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December 30th, 2004

Courting the Amazon Queen by Annaria[classic/alt/complete] (XWP alt)
A first time story in which the Warrior has to stay ahead of the competition. Not very explicit.

Courting the Amazon Queen and Her Lover by Annaria [classic/alt/complete] (XWP alt)
Sequel to Courting the Amazon Queen, in which both Gabrielle and Xena are at the mercy of the Amazons and some of the Gods.

Perfect Gift by Helen Smith [├╝ber/alt/complete]
Set the universe of Quinn Thanatos and Ariel Pederson, it follows Family Values and takes place about three months after that one ends. You can read, and I hope, enjoy this one without reading the two previous ones (Hunting Season and Family Values), but you'll get more out of this if you do.

December 29th, 2004

Book news -

KG MacGregor is happy to announce plans to publish three titles with Bookends Press. The House on Sandstone, not previously released, will be appearing soon at StarCrossed Productions,

Twenty-five years ago, Carly Griffin left Leland, Kentucky, sure that it held nothing for her future. Now weary of living overseas for one consulting project after another, she's glad to have two months back in Leland to relax with her aging parents. When she catches a glimpse of high school friend Justine in the doorway of her elegant home, she is surprised by the warm, familiar feelings stirred within.

Justine Hall made different choices, returning to Leland after college to marry and raise two children. Now divorced, she walks a fine line between sanity and hell, struggling to reconcile the sexuality she can no longer deny with the expectations of motherhood and mores in a small town.

In the years since they left school, Carly and Justine carved separate lives. But their hearts have not forgotten the special bond they-almost-shared so long ago.

Also at StarCrossed, look for the re-released, revised editions of Shaken & Malicious Pursuit.

The Traaken by Sandra Barret [SF/original/alt/complete]
Jolyne has lost part of herself in the latest war with the Dex, literally. She must adapt to her new status as a cyber-human, half her body made of electromechanical prosthetics. When a blue-skinned Traakyn female shows her some attention, can Jolyne accept the very human sensations that her cyber-body is feeling?

In Her Image by Emily Reed [original/alt/complete]
The love story of two women, emotional, with a hint of magic and the bitterness of loss.

New ebooks

About That Kiss - bardgirl
Things That Terrify - Ali Vali
Fetchin' Cousin Minnie - b.soiree
Leave it To Chance - Dana L'Wood
All For A Moment's Memory Loss - Cheeyah
Caitlin's Rescue - Dana L'Wood
Patient Troubles - BluDreamscape
Amanda Ellis and the Little Christmas Spirit - Patrica Winterburn
The Key - Emyster
The Music -Emyster
Lost - Erin O'Rielly
Importance of Being Ordinary (The) - Evelyn C
The Golden Dove - Jane Fletcher
Hope of Light - Koda Graystone
Double Dating - Mavis Applewater
The Flood - Patty S
I Propose - t.e.brehm
Chances Are - Murphy Was An Optimist - Saggio Amante
The Old Yellow House - Koda Graystone
Time - Ladyhawke
Eternally - Mavis Applewater
Spring Training - Mavis Applewater
Stewed, Screwed, & Tatooed - Mavis Applewater
Little Bit of ....Nothing (A) - Maderlin Bidmead
Hell For Pasttime 1 - Nene Adams
Hell For Pasttime 2 - Nene Adams
It's Nice to Dream - Sophie
Match Made in Heaven - Robin Alexander
Running Away - Robin Alexander

December 28th, 2004

Conqueror And Amazon: Echoes of Darkness by Romansilence [Conqueror/alt/complete]
"Conqueror And Amazon: Echoes of Darkness" is the sequel to "Conqueror and Amazon: Towards A New Life". The story picks up one moon after 'Towards a New LIfe' ended. Add a village full of Centaurs, another bunch of prickly Amazons, Cagnine, Ares, and Cyrene - and you have the ingredients of a very Xena-like story. At least I hope so.

December 26th, 2004

Don't forget Judith's auction at Go bid and help the Humane Society!

PUNzle results

I hope everyone had fun with the Toys and Games PUNzle that EVIL J and I came
up with to tort...ummm...entertain you.

The answers, in case anyone wants to know are as follows
(left to right/top to bottom):

20)CANASTA -- this one showed people's ages <.bg.>
33) the background is a deck of CARDS
34) on the cards is a BICYCLE
35) and as several pointed out the whole graphic could be called CLUE
So I gave credit to those who sent in that answer as well.

The average score was 21.
EVERYONE missed:
and only our winner got both CARDS and BICYCLE by listing them separate.
Everyone else listed it as one toy...BICYCLE PLAYING CARDS.

Picky...yes, yes we are.

ANYWHO...our winner of a personalized tile box and a nifty surprise is...

If she will be so kind as to contact me privately, I can arrange to get her
prizes to her.

Don't forget the Bard Challenge voting runs until 11:59 New Years
get to reading and voting. We have 17 terrific stories for you to check out.

