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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Cassey/Toni ??? Norsebard Cassey & Toni - Five Stories About Two Women In Love
??? ??? Elaine Kinney Charmed Life (A)
??? ??? Fiur/ Vlamme Chronicles of Darkness Book One: Shadows And Dust
??? ??? Norsebard Culture Crash: The Bard And The Biker
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Wakar Christmas Eve
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Vivian Darkbloom Coup de Grace 
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick simahoyo Covington's Kid
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Seana James Circuit (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Palomine Case of the Hollywood Homicide (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick J. Gardner Christmas To Remember (A)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick J C Wilder Christmas In Costa Rica  No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick C. N. Winters Casablanca [movie rewrite]
Ginny/Deidre Woman indulges while waiting for her employer [90's] Mavis Applewater Cabana (The) (1)
Mavis Applewater Business Dealings (2)
Jenna/Nic Attorney/ cab driver [90's] Kim Pritekel Cabby (The)
Cage Detective [90s] Roselle Graskey Cage Undone
Caitlin/Killian Pit fighter/ healer [15 BC] Dana L'Wood Caitlin's Rescue
Dusty/Hannah Lonely exec calls phone sex woman [90s] Kim Pritekel Call Me
Rochelle /Heather Outlaw/ farm girl WarriorKat Call of the Wilderness (1)
WarriorKat An Interrupted Affair (2)
Sylia/Priss Mech warrior/ street urchin [SciFi] J. Skiffington [aka Laststarlite] Call To Arms (A)
Lucyte/Andras Singer/lyricist [90's] Pam Lord Calling (The)
Mac/Kerry Riding Director/ Counselor reunite [90's] Kim Baldwin Camp Reunion (The)
Claire/Charlotte Camper picks up strange woman [90's] J. A. Bard Camping Out
Ann/Jodi Halloween costume party Mickey Minner Can Lightening Strike Twice?
Clay/Laren Woman encounters ghost of lover past Greek Warrior Can You Survive the Night?
Julia/ Michaela Senator/ PR specialist [90's] Vada Foster Candidate (The)
Kat/Oksana Russian brat meets her match [90s] Katia N. Ruiz Can't Buy My Love
Sabrina/Tessa CEO & Widow/ personal assistant [90's] Lucky Alucard Can't Fight the Moonlight
??? Passionate women risk all [90's] Mayhem Incarnate Can't Let Her Go
??? PWP Dawn Can't She See
Chris/Sam Forensic psychologist / ex-law student [90's] JAM Cape of Fear
Tori [Savage]/ Dash Photo journalist seeks out rural environ. protector [90's] Larisa Capon's Savage
??? PWP The Raven Captive
Kaira/Jessa Warrior/ witch [Fantasy] Sparx Captive
Emily[Crystal] /Stacy Women meet at party and have sex [90's] PatsBard Capture My Heart
Addison/Bronte caretakers daughter/ Married lady [1800's] GabGold Caretaker's Daughter (The)
Alesandra/ Camilla Bar owner/ tourist [90's] Morgan Caribbean Breeze
??? Revelers delight [fantasy] Lariel Carnivale
Caron/Amy Deceased woman guards her lover [90's] Hunter Ash / Ldevin Caron's Spirit
Xandra/Gabrina cop/ legal file clerk [90's] Carrie's AJ Carpe Doodah
Dana/Tarin Adventurer/ travel writer [90's] Tara Kerry Case of Beer and a Kiss (A)
Ginger/Sandy Director/actress [90s] Mavis Applewater Cast List
Ryan/Shannon Contest participant/ producer's assist. [90's] Advocate / Fanatic Castaway
Katerin/Ros Princess/circus owner [Fantasy] Redhawk Castle Walls
Kat/Sandy Boss/ admin. Assist. [90's] Janice Cat
Loren /Rhiannon Women in apt. bldg. Stalked by cat burgler D. K. Ward (aka DevenK) Cat Burglar (The)
