February 28th, 2001

Original Sin by Malaurie Barber

Summary pending. Not a sequel to Culture Clash!

Added part 7, part 8, part 9, and part 10 (conclusion) of Duality by E. Mills

Added part 15 of Cold by Midgit

February 27th, 2001

The Academy of Bards' Story Challenge ends this Friday. Get your stories in for a shot at those great prizes!


I am so very pleased to make this announcement. Tonight we have the last two chapters of Conspiracy of Swords by Shadowriter. The announcement we are making is that she has contracted with Jane Doe Press for this wonderful story to be published. It will be published under the name of R.S. Corliss.

Great big congratulations from the Academy, we are proud to have had the opportunity to post this story!


Added part 41 and part 42 (conclusion) of Conspiracy of Swords by Shadowriter

Added part 20, part 21, and part 22 (conclusion) of Jane Fletcher's original fiction story, The Wrong Trail Knife.

Added part 4 of Tale Two: The Petal of the Rose in The Conqueror Series by L.J. Maas

Added part 18 and part 19 of Alex P's Keeper of My Soul -- Always


by Ellie Maziekien


Immortal Love


February 26th, 2001

Selfless Love by Bo Merg

A story of the pain of unrequited love.I must say I read this story this morning and I found it extremely touching. Excellent writing!

February 25th, 2001

Don't forget, the Royal Academy of Bards Challenge 2001 ends March 2nd. We have some awesome prizes donated. Contact Phyl (PHIL728@aol.com) for more info!

Added a new interview for the Muses' Sandbox by Eileen Marks.

Send in the Clowns - humor writing.


Like Daughter, Like Mother by Kwipinky

Alti summons of Xena and Gabrielle results in disaster for the shamaness, but a meeting of two people answers a few questions.

Duel of the Hearts by Kwipinky

Nightmares torment Gabrielle until she is near emotional collapse. She heads home for answers. Xena awaits but has no idea how bad the situation is. Aphrodite steps in to help.

February 24th, 2001

Added part 17, part 18 and part 19 of Lady Savay's Beneath the Brambles

February 23rd, 2001

Book 7 in the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series - Getaway by SX Meagher

Jamie, Ryan, Catherine and Caitlin spend a few days at Disneyland. Mother and daughter discover their true feelings towards one another.

Getaway the ebook version

Just One Of Those Things by Mavis Applewater.

An unexpected business trip and a chance encounter turns Olivia's world upside down.

Great Blow For A Day Job by by Claire Withercross & Blindzon Elyzon

Being bard to a Warrior Princess is a difficult job, especially when said Warrior Princess is your harshest critic. Gabrielle’s method of coping with the criticism makes her ill and the cure leads to an explosive conclusion!

Added part 2 of Alix and Valerie by Dreams

February 22nd, 2001


If you would like to read a great interview given by the illustrious writers of Castaway, Advocate and Fanatic, then follow this link. It's fun!

Realization by Idryth

The continuing story arc of two women thrown together due to an act of violence. More mystery and danger await them as they try to come to grips with their changing relationship.

The Binding Tie by Maderlin Bidmead

What do you get the woman who has everything? A life of her own. She has the money, the cars and the beautiful family and she doesn't want any of it. Living her life to her husbands whim and her fathers suffocating life. Can the threats of an assassin set her free?

What do you get the woman who has nothing? A life that she had. She lives to serve. Lives to fight. The childhood that she knew will imprison her in bonds tighter than she has ever known. Will the threats of an assassin be her prison?

Added part 3 of Considerable Appeal by KM

Added part 3 of Lynne Norris' uber, The Road Back Home

Added part 16 and part 17 of Alex P's The Keeper of My Soul -- Always

Added part 39 and part 40 of Shadowriter's Conspiracy of Swords

February 20th, 2001


Alix Stokes wanted me to let you guys know that all hope is not lost for Choices of the Heart. She is still having issues with her hands and possibly will be having surgery. After only ten minutes on her computer her right hand goes numb and cold. But...she still hasn't given up!

