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Authors! Join academy_submissions to send in your story files

Read our Valentine special at:


May 31, 2004

Let's remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the quest for peace year 'round. Rest in peace Grandpa Albert, WWII casualty 1944.

Keeper of my Heart by Debbie Dee [über/alt/complete]
Sam Knight knew the minute she met Cricket Jones that she was someone special. She found out how special when Cricket did her Magic of being able to move and seen things no one else could. 1st in a series.

Added part 7 - conclusion of The Day After by Insane Englishwoman


For those who missed the announcement earlier in the week about Nene Adams' Buy-a-Bard auction I'm going to post it again in the next week. However, I also wanted to let those who just wanted to help Nene out during this rocky time. You can go to the bottom of her home page ( and look for the paypal donate button or just click from here-

Consider helping to support the author by making a donation. Nene has given us years of enjoyment- Please feed the bard (literally!) when it counts.

May 30th, 2004

Heat Wave by Trish Shields [Mel&Janice/alt/complete]

Added a revised part 24 of Misplaced People by Devize

May 29th, 2004


Here's another bard who can use a hand. She has come up with a unique auction. Reach deep into your pockets for this one! - steph

Buy a Bard and You Can Be the Star!

Nene Adams ( is for sale... or at least, her story-writing talents are yours for the taking. That's right - enter this Buy-a-Bard auction and you may win a personalized story written especially for you! You choose the setting, you choose the genre, you choose the adventure - take as much or as little control as you desire.

Want pirate gals on the high seas? Chicks in chainmail? Regency romance? Mystery, adventure, historical, cyberpunk, horror, comedy, science fiction or fantasy - anything's possible! You can even become a character in the story yourself. Once written, this custom tale will become your sole property to do with as you wish. Five winners will have the satisfaction of taking home a unique, one-of-a-kind tale written by this talented bard.

Enter the Buy-a-Bard auction and you can be the star of your own adventure! Auction bids can go to and auction will close Friday June 11th, 2004

The Darkroom by Emyster [original/alt/complete]
Proof that anything can develop in a darkroom.

Added a revised version of Arrival of the Future by Mary G

May 28th, 2004

Fourth and Goal by Strongsouljah-formerly known as Tonya S. Coley [original/alt/unfinished]
The year is 2055 and women now play football in the NFL. Valeria "Rock" Rockwell is the star middle lineback of the Carolina Panthers that gets critically injured in a game. Caitlin O'Hara is a physical therapist who is sought out by Rock's grandmother to assist in Rock's rehabilitaion. A battle of wills ensues between these two strong-willed women as they make their way down the road of friendship and perhaps even more.

Added part 14 (conclusion) of Wild by Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman


New Ebooks
Whitewater Rendevouz - Kim Baldwin
Arrival of the Future - Mary G
The New Moon - Ri
The Red Line - Ri
Charbonneau - Saggio Amante
Troquedero - Saggio Amante

May 27th, 2004

Welcome to the Academy of Bards a very well-known name, MaryD!

In the Blood of Greeks [original/alt/complete]
summary pending

Win, Loose, or Tie by tap (aka Patricia Winterburn) [pwp/complete]
summary pending

Added part 13 of Wild by Kimp Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman

Added part 41 and part 42 of Time's Fell Hand by LJ Maas

-from PD Publishing

We would like to welcome our newest author, Jenah Watson, to P.D. Publishing, Inc. We are honored to be publishing her wonderful story, Our Reunion. It should be available by April 2005. For more information please see her author page on our website.
She joins our budding list of authors. (Roselle Graskey and her story Life's Little Edge.)
Please look for Jenah at the Orlando BardCon. She's on the shy side, but I'm sure she'd love to talk to you about her upcoming book. Wouldn't you, Jenah?
Barb and Linda
P.D. Publishing, Inc.
The Academy wishes to extend their congratulations to Jenah as well. This is one of the best stories showing post-40 year old characters!

May 25th, 2004

Welcome to the Academy, R.A. Hughes and ultragirl
Breaking Free by R.A. Hughes
Set in the American Southwest in 1874, the former mayor's daughter is kidnapped. In the midst of the hostage situation, an instant friendship with one of the kidnappers becomes something more.
Quitting Time by ultragirl [Über/alt/complete]
After work an ultrasonographer accidentally meets her OB patient's sister in a bar. Are they meant to be with each other or does the past get in the ultrasonographer's way?

