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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
??? ??? Cam Taylor Island of Belleza: For better, for worse
??? ??? Gracelan Chase Impotent or maybe not
??? ??? Cheyne In The Light Of Day (1)
??? ??? Cheyne Decisions (2)
??? ??? Cheyne Chance and Choice (3)
??? ??? Cheyne From This Day Forward (4)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Whitefearn Irish Eyes No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Wakar Images
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Red Hope Is There an Archeologist in the Dig?
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Rhiannon Silverflame It's All in the Syntax
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick MythBard I'd Rather Ride Around With You
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Mary Cornwell It's All In The Translation
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Lela Kaunitz If We Shadows
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick KG MacGregor I Never Knew
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Joseph Anderson In The Line of Duty
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Bat Morda Is There A Doctor on the Dig (1) 
Search For Amphipolis (The) (2)
??? Woman revels in love [90's] Kattie I Always Come Back
??? Woman is pleased [90’s] T. Stratton I Am
Gina/Kelly Women play [90’s] Caley Woulfe I Believe In You
??? Woman recalls desire [90's] A. Hawk I Can
Morag/Cathy Young pregnant woman considers suicide [90's] Kamouraskan I Can't Do This Alone
Cal/Paige Butch/femme meet in school [90s] Kim Pritekel I Dare You (1)
Kim Pritekel Double Dog Dare (2)
Abbie/Claire Mental patient writes letters [90's] Amber Andersen I Did Not Die
Quinn/Lisbet American/ Government worker [90's] Katherine Colson I Do  No longer available -- beg for a copy
??? Reclusive poet in dream world [Horror] Margaret Haugen I Dream Of Fire
Erika/Megan Lovers fight before a business trip [90's] KatharosXG I Drove All Night
Ryan/Jamie College students meet in class, fall in love [90's] S X Meagher I Found My Heart In San Francisco series [1-16]
S X Meagher I Found My Heart in San Francisco (Christmas Vignette)
S X Meagher I Found My Heart in San Francisco: Book 17: Quandary
Jamie's early Halloween memories S X Meagher Princess and the Pirate (The) (Halloween Vignette)
A memorable valentine’s S X Meagher Valentine’s Eve
Ryan/Jamie Based on SX Meagher’s characters Shirley Roberts Putting Around with Jamie & Ryan
Callisto/ Gabrielle Artist / Model [1905] Nene Adams "I" of the Beholder
Two Computers [SciFi] Xenrielle I Have Many Help Files
Andrea/Kelly Eavesdropper offers assistance [90's] Beth Brown I Have The Answer
Mere/Gilly Friends reunite after 5 yrs. [90's] KTBLLE I Hurt Inside No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Kat/?? Friends talk [90's] Nyxie I've Never Said Never Again
Jaden/Grace Mounted Policewoman /College Student [90's] Girl Bard I Know This Bar (1)
Girl Bard Houdini's Box (2)
Girlbard We Do What We Can (3)
Girlbard Thousand Kisses (A) (4)
Girlbard At Last (5)
Alex/Melessa Communications officer/ informant [SciFi] BL Smith I Only Have Eyes For You
Jamie/Jennie Two women investigate odd occurrences [90's] Elena I Pray The Lord My Soul To Keep
Devon/Charlie Woman helps another from being abused [90's] jrockit I Remember You No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
LM/Sunny Cop interrogates arrestee Debbie Dee I Saw You in my Dreams
Sherry Woman mourns loss [90's] Taleweaver I Want
Kat/Teresa Gang member/ widow [90s] Thatgirlmct I Want to Be Where You Are
Gina/Lori Restaurant valet / student & customer [90’s] Bluemoonwriter I Want to Know What Love Is
Dyane/Chris CEO hospital/ FBI agent [90's] Marcella Wiggins I Will Always Love You
Alison/Em Therapist helps woman cope with loss [90’s] Irish I Will Find You
Robin/Holly Trucker/ waitress [90's] Fortune I'll Take You With Me
Isabelle/Alex Sport teammates [90s] Alex Tryst I.C.E.
