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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Cap'n Cat Gods of War: A Janice and Mel Adventure (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Wishes Gabrielle Stele (The) (1) 
Xena Kore (The) (2) 
Prize (The) (3) 
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Joseph Anderson Great Goddess (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Nance Gice Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick NinjaBabe Girls' Night Out
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick LZClotho Going Home (1)
Home Front (2) 
Home Fires (3) No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick J. S. Stephens Good Old Argo 
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Artemis Golden Girls: A Xena Scrolls Parody
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick ArdentTly Grecian Affair (The) (1)
ArdentTly Resistance and Resurrection (2)
ArdentTly Reflections In A Golden Eye (3)
ArdentTly Reflections In A Golden Eye: Book 3 (4)
Dani/Lisa  Electrician/School Teacher  J. A. Zollicoffer Generations Book1
J. A. Zollicoffer Generations Book 2
J. A. Zollicoffer Generations Book 3
Viktoria/Anne Vampires [Sci Fi] Inyx Gabriel Journals (The)
Lonnie/Kali Professional dancers on a space cruise [SciFi] J. A. Bard Galaxy Dancers
Rachel/Mattie Dock worker/ pregnant woman [1900] Texbard Galveston 1900: Swept Away
Tristan/Isolde Chess players [90's] Angharad Governal Game of Chess No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Parker/Emily Tennis star/ airline pilot Ali Vali Game, Set and Match
Jackie/Tash Tennis player/ sports mgr. [90's] Ri Games of Life
Zena/Gabby Drug Officer / gang ward [90's] Teagen2 Gang's All Here (The) (1)
Teagen2 Arresting Behavior - Rookie Year (2)
Teagen2 Two Cops and A Baby (3)
Megan Zena/Gabby's Child Teagen2 Dreams Know No Bounds (4)
Zan/Brittany (Brie) Gang Leader / social worker [90's] Willowluvyr Gang Relations
Kate/Cameron Ex-stockbroker and gardener/ reporter [90s] Fern Driscoll Garden of Earthly Delights
Gina/Cat Gardender/ claims adjuster [90's] Jean R. Gardener (The)
Xena/Gabrielle Gardener/ rich woman [90's] Lace Priest Gardener (The) series
Maxie/Laura Landscaper comforts woman whose husband is dying [90s] Lena Gardener (The)
Lina/Rhiannon Detective/ former prostitute [1880's] Nene Adams Gaslight series [1-16]
Mike/Morigan Mechanic/ english prof. [90's] Larisa Gear Heads (1)
Larisa Gear Heads Doing Time (2)
J.D./ Tyler Ad exec meets artist who resembles dead friend [90's] Mavis Applewater Gemini
Tammy/Casey Dirt biker/ in-line skater [90's] Teagen2 Gemini
Teagen2 Gemini 2
Adrienne/ Justine Vampires recall 1st meeting Denada Rule Gemini Moon
Sky/Rasha Busgirl/ older woman [90's] Teagen2 Generation Gap
Angeal Dojo master [time travel] Dawn L. Generations
DJ/Randy Film studio [90's] J. S. Stephens Generations
Dani/Lisa Love in the future[SciFi] J. A. Zollicoffer Generations
Hecart/Valkra Space vampires [SciFi] Mary I. Mongiovi Genesis Revisited
Maggie/Lauren Canoeist meets woman from cabin [90's] Erin O'Rielly Gentle Sunset
??? Tourist/ hospitality hostess [90's] Redhawk Getting Lei'd
Zina/Bree Biker / traveler [90's] Miss / Aisa Get Your Kicks on Route 66 No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Wynne/Paula Marketing manager/ hotel night manager [90's] K. G. MacGregor Getting it Right
Vi/She-Angel She-devil/ angel [Fantasy] Penelope Downs Getting the Devil Into Heaven (1)
Penelope Downs The Devil's Advocate (2)
Penelope Downs Devil's Dilemma (The)(3)
Penelope Downs Devil's Nightmare (The) (4)
Madison/Ashley University researcher returns home [90s] Dillon Watson Getting Over It
Veba/Rickie Bldg. Dweller/ ghost hunter [90's] Ri Ghost (The) (1)
Ri Growing Pains (2)
Ri Growing Up Together (3)
Ri Learning Curve (4) 
Niki/Tory Haunted mansion and evil spirit [90's] Sparky Ghost Game
Gretchen/Dana Actress is haunted during rehersal [90s] Geonn Cannon Ghost Light
Logan(Lainie)/ Madison Property developer/ ghostly lover [90's] contest challenge Cruise Ghost Train
Logan/Mindy Lou Property developer/ Underground RR woman [90's] contest challenge Carole Giorgio Ghost Train
