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September 30th, 2010

Announcememt From Geonn Cannon
Today is the release date of Riley Parra 2x04 - The Saints and All the Martyrs! For everyone left hanging at the end of 2x03, I hope you enjoy the resolution. :D In official news, the original plan was to only provide the Season Pass for the first four weeks. That will be ending soon, but the Season Pass has sold so well that we're going to keep it available. However! The price will be going up from $10 to $14.90 on October 5th. That's the same as if you bought each story individually. So order now to get the discount!


Indiana Jane: Russian Roulette by Terais McKlay [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Jane Espanoza, renowned archaeologist, is the best in the business. Tracking down a book that could save the world is just another day on the job. Even when you throw in cannibals, hitmen and an ex-lover that just can't seem to take a hint.

Added Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7 (Conclusion) of Magnetic Resistance by Rae D. Magdon
[L&O: SVU/Alt/Complete] Law and Order: SVU - Alex Cabot/Olivia Benson. Despite taking a leave of absence, Alex finally decides to pursue Olivia. Olivia's insecurities, a serial rapist, and Abbie Carmichael's teasing only make things harder. A decade of sexual tension and denial is about to unravel, but maybe for the better.

Added Part 4 of Surviving the Storm by Alice D. [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Alex and Jamie were an item in high school, but a choice that Alex makes separates them for years. Years later they meet again only to find their worlds colliding. Alex is now an 'a-list' actress in Hollywood, constantly swarmed by paparazzi and rumors. Jamie a motivational speaker who leads a humble life with her best friend. When they meet up again will it be an easy reunion or a fight to get what they had back. It's all about surviving the storm.

Added Part 14 of Zero Ward by Kim Pritekel [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

September 24th, 2010

Dark Matter 3: Dark Matter at the Edge of Time by Anne Azel [Original/Alt/Complete]
(Part 3 of the Dark Matter Series) A dangerous and top secret mission will take Anna and her crew to the very edge of the universe to face an experience that will change their lives. Anna and Jill struggle to establish a new working arrangement as their relationship has taken some startling and unexpected turns.

Vampyre! by DJ Belt [Original/Alt/Complete]
A mysterious, beautiful woman with an astounding secret helps Van Helsing chase vampires in Victorian England.

September 23rd, 2010

Announcememt From Geonn Cannon
The third installment of Riley Parra Season 2 is now available! You can still get a Complete Season pass for $10, but after next week's story, the price will go up (and don't worry, you'll still be able get the stories individually (although a few of them aren't exactly what I'd call stand-alone) for the same price.

"2x03 The Sound of Drums" - An old friend's call for help offers Riley a distraction from the Angel Maker case, but it opens the door to old disappointments, painful memories, and may end up putting Priest in danger.


Added Part 13 of Zero Ward by Kim Pritekel [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 7 of Bless You by Lois Kay [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

September 21st, 2010

Announcememt From L-Book
L-Book ePublisher - New Release

Journeys: An Anthology of Life
by A.L. Hotchkin

Print ISBN: 978-1-934889-61-9
eBook ISBN: 978-1-934889-60-2
Audio ISBN: 978-1-934889-62-6

List Price: $14.95
eBook Price: $ 8.95 - all eBook formats
L-Book Audio: $10.95 - includes all eBook formats. 5 hours - mp3

eBook Formats: MobiPocket, eReader, Adobe, ePub
eBook and Audio: Download immediately or on Micro SD Memory Card

General Fiction - Anthology

Available at L-Book , Rainbow eBooks , Amazon , Moon Horse Books , Sony eBook Store , Barnes and Noble

Life is a journey that all must travel, often alone, sometimes with others.  It is a road filled with the deepest of sorrows and the highest of joys, but mostly the mundane.  This anthology is about my travels but I believe they reflect what many have experienced.

From the first to the very last the collection is a rollercoaster of emotions.  Some, I hope will make you laugh so hard you will cry, while others may cause your heart to ache. Within each story is a little piece of myself, a small window into my world. They are short trips which I invite you to share with me… a journey into my life and perhaps into your own.

