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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Cap'n Cat Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold
??? ??? Sean Ambrosie Rainy Days
??? ??? Ri Rescue in Zoess
??? ??? Kim Phoenix Rani
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Wakar Reflections
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Trinity Role Reversal
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick TwoCan Reflections
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Snooperboy Rock Around the Chakram No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Red Hope Return (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Oowatie Retirement Undone
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Creme Brulee Royal Burden (A)
Eve homeless woman phair Rag Picker
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick archaeobard Rising (1)
Falling (2)
Curse on Both Your Houses(3)
Our Love Our Hope Our Sorrow (4)
When Women Love... (5)
Dayne/Becca  peasants phair Ridded
Troi/Keller   Sentry/Runaway J. A. Zollicoffer Reawakening (The)
Tara/Gabrielle Two women in a relationship [90's] Minerva R' Place series [1-15]
Alana/Denise Professor/ clone soldier [SciFi] JM Dragon Radicals (The)
Jordan/Jay Actress/ horse ranch owner [90's] T. Stratton Raging Horses
??? PWP Lady J Rain
Chelsea/Remy Disgruntled exec has a fling [90's] Shadylady Rain Check
Shirley/Rain Widow/drifter [1849] Mavis Applewater Rain's Journey
??? PWP Moon Dancer Rainmaker (The)
Evaline/ Alessandra Woman sadly recalls her lover [90's] N. D. R.-Lewis (a.k.a. Nicky) Rainy Sundays
Haley/Beth Criminal attorney/ social worker [90's] Raine Random Act of Love No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
??? PWP S. Berry Ranger Rick and the Tree of Doom
Neith/Kathryn Biblical professor/ student [90's] Darkenedkarma Rapture
Dirke/Stephanie Bike gang leader/ undercover cop [90's] Larisa Rat's Bitch
Madison/Jorden Summer campers meet in restaurant [90's] Littlespit Raven & Sparrow
??? Raven & wolf become companions [fantasy] Erin O'Rielly Raven (The) and The Wolf
Aeryn/Naia Magical world and real world overlap [fantasy] Dreams Rayne 'The Order of Akasha'
Ashley/Blair Ex-girlfriend rekindles relationship [90ís] Evecho Ready For This
Charlie/Terri Pilot/ nervous business traveler [90's] D. S. Bauden Ready For Take Off (1)
D. S. Bauden I've Never (2)
D.S. Bauden Surprises Can Be Fun...Or Not (3)
D.S. Bauden Another Vacation Attempt (4)
De/Cody Ranch hand/ Daydreaming OR Nurse [90's Fantasy Real Dreams series [1-7] final
??? parody E. Mills Real Story of Adam and Eve (The)
Hekate/Valerie Chat room leads woman to her destiny  [90's] Phantom Bard Real Vampires
??? PWP Lessa Realisation
Saxon/Megan Spookfest reunites lovers [90's] Idryth Reality Check
Trace/Joanie CIA Assassin/ intended target [90's] A. Tietz Reality in Dreams (The)
??? Arbiter/ subject [SciFi] Penumbra Reality, per Contra
??? Erotic encounter in a bar [90's] Amy Reality of Dreams
??? [SciFi] JD Jenkins Realities
Lisa/Gwen Reporter/ camera woman [90's] Ophelia Realm of the Dark Sun No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Cameron/ Frankie Detectives paired up [90's] Jenna Dixon Reason (The)
Balde/Quentin Psychiatrist/patient [90's] Larisa Reason of Insanity
??? Married woman meets neighbor who paints her portrait [90's] Domino Reasons To Be Beautiful
Kate/Rebeccah Highwayman/lady [1700s] Barbara Davies Rebeccah And The Highwayman: A Meeting On Shooter's Hill (1)
Barbara Davies In the Shadow of Tyburn (2)
Casie/Jamie Highschoolers [90ís] Dylan Carreiro Rebel High
Kelly/Bug Homeless war refugees [2020] Wolf Nightwind Rebel Nation
Terri/Taylor Ranch hand falls for bossí friend [90ís] Wizzy Reckless Rogue
Shaye/Sam Bartender/ tourist [90's] Alexiares Red Frisbee (The)
Tansy/Nadia / college student /90's] Red Hope Red of the Phoenix (The)
??? Moment of passion Rhewl Red Faces No Longer Available Ė beg for a copy
Ice/Angel Prison inmates [90's] Sword'n'Quill Redemption (1)
Sword'n'Quill Retribution (2)
Sword'n'Quill Restitution (3)
Toni/Megan Witness/ US Marshall [90's] BlondeBard Redemption Song
