The Royal Academy of Bards Challenge #25
The Powers That Be


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July 29th, 2011

Added Part 15 - The Conclusion of Turning on a Dime by K-Morgan [Original/Alt/Complete]
Karen needed a miracle when she fell in love with the wrong woman. The wrong woman was very wrong. Addy believed in miracles. Addy was the wrong woman. Could the wrong woman be the right one? Could Addy be Karen's miracle?

Judgement by Heidi Dum [Poem/Alt/Complete]

Make this Insanity Stop by Heidi Dum [Poem/Alt/Complete]

My World by Heidi Dum [Poem/Alt/Complete]

Smile by Heidi Dum [Poem/Alt/Complete]

What We Have by Heidi Dum [Poem/Alt/Complete]

July 27th, 2011

Added The Conclusion of What Happens in Provincetown by Rae Magdon
[L&O: SVU/Rizzoli & Isles X-Over/Alt/Unfinished]

Added Part 2 of Denial by Rae Magdon [Rizzoli & Isles/Alt/Unfinished]

Added Part 18 - The Conclusion of Mountain Memories by Kennedy Northcutt [Original/Alt/Complete]

Buffy - The Vampire Slayer Episode 3: The Witch by Bard [Buffy/Alt/Complete]
We fear what we don't understand. We destroy that which is different. Buffy, Xander, and Willow make amends for the wrongs of the past. Giles repeats his mistakes, trapped in what was. And a new witch is born.

July 25th, 2011

Buffy - The Vampire Slayer Episode 2: The Harvest by Bard [Buffy/Alt/Complete]
Three thousand years of Sunnydale history pass in the blink of an eye. Round two of Luke versus Buffy results in extreme interior redecoration. And Willow makes a choice.

Please Jane by Mochamaker [Rizzoli & Isle/Alt/Complete]
Maura tricks Jane into falling for her feminine wiles by asking her to mow her lawn, wash her car, and repair her heart.

Added Part 17 of Mountain Memories by Kennedy Northcutt [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 10 of Broken Arrow by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
(Sequel to Sweetwater, Rolling Thunder, and Fireweed)

Added Part 14 of Turning on a Dime by K-Morgan [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

July 21st, 2011

Announcement From Being Anders aka Fishermensrib
Just an update to readers while phair and I work out the knots for deadtown chapter 6. Yes, true believers there is a chapter 6!!! Amazing isn't it. Anyway, if you're looking to do some freelance illustration work or know someone who is, I'm looking to do up 10 colour pages and cover art for one of my stories. Its paid work so if you're interested, please get in touch with me on FB

Added Part 17 of Just A Breath Away by Colleen [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Broken Promises. Lies. Betrayal. Indifferance. When the human spirit is wounded by love, how long does it take to heal? As Carson Galloway starts a new life, those open wounds and painful memories may block the path to complete happiness.

July 19th, 2011

Unsure by Heidi Dum [Poem/Alt/Complete]

Circle of Love by Heidi Dum [Poem/Alt/Complete]

Something's Gone by Heidi Dum [Poem/Alt/Complete]

Two Little Girls by Heidi Dum [Poem/Alt/Complete]

July 18th, 2011

Added Part 13 of Turning on a Dime by K-Morgan [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

July 17th, 2011

Lone Wolf by Geonn [Original/Alt/Complete]
Ari is at a loss when Dale seemingly vanishes into thin air. (This is the fourth story in my "Underdogs" series.)

Added Part 16 of Mountain Memories by Kennedy Northcutt [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

July 16th, 2011

Behind Sight by IseQween [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Several years after settling down in the story “Enough,” Gabrielle decides revisiting her early journeys with Xena might provide more accurate directions for a new generation of heroes.

July 15th, 2011

Announcement From the Academy of Bards
Look up in the sky...
No wait...
Look up on your screen...
It's a bird...
Uh uh...
It's a...a...brand new story.