Added part 4 of When You Dance With the Devil by Harley

Added part 24 of Misplaced People by Devize


Unbreakable - Advocate
Anytime - KT
Doggie Door Follies- nyrdgyrl
Luck Be A Lady - nyrdgyl
The Wager - nyrdgyrl
Don't Mess With Texas - Pat Winterburn (under Amanda Ellis)
Chance Encounter - Ronica Black
Enchanted Beach - Ronica Black

May 24th, 2004

Added part 11 of The Ridded by Phair


Cavalier Press ( delighted to announce the addition of two authors to our family. Well known on the Internet as MaryD, Mary D Brooks is also the author of the popular Eva and Zoe books. This series follows the lives of two women who meet in occupied Greece during the Second World War and subsequently make a new life for themselves in Australia. The books are currently being thoroughly revised, and the first is scheduled for January 2005. Anne Azel has signed with us to revisit and expand Seasons volumes 1 and 2. The revised books will encompass the original four Seasons stories, plus unpublished material. The first book is scheduled for Winter 2005.

May 23, 2004

In Too Deep by Ronina Black [Über/alt/unfinished]
This is the introduction to the Erin McKenzie detective series. This is not my usual romantic tale, so you've been forewarned!

Added part 9 of Designs of the Heart by Heartbrkn

May 22, 2004

Added a revised version of Little Things by Dave Gentile

May 21, 2004

Added part 27 of Tie Break by Bonnie


The Academy/BardCon Combo Bard Challenge is over.
Thank you to all those who voted. We had a couple of tight races going. EVERY story received lots of votes. Way Cool.
The winners will be announced at BardCon on May 29th and then announced online as well. 
The Munchkins have removed the voting links and put the identifying info back on the stories. Please, please, feed the bards.
These folks are generous with sharing their talent, let them know you enjoyed reading their stories.

From Xenalicious-
New recommendations up at the Xenalicious' Fan Fic Recommendations site:

From Fortitude Press-
For those folks who will be attending Bardcon, Fortitude Press is now accepting pre-orders. This link is ONLY for Bardcon pre-orders. Your books will be waiting for you at the Fortitude Press table at Bardcon.
In addition to our other titles, we will have three new releases at the con. These new titles will be available for general ordering immediately after Bardcon.
Fortitude Press is proud to introduce a new action/adventure story from a brand new author: "The Star of Kaleel" by C.J. Burch. A pair of female gladiators must race against a madman in search of an ancient relic that has the power to destroy all of humankind.
We're also pleased to offer Jordan Redhawk's new, thoroughly revised edition of "Tiopa Ki Lakota." Staying true to the original story of Anpo and Kathleen, the revised edition also explores the unique culture and customs of the Lakota people.
And an old favorite is now back in print! The first book in the hysterical, acerbic Devils series from K. Simpson: "Several Devils." See where it all began for Devlin and Cassandra and their personal demons.
To pre-order these - or any of our titles - visit our pre-order page:
We will be accepting pre-orders until Sunday, May 23. We will have books for sale at the con, but pre-ordering insures that you get the titles you want before they are sold out!
Additionally, Fortitude authors Linda Crist, SX Meagher, and Blayne Cooper are scheduled to attend the con and will be available to sign books.
We look forward to seeing you all in Orlando!

May 20, 2004

Welcome to the Academy, Mary G!
Arrival of the Future by Mary G
What happens when a modern woman is sent to the ancient world and meets up with the Warrior Princess and her Battling Bard?

The Red Line by Ri
Two strangers meet on the subway in Los Angeles and become very good friends little knowing they have something in common that neither would ever dream of.

The New Moon by Ri
Xena is worried about her new friend, she's not acting like herself and she is determined to find out why.

Wednesday at the Troquedero by Saggio Amante[original/alt/complete]
A B/D tale of two lovers who mix business with pleasure. Charbonneau is the prequel to this tale, but each story stands on its own.

Charbonneau by Saggio Amante [original/alt/complete]
A B/D tale.  Marq and Welles meet and find that they have more in common than either bargained for. This tale is a prequel to "Wednesdays at the Troquedero," but each story stands on its own.

Added part 23 of Misplaced People by Devize

May 19th, 2004

Updates from two of my very, very favorite writers - I am just tickled to mention that!

Added part 9 of Irresistible Flame by DJWP (please note the reader's survey at the end of this part)

Unbreakable by Blayne Cooper (Advocate) [original/alt/complete]
Five women - four decades. Can the bonds of friendship and love weather the challenges?

May 18th, 2004

Welcome to KT, a new bard at the Academy!!!
Anytime [Über/alt/complete]
Two women meet at a bar...finally!