If you have any comments about the PUNzle, would like to see another one in
the future or would rather we never did it again...let us know what you think.
Send your comments to:

EVIL J and I will consider all comments seriously...well, as seriously as
people named EVIL J and OZ can manage. ;o)


December 25th, 2004

Added part 7 of The War Between the Hearts by Nann Dunne

-from Judith

Friends, I have a worthy cause I could use your help to support. The charity is my small town Humane Society. It is run completely by a staff of volunteers. The Franklin County Humane Society of Brookville IN. They foster and care for abandoned pets. They sponsor spay and neuter programs. Arrange for vouchers for spaying and neutering for those with limited means. And hold adoption programs at local PetSmart stores.. Spending their free time on Saturday and Sundays to find our furry friends good homes. I have no association with the volunteers except to donate when I can.

I have a handful of Xena Warrior Princess scripts. The ones offered through the years by Creation. I have taken the 8x10s out of them:} Now, could I pass up on a Gabrielle picture, no way:} But otherwise they are in pristine shape.





If you would be interested in bidding on these scripts to help the the Humane Society. I would be most grateful. I know for Gab-sure the volunteers appreciate every single donation.

We will check the bids on a daily basis. We will stop the bids on Thursday. We will post the final bids and then bidders can have one last shot to beat the highest bid, until Friday at 5 pm pacific. We will have the bids posted at



December 22nd, 2004

Running Away by Robin Alexander [original/alt/complete]
This short story is about one woman's desire to step off into the unknown and live the life she only dares to dream of.

Added part 4 of Second Son by AK Naten


December 21st, 2004

Blood and Honor by Windstar and Zee [original/alt/unfinished]
Blood and Honor joins the world Selene and Nix created several decades into the future. Come join this War and Peace length novel and follow the journey of the insane despot Khelin as she hacks her way towards becoming Queen of both the South and the North lands. Some would say she's insane others just misunderstood. Opposing the massive tide of Khelin's strength is a Northern ranger and a Southern mercenary who have some minor bit part of some importance.

December 19th, 2004

-from Lynn Ames
I know some of you like to dip your toe in the water before diving right in. You want to take the car out for a test drive before you buy. I can appreciate that.

Just for you, I'm making available the first third of The Cost of Commitment right here, online That's right, just take the novel out for a spin. Go ahead. And if you love it like I know you will, there's a little something for you at the end of the selection.

Enjoy and be sure to send me your thoughts at


December 18th, 2004

Message from OZ:

Okay folks...last year the Academy Artists put together a graphic PUNzle of holiday tunes. This year, in keeping with the holiday spirit, the theme is Toys and Games.
You can find the PUNzle here:

Some are popular now and some are a blast from the past. Just click on the email link provided, take your best 34 guesses and send them in.

The winner will be the one with the most correct guesses. In case of a tie, random draw will choose the winner.
This PUNzle will end on Christmas Eve at 11:59 pm. You don't want to be caught up still awake when Santa comes a callin', now do ya?

Special thank you to the very evil Munchkin Artist J Crater who provided the most evil of the puns and then evilly pulled this together...all evil like. ;o)

It wasn't me Santa, I was the good one here. Kinda.

From Heartbrkn Bart
I hate to pass on sad news, I just found out that in Sept a great Bard and friend Janice Logan, which her stories can be found on my web site, Heartbrknplace,has passed away. She was in her early 50. She beat breast cancer, but the cancer spread to her lungs and got the best of her. She will be missed. (The Academy extends their condolences to Janice's friends and family)

Amanda Ellis and the Little Christmas Spirit by P Winterburn [Orig/Alt/Complete]
Father Christmas needs help from the spirit of a golden dog, in order to save the future for Amanda and a little girl. Some times the greatest gift given can be love.

Added part 6 of The War Between the Hearts by Nann Dunne

December 17th, 2004

Added part 13 of Control by Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman

December 15th, 2004

Have you been good this year? Very Good.
Have you been naughty? Even Better.
There is probably a book deal in there somewhere. <.bg.>

It doesn't matter to the Academy Bardies...we have 17 lovely presents for you to open. The Annual Academy Solstice Bard Challenge entries are now posted and ready for you to unwrap. Will it be a new bard's story that catches your fancy and gets your vote OR will be it a story from an established favorite?

Voting will run until the minute before 2005 begins.

We do it the easy way...just click on the email link at the end of the story you want to vote for...that's right, no punch cards, no hanging chads, no fill-in the dots. Just click and send.

One vote per person, please. And yes, we do check those lists...twice. Don't try and snow the Academy.

You will find all the entries here:

If you would like to send some feedback to any of the anonymously posted story authors...just click on the vote link and change the subject line to FEEDBACK and the story #. I'll make sure it gets to the right bard.

Thank you to all the anonymous (at least at the moment) Bards who took up the challenge and to Tap and B. Soiree for playing as well.

BIG Thanks to those at the Academy that pull these challenges together and to Steph who allows me to continue to annoy her. Y'all ROCK!

