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Murder INC.   [published]

All The Time In The World   ebook version available

Xena and Gabrielle try to figure out how the events of Between the Lines will affect the rest of their lives.

Carry On My Wayward Bard

This is a pre-story to my Fin Story. It was inspired by the History Channel and as I watched the show I thought; “Hmmm, that might be an interesting story.”

Dakota   ebook version available

Dakota was a very successful gambler who was having a reccuring dream every night. Would the innocent Jackie make it come true? In part 2, Dakota takes Jackie home to meet her beloved Father and defend Jackie against a threat that could steal her love forever. In part 3, Happily settling in to life together Dakota and Jackie help Dakota's oldest friend find his happiness. Finally in part 4, Several surprises are in store for the family when a group of Mauraders hit several towns and villages near theirs

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 

Fashionable Disclosure

Family Aboard   ebook version available

Waiting to pick up her best freind at the Airport after a year of seperation she get the shock of her life, will their freindship survive the surprise her best freind brought back with her?

Find Of The Century   ebook version available

P.J. just wants a life of peaceful study. Then Kitty and Baby enters her life they not only turn it upside down but she has never been happier in her whole life.

For Art's Sake   ebook version available

Two artist are drawn together by their work and find they have more in common then their talents.

The Forest   ebook version available

Clone fiction...

Games Of Life   ebook version available

Jackie had everything she was beautiful, tallented, smart the only thing she lacked was someone to beleive in her till Tash stumbled into her life.

The Gauntlet's Domino Effect   ebook version available

Its an X an G story set after the India arc but before 'The Play's The Thing'. It is about the effect the choices she made after the gauntlet had on others and how she reacts to the change.

Hall Of Killers   ebook version available

Amanda gets a dream job her interview with the manager went well and she was very excited to start. She changed her mind quickly when she found out where she was to work in the Hall of Killers.

Hawkeye's Trip   [Mash Crossover]

Hawkeye wakes up after he is injured to find that he is not in Kansas anymore. When he looks into compassionate Ice blue eyes and sees the ancient clothes he sure he has gone over the rainbow.

A Healing Time

Poor Gabrielle hurt her back luckily the best healer in the world is her best friend.

I'm Only Human   ebook version available

On her Birthday Pru is given a magical amulet that could make all her dreams come true.

Invading My Dreams   ebook version available

For Kate the force was her life till she answered a domestic dispute case. She went to a neighbor to interview them and was greeted by a woman who had haunted her dreams. How will she be able to balance this new discovery with the life she had created?

Lila   [Academy Where in World Challenge 2004]

Meka's Desire   ebook version available

Meka was happy and successful but something was missing. Until she went on a mission were she had to step in between a Forman and Workman, looked into beautiful green eyes and felt things she didn't even know existed.

Memories And Revelations

Set between The Crusader and Past Imperfect, Xena tries to get Gabrielle to understand why she was going to leave her with Najera and the vision she keeps having over and over.

My Knight

A corporate raider tired of her life gets something to eat and meets someone who changes it forever.

A New Day Dawns   ebook version available

Two people meet during the chaos of natural disaster thinking that they would never meet again. What are the odds they would meet in the same city thousands of miles away? What do the fates have planned?

A New Life

The New Moon   ebook version available

Xena is worried about her new friend, she's not acting like herself and she is determined to find out why.

Okaaaay   ebook version available

Muriel is swept by the most beautiful unnerving tidal wave she'd ever seen. Will she survive?

Out Of The Darkness Into The Light

Gabrielle searches Chin for her missing freind the last thing she expected was to find her as a slave with no memory of who she was or who Gabrielle was, will she recover?

The Red Line   ebook version available

Two strangers meet on the subway in Los Angeles and become very good friends little knowing they have something in common that neither would ever dream of.

Rescue in Zoess

This is a take off on Rachel Zoe's show with a Xena touch.

Sage Advice   ebook version available

Xena and Gabrielle meet a great man of Athens who changes their lives in an incredible way.

A Strange Trail

In Egypt the spirit of Xena is miserable and Gabrielle is miserable. Their old freind Aphrodite has to do something so she finds a way for Gabrielle to get her Warrior back.

Surviving Hope   ebook version available

Answering some questions about why Gabrielle sacrificed herself. Also how Xena and Gabrielle helped each other heal.

Until There Was You

A christmas tale set in the old west the only two women in town meet and find that they have more in common they had ever dreamed.

Xena and the Rose

Tabitha Series

Wishing For A Warrior   [Bewitched Crossover]   ebook version available

Tabitha [Bewitched] is feeling neglected so she makes a wish that we all would like to make... but hers comes true.

Wishing For A Warrior For Christmas   ebook version available

Tabitha was very lonely on Christmas Eve, she wished for someone to talk to. Puffs of smoke appeared and her friends Xena and Gabrielle were before her. Hands on hips and maternal frown on the warriors face she asked the little girl, "Tabitha, did you bring us here?"

A Solstice Surprise

Tabitha gets to see her favorite Warrior and Bard but this time its back in Ancient Greece thanks to accidental bit of time travel...

Veba And Rickie Series

The Ghost   ebook version available

A ghostly figure had been stealing things from an old building for years. Not a single business or floor had been neglected. Rickie and her partner were hired to look into it. When Rickie was crawling through the vents after the ghost she fell down a shaft into strong arms. She would never have thought her life would change so much so fast as she looked into the piercing eyes of The Ghost.

Growing Pains   ebook version available

As Veba and Rickie's relationship matures and deepens they are challenged by an assignment to protect a prize fighter from an enemy who knows him better then he knows himself.

Growing Up Together   ebook version available

Veba and Rickie continue to grow in their relationship as they tackle their toughest case yet.

Learning Curve

Veba and Rickie and family go to college and trouble finds them.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4