Added a revised version of Chance Encounter by Ronica Black [alt/original/complete]

Added part 22 of Misplaced People by Devize

Added part 3 of When You Dance With the Devil by Harley

May 17th, 2004

Added the conclusion of Love's Many Blessings by Psyche-B

Added part 8 and 9 of Sage Amante's Where Eagles Fly

The Wager by Nyrdgyrl [original/complete/alt]
summary pending

Luck be a Lady by Nyrdgyrl [original/complete/alt]
summary pending

May 16th, 2004

Added part 7 of A Thousand Miles by PsiDraconis

May 15th, 2004

Announcement from Debra

Pinups, pinups...
See the faces of lesbian fiction as featured in the Canadian Uber Addicts Authors Calendar...

Added part 21 of Misplaced People by Devize

May 14th, 2004

Doggie Door Follies by nyrdgyrl [complete]
Here's a story that will help Doggie Door Redux make more sense.

Inevitable Destiny 21 - New Hope (Conclusion) by Ken Rogers
Samantha takes Angela for a ride.

May 13th, 2004

The Reality in Dreams by A. Tietz [über/alt/unfinished]
A CIA assassin is having reoccurring dreams of a beautiful golden haired woman. She gets a big surprise when one of her marked victims resembles her dreams and she finds it hard to kill the person. The story follows what this assassin does when faced with her dreams possibly becoming a reality and challenging her past, present and future. Added first 8 sections (parts 1-3 had been up already these are revised).

Trials, Challenges, and Chances by romansilence [X&G/alt/complete]
Gabrielle wants to have a joining ceremony with Xena. But it isn't easy to get Artemis' blessing. Xena first has to prove that she is worthy.


Amazonia - Ali Vali
Blown Away - Kim Baldwin
Fate - Kaia
Bad Timing - Mavis Applewater
Business Dealings - Mavis Applewater
Crossing Over - Mavis Applewater
The Messenger - Mavis Applewater

May 12th, 2004


Voting in the Academy/BardCon Combo Bard Challenge ends on the 16th. So you only have a few more days to "voice your choice." You can vote for one story in each category. 
Go here:
to read the stories and then just click on the email links to vote. Winners will be announced May 29th at BardCon and then online. 
Don't forget to Feed The Bards once the participants are revealed.


Chance Encounter by Ronica Black [alt/original/complete]
Twenty-six year old Rachel Owen is excited about her long awaited trip to London, but as she settles into her flight, she's more than surprised at who's sitting next to her. Her long time crush and former teacher, which forces Rachel to deal with the feelings and desires of long ago.

Added part 10 of Pathfinder by Windstar and sparky

Added part 20 of Misplaced People by Devize

May 11th, 2004

Blown Away by Kim Baldwin [Über/alt/complete]
A muggy spring day in Michigan unleashes a fury of tornados. Two women are in the path of one of them: volunteer firefighter Gable McCoy and teacher Erin Richards.

Don't Mess With Texas by Patricia Winterburn [alt/complete/über]
Part 11 of the 'Detective Amanda Ellis' series

May 10th, 2004

Welcome to the Academy Ronica Black!

Enchanted Beach by Ronica Black [original fiction/alt/complete]
Jordan Schaefer is devastatingly beautiful and tragically lonely. But when her friends bring Lori along on their beach vacation, Jordan finds the lonely walls of heart beginning to crumble.

May 9th, 2004

Added part 11 of Phair's The Retreat

Added part 22 (conclusion) of Kaia's Fate

May 8th, 2004

Added part 19 of Misplaced People by Devize

May 7th, 2004

Added parts 11 and 12 of CD McKendry's War, Peace, Understanding, & Love

Added part 20 of Inevitable Destiny by Ken Rogers


Family Reunion - Mavis Applewater
By Request - Mavis Applewater
Damsel in Distress - Mavis Applewater
To Serve a Friend - Irish
Thief's Revenge (A) - Jane Fletcher
Noemi's Vignette - Katia N. Ruiz
Roll of the Dice- Mavis Applewater
Lessons Learned - Mavis Applewater
Rain's Journey - Mavis Applewater
Sophie's Game 2 - Mavis Applewater
Sophie's Game 3 - Mavis Applewater
True Hearts (Happy Birthday to Me Part 2) - Mavis Applewater
The Party - Mavis Applewater
The Promise - Mavis Applewater
Through Kevin's Eyes - Pat Winterburn (under Amanda Ellis series)
Gloria's Inn - Robin Alexander
Material Gift - Sage
Message in a Bottle - Saggio Amante
A Day in the Endless Life - Xena's Little Bitch