Print Book Cover
eBook Book Cover


L-Book ePublisher – Signed New Books
Future Perfect
by Fran Heckrotte

Sequel to Solaria

Print ISBN: 978-1-934889-76-3
eBook ISBN: 978-1-934889-75-6
Audio ISBN: 978-1-934889-77-0

Futuristic Fiction

Primeris was a Hubot, designed to serve humans. Her existence depended on her ability to complete her assignments…which she always did with a cold, emotionless detachment. Now, her perfect record was going to be tested to its limits. In her attempts to find and capture Solaria, another Hubot, Primeris is forced to disobey her directive of obedience or become the human she never wanted to be.

The Order of the Healers was exactly that, healers. Their mission was to move humanity forward, even if it meant saving the worst of mankind. Chantelle is a Singer, a member of a small sub-group of Healers, whose latest calling takes her on a mission that will test her gift to its limit, and leave her wondering if her success will lead to humanity's downfall.


Lights and Sirens
by Jeanine Hoffman

Print ISBN: 978-1-934889-79-4
eBook ISBN: 978-1-934889-78-7
Audio ISBN: 978-1-934889-80-0

Romance: General

Chloe "Donny" Donavon is a Firefighter/Paramedic who discovers an attraction to, Caity, a dispatcher. She has known Caity for a few years but never thought of her as anything other than a friend and fellow member of the fire department. Their relationship goes against everything Donny has believed about keeping romantic entanglements away from the workplace, especially since she works with Caity's younger sister.

Kristy is Donny's mentor, supervisor, and friend at the station. She's behind Donny's sudden promotion-but that promotion could change her own career as well. Kristy is dealing with things from her past that she can no longer repress. How will that affect her relationships with her protégé and crew? What happens when the strongest of the strong finds out that she can't remain an island forever?

L-Book's are available at L-Book , Amazon , Rainbow eBooks , Moon Horse Books , Sony eBook Store ,Barnes and Noble


September 20th, 2010

Even in Death by Geminigirl [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Hurt/comfort tale with less comfort and more hurt. Ending is reaffirming though, so I guess that is some comfort. Set the evening of Xena's death in Destiny, and before the morning beginning the Quest. Gabrielle's perspective.

September 19th, 2010

Added Part 23 of Twisted Secrets by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

September 18th, 2010

Added Part 12 of Zero Ward by Kim Pritekel [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

September 17th, 2010

Added The Conclusion of My Lord Conqueror: Changes by Kennedy Northcutt [Conqueror/Alt/Complete]

September 15th, 2010

Announcememt From Geonn Cannon
The second installment of Riley Parra Season 2 - "The Angel Maker" - is now available for download from my website! In addition to the other formats available for 2x01, we now also offer .mobi files for use with your Kindle! Remember, you have three more weeks to purchase the Complete Season pass for a discounted price before you have to buy the stories individually so don't delay! (although we might take pity and let the season pass go on a bit longer. We'll see ;-D)


Added Part 11 of Zero Ward by Kim Pritekel [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 2 of Life With The Executioner by Sabru Duniz [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

September 10th, 2010

Strength In Numbers by Jeanine Hoffman Is now avaiable as complete file.

With Truth Comes Pain by Calliopenjo [Original/Alt/Complete]
Olwyn Abernethy believes in her parents and what they tell her is the truth. She believes they are the only people she will ever need. Some may describe her personality as self-righteous, self-absorbed, and too self-confident.

The last day of finals, she wished to be separated from Robin, Pipperelle, and public school. Two of those wishes came true with the added bonus of spending time with the two people she values most. Her beliefs are turned upside down when she learns about a secret. A secret that will shatter her world.

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6    

Girl Talk by Geminigirl [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Gabrielle is bored, being eaten alive by mosquitoes, and doesn’t want to drill with her staff. What happens next?

Added Part 6 of Bless You by Lois Kay [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

September 9th, 2010

Announcememt From Geonn Cannon
The long wait is over! :D Riley Parra Season 2 is ready to go live! The first story has gone live, and a season-pass for the complete ten-story series will be available as soon as possible. There were technical difficulties (my fault!) but it'll be rectified very soon. ~fingers crossed~ Today was the release of 2x01, The Heavenly Host. New stories will be released every Wednesday between now and November 10.

I'm doing it a little differently than I did with the first group of stories, firstly the fact that I'm posting them once a week instead of once per month. The other change is a little bigger. Considering the amount of time it takes to write/edit/prepare all these stories. For an entire season, it's basically the same amount of time it takes me to put together a novel for publication. Since I can't/don't want to make people wait for a published version, I figured the easiest way would be to sell the stories individually. That way it'll be feasible to

They're $1.49 each, or for the next four weeks, you can get the entire second season for $10. That's a savings of $4.90 in the long run.

