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November 29th, 2010

Announcement From Kim Pritekel
Hello, all! Just to let you know that my ebooks are now available in not only PDF, but also Mobi and epub. Also, new novella finished, 'It's All Relative'. Come check out my site and grab some stories that you can't find anywhere else! www.kimpritekel.com/ebooks.

Nature of the Beast by Cheyne Curry [Original/Alt/Complete]
This story should be considered a Xena Conqueror Uber. I felt by making the lead characters familiar ones, the actions of the Uber XC will hopefully prepare the reader for the traumatic events that unfold in the story. No money is being made off this story. No copyright infringement intended. Other than that, the characters and the story are mine. Description: Caprice Gallagher has been a fan of singer Hannah Brishen for years. One night, she finally gets the attention she has always desired from the sultry, gorgeous woman. Maybe some fantasies should stay just that.

Content Warning: This story depicts a lesbian relationship. If you have no idea what that is, look it up. If it's not your cup of tea, please move on. ***WARNING: This is a disturbing story about sexual violence. It was not written to titillate. If it helps raise awareness, then I guess there was a reason my muse made me go to the dark side. SERIOUSLY… READ THE WARNING BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER. This story may be too intense for some.

November 28th, 2010

Announcement From The Academy of Bards
Well, this year we did not put together an evil punzle. We put together an evil photo scavenger hunt instead. Those of you familiar with BardCon know that I did one of these each year. BIG THANKS to Evil J who did an awesome graphic...it's so festive and solstice-y. <.g.> I'm not telling you the theme...you should be able to figure that out yourself and years of experience dealing with these puzzles (and the EVIL duo), should tell you what you need to do. The winner is the one who send us all the correct answers. Have fun. Deadline is midnight December 11th...pick a timezone. Puzzle Contest entries go to academy_contest@yahoogroups.com


November 26th, 2010

Announcement From Geonn Cannon
Riley Parra Season 2 is now completely posted! The last day we'll accept orders is December 1, so be sure not to dawdle! If there's anyone you've wanted to get into the series, make sure they get their copies of Season 2 even if they're not quite caught up on reading the first set of stories. Time's running out!

But this won't be the end of Riley. There WILL be a third season of stories. I can't say exactly when yet, but there will be more stories.

Thank you to everyone who bought the stories, and I hope you enjoyed them. Until I get the third season ready, I'll keep you up-to-date on my novels, and I'll keep you all satisfied with free stories until the next set of Riley is ready to go. Thanks to everyone!


Announcement From L-Book
L-Book ePublisher is pleased to announce the signing of a new commuter
novel from Jae.

Hidden Truths
by Jae

Sequel to Backwards to Oregon

Print ISBN: 978-1-934889-73-2
eBook ISBN: 978-1-934889-72-5
Audio ISBN: 978-1-934889-74-9

Historical Fiction

Luke Hamilton has been living as a husband and father for the past
seventeen years. No one but her wife, Nora, knows she is not the man she
appears to be. They have raised their daughters to become honest and
hard-working young women. But even with their loving foundation, a few
fears and insecurities have Amy and Nattie hiding their own secrets.

Just as Luke sets out on a dangerous trip to Fort Boise, a newcomer
arrives on the ranch — Rika Aaldenberg, who traveled to Oregon as a
mail-order bride, hiding that she's not the woman in the letters.

When hidden truths are revealed, will their lives and their family fall
apart or will love keep them together?

Coming out in 2011

L-Book's are available at L-Book < http://l-book.com/ah-journeys.html > ,
Amazon < http://amazon.com/ > , Rainbow eBooks
< http://rainbowebooks.com/ > , Moon Horse Books
< http://moonhorsebooks.com/ > , Sony eBook Store
< http://ebookstore.sony.com/ > , Barnes and Noble
< http://www.barnesandnoble.com/ >

L-Book ePublisher

Paperback, eBook and Audio

Added Part 8 of A Guardian's Love by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

November 23rd, 2010

Announcement From Bedazzled Ink
New from Mindancer Press!

Barbara Davies has woven another tale of magic and intrigue. Discover the magical world of Faerie in Barbara's enchanting new book Bourn's Edge.
The Faes at Queen Mab's court have conjured up the ebook edition to be enjoyed by courtiers and mortals alike. The paperback edition will materialize in a couple of weeks.
Following an attempt to kill her, librarian Cassie Lewis leaves the only life she's ever known and flees west into the mist-shrouded borderlands that lie between England and Wales. There, the sleepy, hillside village of
Bourn's Edge provides a safe haven for her to regroup and decide what to do next, and reclusive local artist Tarian Brangwen provides an intriguing and welcome distraction.
But Cassie soon makes a startling discovery that turns her world upside down. For deep in the heart of the adjacent Bourn Forest lies an entrance to Faerie, and the enigmatic Tarian is much more than she appears.
http://bedazzledink.com/books/ mindancer-press/bourns-edge/
for more information and to read an Excerpt.

You can buy the ebook at the Bedazzled Book Peddler:
http://bedazzledink.com/bbp/index.php?main_page=product_ info&products_id=42

at Amazon Kindle:

at Rainbow Ebooks:

Watch for it soon at Bella Books and Moon Horse Books.