The Bard Challenge #25 The Powers That Be is now entering the voting stage. 13 bards did their thing and now it's time for you rabid readers to do your thing. Read the 12 entries and decide which story best represents the 'superhero/superpowers' premise. Vote for only one by clicking on the email voting link at the bottom of the particular story's page and send the email. Deadline for casting your vote is July 31st.

July 14th, 2011

Announcement From the Anders aka Fishermensrib
"A very sorry to readers who have been trying to find part 5 of deadtown on my website. I blame it all on fat fingers. I really do. The correct link to the chapter should be - - Getting into the spirit of FTB month, phair and I have been writing deadtown for a while now and we're gotten some really nice emails (you guys know who you are, so I'm not naming names) and we would like to say that knowing that someone out there is reading what we write means the world to us. Writing is a real lonely business, and despite what some people think its not magical. You don't sit at your computer and in that instance type out a complete story from beginning to end - complete and perfect. Maybe writing is that for some really special people (I think its like that for phair, her output still astonishes me to this day) but, its not like that for me. For me its painful, and slow and when there's not a not of encouragement - it's difficult to want to write another. I've stopped writing a couple of times for years at a stretch, but somehow I've managed to find my way back. Just a few words to think about if you're undecided about dropping that email to a bard. Go on - make someone's day."

Buffy - The Vampire Slayer Episode 1: Welcome To the Hellmouth by Bard [Buffy/Alt/Complete]
Continuing with the summer break from Xena: Warrior Princess 2.0, here is a pilot for Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2.0. At the end of July, early August, be sure to stop by the blog and vote for the series you want to see more of. Or drop me a note. And no worries, Xena and Gabrielle always come first.

The Slayer arrives in town and finds the Hellmouth open for business.

Choices by Heidi Dum [Poem/Alt/Complete]

Consequences by Heidi Dum [Poem/Alt/Complete]

Did I Give it Away by Heidi Dum [Poem/Alt/Complete]

Traveling Together by Heidi Dum [Poem/Alt/Complete]

July 12th, 2011

Added Part 5 of Deadtown by Phair and Anders [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 12 of Turning on a Dime by K-Morgan [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Mute by Geonn Cannon [Original/Alt/Complete]
You know, every summer we do "Feed the Bards," but there's not a lot of feeding the Academy. I love being a member of the Academy of Bards. It's such a cool thing to say "I'm a bard." I found a place where I can post my stories, find readers, get great feedback from wonderful people... it's an amazing place. That said...

July 12 is Squire's Isle Day! It's a fun little holiday that I started celebrating last year on the anniversary of discovering the real life Squire's Isle in the Pacific Northwest. Those few hours snowballed and really changed my life, so I felt it necessary to honor that. This year, I have a new story featuring Nadine Butler, with her supporting cast of characters making a good show as well. For more information on the characters, check out my website if you haven't already. Some of them appear in novels already released, and some of them have surprise cameos in forthcoming novels. Keep your eyes peeled!

Summary: Nadine Butler wakes up to find herself suffering from a horrible disease: laryngitis.

July 11th, 2011

Announcement From the Academy of Bards
Message from OZ:
I've have been asked nicely by several different people to consider a deadline extension on the BC#25 PunZle. Apparently, y'all think J and I made this one a bit too E-V-I-L.

Thank you Thank you. That's what we live to hear. <.g.>

Since we have so much other stuff going on at the Academy this month...the written part of the BC, HoF and FTB...we will be extending the PunZle deadline two more weeks to the 23rd of July.

How's that?

Added Part 11 - The Conclusion of I See You by Lady D. [Original/Alt/Complete]
Who hasn't loved from a distance? Well, that is what high school teen Morgan Reed is facing. She has had a thing for Dana Campbell since the early years of high school and has never uttered one word to her. Will a certain popular blonde cheerleader ever go for a loner like her?

July 9th, 2011

Exhibitionist by Rae Magdon [L&O: SVU/Alt/Complete]
I know this series is WAY out of character for Alex and Olivia, but I decided to write it anyway.