Alex/Brie Estranged friends brought together in death [90's] Bree Redheaded Sunshine
Dev/Holly Interpol agent/ police cpt. meet on a train [90's] Ri Red Line (The)
Petra/tira Scholar searches for Shangri-La [30ís] Mavis Applewater Red Lotus
??? PWP S Anne Gardner Red Rider (The)
Rai/Sissy Truck driver woos her lover [90ís] Patty S Redneck Lurve
Corp. Exec./ Asst. Resort Mgr. [90's] Lois Kay Reef (The)
Lois Kay Murrook Farm (2)
Lois Kay Booyong Mountain (3)
Dalte/FranÁoise Furniture restorer finds enchanted mirror [90ís] Aurelia Reflected Passion (1)
Aurelia Twice Reflected (2)
Kitty Woman discovers alter-ego [90ís] Jane Foxx Reflections
Elevown / Ardwyn Viking/ celt Missy Good Reflections From the Past
??? PWP T. Stratton Reflections of Betrayal
Randi/Faith Bartender - Prof. / grad. Student [90's] Chariots of Fire Reflections of Passion
Jane/Candace Journalist/ personal assistant [90's] Rabster Reflections of a Vampire
Eden/Wynn Captain/ 1st LT on a space mission [SciFi] dabkey Regolith
Olivia A young girl befriends a man [90's] Jean Regrets
Xena/Gabrielle Reincarnated in Future on starship [Sci Fi] Daniel Stevens Reincarnation
Cameron/Jana Art professor/ celebrity [90ís] Alex Tryst Relationship Personified
??? PWP Mary Ann Brown Relaxing Weekend
Anna/Jackie Ex-con glad to see her lover [90's] JLNicky Release Day
??? PWP C. J. Harte Remembering
??? Key West 1969 Sam Ruskin Remembering
Jo/Tori School bully/ transfer student [90's] A.Lawless Remembering the Past
Demitria/ Genevieve Country singer composes song for lost lover [90's] Am/a Calkins Remembering Genevieve (1)
Amanda Calkins Family Ties (2)
Alex/Amanda Passion erupts again Stone Reminiscent
Rena/Holly Renegade/ Innkeeper's daughter [1870's] Weekend Warrior Rena The Renegade (1)
Weekend Warrior Rena The Renegade --Going Home (2)
Gwen/Lacy Admirers finally meet [90's] Debbie Dee, Shadylady / T. Stratton Rendezvous (The)
Jeri/Kelly Ex-IRA terrorist/ teacher on vacation [90's] GlasOwl Rendezvous in Nepal (1)
GlasOwl Remember Vukovar (2)
Trace/Rachel Cop transports back in time & encounters a ranchwoman [SciFi] Cheyne Renegade
Mar/Becca Mountain woman/ Mormon outcast [1870's] Willowluvyr Renegade Run
Max/Sandy Repairwoman/ customer [90's] Mavis Applewater Repairwoman (The) (1)
Mavis Applewater Cold Fire (2)
Jeri/Court Mothers meet at children's school [90's] Nyxie Repeating History
??? Lover mourns her loss [90's] Jordan Falconer Requiem
Resa/Jennifer Ex-gang leader/ aspiring writer [90's] Journs Resa (1)
Journs Day After (The) (2)
Jennifer/Karen Reclusive artists helps stranded kayaker [90's] Kim Baldwin Rescue (The)
Cyrene/Solari Bounty Hunter/ rescued victim [1870's] StarWarrior (Rie) Rescue My Heart
Xe/Gab Modern firefighters Linda Lockwood Rest Break (The)
Zeana/Betsy Parody of uber fiction Ariel Restaurant At The End Of The Uberverse (The) No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
??? PWP [Fantasy] Lady Ally / Lady Elusia Restless One
Xena/Gabrielle Business woman/ passenger [80's] Nene Adams Resurrection At Rest
Molly/Suzie Shy woman calls on spirit guide from the 20ís DJ Belt Resurrection of Molly Footes (The)
Carrie/Erin Photographer/ ? [90's] Lexibard Reticulating Lives
Taylor/Bailey Grad student interns at retreat for writers [90's] phair Retreat (The)
Kit/ Suzi/ Grace Woman recalls her aunt and her partner [90's] Ryan Daly (aka XWPFanatic) Return (The)
Dana/Jodie Wealthy woman/ young mother [90's] KarenK Return (The)
Tristian/Sidell Guardian/mage [Fantasy] Tas Return (The)
Rebecca/Julia Women finally confess their love [90's] Balticbard Return to Me
??? ??? Maxie Rose Returning Home
Lisa/Deanna Professor/ doctor go to a reunion [90's] angharad governal Reunion No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Hunter/Alley Novelist/ ex-neighbor meet at high school reunion [90ís] Kim Pritekel Reunion
Xena/Gabrielle Immortals now cop and executive [90's] Nancy Reunion series [1-8]
Sara/Gina Police Officer/ author [90's] D. S. Bauden Reunion of Souls
Ryan/??? Released prisoner/ lover [90's] JD Forest Reunion of Souls
Becca Woman gets some Ďgodlyí advice [Fantasy] Cephalgia Revised Ending
Brooklyn/Cody Copy editor/ troubled young adult [90's] Kim Pritekel / Alexa Hoffman Revolution