Claudia www.bedazzledink.com

The Old Spies' Home by phair [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Summary pending

November 22nd, 2010

Announcement From The Academy of Bards
Dear Santa: My name is OZ and I've been very good this year. Well, compared to previous years at least. Sorta.

Okay, not really. But I did think about being good...a couple of times. It's the thought that counts, right?

Anywho, not one to push my luck...my Christmas list is pretty short.

I want stories.

Long stories, short stories, comedies, dramas, romances, adventures...you name it...I wanna read it. And I wanna share them with all the Academy Readers. So could you please show all the Bards our current Solstice Challenge Roools and Premise and kinda nudge them to play. Please, Santa?

My Munchkins (that's kinda the Academy's version of your elves) put together this really nifty page that tells them all about the Challenge. http://www.academyofbards.org/contest/challenge24/roools2010.html

It's called Good Things Come In BIG Packages And SMALL Ones Too.

Plus, we have prizes for the Bards who write the BESTEST stories.

Just think, you can make a lot of people happy...no muss, no fuss and no overnight shipping charges.

Thank you Santa. You ROCK!

Take Care, OZ

PS: We'll have a Solstice Puzzle Contest up soon. In case you get a few minutes of break time. Though, I bet, you can ace this one. <.g.>

November 19th, 2010

Added Part 6 and Part 7 of A Guardian's Love by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

November 18th, 2010

Added Part 4 and Part 5 of A Guardian's Love by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 3 of Better Than Carmen by Foxfire [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Faye Wilson loves to snowboard; it gives her the freedom and adrenaline she craves and doesn't get at home. Working a ski season in Tonale, Italy, Faye and her bestfriend James befriend a group of five women who are going to change their lives forever. Back at home in Kent, England, can she handle the added pressures of family expectations, education, falling in love with someone strictly forbidden and not losing her bestfriend, all in the process of discovering who she really is and what she really wants?

November 14th, 2010

Announcement From Blue Feather Books
Halloween might be formally over, but thanks to the latest release from Blue Feather Books, you can continue to savor the scary best of that holiday. Jamie Scarratt's debut novel, 30 Days Hath September, a paranormal romance, is now available for ordering.

In 1927, Red Wolverton, Boston's only female private investigator, has a penchant for men's clothing and female lovers.

Evadne Davenport, a well-educated, wealthy, and widowed socialite has a desire for adventure and intrigue and would like nothing more than the chance to send her mother-in-law into a screaming apoplectic fit. To that end, Evadne is determined to become Red's secretary.

Red hires Evadne, but the new secretary doesn't last a full day. Then a ghastly murder prompts Red to pursue a destructive course for vengeance. Danger escalates, and Red and Evadne find themselves reunited, joining forces to cope with violence, deceit, and death.

Their friendship grows and deepens, but so does the evil they're faced with. Will their burgeoning relationship survive? Will they prevail over the dark forces that threaten their very lives, or will an ancient force be unleashed to change their world forever?

Place your order now, break out that bag of trick-or-treat candy you "forgot" you'd tucked away in the cupboard, and settle in for a spooky, satisfying read of 30 Days Hath September.

Added Part 2 and Part 3 of A Guardian's Love by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

November 13th, 2010

Added Part 9 of Bless You by Lois Kay [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

November 11th, 2010

Added Part 5 of Dreaming In The Pit by Everett Deane[Original/Alt/Incomplete]
An urban tale of Karima Jenkins, a female ex-criminal who clashes with her tenant Sienna Joffe, a dedicated public school teacher who is instrumental in helping Karima to resist the "pull" of Sincere, a man who has returned from the dead to reclaim his most treasured acolyte, Karima.

November 10th, 2010

Announcement From Geonn Cannon
This is it! The final installment of Riley Parra Season 2 is NOW AVAILABLE. Through everything that's happened to Riley this season, her friends have had her back. Or have they? Riley finally closes in on the Angel Maker, but it may cost her someone very dear to her and it may cost her something even more precious before the night is over. If you've been waiting for the entire series to be available before making your order, now is the time! The stories will be available for purchase for the rest of November but after that it'll go into the vault until Season 3 is ready to be unveiled.

NOTE: Orders made on November 10 may be slightly more delayed than usual, but we'll get to them ASAP. ;-D Thank you to everyone who has purchased the season so far. You guys are not only awesome, you're lifesavers. You kept the lights on more than once these past few months. ~g~

Added Part 5 of the Birdie: Gone by Onesockbard [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]
(Part 10 of The Birdie Series) Remember when you were fourteen? Your parents knew little about life, if anything at all, you and your friends were the only people who were wise, and goddess help everyone if you were in love….. ) This one is about utter rebellion and the repercussions, so hold on to your horse. The Bird is back.

November 9th, 2010

Update From Nene Adams
the wound is not healing and the surgeon wants to try a procedure similar to angioplasty. If it works the artery will open up and wound should improve, if it fails they can't do reconstructive surgery. That means they have to amputate.