Karas/?? Warrior /damsel in distress Pamela Lord Ice and Fire
Pez/Shay Ex chief of surgery/ surgical resident [90's] Larisa Ice Princess (The)
Rosie/Gabrielle Executive/ accounting clerk [90's] Patty Pat Ice Storm
Malory/Corky Naval Commander/ doctor [Sci Fi] Kiera Dellacroix Icehole No Longer Available -- published as a book
Hanna/Kayla Pastry chef/ customer [90’s] Mavis Applewater Icing On The Cake
Scotch/Lainey Dogsledder/ journalist [90’s] D. Jordan Redhawk Iditarod
Audrey/Pru Student/witch [90's] Ri I'm Only Human
Kat Woman recalls a friend [90's] Nyxie I've Never Said Never Again
Creed/Jackie Ghost/ homeowner [SciFi] Jordan Falconer I've Seen The Light And It's Dark
??? Woman wonders about a fellow train traveler [90's] Wizzy I'd Gladly Make My Self The Fool…
Jenny/Lorna Two women and a man [90's] Janice If Only In My Dreams
Briana/Jen Major in combat misses her wife [90's] Zuke If Only in My Dreams
??? Actress frolics with others [90s] Geonn Cannon If Shadows Have Offended
Conqueror/ Stick Girl Parody of Marvel comics in Xena times Mr Valentine If the Tights Fit
Connor/Kat Investigator/ woman visited by demons [SciFi] Moon7u  If This Soul
Cole/Beth /lawyer [90's] Xenickz If You're Gone
Jaime/Terri Woman falls for brother’s fiancée who is a doctor [90’s] BlueMoonWriter If You Miss Once, Try, Try Again
Dash/Kiri Two turtles [fantasy] Carola Eriksson Ignorance is Bliss (1)
Carola Eriksson It's a Turtle's Life (2)
Carola Eriksson Star Turtle Voyager (3)
Carola Eriksson Very Merry Turtle Christmas (A) (4)
Bayley/Alexis Justice Dept Lawyer/ Cruise / Stoley  Illusions
Nina/Angel Woman drawn to mysterious house and its owner [90’s] Austin Hunter Daniels Illusions
Xena/Gabrielle immortals Tiggster Immortal Friendship
Sorrow/Alex Loner biker chick/ painting student [90's] BardBQue Imperfectly
Ella/Dee Drama in ordinary couple’s life Evecho Importance of Being Ordinary (The) (1)
Evecho Sorrowful Pride (2)
Jojo/Fleur Singer/ motel owner J. M. Dragon Improbable Protector (1)
J. M. Dragon Improbable Protector, The Sequel (2)
J. M. Dragon Improbable Protector 3 (2)
Tori/Brett Lawyer reunites with childhood friend [90's] Mezzo Impulse: After All Is Said (1)
Mezzo Impulse: It's Just the Beginning (2)
Mezzo Impulse: Full Steam Ahead (3)
Mezzo Impulse: Moving On (4)
Victoria/Alec Ex-lover/ renowned painter [90's] Janneen Brownell In All The Empty Places
Emma/Karen PWP Rabster In Beer Veritas
??? PWP Alex Tryst In Flight Entertainment
Daley/Saxon Antiques dealer/ consignment shop owner [90's] Cephalgia In From the Cold
??? Wife returned via a spell [fantasy] Emily Reed In Her Image
Cass/Nell Upcoming artist/ musical headliner [90’s] Irish In Her Wisdom
Raja/Traci Diner mgr. Meets girl on beach [90's] Nyxie In Only Seven Days
Rachel/ Annabelle Thief/ children's book editor [90's] sorcera In the Air
Katsina/ Kabriyela Warrior/slave girl Daniel Wackerman In The Beginning No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Randi/Kay Woman helps a stranger [90's] Carrie Carr In the Blink of an Eye (1)
Carrie Carr Something to be Thankful For (2)
Carrie Carr Greatest Gift (The) (3)
Carrie Carr Just What the Doctor Ordered (4)
Randi/Terry Neighbors help twins [90's] Trish Kocialski In the Eyes of a Child