Logan/Eryn Two hikers meet searching for legend [90's] Tara Kerry Ghost Train
Modern ghosthunters help witches' spirits[90's &1600's] Crow / Laes Ghost Writer (1)
Crow / Laes  Soul Retriever (2)
Kristen/Teddi Ghosts enjoy their 'after' life [90s] Shadylady Ghostly Series [1-8]
Carlee/Neali New Orleans Ghost tour becomes eerie [90s] Idryth Ghostly Gallivanting
Rachel/Lindsay Detective/ psychic [90s] Verda Foster Gift (The)
Jana/Moira Warrior/ body slave [Fantasy] Meghan O'Brien Gift (The)
Christian/Sarah Stock broker/ Santa's elf & writer [90's] Kim Pritekel Gift (The)
Abbie/Rachel Women exchange gifts [90's] Taylor Rickard Gift (The)
Noel/Tracy Santa bring joy to single mother [90s'] Debbie Dee Gift From The North (A) (1)
Debbie Dee Baby New Year Missing (2)
??? Gay woman explores her identity [90's] Emily Duncan Girl
??? PWP AlyssaJane Girl
Nancy/Angel UPS driver delivers [90's] Flame, Dani, Emyster, Slick, Spawn / Princess Girl and Her Gift (The)
Lisa/Suzanna Inmates at an asylum [90's] Larisa Girl Corrupted
Leann/Jay Women reunite [90's] Teagen2 Give Me Another Chance
Hayden/ Adrienne Woman inherits Caribbean inn [90's] Robin Alexander Gloria's Inn
Sylvia/ Gretchen PWP Emyster / Professor Glow Sticks and Jelly Beans (1)
Emyster / Professor Wrist Alarms and Baby Corn (2)
Dee/Cat Love of sports and then some F.J. Davey Goal Defences
Xena/Gabrielle Punk rockers [70's] jan gyn God Save the Queen
??? PWP Keagan X. O'Conner God's Grudge
??? Fantasy PWP Kaie Goddess of a Thief
AJ/Kevyn Montana rancher befriends city girl [90s] C. E. Gray Going Home
Xena/Gabrielle Young / old woman [90's] Soulafloat Going Home
??? Off-balance woman awaits postal inspector [90's] K. Darblyne Going Postal and Loving It No Longer Available beg for a copy
Julia/Maggie PI/ cub reporter [90's] Erin Jennifer Golden Gate
Drew/Sean Martial arts master/ student [80's] Radclyffe Golden Tiger (The)
Samantha Women has bad day until luck comes her way [90's] Mary Michaels Good Luck Charm (The)
Gayle/Teagan Woman meets "Elmo" at a kids party [90's] Mavis Applewater Good Things Come In Small Packages (1)
Mavis Applewater Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (2)
Xena/Gabrielle Space station avengers [SciFi] Tango Good Turn (A)
Terri/Erin Lovers part [90']s Grit Jahning Goodbye
Polly/Peanut Frolicking friends [90's] Eveh Got to Have Friends Or Introducing Polly and Peanut (1)
Eveh Love at a Distance or Polly Discovers the Power of Ice Cream (2)
Eveh Being Responsible or Peanut and Polly Blame it on the Pancakes (3)
Eveh Vengeance is Not the Way or Peanut Has A Past (4)
Eveh Stereotypes or Peanut and Polly Get Edumacated (5)
Carey/Grace Detention Officer/ juvenile detainee [90's] B. L. Miller / Verda Foster Graceful Waters
??? musings Panther Graduation
Ryan/ Grandmother WWII WASPS [40's & 90's] Jera Grandmother
Weeny Xeny/ Alison Comedy on fan obssession Archaeobard / Lariel Gravesbury Murders (the)
Lan/Tina Bar manager helps a single mom [90s] Luciddream Gravity
Aris/Nyxie Tells tale of long ago  Nyxie Grecian History X
Jacquie Dinner and desert PWP Evecho Grey Ice (1)
Evecho Grey Steel (2)
Gina/Kelli Football warrior/ young teen [90's] Bardly Gridiron Princess
Randy/ Willow Biker befriends a stripper [90's] Minerva Grind (1)
Minerva Scandalous (2)
Dakota/ Massacre survivors [SciFi/Horror] Susanne Beck, T Novan, Okasha Growing (The) [serial]
Brodie/Charlie Writer meets Irish woman in the past [Fantasy] Midgit Guardian
Gail Photographer & Guardian/ space pilot [Sci Fi] Robert S. Chicilo Guardian Girls
Wren/Gabrielle Little warrior/bard [children's fantasy] Susan A. Rice Guardians
Sydney/Blithe Lawyer's partner sets her up to cheat on her with a friend [90's] Ali Vali Guilt
Pat/Carly wildlife photographer/ mgr. Wildlife preserve [90's] Gerri Hill Gulf Breeze No Longer Available  --  Published as a book
Xena/Gabby Teens [90's] Marie Gilbert Gummy Bears
??? ??? Angelina Vansen Gunmetal Dark
Desiree/Jaylynn Veteran/ rookie cops [90's] Lori L. Lake Gun Shy (1)
    Lori L. Lake Under the Gun (2)
Gygr/Emilie Warrior [Fantasy] Frances Spinella [deceased] Gygr: Black Rage (1)
    Frances Spinella [deceased] Sovereign (2)