I hope everyone enjoys!

Riley Parra - Season 2
Riley Parra has passed the trial she was put through by the angels, but she didn't emerge unscathed. Now accepted as the champion for good, she's left on her own to battle the demons threatening to destroy her city in a war jumpstarted by her own actions.

Riley returns from her sabbatical ready to get back to work, bolstered by the return of her girlfriend Gillian Hunt. Reuniting with her partner and guardian angel, Caitlin Priest, Riley soon finds herself challenged by a serial killer who seems to strike without rhyme or reason. In addition Riley must contend with the return of an old friend, the reappearance of an old enemy, and attempt to discover the identity of evil's champion. To survive she'll have to risk losing her closest friends, revealing the battle between good and evil, and perhaps even her own sanity.

Knight In Cheap Kevlar by Geonn Cannon [Original/Alt/Complete]
Officer Dana Russo helps a famous damsel in distress in the middle of the night.

Added Part 10 of Zero Ward by Kim Pritekel [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 2 of Better Than Carmen by Foxfire [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

September 8th, 2010

Announcement From Sherry Rabinowitz

Fantasy Time Inc.

by Sherri Rabinowitz

Format: 6 x 9 paperback cream
ISBN: 978-1-4327-5811-0
Cover Price: $11.95
Trade Discount: 50%
Also Available: Ebook Edition
Pages: 120
Category: FICTION / Action & Adventure
Available at: www.www.outskirtspress.com/fantasy
Distributed via: Ingram, Baker & Taylor
Published by: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Receive up to 50% off at: www.www.outskirtspress.com/bookstore
Publication Date: May 14, 2010
Pairings: F/F And F/M

In the future we as a people will be going through many strange and conflicting changes. We will be traveling and living in space and under water. We will have an even better network of communications and transportations but we will still need to have a vacation and to relax from this antiseptic new environment. People will need an escape and most people dream of the future and the past, because no one romanticizes about their own time.

About the Author, Sherri Rabinowitz

Sherri has been writing since she was a small child. She was inspired by Ray Bradbury and Agatha Christie. She had always loved writing but has had to make a living in a varied number of ways. She worked as an actress, a travel agent and in several forms of customer service. Her passion though has always been writing. She loves and enjoys both reading and writing fan fiction. Fantasy Time Inc. is her second work of original fiction.


For more information, visit http://www.outskirtspress.com/fantasy

Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 S. Parker Rd - 515, Parker CO 80134 Phone: 888-672-6657 Fax: 888-208-8601

Added Part 22 of Twisted Secrets by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Friends Or Foes by The Guardian [Classic/Alt/Complete]
(Part 14 of the Guardian Series) After a raging storm, Xena and Gabrielle are separated from Exl.
Xena and Gabrielle meet up with an army which is trying to defeat an army of marauders.
Exl receives help from villagers who are trying to save their village from an army threatening to destroy them.
None of them have a clue what they are up against when things escalate.

Added Part 12 of Just A Breath Away by Colleen [Uber/Alt/Incomplete]

September 6th, 2010

Announcement From the Academy
On September 4th 1995 the first episode of Xena - Warrior Princess was shown on tv. Happy 15th Anniversary, Xena!

Added Part 28, Part 29, and The Epilogue of Branagon Series Book 1: Better The Devil You Know
by Cam Taylor [Original/General/Complete]

September 5th, 2010

Added updated versions of The Guardian and Going Home by TheGuardian

September 4th, 2010

Added Part 4 of Fair Trade by Phair

Added Part 9 of Zero Ward by Kim Pritekel

September 3rd, 2010

Added Part 5 of Bless You by Lois Kay [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
In a quiet, rural town in New Hampshire, Pastor Sigrid Meyers finds a dead body in her church. It is the beginning of a maelstrom of events in which she will find new friends, discover enemies she didn't know she had and realize it takes a lot to stop a tenacious murderer.

