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Patricia Winterburn

Last Updated:  10/28/2005

The Amazons' First Christmas Tree   [Academy Solstice 2004]

Ares' Last Sword   ebook version available

A tribute to Kevin Smith. This is Xena and Gabrielle's last favour for the God of War.

Avery Stevens Maintenance Wizard   ebook version available

It's summer in the City of Toronto and Avery and Alice find themselves involved with guns and hostage taking, paddle boats and falling in love. It's a summer of new beginnings and forgetting the past.

Part 1  Part 2 

The City Of Lost Angels

In this clone fic, Xena and Gabrielle are introduced into the 21st century. It seems nothing has changed for our heros. They're still fighting for the greater good and kicking some bad ass along the way.

Elana's Legacy   ebook version available

Xena and Gabrielle get a gift from a couple of old friends.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  (with Debbie Dee)

Furkids And Lovers   ebook version available

Love comes in many forms, and when a stray dog came into Bette's life, who knew what that it would grow into a friendship and love with a certain other dog lover.

Going Home   ebook version available

Post FIN short story depicting the author's feelings on how Gabrielle would continue her journey and find a way to bring Xena back. It's always nice to have friends in "high" places.

Immortality And Greek Wizardry   ebook version available

This story is a what would happen to Xena and Gabrielle, if they were stuck in the 21st century after Send in The Clones.This is also what happens when your really bored at work and your obsession, fantasy and insanity start to become a reality. This is Sandra and Amy's story as seen through Sandra's eyes.

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It's The Great Pumpkin, Xena And Gabrielle   ebook version available

This is a first attempt at a children's bedtime story. It's also Hallowe'en, and it seems some old friends of ours are concerned about a certain little boy.

Once In A Lifetime   ebook version available

A short story, about a loving relationship that has ended. It is from the writers p.o.v.

Win, Loose, Or Tie


Detective Amanda Ellis Series

Jennifer Cassidy - Deceased   [Academy Bubblewrap Challenge 2003]

Snow, Hot Chocolate And You   [Academy Christmas 2003]

A Christmas Amanda Ellis story.

A Word To The Wise   ebook version available

Taking In Strays

It seems Dr. Sandra Wilson can't let her detective, Amanda Ellis, out of her eye sight. She's always getting into problem and bringing them home. It starts out with a walk on the beach.

Detective Amanda Ellis

Promises Kept

When Detectives Amanda Ellis and Mitchell Blake are handed a cold case file from 16 years ago, it brings back some bad memories and a ghost from Amanda and Sandy's past.

In God's Hands On A Monday Morning   ebook version available

Amanda and Sandy's world is shattered when the hospital is attacked by terrorists.

Mending Fences Along The Way   ebook version available

Some intimate time spent with Amanda and Sandy and Mitchell and Deb.

The Phone Call   ebook version available

Amanda's home sick with a cold. After falling asleep, she starts to dream about a certain phone call.

Through Kevin's Eyes   ebook version available

Amanda and Mitchell are sent undercover to a spa in Tucson Arizona. Feeling like the police department's whores, both women have some choices to make in their lives.

Don't Mess With Texas   ebook version available

Memories And Other Nightmares

Desert Secrets   ebook version available

Have We Met Before On This Halloween Night   ebook version available

It's Halloween night and the girls are going out to a party for the hospital's annual charity banquet. Except this year our four friends encounter some ghosts from the "roaring 20's", making this year a blast from the past.

Amanda Ellis And The Little Christmas Spirit   ebook version available

Father Christmas needs help from the spirit of a golden dog, in order to save the future for Amanda and a little girl. Some times the greatest gift given can be love.

A Visit From Satan On St. Valentines Day

It's Valentines Day and Amanda and her friends should be out celebrating with roses and love. But instead Satan returns from the dead, to spoil their lives once more.