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We here at the Academy would like to thank you for your visit and encourage you to browse our libraries as thoroughly as you like. The Royal Academy of Bards dedicates itself to the presentation of all genres of Xena: Warrior Princess fan fiction, both alternative and general. Our goals are: to present bardic works to the world, to preserve Xena: Warrior Princess fan fiction history for the posterity of the Internet age, and to act as a forum.

All bardic works are welcome at the Academy, whether the bard is a rank tyro or an experienced, published author with legions of slobbering fans. We are always interested in new submissions from our visiting bards. Do you have a scroll which you would like to see displayed in our library? Please, feel free to submit it to us!

The Academy would like to thank Missy Good for allowing us the opportunity to present this fan fiction library in association with her site.

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The RAOB supports all its contributors and appreciates that they GIVE US permission to post their stories. We would like to remind everyone that piracy aka the unauthorized reproduction and/or distribution of copyrighted material is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement whether for monetary gain or not is punishable by Federal law. Please DO NOT repost any works found here, on any other site, without permission of the author.