Story Challenges

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Solstice Challenge 28
You Have Been Chopped
Da Roools
Da PUNzle

There are three rounds of competition. Therefore y ou must write three stories.

For Round 1 (Appetizer), you will write a story using NO MORE than 500 words.

For Round 2 (Entrée), you will write a story using NO LESS than 5000 words.

For Round 3 (Dessert), you will write a story using NO MORE than 2000 words.

Challenge 27
Oh NOOOOO…Today Is…

The premise is simple:

Pick any day of the calendar year.

Yep, that's 365 big choices…366 if you use February 29th.

Now, write a holiday story for that day.

The catch: You can't use an established holiday.


Solstice Challenge 26
Quoth The Raven, Nevermore
Da Roools
Da PUNzle

The Challenge is to write a story giving at least one of your characters some kind of extraordinary super power(s).

Challenge 25
The Powers That Be
Da Roools
Da PUNzle

The Challenge is to write a story giving at least one of your characters some kind of extraordinary super power(s).


Solstice Challenge 24
Good Things Come In BIG Packages and SMALL Ones Too 
Da Roools
Da PUNzle

Category 1 : Write a classic X&G story…
Category 2: Write an any character/fandom story (other than X&G)

Challenge 23
Take Me Out To The Bard Game 
Da Roools
Da PUNzle

The Challenge is to choose one of the 18 pitchers…I mean pictures…and write a story with the maximum word count being…either 100 words (SINGLE), 200 words (DOUBLE), 300 words (TRIPLE), 500 words (HOME RUN ) or 1000 words (GRAND SLAM ).

You may use any fandoms, uber or original characters. The choice is yours.

The catch?

None actually, this time.


Challenge 22
Baby It's Code Outside 
Da Roools

<.pushes button on cyber tape recorder.>

Good Morning Agent Bard...

It's that time of year again. the organization know as The Royal Academy has issued a challenge to ALL writers. This time they are encouraging multifandom stories. MULTI-FANDOM.

Oh, the audacity...oh the humanity...oh what killer stories we will have to read.

<>ahem, yes<>

You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the Academy by participating in the challenge as a writer. You will communicate with headquarters with a series of code words that you must include in your story. Follow Da Roools and your survival is assured; break them and we disavow any knowledge of your mission. Good Luck.

Oh and we understand that EVIL J and OZ are also cooking up a PUNzle but we'll worry about that when it surfaces.

This cyber tape will not'll have to delete it yourself. <.g.>

Challenge 21
The 2009 Summer Challenge 
Da Roools
Da PUNzle

<.cue the Go-Gos.>

Vacation…all I ever wanted…Vacation…had to get away…Vacation…meant to spent alone.

EXCUSE ME? I don’t think so. <.g.>

The challenge is to write a vacation story. Heavenly vacation? Okay. Vacation from Hell? Sure, why not.
Oh and set your vacation story in any season you choose.

You can uber-ize it, Xena-tize it, Amazon-ize it or original-ize it. It’s up to you.

The catch? None this time.


Solstice Challenge 20
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words 
Da Roools
Da PUNzle

The challenge is to choose one of the twenty pictures provided and write a story about it.

You can uber-ize it, Xena-tize it, Amazon-ize it or original-ize it.

It’s up to you.

The catch? You only have a thousand words.

Challenge 19
Personally Yours
Da Roools

The Challenge is to take one of the personal ads listed and write a story around it.

The catch?

The ad must appear (verbatim) at the start of your story (within the first page). What? Yep, that’s the whole catch. Easy, huh?

There is only one category of competition…Best story (voted upon by the public)

  1. Down on the Farm
    Fresh-faced farmer’s daughter looking for fun and excitement away from the farm.
  2. BDSM Fantasy
    Professional with a passion for the exotic seeks someone to fulfill BDSM fantasy.
  3. Play with Me!
    “Toy” store owner searching for adventurous partner willing to try new things.
  4. Bring Sunscreen
    Beach bum with a taste for cold beer, oysters on-the-half-shell and sunsets, looking for same.
  5. Learn New Positions
    Wanted: Yoga instructor to teach breathing, relaxation techniques and positions
  6. Vroom! Vroom!
    Racing fan searching for someone who appreciates speed with an attention to detail.
  7. 'Packing Mate
    Rugged outdoorsy-type seeks companion for hiking, kayaking and possibly more.
  8. Got Spurs?
    Wanted: Cowgirl to teach riding, roping and wrangling. Branding experience a plus.
  9. Are You the One?
    Activist seeks cuddler who loves animals, walks in the park and protest marches.
    Blue-eyed brunette searching for green-eyed blonde. Martial art skills preferred.
  11. Desperate in 'Burbs
    Lonely housewife looking for relief from boring, humdrum life. All offers considered.
  12. Lost Soulmate
    Short blonde seeks tall brunette. Blue eyes preferred. Sexy look a plus.