Appear/Letune Two goddesses battle [Fantasy Balticbard Cat Goddess
Xena Reincarnated as cat [Fantasy] WarriorKat Cat Named Xena (A)
Sharki/Delaney Woman shares winning lotto ticket [90s] T. Stratton Catching The Wind
Bohdi/April  A feline finds her human a mate [90's] BardBQue Cat's Meow (The)
Maggie/Jill Internet chatter /accountant [90's] Minerva Caught
Marcy/Kris Work from home copy editor meets kayaker [90's] Kim Baldwin Caught In The Storm
Charlie/Sam Time to make their relationship final [90s] Claudette E. Dillard Caught in the Trap
Duena/Brynn Mexican bandit/ American [1890's] hobbes Cause (The) (1)
hobbes Journey of the Heart (2) No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Keefer/Sheridan OSHA inspector/ construction worker Vertigo Caution: Under Construction
??? PWP Kaie / Lady Ally Cave of Memories
Matilda Ancestor searches her past [90's] Archangel Celtic Knot
Jessica/Alix Friends in a cemetery [90's] Dreams Cemetery Ghosts
Lee/Rhea Email buddies finally meet [90s] Dreams2Fly Certain Point of View (A)
Linda/Rachel Divorcee meets former teacher [90's] Ronica Black Chance Encounter
Connor/ Jess After saving woman meet again in a bar [90's] Kiki Hart Chance Encounter
/Gillian Lonely woman meets a restaurateur [90's]s Littlespit Chance Encounter
Reischa(Xena) Doctor/ runaway [678] TRFan Chance Encounter
Nicole/Cassidy Web developer/ photographer [90's] Complx Chance of a Lifetime No Longer Available -- Beg for a copy
Kailea/Lisa College roommates play a game [90's] GabGold Chance Opportunity
Talley/Andrea Writer/cabbie [90s] Saggio Amante Chances Are - Murphy Was an Optimist
Alex/Michelle Mechanic/ college student Kawai Change of Heart (A)
Tabor/Shannon Lingerie is sexy [90s] T.E. Brehm Change of Romance (A)
Elen/Gwen NY at christmas [90's] JLynn Change Of Season (A)
Mel/Alex Swimmer/coach [90's] F.J. Davey Change Of Tide
Meghan/Fiona Martial arts instructor/ copy editor [90's] Betty Harmon Changed Lake
??? PWP Crystal Mills Changes
Sheree/Liah A player falls hard for a bookstore owner [90s] Mavis Applewater Changes
Mac/Rachel Doctor retires  [90s] fantasy Changing of the Guard (A)
Chase/AJ A remote control changes the lives of two women [90's] Tara Kerry Channel Surfing (1)
Architect/ kindergarten teacher [90's] Tara Kerry Monster Bash (A) (2)
??? Tara Kerry Yes, AJ, There is a Santa Claus (3)
Couple win a camping trip Tara Kerry Nice Trip (A) (4)
Sherry/Jo Stranded traveler/ rancher [90's] S. Derkins Chaps and Hat to Go
JD/Kelley Errant meatball brings women together [90s] LC Jordan Chapter Fourteen
Whitney/Lauren Playgirl in trouble/ detective [90's] J Brownell Charade
Marq/Welles Lovers who mix business & pleasure [B/D] Saggio Amante Charbonneau (1)
Wednesday at the Troquedero (2)
??? PWP JL Nicky Charlie's Mistress Plan
Jane/Charlotte Lady/ governess [Regency] Angelique Rader Charlotte Bell
Alex/Elle Robber/ hostage [90's] Alice Goodwind Chase Away (The)
Toby/Gavin Storm chaster/news co-anchor [90's] Larisa Chase the Storm
??? Internet chatters [90's] Day Chatting
Jorja/Nicholette Race car driver gets a new sponsor [90s] Mavis Applewater Checkered Flag (The) 
Shaye/Sutton Restaurant Gen. Mgr./ sexy tourist [90's] ZeeAmy Cheeseburger in Paradise
Emily/Ginny Shy person pumps up courage with a pill [90's] Zee Chemical X 
Georgie/ Jaden Real estate agent/ pop singer [90's] Ambrosia Cherish
Brie/Lauren Woman has trouble expressing feelings [90s] Saggio Amante Cherish is The Word
??? PWP Dani Chestnuts Roasting
Tina/Mariel Police detective/ FBI agent [90's] L.N. James Chicago 5AM (1)
L.N. James Entire (2)
