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October 31st, 2010

As you know, the 'Verse lost another of it's founding Bards this week. Cousin Liz was responsible for introducing many XWP fans to the wonderful world of fanfiction. The Academy would like to take a moment to remind folks that we will continue to host Cousin Liz's site and all it's classic stories to keep them available to new and returning readers. We dedicate our 10th Annual Halloween Invitational to Cousin Liz.


October 28th, 2010

Announcement From Blue Feather Books
Aleshia Brevard's perceptive, entertaining memoir is here!

We're pleased to announce that The Woman I Was Born to Be , Aleshia Brevard's second memoir about her life as one of America's first male-to-female transgendered individuals, is now available.

For nearly 50 years, Aleshia Brevard hid the fact that she was not born female from her friends, stepchildren, fellow actors and actresses, film producers, students and university administrators, and even from her four husbands.

The Woman I Was Born to Be is a sequel to Ms. Brevard's earlier book, The Woman I Was NOT Born to Be. This book covers the second half of her life, describing the many challenges she encountered and triumphs she achieved after the fulfillment of her boyhood dream to change genders and become accepted as a woman.

The Woman I Was Born to Be is not merely a transsexual tale. It is a story of personal evolution, of coming of age, and realizing that to deny one's history is to deny oneself. In this memoir, Ms. Brevard addresses present-day gender issues in counterpoint with flashbacks from her own personal story, which includes her professional success in the theater, television, and in academia.

The Woman I Was Born to Be is both an autobiographical account of one woman's life and a retrospective on the ever-changing landscape of the gender community. With wit, candor, and insight, Ms. Brevard entertains, educates, and enlightens as she tells her unique saga. Find a comfortable seat and turn the first page. By book's end, you'll agree Aleshia Brevard is living life to the fullest as the woman she was born to be.

Coming soon: Thirty Days Hath September, Jamie Scarratt's paranormal romance, and The Chronicles of Ratha, Children of the Noorthi, the new rollicking science-fiction adventure by Erica Lawson, Goldie Award winning author of Possessing Morgan.

October 27th, 2010

Announcement From Geonn Cannon
Only a few stories left in the second season of Riley Parra! Following the events of 2x06/07, Riley and Priest are taking a bit of a backseat to recuperate. In 2x08, "Mockingbirds," the focus shifts to another major character when Gillian is forced her to confront her worst fears head-on and finally come to terms with what caused her to run away last year.


Generations - Book 1 , Generations - Book 2 and Generations - Book 3 by J.A. Zollicoffer [Original/Alt/Complete]
Generations is a trilogy following Dani Kendrick and Lisa Crawford and the different twist and turns their life's journey takes them through. It is a warm, romantic, magical adventure that will hopefully leave you enchanted.

Added Part 6 and Part 7 of A Guardian's Touch by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 5 of Surviving the Storm by Alice D. [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Alex and Jamie were an item in high school, but a choice that Alex makes separates them for years. Years later they meet again only to find their worlds colliding. Alex is now an 'a-list' actress in Hollywood, constantly swarmed by paparazzi and rumors. Jamie a motivational speaker who leads a humble life with her best friend. When they meet up again will it be an easy reunion or a fight to get what they had back. It's all about surviving the storm.

Added Part 6 of Trust Our Tomorrows by Carrie Carr [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

My Lord Conqueror: Taking Chances by Kennedy Northcutt [Conqueror/Alt/Incomplete]
This story is a sequel to to My Lord Conqueror: Changes Xena is no longer Conqueror of the Known World, ruler of Greece or the most feared warrior in the land. After a sound defeat at the hands of Romans and a former ally, as well as a heart-wrenching betrayal by her own brother, Xena is regrouping and preparing to retake Greece and restore her reputation. With the help of a certain green-eyed Amazon queen and her retinue, Xena embarks on a journey to once again conquer the Known World.

October 25th, 2010

Announcement From Jo Fothergill
We are very pleased to announce the results of the 2009 LESBIAN FICTION READERS CHOICE AWARDS for FAVORITE BOOK COVER.

The following books received the highest votes:
Second Nature
The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin
Thief of Always
Veil of Sorrow
Warming Trend

Congratulations to their Cover Artists:
Linda Callaghan
Sheri Dragon
Barb Kiwak

Thanks to all who voted.