Solstice Challenge 18
Holiday Classics
Da Roools
Da PUNzle

The Challenge is to take any of the 25 holiday classic television shows or motion pictures listed below and make it your own. You can uber-ize it, Xena-tize it, Amazon-ize it or original-ize it; It’s up to you.

The catch? You still must maintain the overall theme of the original.

Oh and notice that “A Christmas Carol” is not on the list. We weren’t going to make this that easy on you. <.g.>

Also be aware of these possible bonus opportunities:

  1. Including “known” XWP ‘verse Amazons will get you a point (up to five max) for each Amazon in your story.
  2. Including the title of any well-known Christmas carol in the story in any context other than as a song will get you a point each (up to ten max)
  3. Using “A Wish for Wings That Work” as your story base will get you undying gratitude from OZ (and an extra little prize too)…it’s my favorite.

There is only one category of competition this time: Best story (voted upon by the public)

The Christmas/Holiday Classics:
  • Babes in Toyland
  • Christmas in Connecticut
  • Going My Way
  • Holiday Inn
  • Home Alone
  • It Happened One Christmas
  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • Meet Me in St. Louis
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
  • Prancer
  • The Bells of St. Mary's
  • The Bishop's Wife
  • The Nutcracker
  • The Santa Clause
  • White Christmas
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • A Wish for Wings That Work
  • A Year Without a Santa Claus
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Nestor the Long-eared Christmas Donkey
  • Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  • The Little Drummer Boy

Challenge 17
Da Roools
Da PUNzle

The Challenge is to take a minimum of one of the fanfic singles or one of the fanfic pairings listed below and combine them with our favorite duo X&G in a story.

The catch? X&G must appear as themselves in the current time period and earthbound. You may make them immortal, make them reincarnations, time travelers or god help me…use the clone versions. How you get them into modern times is your choice. However, they must be the actual X&G we know and love with all their past memories intact, along with their canon physical descriptions and personalities. You know the drill: Tall dark and deadly with icy blue eyes and petite blonde and bardie with verdant green eyes.



Solstice Challenge 16
Solstice from A to Xe
Da Roools
Da PUNzle

The Challenge is to take a minimum of 24 words (one for each letter of the alphabet listed on the Roools™ page) and insert them into a story.

The catch? There isn't one. LOL

There are two categories of competition.

Challenge 15


Your premise is this...put some favorite characters from the XWP Universe into a reality format show...either one that has already been on the air (Survivor, American Idol, The Apprentice, Big Brother, The Great Race, Surreal Life, So You Want To Be A Rock Star, Cops, etc.---there are tons of shows to choose from) or you may creatively "invent" your own reality show.

Why X & G?
Because everyone misses them. That's why. Plus, there are so many more intriguing opportunities available if you use them.

What???? Did I hear someone say they couldn't write classic X & G characters? Oh p'shaw. Sure you can. If I can...ANYONE can. Not that I call what I do...writing. But all right...if you must write Uber or original...then you will have to abide by a condition. If you write anything other than classic X & G Universe you must "create" your own reality format show. No using an established show.


Solstice Challenge 14

The Challenge is to take a minimum of 20 names of popular candy products and insert them in your story. The CATCH: you cannot refer to them as candy.

Challenge 13
Now You're Cookin'
PUNny Puzzle

The Challenge is to include as many food items into your story.

Too easy, right?

Well there are a few little technicalities you need to work around...

1)     You can't use the food items in context as food.

For example...calling someone "bananas" as in "insane" is fine. Referring to the color of an item "banana yellow" is not.

Homonyms/Homophones are fine... IE: "stake" instead of "steak"..."plumb" instead of "plum"..."pair" instead of "pear."

2)    You can't use the food items as proper names of your characters.

No naming your characters..."Candy" or "Olive" or "Chip" etc...get the idea?

3)    You must include at least one item/reference from each of the 5 food groups.


Click here for more


Solstice Challenge 12
Who In The %$#@*&# World Made Up This %$#@*&# List Of Words?
Da PUNzle

The Challenge is to take as many of the listed items and use them in a story.

There are two categories of competition.

Category 1: Most items Used (all entries submitted will be included in this category automatically–in case of a tie, random draw will determine the winner)

Category 2: Best Story Click here for more

Challenge 11
Where am I?

The Challenge is to take a character on a journey from an assigned place to a specified destination. The destination: Orlandopolis, Greece.


