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2007 Valentine's Day Special
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May 31st, 2007

Added part 9 of Echoes of the Past by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

May 30th, 2007

Welcome to the Academy Alex Gatten!

Birds of Hermes [alt/über/unfinished]
The world is cast in grays. There is only half-life and half- living, dangerous emotions taken by guardian angels before they can lead to darkness, and magic is a symbol of greed instead of light. A forgotten angel, once sworn to protect her people and keep them from shadows, Leah is on her way to the City of Wings to regain what she's lost. And maybe, with the help of a small, unexceptional magician, she'll discover that you don't need wings to fly.

Thirty Seconds by Twinker Hell [alt/post-fin/complete]
If Xena only had 30 Seconds to live...

Added part 2 of One Sock Bard's Birdie's Day in the Life

Added part 7 and part 8 of Diplomacy by SDerkins

May 29th, 2007

Added part 6 of Diplomacy by SDerkins

May 28th, 2007

From PD Publishing:

27 May 2007: For those of you in the US, we pray that each and every one of you have a safe and happy holiday weekend. During your time off, we hope you check out our latest releases.
We are pleased to announce the following books are available for purchase from your favorite book seller! (The pictures on Amazon haven't loaded yet, but they are still available for purchase. In addition, Trish K's book hasn't been given the Amazon discount yet, so keep an eye out and order when the discount is posted. Also, SCP has ordered these books, but I don't think they are on their webpages yet. So keep an eye out and order when you see them announced by SCP.)

Forces of Evil by Trish Kocialski
In the Blood of the Greeks by Mary D. Brooks
Water Witch: The Deceiver's Grave by Nene Adams

We appreciate you all supporting our talented authors.
Barb and Linda

May 26th, 2007

Until We Meet Again by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
A brief encounter between two young people possibly influences the destinies of a warrior and bard whose partnership changed the world.

The Molting by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
When Xena goes over the top to show she’s not too over the hill, Gabrielle provokes an examination of what’s important about re-creating themselves at this later stage in their lives.

Transitions by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
Their more active years behind them, Xena and Gabrielle spend some quality time enjoying what they have and preparing for the future.

May 25th, 2007

Added part 10 of As the Xenaverse Turns by Jenny D Maher

Added part 8 of The Last Good Day by Amy Boatman

Added part 8 of Echoes of the Past by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

May 24th, 2007

How the Little Vampire Earned Her Fangs by Mickey Minner [original/complete]
I want to thank my group members for contributing the story idea, location and character names.

Added part 6 of The Strength Inside by Claire Lanham

May 23rd, 2007

The Persian Encounter by Xanjaa and Patricia Wiseroostr
the parts have now been replaced with a single file, completed version of the story.

Three stories by IseQween

The Ghost of a Smile - The first of a three-story arc that refers to and builds on A FRIEND IN NEED (the others being “A Fly in The Ointment” and “Suns of The Passed”) and explores Gabrielle’s coming to terms with Xena’s promise never to leave her soulmate.  

A Fly in the Ointment - In this second of a three-story post-A FRIEND IN NEED arc (which concludes with “Suns of The Passed”), Gabrielle seems to be living the life Xena dreamed for her in “The Ghost of A Smile,” but with some problems and possibilities neither of them expected.  

Suns of the Passed - Gabrielle returns to Japa, where she and Xena face uncertain consequences of the love and honor that melded their legendary partnership in defense of the greater good.  This is the last of a post-FIN story arc, preceded by "The Ghost of A Smile" and "A Fly in The Ointment."

May 22, 2007

Tarot by Nut56 [Conqueror/alt/complete]
On a leisurely trip to the market, Gabrielle becomes embroiled in a card game which results in her having to witness first hand Xena's actions as Conqueror. As she struggles to stay alive and to get back to her old life, she must once again win the love and trust of a young Xena, who believes her Way is the path of violence and power. There are adult language, themes and scenes here, as this is a Conqueror story.

Only On Tuesday by Geonn Cannon [original/alt/complete]
The other secretaries don't know why Michelle Lord puts up with the demands of her bitch of a boss. But they don't know what she does, and they have no clue what happens on Tuesday nights.

The Path (GTAS #6) by Michael Dobler [original/gen/complete]
Gabrielle and her new husband, David bump into some of Gabrielle's oldest friends and wind up passing on their experiences to the students of a local training academy. Dark forces are at work within the walls, hatching plots to enslave the faculty and students. Can Gabrielle, David, and their friends avert the disaster before the darkness overwhems them all?

Tropic of Hunter by Cheyne [uber/alt/complete]
Hunter Roberge returns to her hometown after sixteen years to find out why her recently deceased, estranged mother bequeathed her a house and a legacy she doesn't want. Reconnecting with her past becomes a double-edged sword as she encounters a surprise romance and a family she thought she knew.

Added Part 3 of Amor Vincit Omnia by Boudica X

Added Part Four of Missing By M. E. Tudor

55 Word

Double Cross by IseQween


Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Awards

Hi all. Hope you're enjoying the change of season wherever you live. Here in New Zealand our temperatures are dropping although on a sunny day it's still t-shirt weather.