Bronte/Grisly Ex-con/ chicken inspector [90's] Larisa Chicken Little
??? PWP MB Inc Chicken
Danni/Brie Doctor / receptionist [90's] Psyche-b Child of Love series [1-3]
Logan/Elizabeth A unique woman is befriended [80's] Moon7u [aka Melissa Albright] Children of Infinity
Xena/Gabrielle Child molestation Kamouraskan Child's Play
??? Woman finds herself Koda Graystone Chilled Invisibility
??? Women warm up by fireplace [90's] Mindwalker 78 Chilled Out
Sarah Store clerk/ nervous customer [90's] Carola "Rychan" Eriksson Chocolate (1)
Carola "Rychan" Eriksson Vanilla (2)
Carola "Rychan" Eriksson Ice Cream (3)
Carola "Rychan" Eriksson Ginger (4)
Nate/Vicki Midnight snackers [90's] Jessie Chocolate Cream 1 - 3
JD/Vic Young girl seeks solace at an inn [90's] Black Dragoon (aka Doc) Choices
Kathleen/ Kerry PWP Ladyhawke Choices (1)
Chances (2)
Challenges (3)
Crystal/Donna Drug users Jera Choir (The)
Brice/Roslin Warrior/ Lady [Fantasy] Verda Chosen One (The)
Christian/Faith Finishing school bridges cultures [1890's[ D Christian's Faith
Jackie/Gabby Magic of Christmas Dillon Watson Christmas Carol (A) (1)
Dillon Watson Saving the Best for Last (2)
Dusty/Jessye Prof. Longs for special gift [90's] Medora MacD Christmas Curse (The)
Holly/Noelle Scruffy dog unites women [90's] J M Dragon Christmas Fantasy
Xe/Gabby Santa's elves [fantasy] Carola Eriksson Christmas For Santa's Little Helpers
Nicci/Riette A gift backfires sort of  Annie SA Christmas Gift (The)
Alexandra/ Karroll [KC] CEO/architect [90's] Scully Christmas Karroll (A)
Ward/Lynne Homeless singer /chorale director [90's] Sheri Christmas Magic
Jody/?? Unusual present Julie Meredith Christmas Present (The)
Leigh Child experiences Christmas [SciFi Helen Adams Christmas Remembered
Charlie/Anna Street punk/ reverend [90's] Anne Azel Christmas Story (A)
Poppy/Joy Woman finds help from unexpected source Debbie Dee Christmas Town
Kimberl/ Penny Fashion executive/ gofer [90's] Anne Azel Christmas Tree (The) (1)
Anne Azel Christmas Boxes (2)
Joanna/Sara Woman takes a liking to Frosty charac. [90's] Chris Christmas Wish (A)
Kristen/Julie Art student meets her adopted cousin [90's] Shadowriter Christmas Wishes, Christmas Gifts No Longer Available -- published in Jane Doe's 'At First Blush'
Shelby/Taryn Travel Writer meets local & tours the city [90's] Casi Eve Cityscape (1)
Casi Eve Moment in Eden (A) (2)
Casi Eve Dance In the Desert (3)
Andrea/Cindy Recent returnee meets unexpected trouble [SciFi] Emily First Claiming (The)
Ford/Marra Commander / servant [SciFi] T. Novan Claiming of Ford (The) (1)
T. Novan Truth and Revelations (2) No Longer Available --- beg for a copy
Merci/Finegan Trooper/ history teacher [90's] Larisa Class Separation
Bailey/Morgan Late-nite shopping can be fun [90's] BluDreamscape Clean Up on Aisle 9
Casey/Jo Racer / pediatric nurse [90s] Loubug Clear as Mud 
Jesse/Renee Prisoner / Med Tech [SciFi] Klancy7 Clinic (The) [note: inspired by Wishes' Battle]
Terry/Marisa Web artist/ legal assistant Drajonjuls Clock Tower (1)
Drajonjuls Clock Tower II (2)
Snow White Lawyer summation F.J. Davey Closing Statement (The)
??? Women meet in club [90's] Lace Priest Club Desire
Ghostbuster/ linguist [1690's & 90's] Advocate [aka Blayne Cooper] Cobb Island (1)
Advocate [aka Blayne Cooper] Echoes from the Mist (2)
Logan/Madison Cop/orthopedic surgeon [90's] KatLyn Code Blue
Tyler/Ryan Writer / English Lit Professor [90's] Jenna Dixon Coffee
Maggie/Carol A break becomes hot [90s] J Rosestar Coffee Break