Terri/Rain Hippies meet [70's] Tragedy88 [aka keket] Revolution
Serge/Catherine Bolshevik/ noblewoman [1900] SB Zarben Revolutionary (1)
S.B. Zarben Ordinary People (2)
Ray/Rhapsody Stable groom/ racehorse owner [90's] Larisa Rhapsody's Silver Lining
??? ??? Insane Englishman Rhymer (The)
Dayne/Becca Half-blood outcast/ village girl [Fantasy] Phair Ridded (The)
Monique/Rasta Succubus succumbs to a mystic [fantasy] S. Barret Riding the Storm
Tracy/ Horse trainer/ Faranath Riding Against the Odds
Amber/Judy Astronomy student/ friend enter costume contest [90ís] K Darblyne Riding on the Cusp of the Moon
Merryn/Cara Vagabond befriends a lone girl [1349] Kim Pritekel Riding Out the Storm
??? ??? Fingersmith Right Between the Eyes
Hennessey/ Townsend Camp leader/ troubled teen [90's] S. X. Meagher Right Thing (The)
Jenny/Liz Insurance workers & friends [90's] Carrie's AJ Rightful Claims No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy 
Leigh/Danielle Accounting co-workers celebrate New Year [90's] Mavis Applewater Ring In The Old, Ring In The New
Selby/Mac Scientist/ underwater pilot [90's] S. L. Herrin Ring of Fire [aka Deep Blue] No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Polly/Judith Ladies give Ripper a fright [1900's] Nene Adams Rip-Her
Mor/Isa warrior/young girl[100 AD] Lois Kay / cbar Ripples in Time
Auset/Reese Shady character meets a new person [90's] Emily Mills Rising Into Consciousness (1)
Emily Mills Duality (2)
Katie RN Kamouraskan Risk Assessment
Morgan/Jane Woman discusses relationship with brother [90's] Meghan O'Brien Ritual
???/Jenna /car accident victim tormented by dreams[90ís] Denic River's Edge (The)
Leigh/RJ Trucker/ handywoman [90's] Advocate (aka Blayne Cooper) / T. Novan Road to Glory (The)
Kristin/Kate Mountain climbers in Africa [90's] KG MacGregor Road From Kilimanjaro (The)
Veronica/Elise News photographer/ debutante [90's] Mavis Applewater Road Trip
Ricki/Meg RV owner/ outlaw Dee Road Trip (The) No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Carley/Quinn Undercover cop/ FBI agent [90's] Phair1 Road Trip (The)
Alex/Sydney Homicide Lt/ Homicide Sgt. [90's] Planet-solin Roadkill (1)
Planet-solin Aftermath (2)
Julian/Kiki Shipping empire executive/ daycare mgr. [90's] Ali Vali Rock for Remembrance (A) (1)
Aka (A. Valdivia) ...and A Canopy For Happy Endings (2)
Ali Vali Skipping Stones (3)
Kiera/Theran Rock climbing instructor/ student [90ís] Rain Rock Me (1)
Rain Rock On (2)
Rain Rock Hard (3)
Finian/Caer Modern writer /Druidic Healer [SciFi - 1640 & 90's]] Elaine L. Becker Rock of Ages Past
Reggie/Kari Record Executive/ Singer [90's] Kandis Glasgow Rock My World
Maeve/Breeya Irish rogue/ Scottish lady [1800's] Hunter Ash Rogue [aka Irish Rogue]
Rogue/ Turner Tow truck driver/ woman on roadside [90's] Larisa Rogue Warrior
??? PWP Fritz Role Reversal
Kerry/Leigh Software developer gambles at a convention [90's] Mavis Applewater Roll of the Dice
Jamie/Tess Accountant/ lawyer tag along with friends [90's] Gerri Hill Romance...or Something Like It
Vivian/Katie Horror in a hotel [Horror] Nene Adams Room for One More
Xena/Gabrielle Con roommates [SciFi] Bongo Bear Roommates
Nick/Amy College student meets her match [90ís] Bluemoonwriter Roommates
??? ??? Arkonia Rose & Thorn No Longer Available -- Beg for a copy
Branwyn//Kelian Tracker/ magic wielder [Fantasy The Tenth Muse Rosewood Crest (The) (1)
Karen FBI agent hunts her father's killer [90's] Tara Chen Ross/Fletcher Case (The) No Longer Available -- Beg for a copy
    The Tenth Muse Moon Blossom (2)
Knight/Bronwyn Dragon - knight/ princess [Fantasy] J. Falconer Royal Hunt of the Dragon
Jane Woman makes a wish [SciFi] Lois Cloarec Hart Rude
??? Co-workers share passion [90's] D. Jordan Redhawk Rude Awakenings
Sam/Rae Women meet in anger mgmt. Class [90's] Mavis Applewater Rule 47 (1)
Mavis Applewater Rules Are There To Be Broken (2)
Danni/Julia Assassin/ Reporter [90's] Xenickz Rules of the Game
Aronia/Jenny Huron warrior/ doctor [1760's] Teagen2 Rules of War (The)
Allison/Claire Runner and survivor Outlander Runner (The)
Erin Chance meeting pays off [90ís] Robin Alexander Running Away