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Last Updated:  5/26/2023

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

A night out in the town, a lot of teasing, finally getting home and the teasing becomes reality, finally ending in total pleasure.

A Kiss to Build a Dream On

A Realtor, a Buyer, one property. Both women covet the perfect property of their dreams, to make their dreams a reality. Which one will get it?


One Halloween night, a party, two sets of eyes lock unto the other. One kiss and two souls are forever entangled, yet one of those souls has to leave the other behind - or does it...


College is so much fun for meeting other people and the woman of your dreams. Shasta is infatuated with Sadie, but Sadie has a boyfriend. What is Shasta to do to forget about Sadie?

A Visit Home

Rhea Kitchener has come for the 75th anniversary of the college she attended. However, there is another motive for her return - an explanation as to why the woman she loved, Carla, disappeared the morning after their night of love, never to be seen or heard from again...

After Work Stress Reliever   ebook version available

Two women find a way to relax after work.

My West Coast Love   ebook version available

Jo and Brenda headed for California to find a new life. What will they find and how will their lives change.


The sequel to My West Coast Love -- Let's find out what really happened in that other life, the life which Jo got a brief glimpse of.


Gabrielle Was Her Name

Ode To Gabrielle

Warrior Princess