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October 31st, 2011

Announcement from The Royal Academy of Bards
Please enjoy this year's Halloween Invitational offerings. Don't forget to feed the bards.

Announcement from Isabella
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to thank everyone who has purchased Broken Shield. I'm honored by the reviews. I also wanted to let everyone know that the paperbacks are available at Amazon , Barnes & Noble and of course the Sapphire Books website . If you want them personally autographed you can only get that at the Sapphire Books website. Be sure to let me know in the note section of PayPal who you want the dedication made out to and I'll be happy to do that.
Remember that $1 of the sale, even if it comes from Amazon or B&N, paper or ebook goes to C.O.P.S. until we reach our goal of 500 books sold. Help us, help this wonderful non-profit that helps survivors of fallen police officers.
Personally, I wanted to thank all the readers who've sent me emails tell me how much they like Broken Shield. It means a lot for an author to hear that you like their work and I'm not exception. Thanks everyone for the support.
Author of Broken Shield and
Always Faithful

GCLS Award Winner

October 30th, 2011

Added part 2 of Slam Dunk by Mickey Minner[Original/Alt/Incomplete]

October 28th, 2011

Announcement from Geonn Cannon
Happy Friday! This week's installment of Riley Parra focuses on two members of Riley's supporting cast, Kenzie Crowe and Chelsea Stanton. In addition to the main story, it also reveals how, after years of hating Chelsea for what she did, Kenzie became her partner. Enjoy!

3.08 PERMANENT SCARS - Chelsea and Kenzie are taken into custody on suspicion of murder. Riley is forced to work with the prejudiced detective who has been assigned to the case in order to prove their innocence, but finding the truth may leave Riley more compromised than ever.

New Tricks by Geonn Cannon [Original/Alt/Complete]
Ari and Dale take some time for themselves while surveilling a client's spouse at a costume party. (This story is in honor of the fact that I wrote the very first Underdogs story for last year's Halloween invitational! How time flies...)

October 27th, 2011

We would like to welcome a new bard at the Academy. A big hello to J. Greene!

Announcement from Being Anders aka Fishermensrib
i'm releasing a little something to read over the halloween weekend - Girl Who Cried Wolf is a short read (PDF, 35 pages, full colour illustrations) distributed for free and not for resale - Download it at

Thanks by J. Greene [Original/Gen/Complete]
This short story takes a look at one woman's typically frustrating family Thanksgiving experience and the way it all changes when she meets a new guest.

October 26th, 2011

Xena Warrior Princess Episode 25: Lyceus and the Myths by Bard [Classic/Alt/Complete]
The heroes of old come alive in Xena and Lyceus. Brave warriors do good and evil doers get theirs in spades. Despite strenuous objections from Xena, a "mushy mush" romance sneaks in - can't win them all.

October 24th, 2011

Added Part 2 of New Quarters by K-Morgan [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Slam Dunk by Mickey Minner[Original/Alt/Incomplete]
SLAM DUNK continues the story of Pat Calvin and Sherry Gallagher started in Fast Break . As Pat and Sherry look forward to a second season of basketball with the Missoula Cougars, they face new responsibilities and increasing pressure to bring home a repeat championship. Can their relationship survive?

October 23rd, 2011

Guardian Angel by D. [Original/Alt/Complete]
A second chance... with a little heavenly guidance.

Beauty and the Bigfoot by K. Lucas. [Original/Alt/Unfinished]
Jessica Cooper is a bright, spirited researcher, and doctor of anthropology from Tennessee. Although she loves teaching, her true passion is cryptozoological research, and proving that “monsters” really do exist. During a weekend hunt for bigfoot she meets Constance Blackhawk, a veterinarian that operates her family's farm and has a spiritual connection to the land of her ancestors. The two women are immediately drawn to one another and soon find themselves caught in the middle of protecting the mysterious creatures of legend, and protecting themselves from a maniacal scientist willing to go to any lengths for what she wants. Can love blossom amid a hunt for bigfoot; it most certainly can!

October 22nd, 2011

Closer Than Blood Bonds by Maggielassie. [Classic/Alt/Complete]
After Xena told Gabrielle that their friendship binds them closer than blood, the two women settle by a campfire for the night while mulling over the nature of their budding relationship...

Circle in the Sand by Maggielassie. [Classic/Alt/Complete]
After making their way back to shore, Xena and Gabrielle decide to spend a peaceful and romantic day on a sunny beach. At some point, both women come to discuss the reasons why they are and remain together as well as the importance of their love for each other, in spite of their past ephemeral attractions to other people.