What Happens in Provincetown by Rae Magdon [L&O: SVU/Rizzoli & Isles X-Over/Alt/Unfinished]
I was SHOCKED to find no one had done this yet. I'm still half convinced someone else has and I'm just missing it... part of the Magnetic Resistance Universe.

Independence Day by Rae Magdon [Rizzoli & Isles/Alt/Complete]
I couldn't think of a better title. I wrote this all in about an hour and a half with no edits, so forgive any mistakes. Happy late-ish 4th of July!

Rae's Birthday Challenge by Rae Magdon [L&O: SVU/Alt/Complete]

Pet Sitting by Rae Magdon [L&O: SVU/Rizzoli & Isles X-Over/Alt/Complete]
Can be read on its own, or connected to the Magnetic Resistance, What Happens in Provincetown, and Denial universe.

No Small Thing by Rae Magdon [L&O: SVU/Alt/Complete]
This/these vignette(s) wouldn't leave my brain, so I'm posting it because this nugget needs to get out of my head. It can be read on its own, or in collaboration with any other A/O story I've ever written. Pretty vague universe.

Mistake by Rae Magdon [L&O: SVU/Alt/Complete]
Something that wouldn't leave my head during NaNo. Similar to 'Own Me', but not a direct sequel or prequel

Own Me by Rae Magdon [L&O: SVU/Alt/Complete]
This one's dedicated to imp, who reminded me that Alex shouldn't always be such a girly-girl and submissive in bed just because –I– am and it's easy for me to write that way. I know it seems like she is at the start, but keep reading. The tables turn! This is NOT part of the Magnetic Resistance universe.

Three Days by Rae Magdon [L&O: SVU/Alt/Complete]
Spawned on the message boards with clomle44. Three parts to this story: Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.

July 8th, 2011

My Domina by BoudiciaX [Original/Alt/Complete]
This story is set in ancient Roman times so there is slavery, violence, sexual violence, and sex that are portrayed very graphically. Please take this into consideration before reading. This tale is about the struggle of a slave to protect her mistress when she has no protection of her own.

Added Part 2 A Walk Away by Lacey Schmidt [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Rand Marshall and Katrina Reese are women who think they have it all: dream jobs in places they love, friends to rely on, families to care for, and a sense of purpose in life. A chance meeting in a national park changes what each woman knows about herself. Now they will have to determine if they can walk away from each other without losing what they value most about themselves.

Added Part 11 of Turning on a Dime by K-Morgan [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 4 , Part 5 and Part 6 of A Guardian's Eternity by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Unfinished]

Added The Epilogue of Dust by Ann McMan [Original/Alt/Complete]
A note from the author: I wanted to post Part X of "Dust" to see if the readers thought it would stand alone as an acceptable ending. The feedback I've received so far confirms that maybe we needed a bit more closure? Well. The feedback AND the 4,000 rocks tossed through my windows with notes attached to them! Just kidding. It's really more like 3,400 rocks -- and not all of them had notes attached. So here, without further ado, is the ALL NEW epilogue to "Dust." I hope it answers some questions (and poses a few new ones). –Ann McMan

July 6th, 2011

Announcement From the Academy of Bards
It's me OZ.

NO wait...come back here.

It's July...and you know what that means...
sun, fun, reading and feeding the bards.

As we have done in previous years, we are asking everyone to go on a feeding frenzy and stuff them Bards' mailboxes to bursting. Let them know just how much you appreciate them sharing their talent with you. We ask that when you send your emails to the individual Bards, you CC us at

The person who feeds the most bards, in July, will be designated the Fan Of The Year and will get a personalized prize designed by the world famous Academy Artist...EVIL J.

In conjunction with FTB Month, the Academy also has our annual Hall Of Fame nomination event going on.

Each year, in July, we will ask you to vote for your favorite (any) 5 Bards and (any) 5 Stories. It doesn't matter what genre they write or what size stories.