Monica/Candice Cable installer/ phelbotomist meet in coffehouse [90's] Mavis Applewater Coffee Break (1)
Mavis Applewater Dinner with the Family (2)
Siena PWP [90s] dabkey Coin Toss 
Jack/Kate Girl attends all-boy school in disguise [90's] Griffin [aka Mel R.C] Coincidental Meetings
Joanna/Rocky Lady/ homeless woman [90's] Midgit Cold (1)
Encounter a vengeful ghost Midgit Remember Me (2)
??? Midgit Winter's Thaw (3)
Barbara/Taya Divorced woman saved by a drug dealer [90's] S. Anne Gardner Cold Lonely, Lovely Work of Art
Valenta/Lacey KGB/ American Embassy staff [80's] L. Fox Cold War (The)
Erin/Mika Irish noblewoman / Romany gypsy [Medieval] J.W.Heart Colliding Edges
Harriet/Karla Women meet over breakfast in caf [90's] Loona Cologne, Belgian Quarter, Whistle Stop Caf
Tilly/Lizbet Visit to conjurer takes a turn [Horror] Nene Adams Come Dawn
Shadow/Scooter Summer camp staffers [90's] scouterpup Come, Sisters, Come
Megan/Remy Actress/ Comic book creator [90's] Zee Comic Book Life
Jan/Terry Housewife/ postal worker [90's] Lois Cloarec Hart Coming Home
??? Roommates [90's] Katrina Coming Home  
Rachel/Caroline Partners enlist sister in quest for a baby [90's] Lana Phillips Coming Home
Katherine Dying woman reunites with soulmate [90's] Patty S. Coming Home
Rachel College student has doubts [90's] touchsilent Coming of Age
Billie/Cat Lawyer/ doctor [90's] kd bard Commitment series [1-18]
Juliette/Rian Rock star/ service worker [90's] Tigerlily Community Service
Alice/Brenda Volunteer Coordinator/ Stockbroker [90s] KG MacGregor Community Service
Sloane/Grace Publishing Editor/ law student [90's] MelVee Companion Peace
Laura/Jane Attorney/ Detective [90's] Meghan O'Brien Compelling Evidence
Victoria/Danielle Ruthless businesswoman/ [90's] S. Anne Gardner Compensation
??? ??? Rocky Concealed Weapons
Michele/Mae Lovers break apart [90's] BlindzonElyzon Conclusions
Erika/ Lydia Woman confesses love at 1st sight [90's] Eveh Confession
Elish/Aisling Community Center Mgr./ accountant Weebod Conflict of Interest
Denise/Randa Poet/ nurse [90's] Cephalgia / MJ Connecting Hearts (1)
MJ / Cephalgia Family Connections (2)
Claire/Amanda Lawyer/ Psychologist [90's] Advocate / Rsawest Connections (1)
Advocate Crimson Snow (2)
Bambi Futuristic conqueror [Fantasy] Charles Anderson Conqueror (The)
Ashley/Terry Prisoner & Ex-cop/ Actress KarenK Consequences
Teren/Alex Ex-CIA assassin/ FBI agent [90's] Shadowriter Conspiracy of Swords (1)
Shadowriter Shadow of Justice (2)
O'Grady/ Elizabeth Psychiatrist/ mourner [90's] phair Consult (The) (1)
phair Phone Call (The) (2)
phair Appointment (The) (3)
phair Counter Transference (4)
Keller/ Monk Janitor meets cargo pilot [90s] Kim Pritekel / Alexa Hoffman Control
Andi/Bernadette Security guard meets woman in store [90's] L.A. Tucker / Sage Walker Convergence
Ailyn/Em Runaway slaves [SciFi] Blitzgal Convergence series [1-12]
??? PWP Linda L. Lockwood Conversations with Jack and Jill
Xena/Gabrielle Prioress/ nun [1750] Warriorjudge Conversion
French/Violet Chef & restaurant owner/ waitress Crme Brulee Cooking on High
Tiffany/ Samantha Head chef/ food critic [90's] Bat Morda Cooking With Fire
Danni/Sandy Juvie offenderr/ teen [90's] Wolfsword Cool Rider
Shavonne/ Tisha Separation causes grief Cornwell Coolwood
Xinn/Gabe Cop partners [90's] L. B. Anderson Cops No Longer Available --- beg for a copy
Bobbie/Stacie CEO / mail clerk [90's] Her Bard Corporate Executive No Longer Available --- beg for a copy
Alexandra/ Taylor CEO/ Administrative assistant [90's] Denise Mayes Corporate Raider (The)
