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May 26, 2023

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me By Heruda [Original/Alt/Complete]

A night out in the town, a lot of teasing, finally getting home and the teasing becomes reality, finally ending in total pleasure.

A Kiss to Build a Dream On By Heruda [Original/Alt/Complete]

A Realtor, a Buyer, one property. Both women covet the perfect property of their dreams, to make their dreams a reality. Which one will get it?

Lisa By Heruda [Original/Alt/Complete]

One Halloween night, a party, two sets of eyes lock unto the other. One kiss and two souls are forever entangled, yet one of those souls has to leave the other behind - or does it...

Surrender By Heruda [Original/Alt/Complete]

College is so much fun for meeting other people and the woman of your dreams. Shasta is infatuated with Sadie, but Sadie has a boyfriend. What is Shasta to do to forget about Sadie?

A Visit Home By Heruda [Original/Alt/Complete]

Rhea Kitchener has come for the 75th anniversary of the college she attended. However, there is another motive for her return - an explanation as to why the woman she loved, Carla, disappeared the morning after their night of love, never to be seen or heard from again...

May 25, 2023

The Longer Journey Ends part 1 by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

Archangel Michael returns Xena and Gabrielle to Mt. Olympus expecting Xena to fulfill her promise to kill the Yodoshi-infected Ares.

SCROLL V: BLOODLINES of the "THE PRINCESS AND THE QUEEN" series by True T 159 [Classic/Alt/Complete]

Following the confusion and chaos surrounding Xena's pregnancy, Xena and Gabrielle enjoy their lives in the secret Amazon village with their baby daughter, Aurora. But all too soon their lives are once again thrown into disarray when Aurora is kidnapped by unexpected enemies in a twisted quest for revenge. Leaving Xena and Gabrielle desperate and willing to risk everything to get their daughter back before it's too late..


New Release from Desert Palm Press

The Summer of Collins
Gail Newman

Well-known author, Blair Jackson, decides to spend the summer in the mountains of the Poconos rather than the sand and surf of the Hamptons. Seeking respite from a recent breakup and struggling to finish her current mystery novel, she hopes this trip will be just what she needs. While her friend and agent Julia supports Blair's decision, her main objective is to get Blair to finish the book. But unbeknownst to both of them is what the impact of meeting a little blond-haired boy named Collins, along with his Aunt Haven and grandparents are going to take on both of their plans for the summer.

Available at:
Desert Palm Press

Bella Books




May 16, 2023

The Longer Journey Continues part 2 by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Complete]

Gabrielle and Xena are reunited.  Archangel Michael makes a deal with Xena concerning Ares, who has been infected with the evil spirit of Yodoshi.


Following the events dealing with the betrayal of their some of those who were thought to have been their friends, Xena and Gabrielle carry on living in the secret Amazon village. In an effort to help the village continue to thrive, Gabrielle suggests inviting Amazon's from another tribe to the secret village. Which is a decision that Gabrielle soon comes to question when strange occurrences begin to happen which causes suspicions from the residents of secret village towards their visitors. And soon leads to more serious problems between the two groups. As all the while Xena secretly deals with her own issue in the form of something that she can't explain.

Trials & Tribulations by Phineas Redux [Classic/Alt/Complete]

A classic ‘Xena, Warrior Princess’ story. Our happy duo are involved in all sorts of adventures in the streets and shops of Athens.

The Last Time by Gerald Pavano [Classic/Alt/Complete]

One more battle:

The hunter becomes the hunted

May 2, 2023

The Longer Journey Continues part 1 by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

Gabrielle has reached one of the smaller islands of Japa but still has to find a way to the island with Mt. Fuji, and Xena.


Roxie Randall - Sunshine and Blood on Amazon.

A noir tale set Miami, 1952.

Lola Riley wants only two things from life: to make a fast buck and to keep out of trouble. But when she runs into the beautiful socialite Miranda Garcia, she soon finds one may not come without the other.

A valuable book has been stolen and Miranda needs help getting it back. She's not the kind of woman who takes no for an answer and she's set her sights firmly on the rough-and-ready Lola. For her part, Lola can't help but be attracted to Miranda but can she trust her?

When the bodies begin to pile up, Lola soon finds herself out of her depth, with corrupt cops gunning for her and others in the city ruthlessly searching for the book.

Soon all Lola wants is a way out.

New Release from Desert Palm Press
When It’s True
Barbara Lynn Murphy

Happily married couple Beth and Kelly get a last-minute visitor for the holidays in the form of Beth’s womanizing ex-girlfriend Jackie, who boldly announces that she plans to walk away from this visit with more than just good memories.
When Kelly’s sister Paige arrives a day later, the sparks fly with Jackie. Kelly is determined to convince her sister that Jackie is not to be trusted, but Paige sees a different side of Jackie and puts her past heartache aside to give Jackie a chance.
Meanwhile, Beth and Kelly rely on the strength of their love to support each other through an unimaginable ordeal.


Available at:
Desert Palm Press, Bella Books, Smashwords, and Amazon


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