Mended Hearts is number 6 on the top ten women's favorite books for January at The Open Book bookstore and this is encouraging her to finish the sequel. If you haven't read it yet you can order it through the bookstore or through RAP publishing.



Fool Again by Karenk

The companion story to Everytime. This is as much Angeline's story as Everytime was Lane's. Angeline was made a fool, not just by Lane but by others after her. But she cannot forget what Lane is to her, so can she forgive instead?

Eyes of the Past by Taleweaver

Summary Pending

The Paradox of Dying by Leslie Ann Miller [short story/finished]

Gabrielle's thoughts after killing two attackers. It is basically gen.

Added part 37 and part 38 to Shadowriter's Conspiracy of Swords

Added part 3 of LJ Maas' A Petal of the Rose

Added part 17, part 18 & part19 of The Wrong Trail Knife by Jane Fletcher

Added Here Comes the Sun part 14 by Alison Phipps

Updated the Ultimate Über List by Eileen Marks


All by Terri Lyn Stanfield

For the Love of Aragon

part 5

part 7

part 8

part 9

part 10

part 11

part 12

Clichés III


Just Friends

Life's Journey

Lover's Game

Moving On

I Think It's Love

You're Time's Coming

Weigh Your Words

What Do They Know?


February 19th, 2001

On behalf of the Academy, I would like to request we get no more than 5 updates per week per bard. Thanks everyone!

Welcome to a new bard to the Academy scrolls and a first time writer! Welcome Lexibard!

Reticulating Lives by Lexibard

Reticulating Lives is set in modern day times, and tells the story of what happens when after a brief night out in New York's "fast lane", a naive accounting clerk finds friendship, passion and love...now her life will never be the same.

Here it is, part XVIII, Cyrene's Tale by L.M. Townsend

Life's a Bud by Murphy

Short story. Humor ALT. How Xena's body parts feel after a night of bard attacks.

Added part 27 Tonya's Heart and part 28 Solstice Dream to The Journal Series

February 18th, 2001

The Sun Child by Lariel [gen]

An ancient folkloric tale, telling the myth of the Dark Warrior and her redemption by the Sun Child.


Madam President by Advocate and T. Novan

February 17th, 2001

Madam President by Advocate and T.Novan

I am delighted to announce a new and complete story by Advocate and T. Novan. It is original fiction titled Madam President and a fantastic story! I can't say enough good things about it! This story gets my highest recommendation!

It's the year 2020, and the future is here at last. America has its first woman president, Devlyn Marlowe. President Marlowe, a compelling woman of heart, mind and spirit wants her term in office chronicled, and she wants it done by an author whose voice has always captured her, Lauren Strayer.

Part 8 of Jules Kurre's terrific story, The Guardian is up (sequel to Bar Girls)

Added part 35 and part 36 of Shadowriter's Conspiracy of Swords

Added part 19 of Zoe's Taught by Love

Also Zoe has a new story...a PWP type of story to add tonight - Triangle.

February 16th, 2001


Gumboots Walk Again - Lariel [alt]

Our duo are back again, and this time its Antiminius and his virgin fixation that comes under the Warrior Investigator's eagle eye. Unfortunately, she's having her own troubles, in the form of an unwanted assistant - Velasca has been assigned to the case. All that's missing is Xena's very own stalker...whoops, no! Strike that - here's Alti...

Added part 14 of Sedona Rain by Carole Giorgio

Added part 13, part 14, and part 15 of Alex P's Keeper of My Soul -- Always

AHEM....ANNOUNCEMENT of The Royal Academy Challenge 2001

Hear ye...

Hear ye...

The Royal Academy of Bards humbly invites ALL to participate in the Royal Academy Challenge 2001.

Henceforth the rules:

1) You are challenged to create an original fictional interviewer character. It may be of any type media...TV talk show/news or radio personality or print media reporter.

