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Last Updated:  11/4/2005

Black's Magic - with MJ   ebook version available

British secret agent Addison Black is assigned to rescue the kidnapped daughter of an American research scientist, but the straightforward mission is soon complicated by old enemies, the threat of global bio-terrorism and possibly a traitor from within. It's not just a simple case as Addison finds she is increasingly attracted to her objective, the intriguing Skyler Tidwell.

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Connecting Hearts - with MJ   ebook version available

The devastating illness of a loved one prompts an online meeting between British poet Denise Jennings and American nurse Randa Martin. The professional relationship that begins continents apart changes to one of trust, friendship and more as they deal with some of life's most difficult circumstances.

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Family Connections - with MJ   ebook version available

In the sequel to Connecting Hearts, Randa and Denise cope with new problems in their lives as well as unexpected problems from out of the past.

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The Dregs Of Summer   ebook version available

The end of summer just may be the beginning of a new life for Toni and Rae.

Endless Summer   ebook version available

In the sequel to The Dregs Of Summer, Toni and Rae continue with their new business partnership and personal relationship.

The Great Voice   ebook version available

A post 'Friend in Need' piece in which the Warrior Princess is returned to the living by Gabrielle, Eve and a mysterious new Supreme Being. Xena and the bard must face off against a shape-shifting embodiment of ultimate evil.  In the balance hangs the very survival of mankind and the future of the earth.

The Heart Of The Matter   ebook version available

Crystal O'Brien and her son become the subjects of nurse Lauren Cook's Master's thesis. The boy's serious heart defect is the subject, but it just might be Crystal's heart that is affected in the end.

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Human Interest

Journalist Cass Kendall has met her soulmate. She discovers that true love can be the greatest and worst thing in her life as she ponders her own fate.

Human Interest 2 - Recovery   ebook version available

This is the sequel to Human Interest. Cass Kendall has survived a traumatic time in her life, but now she needs to learn how to live again.

In From The Cold

Saxon has had bad timing in her relationship with Daley. Can that change on a snowy Christmas Eve?

In Your Court   ebook version available

Island Of Fantasy   [Academy 101 Story Premise]

Juliana travels to the Isle of Fantasies after just about everything goes wrong in her life. Drawn to island by a mysterious woman in the advertising poster, she soon comes face to face with the real thing.  She turns out to be a doctor and they are going to spend 7 days living off the land.

Pearl Had To Die   ebook version available

There are people in your life you love and there are people who... well, Jen knows one of those.

Revised Ending

There are lessons to be learned in the afterlife and Becca Bean's journey is designed to help her learn them. With a very familiar face to assist her, she might just survive her death.

Sin City Confidential   [Academy Pulp Fiction Contest]   ebook version available

A detective hired to find a woman, only to discover that she bit off more than her handbook allows.

The Trouble With Ancients   [Academy Summer Lovin' contest]   ebook version available

Alli, a day care owner decides to take a bus tour... only she ends up with a group of seniors, but Ty the bus driver has a way of enlivening the trip.

Unlimited Sexual Favors - with MJ   ebook version available

Good friends Wilder McNeil and Darcy Gardner make a bet and the heated competition teaches them it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.

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More Unlimited Sexual Favours - with MJ   ebook version available

This is the sequel to Unlimited Sexual Favors. It follows Darcy and Wilder as they further explore their new relationship and reinforces the idea that to the victor, goes the spoils.

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The Return of  Unlimited Sexual Favours - with MJ   

Darcy and Wilder are back and taking their unlimited sexual favors north of the border.

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Holly And Gina Series   ebook version available

The British Invasion

Body English

The sequel to the PWP The British Invasion.

Her Majesty's Pleasure

Follow up to the stories The British Invasion and Body English. It continues and concludes Holly and Gina's story.