Living in the Past Book 3 - Rules of Motion by Xenamungrrr [PostFIN/Alt/Incomplete]
(Book 1 or Book 2) A Little Explanation: This fic does exist within the Xenaverse and characters from the show will play a large part, but in essence it is a spin-off centering around a main character called Sarah. Teaser: Sarah's luck seems to be looking up after saving the Amazon nation from ultimate doom. She's dating a beautiful woman, her popularity in camp is on the rise and she's found the one object in all the world that could take her home. Things should be looking up. But nothing is ever simple for the unlikely hero. The woman she's dating is a vampire, she's having problems communicating with Eve and the stone is in an very unfortunate place. The choices she makes at every turn have the ability to change everything about the world she's worked so hard to keep stable. Will she be able to keep everything from falling apart, or will she simply risk it all for the chance to go home? Take the journey with her and find out.

November 8th, 2010

Added Part 27 (Epilogue) of Twisted Secrets by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Complete]

November 6th, 2010

A Guardian's Love by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
The second book in the Guardian Series

Added Part 13 of Infamia by Vivian Darkbloom [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

November 5th, 2010

Announcememt From L-Books
L-Book ePublisher - New Release

Untamed Women of Yesteryear
by Helen Dunn

Print ISBN: 978-1-934889-67-1
eBook ISBN: 978-1-934889-66-4
Audio ISBN: 978-1-934889-68-8

List Price: $16.95
eBook Price: $ 9.95 - all eBook formats
L-Book Audio: $13.95 - includes all eBook formats. 7:30 hours - mp3

eBook Formats: MobiPocket, eReader, Adobe, ePub
eBook and Audio: Download immediately or on Micro SD Memory Card

Historical Fiction – Anthology

Available at L-Book , Rainbow eBooks , Amazon , Moon Horse Books , Sony eBook Store , Barnes and Noble

Trucker :  Set in 1975. Toni, a female trucker, in her twenties, stops at a late night café where she gives a lift to an eighteen year old young woman, who calls herself Sonar.

The House of Soleil Levant
– Dark: Set in the 1860s in New Orleans, Louisiana, the story revolves around Clover Quick, an eighteen year old, who is living with her mother Maggie, and Maggie's latest male companion, Dennis Gillis, a drinking and gambling man.

Wild Guns : Outlaw Wynona Stevens escapes from Stoneyrock Women's Prison.

Print Book Cover
eBook Book Cover

Added Part 7 of Trust Our Tomorrows by Carrie Carr [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
(Part of the Lex and Amanda Series )

November 3rd, 2010

Announcememt From The Academy
There were some coding errors (bad Munchkin, bad!) in parts of Gray Line, by Windstar & Zee. They've been fixed, so read & feed!

Announcement From Geonn Cannon
This is it, the home stretch! Riley Parra 2x09 Matchstick Men is now available! Brace yourselves, because there's a doozie of a revelation in this story that leads into the shattering season finale. I hope everyone has enjoyed these stories!

Added Part 26 of Twisted Secrets by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Dorthea Furston is in her mid-50s and troubled. Raised by an aloof aunt, she has never felt wanted. Questions about her parents and the circumstances that separated them from her have gone unanswered. She desperately wants to know about her parents; and to know why she was left in the care of such an uncaring woman. Kimberly Chadwich has been DortheaÌs best friend since the day they met in high school. Unlike Dorthea, who has never seemed interested in relationships with men, Kimberly has had many suitors over the years. Her most recent has proposed marriage but something is holding her back from accepting. She wonders why she canÌt bring herself to agree to something she has always said she wanted. The two women share an apartment and struggle to make right out of their wrong worlds. Will the anniversary of an event that took place when they were children bring the answers they are seeking?

November 2nd, 2010

Announcememt From Kim Pritekel
After posting novels and stories free online for ten years, I've decided it's time to start up a website where new novels, short stories and web series can be sold in PDF ebook form for an extremely low price. This is what I do for a living, so it's time to stop giving it away, as a few of you have asked why I do. Also, lately many have been asking about my work in ebook form, which unfortunately isn't quite available with my publisher yet, so here's your chance! However, none of my published work will be on this website, so sorry, guys!

Come check it out at: www.kimpritekel.com/ebooks . There will be more stories available soon, so keep checking back, or you can simply join the K Productions Yahoo Group for emailed updates.

I will still post online periodically 'cuz I love you guys that much, so keep an eye out.

Thank you!
Kim Pritekel

Added Part 8 and Part 9 (Epilogue) of A Guardian's Touch by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Complete]
For 2 000 years Tahlia had lived on the fringes of humanity as one of the most powerful and feared Royal Vampires in existence. The only ray of light in her endless brutal existence is the reincarnation of her human lover, Aurora. For the past 20 centuries the blue-eyed beauty's love added a gentle touch to the otherwise deadly veneer of the Vampire Queen. As protector and lover, she passionately loved her mortal partner and jealously guarded her existence.

But it all changed when her lover's birth coincides with the resurfacing of a cunning and elusive enemy set out to upset the Vampire hierarchy. This though the time the target is not Tahlia...directly, but it does threaten the Vampire Queen's existence.

Added The Epilogue of The Riches of Mercy by Rysler [Original/Alt/Complete]


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