancer [90's] Patty S Pup Power
Rane/Sasha A womanís partner calls her home at a critical time [90ís] Ali Vali Purple Irises
??? screenplay Derek Evans Pyrrhic Victory