Corrina/Kristen Student/ young actress [SciFi] Artemista Corrina
Rori WWIII disease causes panic [SciFi] Cornwel Corvus Corax: The Foresight Of A Raven
CJ/Justice Narcotics cop/ vice cop [90's] Larisa Cougar's Ransom (1)
Larisa Baby Makes Three (2)
??? Halloween party goers [90's] L.B. Anderson Countess (The) No Longer Available --- beg for a copy
Angela/Lianne Young woman is part of a matchmaking [90s]  Lois C Hart Countrymouse
Sydney/Dell Doctor/ police detective [90's] T. Stratton Courageous Hearts
Annelie/ Carolyn Movie producer/ actress [90s] G. Brooke Course of Action
Erin/Court Bachelorette party goes awry [90's] Ambrosia Courting Erin
Jesstin/Aria Scottish warrior/ lady Klancy7 Courtly Butch Meets the Lady Aria (The) (1)
Klancy7 Come To My Window (2)
Klancy7 Aria's Dream (3)
Rory/Rabbit Soldier sent to penal colony [SciFi] phair Coward
Terry/Nikki PI-bodyguard/ tourist [90's] Mark Annetts Coward (The)
Jodi/Sharon Biker/ traveler meet [90's] Black Cherry Crankshaft
Largo/ Garrison Cop on vacation/ Highway worker [90's] Larisa Crash Course
Xena/Isabelle Ghost/ writer Verrath Crazed Ramblings Of A Madwoman (The)   (Revised 8/2012) (revised) (revised)
Stevie/Neal High school students [90's] Nyxie Crazy For That Girl
??? Sweet treats delight [90's] Shadylady Creamy Delight
??? Members of a starship [SciFi] GabbysHOPE Creation: The Series
Lara/Abigail Women help out at a community center [90's] TaraKerry Creepy Little Christmas
Kendra/Adrian Woman glimpses future [SciFi] DarkenedKarma Crescent Wrench
??? PWP Jude Crew Days: The Hooch
??? Lovers have sex [90's] BooDoo Crome's Claim
Robyn/Alana Archer/ [Medieval] Power Chakram Crossed Bows - A Tale of Two Robins
Gabrielle/Serene Ferry cpt./ lonely woman talk Whitman [90's] Anon Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
??? PWP C. J. Harte  Crossing Over Jordan
Bridget/Shawn Women caught in robbery [90's] T. Stratton Crossing Point
??? Involves amnesia LilTrain Crossing the River Lethe, Forgetting & Remembering
??? Woman seeks therapy [90's] DJ Wood Crossroads (1)
DJ Wood Path Taken (The) (2) No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Grimke/Elisha An outcast ranger befriends a clone [SciFi] Tanai Walker [aka Cornwel] Cruel Summer
Lainie/Corey Cruise Cpt./ passenger [90']s Anais / Idryth Cruise (The)
Karen/Jenny Adventures on a cruise ship [90s] Bluemoon Writer Cruise (The)
Ruby/Nina Research mgr./ Grad student [90's] KG MacGregor Crush
??? Pre-1900 Mary Griggs Cry Blood
??? Woman is distraught over her life [90's] Debbie Dee Cry For Help (A) (1)
Debbie Dee To Live Again (2)
Dawn/Caro FBI agent / woman investigate missing baby [Horror] Nene Adams Crybaby Bridge
Laura/Crystal Writer/stripper [90's] B. L. Miller / Verda Foster Crystal's Heart 
Gwen/Darya Women involved in magic [SciFi/fantasy] nyrdgyrl Culture Clash
??? PWP Eveh Cup of Coffee
Emma/Kate Social worker gets a puppy for her partner [90's] SX Meagher/ Ann Brisk Cupid
??? PWP Emyster Curves
Caty Paramedic has haunting dream [90s] Patty S Cut (The)
Kiri Hine/Taki 3 Maori cousins Simahoyo Cuzzies (The) No Longer Available -- beg for a a copy
Catherine/ Torrey Lawyer/ assistant [90's] Penelope Downs CyberAntics
Dusty/Shannon Tribal leader/courier [SciFi] D. Jordan Redhawk Cyberepic (1)
D. Jordan Redhawk Coming Home (2)
Hilda/Anna Android/ human [Sci Fi] Ri Cybotic Love (1)
Ri Request (The) (2)
Ri Retreat (The) (3)
Sara/Julia Firefighter helps trapped spirit [SciFi] Patty S. Cycle (The)
Xena/Gabrielle Immortal Xena [Sci Fi] Phantom Bard Cycles (1)
Phantom Bard Until It Ends There Is No End (2)