??? PWP Naked Muse In the Heat of the Night
Vashti/Rebecca Hired agent/ doctor [90's] T. Harley [aka Harlequin] In The Light of Darkness
??? PWP Mary Griggs In the Midst of Tribulation
Sandra/Kathy Writer / housemate step into a mystery [90's] Leigh Justice [aka R. Patterson] In The Name of God No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
??? Post-apocalypse brings changes [fantasy] Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson In the Ruins of the World
Daisy/Grace Mental patient recalls her past [90's] Balticbard In the Shade of Bast
Diana/Rell Former mercenary / photojournalist [90's] Jamie Boughen In The Shadow Of An Eagle's Wing (1)
Jamie Boughen Moonlight Dancer (2)
??? Woman anguishes about loss [90's] Sparx In the Window
Shing/Nyx Assassins compete [fantasy] Heather In Time, With Time, In The Meantime 
Erin/Liz Detective/club owner [90's] Ronica Black In Too Deep (1)
Ronica Black Deeper (2)
???/Matilda ???/woman wants to join a union Simahoyo In Union There Is Strength No Longer Available – beg for a copy
Toni/Justine Pro basketball player / college fan [90's] Cephalgia In Your Court
??? PWP S Anne Gardner In Your Arms
Sarah/Abigail White witches [90's] JM Dragon et. Al. Incantations
Alex/Rachel Firefighter/doctor [90s] Geonn Cannon Incendiary
Zeena/Bri Monster Truck driver / clerk [90's] Cassandra / Bik Incident at the Antiq**s and Eats Truck Stop series [1-6]
Jay/Dee Hooker / midwesterner [90's] J. L. Peterson Incidental Tourist (The)
Jake FBI forensic pathologist/ lawyer & vineyard heir J. P. Mercer / Nancy M. Hill Incommunicado
??? PWP Eveh Incredibly (Un) True Adventures of Twisted Oaks
Action Figure Dolls Rigid/ poseable [Fantasy] L. N. James / Danae Incredibly True Adventures of Two Dolls in Love (The)
L. N. James / Danae More Incredibly True Adventures of Two Dolls in Love
??? ??? Melissa Wild Incubus of Fire
??? Woman with anxiety [90's] Shadylady Indecision
Rayne/Lark FBI Agent / actress [90;s] Cruise Indiscretions (1)
Cruise AB INITIO (2)
Cruise Provenance (3)
Dix/Luce Photographer/ telephone repair worker [90’s] Crème Brulee Inevitable Arrangement (An)
Evie/Samantha Biker/ woman running from ex [90's] Ken Rogers Inevitable Destiny
Karolina/Jasmin Mages [Fantasy] The Tenth Muse Interfering Gods
Casey Journal entries [90’s] Kiki Hart Infamous Journal Entries of Casey Jenkins (The)
Mel/Regan Cop /Software developer [90's] Meghan O'Brien Infinite Loop No Longer Available -- Published as a book
Xena/Rickie Immortal/ reincarnated soul [20's - 90's] D.Jordan Redhawk / various authors Infinity series [1-17]
Abigail/ Gwyneth Vampire recalls learning of her fate Mary I. Mongiovi Inheritance (The)
Shayna/Drea Woman forced to kill [fantasy] nyrdgyrl Initiation
Jessie/Rachel Death row criminal /criminal psychiatrist [90's] Dimples Injustice
Robin/Kim Tool shop mgr./ bookstore worker & writer [90's] Heike Freudenmann / G. S. Binkley Innocent Heart (An)
Jess/Kate Rancher/ Eastern girl [1800's] Radclyffe Innocent Hearts
Xen/Gabrielle Exotic dancer/ waitress [90's] XeJanFan Inquisition (The) No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Sam/Kris Officer/friend Idryth Insight (1)