Solstice Challenge 10
Do You See What I Hear?

Da PUNzle

The Challenge is to take a minimum of 10 of the 25 Holiday song titles listed in the Roools™ and insert them into a story. The CATCH: you cannot refer to them as titles.

There are two categories of competition.

Category 1: Best story (voted upon by the public)

Category 2: Most overall song titles used (highest count/verified by the Academy Roools Committee) Click here for more

Challenge 9
Must Xe-T.V.

The Challenge is to take one of the classic TV shows listed below and insert Xenaverse characters into the main character roles and then write a story, a script, a skit...something <.g.>

If you are a graphic artist...the challenge is to insert Xenaverse characters visually into (your choice of) the opening logo or a scene from the show.

Challenge 8
101 Story Premises or Premise, Premise Everywhere And Not A One Complete or Whole Lotto Stories Going On

The Challenge is to take one of our short paragraph premise/ideas and write it into submission...ummmm...write a submission. <.g.>
The catch, of course you knew there would be one, is you don't get to see all the premises...we ask that all participants pick a number between 1 and 101 and we will email you the premise which coincides with your pick.

The Bubble Wrap Challenge

The Royal Academy of Bards would like to announce that in conjunction with the MGBC...we will have, for a limited time, a special CafePress shop which will debut right after the conclusion of the contest. The proceeds from this shop will go to Pediatric Aids.


Challenge 7 (because there is no number 6)
AKA Holiday Havoc

The Challenge is to work a list of items into a holiday themed submission. There are 5 lists of 20 items each associated with 5 different holidays. This is a hard one to explain in just a few sentences, go to the rules page and find out more!

Challenge 5 - Summer Lovin'

♫ Summer lovin' had me a blast
Summer lovin' happened so fast
I met a warrior/doctor/cop/CEO/FBI Agent/lawyer/chef...crazy for me.
Met a bard/nurse/reporter/assistant/spy/paralegal/waitress...cute as can be. ♪
Summer days drifting away...
to oh oh the summer nights. ♪
Tell me more, tell me more...

Challenge 4 - Pulp Fiction
The Contest That Dare Not Speak It's Name
Read the Rules and more

It's based on those suggestive, offbeat, irreverent (and cheese-filled <.g.>) postcard-type images that graced the covers of paperbacks from the thirties to the seventies (the golden age of the paperback publishing business).

For examples go here:  PulpPostcards or The History of Lesbian Pulp Fiction


Challenge 2001 - The Royal Academy of Bards' Challenge #3...
Yes, Amphipolis, There Is A Xena Claus

Write a Solstice/holiday (in the winter or Christmas/New Years-time frame) story any length/any style (prose/verse/play-gen/alt), which contains certain elements


Design the Solstice/Holiday card (cover image) and write the inside sentiment that any character(s) in the Xenaverse (you choose) would send to her/his/their friends.

Challenge 2001 part II

CONGRATULATIONS... You have just been awarded the dream job of the television writing industry. You have been handpicked by the masses of fans to write the series ender for a beloved syndicated show about a kickass Warrior and her faithful Bard. You've been a fan of the show (and a renowned fanfic writer) for years and have your own thoughts as to the characters and their relationship. You come on board right after mid-season and know that they have several scripts already in preproduction but can choose to pick up your story (or story arc): 1) after MHR or WFC or SP and ignore FIN OR 2) extend the series one episode beyond the storyline of FIN OR 3) rewrite the storyline of FIN OR 4) you can scrap any/all those episodes and do it all your way You know it's gonna be a challenge...are you up to it? Do you go with your gut feelings ignoring the masses or cave in to the wishes of rabid fans who want final answers and resolution? Do you finally answer the "are they or aren't they" questions, graphically and without any doubts or do you dance around it to the bitter end? Do you tie up all the loose ends? Do you create new loose ends? Do you end it ambiguously in hopes you get a shot at a movie somewhere down the line? You have been given a blank check and complete creative control...will be it a raging epic action storyline or a smaller heartfelt relationship storyline? Drama or comedy? You are the boss.

Challenge 2001 part I

To create an original fictional interviewer character. It may be any type of media (TV talk show/news or radio, etc.), however, no name or likeness of a known celebrity. The fiction may be of any length and be seriously dramatic or incredibly comedic. Present or past seasons are fair game but no extreme future time periods. It must be set during a reasonable lifetime of the characters being interviewed. Your subject(s) for the interview...Xena:Warrior Princess and/or Gabrielle:Battling Bard of Potedia. This challenge was based on the Xena:Warrior Princess episode, "You Are There."


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