The LFRCA is a book award program with annual awards for Favorite Lesbian Fiction Books and for Favorite Lesbian Fiction Book Covers. We welcome new members to join and participate in the LFRCA nominations and voting periods.


Jo Fothergill
LFRCA Administrator

Two Steps Back by K.W. Jordan [Classic/Alt/Complete]
S1. No one could change half a lifetime's habits in less than a fortnight.

Bed of Roses by K.W. Jordan [Buffy/Alt/Complete]
(Buffy/Faith) Post S7. Relationships suck, the Chosen Two try something a little different for them, and the unlikely becomes likely. (Some relation to the comics, though I do add some originality)

October 24th, 2010

From Nene Adams
With more time and research, Nene's partner has discovered that some of the medical bills will be covered through various means. Until we know for sure how much they'll actually need to get them through this troublesome time, the auction has been postponed.

All bids are frozen (unless you want to remove them.) All money donated to the nenesauction @gmail.com Paypal account sit there (unless you want it returned.) Email nenesauction @gmail.com if you want those funds back.

Thanks to everyone for their interest! As soon as we know more, we'll reopen the auction!

In the meantime, keep thinking good thoughts for Nene as she undergoes treatment of a pretty horrific infection and has surgery on her foot. She is grateful for the support and asked her partner to share this with everyone:

"I wanted to thank you all for you many kindnesses and generosity. Rest assured that although my recovery may be long, the outpouring of love from my readers, supporters, fellow writers and editors will keep me going for a long while yet. With many thanks and much gratitude,

"Nene Adams"

October 23rd, 2010

Added Part 25 of Twisted Secrets by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 12 of Infamia by Vivian Darkbloom [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

October 22nd, 2010

News From Nene Adams
Corrie here.

I just came home from a day filled with thrills and excitement but not in a good way.

You know about her foot infection and how we desperately tried to doctor it ourselves (as you do when money is tight and you have no insurance).

It seemed to go ok and we were even a little bit optimistic, but the last couple of days it suddenly took a turn for the worse and there was no option then but to go and see the doctor.

She was shocked by what she saw and called the surgeon to tell him we were on our way to the emergency room. They took blood, X-rays of her foot, put her on an iv and then told us that there was no free bed available so she had to go to the Hospital in Leeuwarden (half an hour drive from Sneek). Knowing we were not insured (and having an ambulance drive Nene to Leeuwarden would add a hefty sum to the bill) he allowed her to be driven by car. I called my sister Ineke, not knowing what to do at that point. She came to meet me at the emergency room and then called her neighbor who was sweet enough to lend her his car so we could take Nene to the other Hospital.

There we learned that part of her foot had gone necrotic, they also said that the X-ray showed her heel bone was compromised but they don't know how bad it is until they operate on her. That will be tomorrow. Her blood showed a very high level of infection and also her blood sugar level was way to high. So there could be diabetes there, as well.

Needless to say I'm going out of my mind with worry and leaving her behind in a strange city, in a strange hospital is the most heartbreaking thing I ever had to do.

I don't know what road lies ahead, but it will no doubt be a rough one. Most important at this point is, is that she's in capable hands getting the help she needs.

You have no idea how much Nene and I appreciate the help and support you great people are giving us. I will keep you updated and I'm sure (through you) my message finds its way to the other list(s) as well. Thanks again, girls.


The Academy would like to welcome J.A. Zollicoffer :-)

Street Life by J.A. Zollicoffer [Original/Alt/Complete]
Hoping to redeem herself for the thoughtless actions that caused the death of a corporate executive, Elasmo double crosses her boss on a deal. When her actions are discovered she has to take to the streets to stay alive. Taylor Winslow is the ER chief on duty when an injured homeless woman is wheeled into her hospital. Compelled to help the woman in any way that she can, the doctor gets involved in an adventure that she never expected.

The Beginning by Paully Adams [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]
After Xena is brought back to life, the Warrior and Bard travel through Eastern Europe and arrive in the town of Ardeal. The town is being terrorized by creatures very similar to Bacchai. This story tells the TRUE origins of vampires. This is part 1 of 2.