A reminder that the voting polls for the Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Awards close at the end of this month. Thanks to all who have voted. If you haven't already voted please take a couple of minutes out now to go and vote.

If you are already a member then the link is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LesbianFictionReadersChoiceAwards/polls

If you are still to join then go here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LesbianFictionReadersChoiceAwards/

— Jo Fothergill

From Intaglio Publications

Intaglio Publications invites you to join best-selling author Lynn Ames for a special evening of discussion, reading, and book signings.

Lynn Ames will be appearing at Borders Books in Saratoga Springs, New York on Monday evening, June 4, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. The store is located at 395 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY12866, Phone: 518.583.1200.

Ms. Ames will read from her recently released, critically acclaimed romance The Flip Side of Desire:

Trystan Lightfoot allowed herself to love once in her life; the experience broke her heart and strengthened her resolve never to fall in love again. At forty, however, she still longs for the comfort of a woman's arms. She finds temporary solace in meaningless, albeit adventuresome encounters, burying her pain and her emotions deep inside where no one can reach. No one, that is, until she meets C.J. Winslow.

C.J. Winslow is the model-pretty-but-aging professional tennis star the Women's Tennis Federation is counting on to dispel the image that all great female tennis players are lesbians. And her lesbianism isn't the only secret she's hiding. A traumatic event from her childhood is taking its toll both on and off the court.

Together Trystan and C.J. must overcome their challenges to find the flip side of desire.

Lynn Ames is the best-selling author of The Price of Fame (which was short-listed for the first annual Golden Crown Literary Society award in the category of lesbian romance), The Cost of Commitment, The Value of Valor, and The Flip Side of Desire (which is a finalist for the GCLS 2007 Ann Bannon Best Lesbian Fiction Award). She is also a contributing author to the Lammy award-winning anthology Stolen Moments: Erotic Interludes 2, Infinite Pleasures: An Anthology of Lesbian Erotica, Telltale Kisses, Romance for Life, Call of the Dark: Erotic Lesbian Tales of the Supernatural and Wild Nights.

If time allows, Ms. Ames will also give the first-ever sneak preview of her upcoming romance, Heartsong, due for release from Intaglio in October.

May 18th, 2007

Added part 7 of Echoes of the Past by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

May 17th, 2007

Illyria by Crystal Michallet-Romero [original/alt/complete]
A traditional fairy tale that includes the lesbian themes of quests, challenges and blossoming love.

Birdie's Day in the Life by Onesockbard [conqueror/alt/unfinished]
A little lighter faire for our Birdie after the heavy drama of Dahak and Hope of "Nightmare". Just a day in the life , but never dull.

May 16th, 2007

-Intaglio Publications

Intaglio Publications is proud to announce it's latest release. Bloodlust by Fran Heckrotte is available now at Starcrossed Productions http://www.scp-inc.biz/
And Bella Distribution http://www.bellabooks.com/

by Fran Heckrotte
ISBN: 978-1-933113-50-0
Price: $16.95
Available Now
Yemaya and Dakota have just returned to the Illusionist's homeland for a well-earned vacation when they are informed that several villagers had been savagely attacked and killed by something or someone. At the same time, a young Carpi woman is found lying unconscious near the outskirts of Teraclia. Comatose, she is unable to tell anyone what has happened and science can provide no answers. Two small wounds on her throat raise the old specter of the vampire, a legend the locals of the Transylvanian community are very familiar with and still believe in to this day.

The Illusionist and her partner search for the truth behind these attacks. Will they fall prey to this murderous bloodlust that surrounds them, or will they succeed in stopping this heinous reign of terror.

May 15th, 2007

Added part 4 and part 5 of Diplomacy by S. Derkins

May 13th, 2007

Added Part 6 of A Stranger in My Family by Red Hope [conquorer/alt/incomplete]

May 11th, 2007

What Stories Are For by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
Gabrielle reminisces about key scenes we didn't see in A FRIEND IN NEED. This is a companion piece to Xena’s thoughts in “What Stories Are For Too.”

What Stories Are For Too by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
This companion piece to Gabrielle’s reflections in "What Stories Are For" is from Xena’s perspective, after she’s sent her soulmate away from the battlefield in Japa and prepares to face the enemy alone.

War's Surrender by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
Ares and Aphrodite debate the meaning of Xena’s actions in A FRIEND IN NEED.

Added part 6 of Echoes of the Past by J. M. Dragon & E. O'Reilly

Added part 10 of Breathless by Lois Kay

Added part 5a - part 10 of To Find What Was Mine by Red Hope

55 word stories

Perfect by IseQween

Perfect II by IseQween

May 10th, 2007

Added part 4 of Extended Intentions by Jynaki

RIP Becky Calvert.

For those of you who remember her, long time Xenite, Becky Calvert died this morning of respiratory arrest. Becky was one of the lucky few who was invited to the XWP set. She was truly a medical miracle and a wonderful friend. I just got off the phone with her partner, Shirl who said that funeral arrangements have not been set yet.