***HOWEVER...Thou shalt not use the name or likeness of any known celebrity.

2) You will commence forth with creating a setting for an interview. Present or past seasons are fair game but no extreme future time periods. It must be set during a reasonable lifetime of the characters being interviewed.

3) Your victim...errrr...subject(s) for the interview...Xena: Warrior Princess and/or Gabrielle, the Battling Bard of Poteidaia.

4) You will let the muses run free. The piece can be as long as you wish but shalt be a minimum of 500 words. The tone can be seriously dramatic or incredibly comedic. Questions are at the discretion of the interviewer.

***Thy choice is yours.

5) You will submit ONE finished piece (by the established deadline of March 2nd, 2001) to the academyofbards@yahoogroups.com

***That's two weeks, folks. <.g.>

6) There is no number six ;o)

7) It shalt be given a number and posted *anonymously* with all other entries, on a pre-announced posting date (to be determined by Steph---the Academy HeadMistress, WebMistress and Big Boss, herself---and her esteemed Academy colleagues) which shall be a few days after the deadline date, at the Royal Academy of Bards site.

***Thou shalt not reveal (or confirm) your identity (and/or which story is yours) to any other potential voters. You may speculate and discuss all the "who's and what's" after the voting period has closed.

8) All readers will be given a week's time to read all the entries and vote for a Champion. Voting deadline is one week from the posting date.

Votes will be cast by sending an email with your numbered choice to WarriorNutcase@aol.com.  Any wayward email votes to other places will not be forwarded nor counted and neither will votes received after the voting deadline date.  

One Person--One Vote.

YES, I do live in Florida but, YES, I do know how to count. <.BG.>

***If you wish to make comments about the piece (feed the bard in your voting email)...feel free. They will be happily passed on to the appropriate (anonymous) Bard.

9) At the end of the voting period, the counts will be tallied and a Champion acknowledged. In addition...two runners-up (the next top two vote getters) will also be revealed.

10) Announced winners will receive all the accolades and congratulations deserved heaped upon them...and some really cool prizes too.

The CHAMPION will receive a permanent home for their piece at the Royal Academy Of Bards. ¶In addition, Cie (the Royal Academy Artiste In Residence) will create and present a personalized cover graphic to the bard commemorating their winning piece.

The CHAMPION will also receive their choice of ONE of the following:
1) An autographed Lucy Lawless photograph OR
2) An autographed Renee O'Connor photograph OR
3) An autographed (Lucy Lawless) Xena Comic book.

The first runner-up will have next choice of the remaining two items and the second runner-up will receive the remaining item.

So...see...all votes are important.

All participants will receive their choice of any Microgabwhacker (pencil or click pen or stick pen or rainbow ink gel pen). In addition, the first 15 bards to submit their entries will receive a special "Bard Set" (matching mechanical pen and pencil set--done up like tiny staffs) of Microwhackers. Please make sure to include your preference (of micro type) and shipping address (in your email) when you submit your piece for posting. It will be passed onto me (WarriorNutcase), so that I can mail out all the prizes and the Microwhackers.

One more thing...

What are you waiting for? Go to it! Here's your chance to ask and answer all the questions you have been wanting TPTB to cover for the past 6 seasons.

Good Luck and may your muses smile upon you.

Phyllis aka WarriorNutcase
<<<.the Challenge Instigator.>>>

Questions about the rules?

Yell at me---WarriorNutcase.

No wait...you would have to yell really loudly.

Better yet...email me at WarriorNutcase@aol.com, okay?



February 15th, 2001

Added Part 2 of The Road Back Home by Lynne Norris

Added part 3 of The Odd Couple by Sarkel

Added part 14, part 15, and part 16 of Jane Fletcher's The Wrong Trail Knife

February 14th, 2001


Hi Everyone! I will be unable to attend the Convention in Pasadena due to ill health. Therefore, I have one Bard's Brunch ticket for the main room and one Gold Package to the Pasadena Xena Convention, including two Cabaret nights and the Celebrity Breakfast, to be auctioned now.The proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. The package is worth $395.00. So, that's where we'll start the bidding.