October 21st, 2010

About Nothing And Everything by AC [Original/Gen/Complete]
This is ode to Fan Fic and the people who come together in the Xena Fandom. This is a thank you to the Academy, some bards, and my first submission since 2001. This about Xena and Gabrielle and how Uber and Fan Fic shaped my life and changed my life. This was the first and only place I thought to post. Thank You! -AC

Added Part 4 and Part 5 of A Guardian's Touch by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

October 20th, 2010

Urgent Message From Nene Adams
Hello, BBs -
Here's the latest on my foot saga: it's killing me. No, this is not an exaggeration.
I've picked up a necrotizing skin infection. Last week, it seemed to be getting better, but now it's taken a turn for the worse. In addition, I'm so nauseous I haven;t been able to eat. My reserves are gone. I can barely stay awake for an hour at the time. If I don't go to the hospital, my body is going to start shutting down.

Because this country has socialized medicine, they have no facilities to treat patients without medical insurance, so if I don't have the cash in hand, I will get no treatment. On the one hand, I'm very reluctant to ask for financial help, but at this point, I have no choice other than do nothing and lose my life. It's taken everything I've got to sit here and type this message; that's how weak I've grown.
Could you spread the word? Any donations via PayPal wynna1@yahoo.com
I can't see the doctor until I have the money.
Thank you

Announcement From Geonn Cannon
If it's Wednesday, that must mean a new installment of the Riley Parra stories! Usually I point out that you can either buy an individual story or go for the season pass, but this week's story - 2x07, Day Breaks - is a direct continuation of last week's story. So if you buy individually you may want to make sure you get 2x06 Night Falls first. And enjoy! We're closing in on the last few stories of the season!


October 18th, 2010

The Academy would like to welcome two new bards today. A big hello to Fiur & Vlamme.

The Chronicles of Darkness Book One: Shadows And Dust by Fiur & Vlamme [Uber/Alt/Complete]
In a time as Europe was cast in darkness, the paths of vampires and a hunter family crossed in Paris. Their bitter fight against the overpowering bloodsuckers prevented them from seeing the truth. In the deep forests of Transsylvania waits a castle, hiding secrets, magic and an inhabitant from an ancient time.

The Book of Chills by Norsebard [Original/Alt/Complete]
A voice coming from a malfunctioning radio... A nocturnal conversation with a mythical creature... An unwanted gift that becomes a curse... A nightmarish secret in a mental hospital... A young woman's face in a century-old photograph. Strange encounters, supernatural phenomena and otherworldly events - these are some of the elements you'll find in this anthology... the Book Of Chills.

Added Part 2 and Part 3 of A Guardian's Touch by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
For 2 000 years Tahlia had lived on the fringes of humanity as one of the most powerful and feared Royal Vampires in existence. The only ray of light in her endless brutal existence is the reincarnation of her human lover, Aurora. For the past 20 centuries the blue-eyed beauty's love added a gentle touch to the otherwise deadly veneer of the Vampire Queen. As protector and lover, she passionately loved her mortal partner and jealously guarded her existence.

But it all changed when her lover's birth coincides with the resurfacing of a cunning and elusive enemy set out to upset the Vampire hierarchy. This though the time the target is not Tahlia...directly, but it does threaten the Vampire Queen's existence.

October 17th, 2010

Announcement From KG MacGregor
Mother Load: Book 4 in the Shaken Series is now shipping from Bella Books; or if you prefer, you can download the ebook straight to your digital reader. The first three books in the series -- Without Warning, Aftershock & Small Packages -- were also published by Bella, and are based on the Shaken trilogy that I'm very proud to say is part of the Academy Hall of Fame.

This story follows Anna Kaklis, whose auto business is reeling from the economic downturn; her wife Lily, mired in one of the most important legal cases of her career; and their adopted son Andy, who is still getting used to the idea of having a family to call his own. What better time for Lily to get pregnant? One of the pivotal characters in Mother Load is Sylvie Saint-Laurent, a Xenite who won the character auction at MaryD's, and made a generous donation to Starship Hospital. You can read all about this book and others at www.kgmacgregor.com. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the support you've given my work over the years. I'm always proud to call the Xenaverse my home.

Added Part 19 and Part 20 (conclusion) of Zero Ward by Kim Pritekel [Original/Alt/Complete]

October 14th, 2010

A new bard joins us today. Welcome Stein Willard!