What Matters Most by Maggielassie. [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Post-rift. After Gabrielle chose to keep her memories, a particularly painful one soon comes to haunt her again unexpectedly, in her sleep. After Xena wakes the bard up from a nightmare twice in the same night, the Warrior Princess realises that she might have to deal with the fact that her younger lover is probably subconsciously traumatised by a particular past event...

Love Plans by Maggielassie. [Classic/Alt/Complete]
After a few arguments and frustrations between the two lovers, Xena proposes that she and Gabrielle go on a little afternoon trip to Athens. Once there, they soon run out of money at the City Market. They find an astute way to make more dinars. The Warrior Princess also needs to figure out some plans to rekindle the intimacy of her romantic relationship with the bard...

Added parts 17, 18 and 19 of Infamia by Viv Darkbloom. [Original/Alt/Unfinished]

October 21st, 2011

Announcement from Geonn Cannon
Friday is Riley day! Another new installment of Riley is available for all you subscribers, and for everyone who is waiting, you're one day closer to having the entire season at your fingertips. In case I haven't said it lately, everyone who subscribes to this season will receive a FREE copy of the eventual ebook release. Just so no one thinks I'm trying to double-dip you. ;-D And as far as I know, my site's host is still having problems that don't have anything to do with me, my site, or the Riley downloads so you still should be safe. Enjoy!

3.07 THE OLD FAMILIAR STING - An undercover assignment sends Riley back to No Man's Land, where she is confronted by the ghosts of her past. Reminded of who she once was and cut off from Priest's assistance, a distracted moment leaves her vulnerable.

Beyond Always by Carrie Carr [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Set a year after the events of Trust our Tomorrows, everything is going well for the Walters family. The ranch is prospering, the kids are growing - and Lex & Amanda have never been happier. But when tragedy strikes the family, will it bring them closer together or tear them apart?

October 19th, 2011

Announcement from Q. Kelly
I wanted to let you all know about three books I have out, as well as a (free! at least for now) short-story collection. The books are linked to Amazon, but they are available at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble as well.
Waiting: Caris Ismay, 30, is falling in love with a woman she dares not pursue, and at exactly the wrong time. Caris knew that life after having her baby would be different, especially since her wife did not love her anymore. But Caris never expected post-baby life to be this difficult. Dale, her wife of three years, is in a coma that turns into a vegetative state. Lena, Dale's 29-year-old daughter, is put in the awkward position of revealing Dale's secrets to Caris.

Caris and Lena share a perfect, passionate kiss that they cannot stop thinking about. Plus, they can help each other in ways no one else can. They try to build a friendship, but their growing attraction gets in the way. Can Caris and Lena move past the taboo of their attraction and find their path together?

Strange Bedfellows: What happens when the queen of the ex-gay movement decides to come out of the closet? The person who helps Frances Dourne with this enormous task is a call girl Frances hires. A call girl with a secret of her own. Can they learn to trust each other enough to find the love they seek in each other's arms? Frances is grappling with something else, too. Her daughter, Marissa, has been gone 11 years. She was kidnapped by her father on her third birthday. Frances hopes her coming out will ease the way for Marissa's return.


The Odd Couple: Morrisey Hawthorne and her four-year-old son, Gareth, have a pretty good life. Then one day they meet Charlene Sudsbury, who is trying to move on from the suicide of her son, JP, three years before. Gareth is nearly the mirror image of JP, and Charlene connects instantly with him. Not quite so with Morrisey, who can't escape fast enough after Charlene shows her a picture of JP. Charlene is convinced Morrisey is hiding something and sets out in search of the truth. Despite the circumstances, the two women form an unusual bond and end up with a lot more than they bargained for. But when an old friend of JP's resurfaces, he challenges the fragile trust Morrisey and Charlene have been building. Can these two women overcome the obstacles that separate them from the happiness they seek?
Please go to for details on the free short-story collection.

-Q. Kelly
Author of "Waiting," "Strange Bedfellows" and "The Odd Couple" (all available in print and in e-book)
Amazon author page:
Smashwords author page:
Barnes and Noble author page:
Also available in print at

Xena Warrior Princess Episode 24: Lyceus and the Great Caper by Bard [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Xena and Lyceus plot and scheme a candy heist – Autolycus could learn a thing or two from them. Their plan brings them closer to their mother, Cyrene, and it is a double edged sword. We get a deeper look at the woman who shaped Xena into the hero she is becoming.

October 17th, 2011

New Quarters by K-Morgan. [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
After life turned on a dime for Addy and Karen, it took them to their “New Quarters” in Scotland. They are now together, they are in love and their lives are about to take a whole new turn when Addy has a bright idea that throws them into a new spin. What fun, drama, perils, and adventures could possibly be awaiting them as they face a new life together? Will Karen survive the twists and turns? Will Addy hold her ground? Will there be more miracles? What else could possibly happen in this story to maybe give us yet another one?
Reader be warned: You will laugh and you will cry.