I will accept bids up til 12 noon Central time on Saturday, February, 17th, at the addy below, only. The highest bid gets the tickets. The highest bidder and their contribution will be announced on my web page at http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/xg/lena1.htm

The winner must send me a Cashier's Check made out to "The Susan G. Komen Foundation", Certified Return Receipt. I will divulge my snail mail addy to them privately. As soon as I receive my tickets, I will forward them to the winner, also Certified Return Receipt. So, you must have an address, not a Post Office Box. I will allow two weeks for delivery. If I haven't received the Cashier's Check by that time, the next highest bidder will win by default.

The donation will be made in your name, in honor of my sister, Val, who has been battling cancer for many years now. Give to a worthy cause and have a great time in Pasadena.

Jony akaLena BB Committee BBandGoldBids@webtv.net

Announcement 2

Murphy and Friends have a new awards page. It's called the Murphy Slurp Awards at http://members.aol.com/murphycg88/index.html. Here are their first picks:

The Winners of the First Murphy Slurp Award are: For February 2001:

My pick is Mary D. Eva and Zoe Stories
Laese's pick is: AJ for her Cover art
Hawke's Pick is: Ciaran Llachlan Leavitt's: Silent Legacy
Crow's Pick is: Pat R's. As You Desire Me


Sensitive Chats II or Fanfic 101 by Kamsouraskan

For Valentine's Day. Xena and Gabrielle attempt to celebrate that well known holiday 'Cupid's Day' with mixed results while Kamouraskan attempts to illustrate writing techniques.

Reflections of Passion II by Chariots of Fire

More secrets are revealed, danger is lurking in the shadows. Can Faith and Miranda survive?

Added part 3 of Carrie Carr's Strength of the Heart.


By Ellie Maziekien


Love in the Afternoon

by Terri Lyn Stanfield


Empty Bed

A Girl Can Dream

My Mistake

I Give Up

That's What Love Is

I Never Knew Love

Secret Obsession

Uncle Jodie Did

You're To Blame

I Think It's Love

On Angel's Wings

Heartless Liar

Final's Phobia

Clichés part III

For the Love of Aragon

For the Love of Aragon part 2

For the Love of Aragon part 3

For the Love of Aragon part 4

February 13th, 2001


It is my great pleasure to announce that Renaissance Alliance Publishing, Inc. has acquired the rights to Love's Journey by Carrie L. Carr.

Synopsis: Lex and Amanda embark on a new journey as Lexington rediscovers the love her mother's family has for her, and Amanda begins to build her relationship with her father. Meanwhile, attacks on the two young women grow more violent and deadly as someone tries to tear apart the love they share.

This book will be published under the Yellow Rose Books imprint and is tentatively scheduled for a Winter 2001 publication.


The Dance After by KarenK

A follow-up of sorts to The Dance (which has been revised)-After a month and a half, is it time for Lauren to let go? Will she ever let go?

Added part 33 and part 34 of Shadowriter's Conspiracy of Swords

Added part 24 of Malaurie Barber's Culture Clash

February 12th, 2001

This is Episode 4 of Knowing Me, Knowing You by Jaden Rose

Janna spends time with Aaryn in her apartment after their date.

Added part 11, part 12, and part 13 of The Wrong Trail Knife by Jane Fletcher [original fiction/unfinished]

The Petal of the Rose by LJ Maas [conqueror/alt/unfinished]

This Xena is not the dark ruler from many Conqueror stories. It is rather the story of that same dark Warrior after she has ruled Greece and the surrounding lands for twenty years or so. She has come to the point in her life where she is trying to change, for many reasons...enter slave, Gabrielle. The Lord Conqueror's new slave, a submissive and frightened young woman, holds the power to change Xena, if only she can muster the spirit.

Added first 2 chapters.

February 11th, 2001

Added Part 14 of Cold by Midgit.