Added Part 25 , Part 26, and Part 27 of Branagon Series Book 1: Better The Devil You Know
by Cam Taylor [Original/General/Incomplete]
Better the devil you know is set in a fictional town in the South of England, called Honeyport. Colonel James Anders has set up an investiagtive agency which will take on cases the police can't or wont do. In Better the devil you know, the agents are working for an old friend of the Colonel's. Doctor Kate Levens has a stalker. While working to protect the doctor, one of the Colonel's agents, Chris Branagon, starts to question her sexuality, when she starts feeling something for the doctor's daughter. Chris has to continue to be professional while trying to come to terms with her feelings.

September 2nd, 2010

Announcement From Bedazzled Ink
Lots of exciting news from Bedazzled Ink...
We're very pleased to announce that you can now buy our books and ebooks
from one of your favorite online stores— Bella Books (http://www.bellabooks.com).

It's now easier for International readers to buy our books and ebooks at
the amazing new online bookstore, Moon Horse Books , based in the UK. (http://www.moonhorsebooks.com)

If you're interested in buying only ebooks, check out the new ebook store,
Rainbow eBooks (http://www.rainbowebooks.com). For all you Kindle owners, our ebooks are only a couple of clicks away at the Kindle store. Quite a
few of you have already found us on Kindle. Thank you for making our venture into the world of Amazon Kindle a success.

And, as always, you can get all of our books at the Bedazzled Book Peddler, (http://www.bedazzledink.com/bbp).

We put Binkie, our company mascot, to the task of blogging about our collective ramblings concerning all sorts of things. Binkie's Blog can be found at http://www.bedazzledink.com/binkiesblog . Comments most welcomed! You can also find Bedazzled Ink on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bedazzled-Ink-Publishing-Company/195056483979?ref=nf

Happy reading!
Claudia Wilde

No Mercy by Geminigirl [Classic/Alt/Complete]
No Mercy Explores a few questions the duo (mostly Gabby) may have had after the India arc; as well as gives a possible answer to the question, “Why was Gabrielle such a quick study with her weapons?”

Better Than Carmen by Foxfire [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Faye Wilson loves to snowboard; it gives her the freedom and adrenaline she craves and doesn't get at home. Working a ski season in Tonale, Italy, Faye and her bestfriend James befriend a group of five women who are going to change their lives forever. Back at home in Kent, England, can she handle the added pressures of family expectations, education, falling in love with someone strictly forbidden and not losing her bestfriend, all in the process of discovering who she really is and what she really wants?

September 1st, 2010

The Academy of Bards would like to welcome a new bard. A big hello to Geminigirl

Home At Last by Geminigirl [Classic/Alt/Complete]
What are soulmates? Are they best friends? Lovers? Or both? Gabrielle intends to find out...

Added Part 4 of Magnetic Resistance by Rae D. Magdon [L&O: SVU/Alt/Incomplete]
Law and Order: SVU - Alex Cabot/Olivia Benson. Despite taking a leave of absence, Alex finally decides to pursue Olivia. Olivia's insecurities, a serial rapist, and Abbie Carmichael's teasing only make things harder. A decade of sexual tension and denial is about to unravel, but maybe for the better.

At The Beach by Rae D. Magdon [L&O: SVU/Alt/Complete]
Alex's attempts at manipulating Olivia go awry during a vacation at the beach, with unexpectedly pleasant results for both of them. A/O, Magnetic Resistance universe.

Rings by Rae D. Magdon [L&O: SVU/Alt/Complete]
"I think," Alex said, her low voice imitating Olivia's purr, "that people began wearing wedding bands on their left hands because they used their right hand for more important things..." A/O oneshot, Magnetic Resistance universe.

Added Part 7 of My Lord Conqueror: Changes by Kennedy Northcutt [Conqueror/Alt/Incomplete]
Xena has been Conqueror of the Known World, ruler of Greece and the most feared warrior in all the land, for a number of years. Bored with her duties at the keep at Surra, she takes a side trip to the small village of Potidea, where her entire world changes forever. She meets a feisty young village girl —an orphan storyteller with a heart of gold and the courage to stand up to her. The one person in all of Greece who will surely steal the Conqueror's heart and turn her world upside down is the one who will change her utterly and completely.

Gabrielle's life has never been easy. She watched helplessly as her family's livelihood was stolen by raiders and her father disappeared without a trace. After narrowly escaping slavers who took her friends, she and her sister then watched their mother slowly waste away and die. But little did they know the worst was yet to come. One day, their village was visited by the dreaded Conqueror and nothing could prepare them for the changes to come.


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