A Guardian's Touch by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Summary pending

October 13th, 2010

Announcement From Geonn Cannon
We're on to the back half of the Riley Parra season! In honor of the Halloween season, this week and the next might be a little more frightening than past installments. Fair warning, there will be violence and blood galore. You might not want to read them late at night. ~g~ So hurry on over! You can still buy the stories individually or buy a season pass and enjoy the entire season.

I've mentioned this on the blog, but I don't think I've confirmed it here: There will definitely be a third season of Riley stories. Thanks to everyone who supported the endeavor! I can't wait to get started on the next set of adventures for Riley, Gillian, Priest, and everyone. :)



October 11th, 2010

Added Part 18 of Zero Ward by Kim Pritekel [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 5 of Fair Trade by Phair [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
A historically inaccurate tale of the woman who saved the Celts so that they could survive long enough to save civilization.

October 9th, 2010

Announcement From JM Dragon
Affinity E-Book Press NZ LTD has arrived!
Affinity e-Book is a new e-publisher with a focus on quality affordable e-books with both the reader and author in mind. We are targeting the rapidly expanding marketplace with a keen emphasis on affordability for the reader. In the coming months we will be offering limited first editions of our author's books in the printed form.
The company is wholly owned by authors who are seeking to bridge the gap between the creator of the written word and the reader. The owners of Affinity have both business and technical backgrounds along with a competent staff of editors, cover artists and a submission team. Everyone at Affinity is willing to insure that each e-Book and printed book is of the highest quality. We are also dedicated to making sure that our authors know that they are an integral part of Affinity.
For Affinity's debut, JM Dragon has a brand new full length novel, 'Circus' which will be offered for the unbelievably low price of $6.99. We also will regularly offer free e-Books which will be stories that have never been in e-Book form. Take a look at our site and read our monthly newsletter. Currently, our authors include JM Dragon, S. Anne Gardner, and Erin O'Reilly. If you are an author looking for a different kind of publisher Affinity is accepting submissions. We are interested in a wide variety of stories including, but not limited to, general fiction, poetry, and most genres. New works and authors are heading your way.
Add Affinity to your bookmarks - better yet, join Affinity on facebook or twitter. You'll find us at Affinity E-Book Press NZ Ltd.

Added Part 16 and Part 17 of Zero Ward by Kim Pritekel [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

October 7th, 2010

The Bardic Tales - An Anthologie of Xena & Gabrielle Short Stories by Yorksbard [Classic/Alt/Complete]
You are in a tavern in ancient Greece. A bard stands to relate 6 stories involving Xena and Gabrielle. You will be entertained with stories of magic, craziness, romance and spine tingling events . You may even find yourself chuckling from time to time.

October 6th, 2010

Announcement From Geonn Cannon
Riley Parra 2x05 is going live today! To everyone who already bought their subscriptions, head on over to read "With a Broken Wing"! To everyone else, you can still buy the stories individually, or you can purchase a season pass to all ten stories for $14.90 (the price is the same whichever way you go :D).

As a bonus, this week I'm offering a bonus in the form of a short story focusing on Riley's partner, Caitlin Priest. Priest doesn't have much to do in this week's story (although she's still as important as always!) so this is a chance for the people who enjoy her to get their fill. Enjoy!


Maintenance by Geonn Cannon [Original/Alt/Complete]
Set during Season 1, Caitlin Priest has a lot to learn about passing as human.

White Fever III: Fever vs. The Carjackers by Norsebard [Uber/Alt/Complete]
(Sequel To White Fever and Dames Dollars And Death) Roberta Cain, Maeve Donnelly's former mentor, is back on the mean streets after doing a twelve-year stretch in the State Penitentiary. It soon becomes clear that Roberta is a cut above the other criminals Maeve and Staci have faced and that they need to up their game accordingly. With such an unpredictable and aggressive opponent, will there be a happy ending for Staci Hart and Maeve Donnelly...?

Revised Version of The Secret Life of Brother and Sister by Fishermensrib [Original/Alt/Complete]
"A kiss," the witch hissed in his head, Its mouth a useless puckered wound stitched tight, so It could not curse the kin of him who doomed It to all eternity in Its watery prison. "A kiss from your sister.”