Added Part 2 of Strength of the Heart by Carrie Carr

Here's part 6 of Faces of Evil by ShoeX

Added part 9, part 10, part 11, and part 12 of Keeper of My Soul -- Always by Alex P.

Promise Me Forever by Ali Vali

This is the sequel to "To Capture a Heart." The story starts four months after Sarah and her son Samuel have come to live at the palace with Ramses. They are getting ready to move to the summer palace to prepare for the birth of their second child when tragedy strikes. It is the second story of the woman pharaoh and her Hebrew slave queen.

Reflections of Passion by Chariots of Fire

Summary Pending

Going Home by LZ Clotho

Rating:R. Post-"Xena Scrolls" story. Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas brave deceit, duplicity, and love, on their journey to the States from Macedonia.

Home Front by LZ Clotho

Rating: R. Home isn't easy as Janice tries to land a job and Melinda finds she's not fitting in perfectly anymore as a danger from Europe follows them to Raleigh.


February 10th, 2001

Added part 5 through part 10 of The Wrong Trail Knife by Jane Fletcher [original fiction/unfinished]

Sittin' in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G by LZ Clotho

Rating: R. Xena and Gabrielle attend a wedding.

Hearts Courage: If Memory Serves by LZ Clotho

Rating: R. Separation leads to life-altering events for both Xena and Gabrielle. In a way, this is a conclusion to History Cast in Amber and Compelling Associations

February 9th, 2001


This from the Bards Brunch Committee -

I'm writing to ask that you, please, post a message to your lists that anyone planning to donate to the BB auction in Pasadena, please contact Mary Priddy at mkpriddy@mail.com for instructions. Even if you plan to bring your donation with you, we need to know by April 6th. Thank you very much for your help. BB Committee

More LZ Clotho -

History Cast in Amber

Rating: PG. An adventure tale wherein a simple mission to free a valley from a slave warlord turns on one god's desire to reclaim what he once lost.

Compelling Associations

Rating: PG. A post-Chin history of the Warrior Princess. Ares discovers his mortal counterpart in a driven warrioress whose not exactly easy to reach.


February 8th, 2001

I am going to do an early update tonight due to Exposure's Season Four Premiere (it promises to be an exciting beginning!) and for the US readers who will want to catch Lucy Lawless in "Just Shoot Me" this evening!

Baby Doll by Merry Angel

Two women meet at a bar. One is about to marry for business, the other is just discovering who she is and what ensues is a love neither want to deny.

Duality by Emily Mills [unfinished]

The sequel to "Rising Into Consciousness"; As Auset goes off on a job that she's pretty sure means trouble, she reflects on a time in her past that was less-than pleasant and helped send her on her current path. Reese, left in Auset's apartment alone, gets a call from her brother about some very distressing news and has to go back home to deal with it. Trouble lies ahead for both of them, but in the end, the goal is for them to come out on top of it all together. Easier said than done....

Another bunch of stories to add to our LZ Clotho collection!

Horse Thieves

Rating: G. An adventure tale early in Xena and Gabrielle's friendship, with the warrior and bard having to track down a stolen Argo.

Xena's Choice

Rating: PG. A post-"Sacrifice 2" story of Xena's struggle to go on.

The Magician

Rating: G. Xena and Gabrielle enjoy the presentation of a traveling magician.


February 7th, 2001

We certainly have plenty of reading material for you guys tonight! Welcome to all the new bards!!!

Please, don't forget, send a note when you like a story!

AURORA THE MIDNIGHT STAR (Sequel to The Twilight of the Gods) By Phantom Bard (J. Nakamura)

In the future, Ares enlists the reincarnations of Xena and Gabrielle to help save the worlds of mankind from destruction. The balance of dark and light changes hands, and the past is reborn." The story carires a disclaimer for violence, some harsh language, emotional trauma, and some subtext based comforting. There is no explicit sexual content. PG-13.