May 9th, 2007

L'il Red by M.S. Prism [alt/über-horror/romance/complete]
Amy Fortune and her girlfriend Leone Garoul were very much in love. So in love Leone wanted her to meet the rest of her family in their remote holiday retreat in the heart of the mountains. What should have been a romantic holiday binding them closer together rapidly becomes a hellish nightmare tearing them apart. Can each overcome taboo and prejudice to survive as a couple or will secrets and lies destroy them forever?

- from our hosting service

Network Maintenance. Our bandwith network provider will be doing network maintenance and upgrades on the following day: MAINTENANCE DATE: 5/09/07 STARTING TIME: 11:00 PM-PDT ENDING TIME: 5/10/07 before 5:00 am-pdt WINDOW: 6 hours You will experience some downtime ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

May 7th, 2007

Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow by IseQween

Echoes of a Battling Bard by IseQween

Added part 3 of Diplomacy by S.Derkins

From PD Publishing:

For those of you that have been asking and waiting patiently (or not so patiently!), we are pleased to announce that Deb Barry's story, The Life in Her Eyes is back in print and available at your favorite bookseller. Go to http://www.pdpublishing.com/hereyesendpage.htmlto check it out.

Or you can go to our website to refresh your memory of our other recent announcements of books released.

Thanks for supportingour authors!

Barb and Linda

From Lori Meyers
I need to ask a huge favor of the Xenite community. I'm a bard ("Death of a Conqueror," "Hunger," and "A Vineyard by the Sea") going through some difficulut times. Let me explain my situation to you. I'm recovering from clinical depression, the doctors have finally found the right combination of drugs and my mind is finally coming out of the fog, so to speak. I've had this condition my entire life and sometimes it is worse than other times. My problem is that I am unable to work during the bouts of severe depression and have been living off of what little savings I have plus the occasional help of my family, when they've been able to. (My family can't help right now, we just found out my dad has cancer.) But my funds are almost gone and I need some help. I'm turning to the Xenite community because I know we've been able to help people in the past who have had similar needs. I was able to a long time ago and now I'm in need. Can anyone please help me at this time? If you can please contact me at loriameyers@netzero.net

May 6th, 2007

Welcome LoveGuruAphrodite to the Academy These are LoveGuru's first ever stories, so lots of feedback needed.

Love Unrequited and Reacquainted [alt/original/complete]

They're Here, They're Queer [alt/original/complete]

Diplomacy Part 2 by S. Derkins [unfinished/alt/uber]

Echoes of the Past Part 5 by J.M. Dragon & E. O'Reilly

Two Part Harmony Part 4 by Colleen

May 3rd, 2007

Diplomacy by S. Derkins [unfinished/alt/uber]
The Mother Earth Series continues

May 2nd, 2007

The Witch of Greyfriare by L.M. Townsend-Crow [alt/original/complete]

The Devil and Carson by Zee and Windstar [alt/original/complete]
Join us as we once again return to the peaceful, happy, little sea side town of Huntington, CA. They've just recovered from the whole zombie fiasco and boy are they ready for your tourist dollars. So come on down you can join the harvest Demon raising festival there will be plenty of activities for the whole family like the Morgue Attendant sprint from danger, guess which technical do-hicky Shaggy will modify until it explodes, and don't forget the bitchy ex-librarian scowling contest. Fun for the whole family. (exclaimer may cause
vomiting, sudden blood loss, hives, fainting, and death)

Added Part 7 of The Last Good Day by Amy Boatman

Announcement from Bedazzled Ink:

The spring edition of Khimairal Ink is up! We're pleased to present some new writers and welcome back some of our favorite ones. Sometimespictures don't always take the place of a thousand words. Bernadette Quailey's "The Photos"gives us a poignant snapshotof a mother looking at treasured pictures. Living through tumultuous teenage years can seem to last forever and sometimes hastily shouted words do make a difference. Q. Kelly gives us a glimpse of a silver-lining with her quirky tale, "The Lesbian Curse".Tyree Campbell once again draws you into a captivating tale about an archeologist finding arguably her greatest discovery and its repercussions with his tender story, "Sentimental." Kirsten Elliott's "The Prayer" gives us the hope of those spring flowers.Regardless ofwho you ask, you'll never know what will happen until you actually try it. http://www.bedazzledink.com/khimairal-ink/5-07issue/5-07cover. html

Our editor, Carrie, put together a free, online writer's class last month. We were pleasantly surprised to see over 90 people sign up and decided that we would leave the lessons up so other folks could benefit. You can access the class on Bedazzled Ink's home page. http://www.bedazzledink.com/bink-class.html. In addition, she also has updated and enhanced her blog with information about successfully published works of our contributors. http://khimairalink.wordpress.com/Also we have spruced up our main website and have introduced a new series under our Nuance imprint called Zerythnia's Tales. http://nuancebooks.wordpress.com/zerynthias-tales/

Claudia Wilde

May 1st, 2007

Home Alone: The New Adventures of XENA:Warrior Princess by Ernie Whiting [alt/uber/complete]
Colonel Gina Ryan, USMC, is called away from home for a lecture tour back east, while Captain Gabriella Duncan, MD, USN, has to stay behind to recuperate from a battle with influenza. What does the bored and cantankerous doctor do to keep herself occupied?

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