Last year we had a Holiday Song PUNzle Contest in conjuction with the Challenge. We will have another (albeit different theme) of those PUNzles this year...details will announced soon. We will award a personalized tile box to the one who gets the most correct. If a tie results, random draw will determine the winner.

Stay tuned...or even better...go read the story entries.

Added part 10 and part 11 (conclusion) of Fetchin' Cousin Minnie by bsoiree

The Importance of Being Ordinary by Evelyn C [Orig/Alt/Complete]
Appreciating an ordinary day.

Added Chapter 6 of Even Heroes by PsiDraconis

December 13th, 2004

Added part 3 of Second Son by AK Naten

Added part 9 of Fetchin' Cousin Minnie by b.soiree

December 12th, 2004

Welcome to the Academy, jh!
Brave [original/alt/complete]
Bravery takes many forms and can be found in many places. This is a story about woman's bravery..

Pizza & Wine by Emyster [über/alt/complete]
Nothing like cold pizza and wine.

Added part 5 of The War Between the Hearts by Nann Dunne

December 11th, 2004

Welcome to the Academy, Allyson Scott!

Neighbors, Capers and Heroic Type Things [original/alt/complete]
A heaping dose of hostile neighbor and a horrible prank gone awry chart a downward spiraling day in the life of Torrence Clark.

Added part 7 and part 8 of Fetchin' Cousin Minnie by b.soiree

December 10th, 2004

Selene and Nix by Windstar and Zee [über/alt/complete]
This story contains; mayhem, magic, love, jealousy, and some great fight scenes. Plus as an added bonus if you read this you'll understand Blood and Honor a lot better when we start posting it. So come join Nix and Selene as they struggle to build and keep a society together.

A Change of Romance by T.E. Brehm [über/alt/PWP/complete]
A short little piece derived from a personal fantasy...all shopping trips should end this way.

Added part 7 of Strongsouljah's Fourth and Goal

Added part 11 of Pathfinder by Windstar and Sparky

December 9th, 2004

Not only is she a first time poster, but this is the first attempt at the Xena genre - welcome to the Academy, JSWrdsmth!

Who Are You Now? [alt/über/unfinished]
This story picks up the lives of Annie, Mattie, and Harry where "Soul Possessed" left off.

Added part 6 of Fetchin' Cousin Minnie by b.soiree

-from DS Bauden

Hi gang,
Just wanted to let you all know I am running a special on signed copies of my books through the end of the year. Books are normally $18 each, but if you buy all three titles, the 3rd book will be 50% off. The total will be $45 plus $5 shipping. You can see paypal information from my website at:
Happy Holidays everyone.

December 8th, 2004

Welcome to the Academy, Evelyn C!

Slow Rise by Evelyn C[alt/über/complete]
Even broken hearts can be mended. Best friends and lovers take the plunge to declare their feelings when unrequited love almost tears them apart.

Added part 6 of KM's Intuition

December 7th, 2004

In the Kingdom of Horses by Mary Morgan [X&G/alt/complete]
Xena and Gabrielle answer a summons concerning a ruthless episode from the former warlord's past. Driven by her guilt to attempt to resolve dire consequences for which she feels responsible, Xena finds that not only is the survival of the Kingdom of Horses at stake, but her own and Gabrielle's destiny as well.
(This story won a Swollen Bud award.)

Added part 5 of Fetchin' Cousin Minnie by b.soiree

Added part 8 of Coward by Phair

December 6th, 2004

Added part 4 of Fetchin' Cousin Minnie by b.soiree

The Road Less Taken (part 4 to Shot Down) by Tianna Shepherd
She woke up on a plantation will she escape and with a new companion?

December 5th, 2004

From PD Publishing

PD has a new author to announce!

Happy Holidays from PD Publishing! We would like to welcome our newest author SB Zarben. Her science fiction novel, Amicus Humani Genesis, should be available by December 2005. For more information please see her author page,

Added part 3 of Fetchin' Cousin Minnie by b.soiree

Added part 4 of The War Between the Hearts by Nann Dunne

December 4th, 2004


The Academy of Bards is pleased to announce that One Summer Night, Gerri Hill's first published book, is being reprinted and released by Bella Books (, beginning December 15th, shipping in time for Christmas!

Added part 2 of Fetchin' Cousin Minnie by b.soiree

December 3rd, 2004

Fetchin' Cousin Minnie by b.soiree [alt/über/unfinished]
On her way to retrieve her saucy Cousin Minnie in Sacramento and bring her back to her ranch, Gaine Sargos, Sheriff of Barden's Corner, meets a green-eyed stranger on the stagecoach who completely changes her life.

December 2nd, 2004

Forgotten Heart by Trigar [XWPfic/alt/complete]
Xena is dead...Long live Xena! Has Ares finally won? Find out in this tale of death and rebirth as Gabrielle desperately tries to win back Xena's very soul.

December 1st, 2004

A Day in the Reel Life by Cheeyah[XWP fic/uberish/alt]
Xena returns home after the first day's shooting of the show that bears her name.

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