Bridge Of Cinder by Enoon Erehwon

The sequel to Well Worn Path

Rising Into Consciousness by Emily Mills

Fate, destiny, whatever. A chance meeting between two very different people; Auset (a college drop-out, ex-juvie inmate, and hacker) and Reese the student/writer; leads them down a very unexpected path. All sorts of mayhem ensues as Auset's shady past catches up with her, and the two have to get through it all together--all the while struggling to form a very strong friendship.

Warrior...Princess...Housewife by Emily Mills

The ubers of Xena and Gabrielle are alive and (mostly) well even in the age of Elvis. A fiery young blonde turns a complacent housewife's life upside-down and the rest of the world will surely never be the same.

The Wrong Trail Knife by Jane Fletcher [original fiction/unfinished]

Summary: 'Chip' Coppelli's smile is usually the first thing anyone notices about her. Chip thinks she has a lot to smile about, having escaped her family's coercive plots. However, being a sergeant in an elite ranger squadron, fighting thugs and savage predators, is not a safe occupation. After nine years in the rangers Chip has learnt how to spot trouble coming which is exactly what she recognizes the first time she sets eyes on the new recruit to her patrol. But, even so, Chip wasn't expecting murder.

Second Chances by Lynne Norris [über/finished]

Alex Marguiles is a self-driven, remote chief attending in the emergency department of a large community medical center. With the annual influx of new residents to the hospital, Alex meets one of her new charges, Regina Kinston, a bright, young, promising doctor. As personalities and professional differences clash, Alex and Regina both struggle with their own personal demons.Š Coming together in a fast-paced climax, the story is one of friendship, trust and chances regained.

The Road Back Home by Lynne Norris [unfinished]

This story is a journey of healing and rediscovery. Emotionally and physically scarred from her injury and brush with death, Alex struggles to reclaim all the facets of her former life. Meanwhile, Regina fights her own battle with the need for her familyĀs acceptance and the love she has for her embattled partner. With their newfound relationship hanging in the balance, they can shut the door and walk away or believe that the strength of their love will guide them home.

Added part 5, part 6, part 7, and part 8 to The Keeper of My Soul--Always by Alex P. As I originally understood this was to be 10 sections but it turns out that was what had been beta'd so we get to look forward to more than double that amount!

Added part 13 of Alison Phipps' Fire and Ice. Actually Ali sent me this message:

Also, I'm changing the name of the story. I realised that Friction has already written a wonderful piece by the same name, and I was going to wait 'till I finished mine to think of a new title. But as the plot kept extending and extending I realised sooner was better than later! So the name of the story is now 'Here Comes the Sun'. Please let your readers know this when you post the update.

Speaking of changes... Midgit has moved her site over to http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/xg. Click there if you want to visit Midgit's Small Corner of the Xenaverse

February 6th, 2001

Here are three alternative X/G stories by LZClotho.

Just an Interlude

Rating: R. Xena crosses through town and meets up with a young urchin and an old thief, on her way to meet Gabrielle.

Old Silk Hat

Rating: PG. Xena, Gabrielle and Autolycus spend a wintry day dodging snow.

To Sleep Perchance

Rating: PG. Gabrielle has trouble sleeping.

Added part 4 (conclusion) to Kamouraskan's Champions

Added part 13 of Cold by Midgit.

Added part 4 of The Keeper of My Soul by Alex P

Added part 8 and part 9 of Debox's The Life in her Eyes


February 5th, 2001

I am having e-mail problems again but this time I believe it is Yahoo's doing. If you have submitted a story or update and haven't seen it yet, please re-submit it to me at rocky@teleport.com. I don't know if Susan is having the same problems with the poetry or not.

The Keeper of My Soul by Alex P

Due to the natures of their callings Xena and Gabrielle are forced to separate for a while to take care of pressing duties. They agree to meet in a minor river port called Ciros in a few weeks. Gabrielle arrives first and is taken by marauders. This is not only the story of a rescue but the handling of it's aftermath that threatens to destroy the relationship that has survived the interference of human prejudice and even Gods.