May 6, 2004


Added part 16, part 17 and part 18 of Misplaced People by Devize


The Canadian Uber Addicts calendar is ready!
In celebration of Pride Day, the calendar begins June 2004 and runs through to May 2005, and features authors and bards from the Addicts list:
-         Radclyffe
-         Lois Cloarec Hart & Day
-         TNovan & Taylor Rickard
-         JP Mercer
-         KG MacGregor
-         Shannon Lee
-         Kaia & LadyJ
-         DS Bauden
-         Rocky Macelli
-         SX Meagher
-         AJ & Carrie Carr
-         Betty & Taleweaver.
As a special bonus, the calendar also includes a full-page (11” x 17”) colour centerfold (without staples) of Radclyffe, suitable for framing! <g>
The calendar is being distributed by StarCrossed Productions and is available for $10.95 USD. Shipping & handling to North America is included in the price; International orders add $1.50 USD.
Proceeds from the sale of the calendar will be donated to Casey House, an AIDS hospice located in Toronto, Ontario (
The calendar is specially designed for collecting autographs, and many of the featured writers will be at the Orlando BardCon.
Visit StarCrossed Productions’ online store to order yours now!

May 5th, 2004

Added part 19 of Ken Rogers' Inevitable Destiny

Added part 5 and part 6 of A Thousand Miles by PsiDraconis

May 4th, 2004

Here are four more from Mavis Applewater's Wednesday Afternoon Series

Businesss Dealings (The Cabana Part 2)
Deidre flies to Boston to review Ginny's workplace.

Crossing Over (The Threshold Part 2)
The real Hilary has found a loop hole and gets her life back, Simone tries to intervine in an effort to keep Hilary from hurting the people she cares for.

Bad Timing
Every time Bess enters Annie's life romance is out of the question.

The Messenger
A woman is regretting spending Valentine's Day alone until an attractive bike messegner litterally runs into her.

Added part 4, part 5, and part 6 (conclusion) of Amazonia by Ali Vali

May 3rd, 2004


Added part 3 of Spirit of Murder by Katia N. Ruiz

Beyond Über invited us to do a guest 'ramble' so we thought we'd post it here too. Beyond Über is a great site and they are the ones who house the Swollen Bud Awards.

Steph's Ramble
First, I'd like to thank Beyond Über for the opportunity to ramble. I really appreciate the forum. I considered different topics to discuss.... our charity efforts, the contests and challenges, how the Academy of Bards came about, who supports us (thanks Missy!), how much we appreciate the readers...well you get the idea, I had a lot of options. Instead, I decided to take the opportunity to talk about the relationship between the readers and the writers.
We have had in the past, writers who have become upset by getting negative feedback. Some have even pulled their stories. For that, I'm sorry. You know when I was a kid, my mother always told me if you can't say something...ANYTHING...nice, don't say anything at all. That's kind of the same philosophy I hold today. I don't have a lot of spare time in my life. I truly don't intend to waste time away from my family dealing with negativity.
There's a big "however" to this though. Valid, constructive criticism is a good thing. But the mean and/or vindictive kind isn't. And similar responses back to the writer of this.....stuff, we'll that's just as wasteful in my opinion. For example, 99 percent of the writers list their email address because they want feedback. They want to hear what worked and what didn't work for the audience...for you. You can make things easier for the bards by letting them know specific stuff like something that didn't make sense or if there were some things presented as facts that really weren't. Some writers go on to becoming published and this insight gives them a chance to improve both their story and their craft. You and the writer might not see eye-to-eye on something but I'd have to say that almost none of them would give you flack for an honest assessment. In fact, I'd imagine most would be very appreciative for those who take the time to be specific about things that weren't up to par (in your opinion of course *g*).
Feedback is something that the bards write to me about all the time. Even the big names, so it's just not the new kids on the fanfic block. Writers love hearing from us. They can never get enough of it...well except not of the bad stuff ya know *g*. Sometimes, they get scant few or even no responses to very excellent stories. I wish people would think about all the time and energy it takes to write. All the work and emotion people put into their stuff seems to go mostly unnoticed the longer this fanfiction phenomenon ages.
It really feels pretty simple to me. If we support bards then that encourages them to write. If they write, we get entertainment. If we get entertainment, then that makes us happy. So if you feed the bards you'll be a happier person for it. Think about it.

May 1st/2nd, 2004

A Day in the Endless Life by Xena's Little Bitch [alt/complete]
It's 2004 and Xena and Gabrielle are living in the United States. Their obsessions with the war and their past lend to some interesting revelations.

Added part 14 and part 15 of Misplaced People by Devize



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