The only criteria is that the Bards nominated must have at least one story (any story) housed at the Academy, the Annex or any of the sites the Academy hosts. All Stories nominated must be hosted at the Academy, the Annex or any of the sites the Academy hosts.



What sites do we host?

Amazon Trails: /amazontrails/

Cousin Liz: /cousinliz/

Redhawk Infinity: /redhawk_infinity/

You may nominate a Bard without nominating any one of their particular stories and you may nominate Stories without nominating the Bard.

If one of your favorites is not at the all means, write that Bard and convince them to archive with us.

Which Bards tickle your fancy, drive you to dramatic distraction, or consistently keep you up all night reading their latest offerings? Which stories are so well written you go back to reread them again and again even though they are engraved in your memory forever? Have you found new favorites? Are you hooked on a new fandom?

Now is the time to honor them.

We will take all your votes and tally them up. The top 5 Bards and top 10 Stories will be our inducted at the end of our voting period. These Bards and Stories will receive a special banner on their pages indicating they are the your Hall Of Fame choices, as well as listing on the Hall Of Fame main page.

A Bard will only be inducted once, however, they may have multiple Stories inducted (in future years as the voting merits).

The voting period will run until July 31st. Then we will count up your selections and announce the new Hall Of Fame members.

Please list your choices (5 Bards/5 Stories) in a single email and send it here:

The Academy of Bards Staff would like to once again express their deep appreciate to all the Bards who continue to share their talents and provide entertainment and, in some cases, enlightenment to readers everywhere.

Now...go read, go feed :o)

One more can check previous inducted Bards/Stories here: /halloffame/ you don't waste your votes those already in the HoF.


Enslaved by CXW [Original/Alt/Complete]
"Enslaved" is an ambiguous short story about a young woman who willingly lets herself be controlled by another woman; their interactions with one another highly intimate, yet completely controlled. And, although her inner turmoil is one of lust and passion, she cannot seem to stay away from the only person who makes her feel this way. Throughout the story you slowly learn that there is a rather extended history between the two, enlightening the reader to what true love and passion can mean when you are enslaved by emotions.

Playing with Fire by Norsebard [Original/Alt/Complete]
Detective Joanna Powell's twelve years on the police force hasn't prepared her for the elegant - yet fiery - Liliana Zinovia, a woman she meets during a homicide investigation. The attraction is undeniable and sparks fly... but Joanna soon learns the hard way that when you're Playing With Fire, someone is bound to get burned.

July 4th, 2011

Added Part 10 of Turning on a Dime by K-Morgan [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

July 3rd, 2011

The Girl Who Cried Wolf by Anders [Original/Alt/Unfinished]
"Tell me a story," the girl says as she puts her arms around the woman's waist and settles herself comfortably into the warm inviting bed. Letting out a quiet sigh, the woman puts away a pair of silver scissors onto the nightstand and buries her face into the soft, raven hair. There are other things she would rather do than tell her lover a story.

A Sort of Conqueror Saga by DJ Belt [Conqueror/Alt/Complete]
At nineteen, young Gabrielle is wild, defiant, willful, profane -- and sold into slavery. Brutalized and starving, she's bought by a vagabond warrior, and she begins the journey of a lifetime.

Added Part 10 of Dust by Ann McMan [Original/Alt/Complete]

Added Part 4 of deadtown by Phair and Anders [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

July 1st, 2011

Added Part 9 of Turning on a Dime by K-Morgan [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Karen needed a miracle when she fell in love with the wrong woman. The wrong woman was very wrong. Addy believed in miracles. Addy was the wrong woman. Could the wrong woman be the right one? Could Addy be Karen's miracle?

Playing with Fire by Norsebard [Original/Alt/Complete]
Detective Joanna Powell's twelve years on the police force hasn't prepared her for the elegant - yet fiery - Liliana Zinovia, a woman she meets during a homicide investigation. The attraction is undeniable and sparks fly... but Joanna soon learns the hard way that when you're Playing With Fire, someone is bound to get burned.

Added Part 8 of Birdie Part X -Gone by Onesockbard [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]


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