Sandcastle by Erin O'Reilly. [Original/Alt/Complete]
How can a person take back a life that was not theirs and make it work. Until Remington Wolf met Parker Davis, she knew no other life than that of a highly placed operative for a clandestine government agency—Department of Covert Operations. Once Parker came on the scene, the Wolf began spiraling into a life that knew no boundaries. That brought her to a point where it became necessary to choose which life she wanted. Just as a sandcastle can withstand only the initial onslaught of relentless waves, the Wolf finds she is constantly reinventing her life in a desperate attempt to reclaim what is hers. Her only problem, Parker who is trying to reinvent herself, is in the way.

October 16th, 2011

Announcement from Sapphire Book Publishing
New Release

Broken Shield - Lesbian Erotic Fiction

Read an excerpt here

Sapphire Books is pleased to announce a new release by GCLS award winning author Isabella.

Print ISBN-13: 97809828608-2-3

List Price: $14.95

eBook Bundle Price: $ 9.95 - all eBook formats
Ebook Bundle is only available at Sapphire Books Publishing website
eBook Formats: LIT, BBeb , pdf, ePub, Mobi

Check out our cover here

Available at Sapphire Book PublishingAmazon Barnes and Noble

Tyler Jackson, former paramedic now firefighter, has seen her share of death up close. The death of her wife caused Tyler to rethink her career choices, but the death of her mother two weeks later cemented her return to the ranks of firefighter. Her path of self-destruction and womanizing is just a front to hide the heartbreak and devastation she lives with every day. Tyler's given up on finding love and having the family she's always wanted. When tragedy strikes her life for a second time she finds something she thought she lost.

Ashley Henderson loves her job. Ignoring her mother's advice, she opts for a career in law enforcement. But, Ashley hides a secret that soon turns her life upside down. Shame, guilt and fear keep Ashley from venturing forward and finding the love she so desperately craves. Her life comes crashing down around her in one swift moment forcing her to come clean about her secrets and her life.

Can two women thrust together by one traumatic event survive and find love together, or will their past force them apart?

Also, we are going to be donating 1$ from the sale of every book, until we reach our goal of $500.00, to one of two charities that benefit the survivors of lost police officers, C.O.P.S. or American Federation of Police and Concerned Citizens. Both groups focus their efforts on the survivors left behind after the death of a police officer.

Thank you to those who have already purchased Broken Shield. We appreciate your support.

October 15th, 2011

Added Part 5 of My Lord Conqueror: Taking Chances by Kennedy Northcutt. [Conqueror/Alt/Unfinished]

October 14th, 2011

site. It's not us, we swear! It's just the host. Our site is fine and you should be fine navigating it. If that's not the case, please let us know! It's a third party thing and we're just stuck in the middle of it all. It's been disabled but not fixed. ~hands in the air~ My webmistress (isn't she lovely, doing all this work for a dunce like me?) recommends if you want to be on the safe side, just turn off javascript in your browsers.

Now that THAT'S out of the way, new story! If it's not up when you check in the morning, it'll be up as early as possible. :D We're up to the sixth story in the season and - fair warning - this one is a little heavy on the sexual content. It's not gratuitous (well, okay, maybe a little bit) but I felt I should mention it (and if you see it as an incentive rather than a warning, that's fine too ~g~).

3.06 ANTHEMUSA - Caitlin Priest decides to embrace a new side of her mortality by going out on a date. Riley and Gillian agree to accompany her for moral support, but their reaction to Priest's girlfriend is highly unexpected.

Added part 12 of A Guardian's Eternity by Stein Willard. [Original/Alt/Unfinished]

Going Home by Stein Willard. [Original/Alt/Complete]
This is a sequel to my previous story, HOME and the characters in the story are a product of my own imagination and hopefully have no resemblance to any living persons.

October 11th, 2011

The Academy of Bards would like to welcome a new bard. Hey there maggiemerc :)

A hopeful Bard by maggiemerc [Conqueror/Alt/Incomplete]
The Conqueror (though she'd really prefer you call her the Empress) meets the Playwright (a title she's totally fine with). There's some verbal sparring. Some physical sparring. Some gods. Some emperors. Maybe some ribald comedy.

Xena Warrior Princess Episode 23: Lyceus and the Old One by Bard [Classic/Alt/Complete]

Added Part 18 of Just A Breath Away by Colleen. [Uber/Alt/Unfinished]
Broken Promises. Lies. Betrayal. Indifferance. When the human spirit is wounded by love, how long does it take to heal? As Carson Galloway starts a new life, those open wounds and painful memories may block the path to complete happiness.

