Academy of Bards Story Challenge 2001

Part II

A Friend....Indeed?


SYNOPSIS 1 - Love and Honor by Wishes

SYNOPSIS 2 - A Risk Worth Taking by Tara Kerry

SYNOPSIS 3 - Soul Searching by Heather Creely

SYNOPSIS 4 - All About Love by Carole Giorgio

SYNOPSIS 5 - A Friend Indeed by S. X. Meagher

SYNOPSIS 6 - Intervention from the Divine Ms. A by Scully ***Synopsis Winner***

SYNOPSIS 7- Last Page by TrueXena


SCRIPT 1 - Death and Temptation by Tara Kerry

SCRIPT 2 - Friend In Need-Aftermath by Jackie Cannon

SCRIPT 3 - Fatal Retraction by K. Simpson

SCRIPT 4 - Give Them What They Want by Carole Giorgio

SCRIPT 5 - Hi No Tori by Quatorz ***Overall Winner***

SCRIPT 6 - Sisterhood by CaveGirl

SCRIPT 7 - I Want My Happy Ending, Dammit by Fluffy
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will send up smokesignals to Fluffy

SCRIPT 8 - Amazon Grace by Miri


EPIC 1 - The Argument by Rae Burke

EPIC 2 - The Child of a God by Miro

EPIC 3 - The Heart of the Matter by Friend ***Epic Winner***

EPIC 4 - Vacation by Mickey - msla munchkin is no relation to the Academy munchkins™)

EPIC 5 - Interregnum, in Three Parts by Alexiares

EPIC 6 - One Path by Jody Leak

EPIC 7 - Against the Dying of the Light by Erin

EPIC 8 - The Crossing by Dafrances

EPIC 9 - FIN/Grief by Hunter Ash

EPIC 10 - As Time Goes By by ArdentTly

EPIC 11 - Reminiscence by Annemaart

EPIC 12 - All About Love by Carole Giorgio

EPIC 13 - Sunrise by Alex & JC

EPIC 14 - Untitled by MET

EPIC 15 - The Golden Dragon by XenaKat

EPIC 16 - Unfinished Business (Amazon Scrolls--Prologue) by David J. Duncan

EPIC 17 - The Loom of Destiny (Also known as: Friends in Need) by PhantomBard

EPIC 18 - A Friend in Need part 3 by Sally Dye

EPIC 19 - Greater Good by Tara Kerry

EPIC 20 - Can You Hear My Thoughts by Alice

We would like to give a very special mention (and prize <g>) to both Carole Giorgio and Tara Kerry for having entered submissions in all three categories!

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