October 5th, 2010

Announcememt From Mavis Applewater
Meet The Author Events
On Tuesday, October 19th from 6 to 8 pm, Mavis Applewater has a book signing at Borders, West Village at 3600 McKinney in Dallas for her book Tempus Fugit.

On Wednesday evening October 20th from 6:30 to 8:30, she will be at the Dallas Jewel LesFic Book Club to discuss Whispering Pines. The book club meets at Ilume, corner of Knight and Cedar Springs in Dallas.

Come hear about her writing process and ask your questions.

Don't want to wait for the book to ship? Stop by Borders on McKinney Ave. and pick up a copy of the book (with a 10% discount thanks to their wonderful sponsorship), come hear what others thought and tell us what you thought. If you haven't read the book, please come too – the more the merrier.

Contact Info:
Website: http://rcdallas.org/index.php?q=jewel
Office: Resource Center Dallas
Location: 2701 Reagan St., Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: 214-540-GIRL (messages only)

Do You Remember by The Guardian [Classic/Alt/Complete]
(Part 15 of the Guardian Series) It is proven that Xena is only human after she has an accident that has her losing all her memories. She has no idea who she really is and trying to help her remember will prove as a challenge for Gabrielle and Exl. Will Xena regain her memories or will the Warrior Princess be lost?

Green Eyes Meet Blue by Bardaholic [Classic/Poem/Alt/Complete]
So much shared in a glance.

Added Part 8 of Bless You by Lois Kay [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
In a quiet, rural town in New Hampshire, Pastor Sigrid Meyers finds a dead body in her church. It is the beginning of a maelstrom of events in which she will find new friends, discover enemies she didn't know she had and realize it takes a lot to stop a tenacious murderer.

October 4th, 2010

Girls Wanna Have More Fun by Kate Kane [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Gabrielle's encounter with the vampire-like bacchaes and in particular her encounter with Xena's exquisite neck has made her reconsider the nature of their relationship. She is starting to realise what she wants – but will she ever get her point across to the oblivious warrior princess...?

Added Part 24 of Twisted Secrets by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Dorthea Furston is in her mid-50s and troubled. Raised by an aloof aunt, she has never felt wanted. Questions about her parents and the circumstances that separated them from her have gone unanswered. She desperately wants to know about her parents; and to know why she was left in the care of such an uncaring woman. Kimberly Chadwich has been DortheaÌs best friend since the day they met in high school. Unlike Dorthea, who has never seemed interested in relationships with men, Kimberly has had many suitors over the years. Her most recent has proposed marriage but something is holding her back from accepting. She wonders why she canÌt bring herself to agree to something she has always said she wanted. The two women share an apartment and struggle to make right out of their wrong worlds. Will the anniversary of an event that took place when they were children bring the answers they are seeking?

October 2nd, 2010

Announcememt From Blue Feather Books
Blue Feather Books new release!

We're pleased to announce that Unfinished Business , I Christie's detective thriller, is available for your reading pleasure!
On her way to her vacation campground, Claire Hanson, a detective in the Petima Police Department, picks up the enigmatic MaryLyn Smith. While at the campground, a series of unfortunate accidents befall Claire, and MaryLyn is never around when they happen. Claire chalks it up to coincidence, but when her RV is raided by law enforcement officials looking for planted contraband and Claire is severely beaten in the incident, she knows these aren't chance events. What she doesn't know is whether MaryLyn is involved or not.

Claire has long suspected that the Petima Police Department has a number of dirty cops—so dirty that officers who won't join in their dealings have been murdered. When Claire receives a not-so-veiled threat that she might find herself in a body bag if she doesn't play along, she makes it her personal mission to get to the root of the problem—or die trying. At every turn, she finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew about her friends and work associates… and about MaryLyn.

As Claire works her way through the knots and tangles of the web of deceit, she is never sure who can be trusted and who will try to ensnare her. Can she stay alive to expose the corruption and take care of the Unfinished Business?

Get your copy of this riveting thriller now! Available in print and in e-book.

Stay tuned for a slew of new releases in the coming weeks!

Added Part 15 of Zero Ward by Kim Pritekel [Original/Alt/Incomplete]



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