Book of Chills, Volume II by Norsebard [Original/Alt/Complete]
A woman in need getting a little help from her ancestors… An ancient spirit playing a few tricks on some unsuspecting people… Three young friends running into a real vampire on Halloween - or do they…? A cute, cuddly teddy bear with a deranged mind of its own… Two women fighting off an alien invasion force in the desert… Supportive spectres, boundless imaginations and a few twisted tales - these are some of the elements you'll find in this anthology, the Book Of Chills, Volume II.

October 10th, 2011

Announcement from Bedazzled Ink and Ann McMan
The paperback version of Jericho is now available and ready to ship. SO... if you need a new footstool or a GREAT way to prop open a door -- go on and order up a few copies!

Aaaaannnnndddd... for anyone who's interested -- I'd be happy to send you a signed bookplate , if you send me your snail mail address. And trust me... it's a really snazzy-looking little thing that I'll customize for you with my BIG honkin' Mont Blanc pen, Bubba. You can stuff this into your print version, or tape it to your Kindle -- or put it on the fridge next to your "Dress Up David" magnet set. All the best, Ann McMan P.S. The sequel is roaring right along...I think it might see the light of day by the early Spring.

This is Claudia...I couldn't have said it better myself! Don't forget, the ebook version is also available. Thanks for reading!

Announcement from Blue Feather Books
Finally , here it is: the long awaited, much anticipated second installment in the Billie/Cat Commitment series, Unchained Memories .

Cat O'Grady and Billie Charland return in this second book in the Billie/Cat Commitment Series.

When Cat receives an envelope in the mail from an anonymous sender, its contents disrupt the Charland household and set off a chain of events that severely strains Billie's and Cat's commitment to each other and to their family. Billie overreacts with uncharacteristic meanness, debilitating headaches, and occasional blackouts. Cat convinces her to have her father, Doc, search for possible physical causes.

The search results are shocking, and Cat is forced to make a decision that might ruin their lives together. Will Billie blame Cat for the course she has decided on and choose to split their family apart? Or is their love strong enough to surmount these problems?
Available at, and in e-book format through Bella Distribution.

Grateful by Drew Meyers [Facts of Life/Alt/Complete]
After years apart a near tragedy brings Jo and Blair together again, and they find they have a lot to be grateful for.

Added Part 3 of My Lord Conqueror: Taking Chances by Kennedy Northcutt. [Conqueror/Alt/Unfinished]
Xena is no longer Conqueror of the Known World, ruler of Greece or the most feared warrior in the land. After a sound defeat at the hands of Romans and a former ally, as well as a heart-wrenching betrayal by her own brother, Xena is regrouping and preparing to retake Greece and restore her reputation. With the help of a certain green-eyed Amazon queen and her retinue, Xena embarks on a journey to once again conquer the Known World.

Added Parts 21 -25 of Like Life by Gin [The Devil Wears Prada/Alt/Incomplete]
( Third story in the 'Like' series. Part 1: Like Andrea , Part 2: Like Family ) It's not as much a 'story' as Like Andrea, just a continuation of that universe, much like “Like Family” was.

Revised Version of After the Honeymoon by Wendy Arthur [Original/Alt/Complete]
Special Agent CJ Carson and Hollywood actress, Kate Marshall are back. After their wedding, everyday life takes over again and they find themselves a little more involved in an FBI case than they'd like to be. And just how far back does it go?

October 9th, 2011

Added Part 4 of My Lord Conqueror: Taking Chances by Kennedy Northcutt. [Conqueror/Alt/Unfinished]

October 7th, 2011

Awakenings by belabubble aka Guitar Warrior. [Classic/Alt/Complete]
This is another first time story set during the 3 rd season you can make up your own mind when. Gabrielle is in a bad mood lately and Xena is going to find out why!

October 6th, 2011

The next Riley Parra story is up! Just a quick note about subscriptions: if you have any problems with your password, or if you don't get an email after your purchase, let me know at and I'll do my best to get it sorted out for you. I don't think we've had any problems yet (yay!) but just in case. You should get a reply with a URL, user name and password within about 12 hours of your purchase (usually it's a lot faster than that, but I DO sleep despite what some of my friends would have you believe ;-D).

Enjoy the story!

3.05 THE KINGS OF NO MAN'S LAND - Riley and Priest are caught in the crossfire when someone sets the Five Families against each other. Riley tries to keep the body count low while coming to some unpleasant truths about someone she thought she could trust.

October 1st, 2011

Added parts 10 and 11 of A Guardian's Eternity by Stein Willard. [Original/Alt/Unfinished]
Book Five of the Guardian Series: A Guardian's Eternity (Book One: A Guardian's Touch, Book Two: A Guardian's Love , Book Three: A Guardian's Passion, Book Four: A Guardian's Salvation)



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