Idryth Realizations (2)
Idryth Emotion (3)
Idryth Focus (4)
Idryth The Gift (5)
Aislinn/Ellery Boxer ends up in prison and meets a nurse [90’s] Tianna Shepherd Inside
Kiera/ Warrior guardian/ english lit teacher [SciFi] Shehulk Instigations
Jaime/Adrienne Lovers engage in afternoon delight [90's] PatsBard Interlude (An)
Alice Journey of self discovery [90’s] Judith Johnson Interminable Longing
Joey/Marcella Reporter/dominatrix [90’s] JLNicky / Aryn Interview (The)
Jules/Harley Vampire slayer/ journalist [90’s] S. Lee Interview with a Slayer
Renee/Brooke Phone chat line [90's] Chelle Intimate Connections, Phone Tag--You're It
??? Women meet over internet [90's] Bongo Bear Intimate Strangers
Casey/Beth Security specialist/ novelist [90's] Watcher Intimate Strangers (1)
Watcher Ghosts From The Past (2)
Watcher Beyond the Darkness (3)
Watcher Without A Doubt (4)
Watcher Bull's Eye (5)
Watcher Forever, Remember (6)
Watcher Always (7)
Watcher As She Sleeps (8)
Sandra/Amanda Obstetrician/ Administrator [90's] RI Into Each Life...
Jordanna/ Rebecca Rock band drummer/ music journalist [90's] Sharon Smith Into The Dark (1)
Sharon Smith Learning to Climb (2)
??? PWP about IM [90’s] Tchase Into the Flame
Mac/Rowan Insurance Investigator/ waitress [90's] Kerry Hurley  Into the Lion's Den No Longer Available – Beg for a copy
Zuelkiena/ Heather Hunter/ traveler [SciFi] Diane Cline  Into The White
Kate/Delta Police Cpt./ writer [90's] Ri Invading My Dreams
Keira/Fiona Lesbian couple & idyllic oceanside town [90’s] Zuke Invitation (The)
Kristina Woman dreams of lover Xenalicious Iowa
Maeve/Breeya Rebel/ noblewoman [1689] Hunter Ash Irish Rogue
Taylor/Courtney Enigmatic scientist/ research assistant [90's] Anne Azel Iron Rose Bleeding
Denise/Sara Police Detective/ real estate agent [90's] CN Winters Irrefutable Evidence
Isabelle/Marty Mastectomy patient/nurse [90's] Dee Isabelle
Robbie/Ginny Beach bum pilot/ obnoxious passenger [90's] Mavis Applewater Island Dreams (1)
Mavis Applewater Back to Reality (2)
???/Ria Alcoholic visits strange island [90's] Carola Eriksson Island of Beasts (The)
Juliana/ Frankie Lawyer/doctor on pleasure island [90's] Cephalgia Island of Fantasies
Margaret/Celia Island watcher/ school teacher [WWII] Patty S. Island Watchers
Marcia/Java Love blooms at work Marcia Ellen "Happy" Beevre It Happened Like This
Madison/Jordie Orphaned teen/ young mother [90's] Nyxie It's A Hard Life (1)
Nyxie In My Arms (2)
Toni/Melly Women baseball players [40's] Ri It's All In The Playing Of The Game
Carol Aunt tells nieces a spooky tale [90's] E. Marks It's All in the Telling
Wynne/Sydney art student is bone marrow donor for ill firefighter [90's] Leslie Ann Miller It's In the Blood No Longer Available – Beg for a copy
Alex/Rachel Contestant/ TV presenter [90's] S Eliot It's Only a Game Show
??? Woman reflects on love Tamster It's Only Me
Nevada/Laryssa Repairwoman/ frustrated fanfic reader [90's] S. Berry It's the Single Life Wouldn't Buy
Fan Fan gets a fantasy fulfilled with Gab JJ It Really Happened One Night (or Did It?)
Alley/Crystal homeowner/ homeless trespasser [90's] Teagen2 It Takes a Thief
Liz/Toni Insurance investigator/ travel agent [90's] Ri It Takes All Kinds