I would rate it from a PG-13 to a mild R, and most decidedly Alt. This is the first three of 10 chapters.

Love On The Ocean Wave by Claire Withercross

A tragic tale of doomed love aboard ship. Xena and Gabrielle want to relax and have fun, but the arrangements the bard made includes providing entertainment. Meanwhile, love is in the air as various passengers fall for the charming and beautiful bard, (that's Gabrielle, by the way). There is also a serial killer on board, and the feisty young blonde, (Gabs again!), is determined to catch him before the body count gets too big.

Added part 3 of Kamouraskan's Champions

Added part 3 the conclusion of Grit's Falling

February 4th, 2001

Added part 1 of Dreams' Alix and Valerie

Book 3 of the radioactive chicken saga

Added part 2 of Kamouraskan's Champions

More by LZClotho

New Territory

Rating: R. Xena and Gabrielle cross into eastern Greece and while stopping a warlord, finally take a chance and change the nature of their relationship.

When We Dance, Who Leads?

Rating: R.Xena and Gabrielle's relationship suffers from the realities of heroes on-call, and a bit of being out-of-sync.

Honeymoon's Over

Rating: R.Xena and Gabrielle rescue Joxer from a beating, and nurse the would-be warrior back to health.

Mantles are Heavy

Rating: R. Gabrielle and Xena's arrival in the Amazon village isn't as welcoming as the young queen thought it would be.

Wellspring of Wishes

Rating: R. Xena and Gabrielle help a band of Amazons they find by the shores of Artemis' mythical lake.

Added the update for the Ultimate Über List by Eileen Marks


February 3rd, 2001

As LZ announced on the merpup list a few days ago, we have offered her a new home here. We are in the process of converting her stories over and here is the first bunch. Welcome to the Academy LZ! Thank you also to Cadryn who offered to help out with this endeavor!

First Words Rating: PG.

Atreus of Amphipolis tries to present his remarkable offspring to his patron god Ares.

Golden Moments Rating: G.

An adventure tale of the newly reformed Xena trying to figure out where her life is going, and gaining a friend along the way.

Gabrielle's Choice Rating: PG.

A post-"Destiny"/pre-"The Quest" story of Gabrielle's journey from Mt. Nestos.

Underworld Adventures Rating: PG.

A post-"Destiny"/pre-"The Quest" story of Xena's journey from Mt. Nestos.

Beaver Hunt Rating: NC-17.

The Florida Everglades comes alive with the magic of a millenial-old bond.


February 2nd, 2001

Champions by Kam

Added part 1 of 4

A sequel to my story Champion. In an alternate reality, Gabrielle faces Velasca in a fight to the death to become Queen of the Amazons, and is forced to use a certain ex-warlord to gain an advantage.

Added the conclusion of Soul Crossing by Web Bard

Beth and Reese wrap up their honeymoon in Amphipolis and then visit the ancient tombs for a life altering experience.


by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Our Time Has Come

Thoughts of You

The Way You Look Tonight

In a Rut


No One Else

Love's Waltz

Justice Exists

Dream of Me

No Denying It

February 1st, 2001


Anna has added a search engine to the Academy of Bards. You can access it from the front page or from this URL http://www.academyofbards.org/search.html. Thank you Anna, again, for all your hard work!

Another announcement.

For those of you on the merpup list, I have no doubt you will remember the beginning of this story. Renaissance Alliance Publishing is announcing the pre-ordering for Glass Houses by Ciarán Llachlan Leavitt! A very wonderful story that has gone through several name changes <G> but the content is excellent just the same.

Also, another writer who has graced the pup list with her terrific writing, Carrie Carr, has her second book coming out from RAP. Hope's Path is available for pre-ordering as well. Go check these, and several other quality book at www.rapbooks.com/orders.html


Added part 26 and part 27 of Vertigo's Reece's Faith (warning do NOT read at work!)

Added part 23 of Malaurie Barber's Culture Clash