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August 31st, 2006

Welcome to the Academy, Geonn Cannon!

After Echoes From a Gun by Geonn Cannon [alt/über/unfinished]
Oklahoma, 1889. Rose Skinner takes part in the historical Land Run, running not only for a piece of land but to escape her past. She emerges from the race victorious and soon finds work as a bartender. She makes friends and begins building a life but soon realizes that she will never be able to turn away from her violent destiny.
(These are the first two installments of a complete story. There will be thirteen chapters in all)

Summer Holiday by Lessa [original/alt/complete]
A lesbian summer holiday should be just like any other - shouldn't it?

August 30th, 2006

Thoughts on Being Crucified by Alcandre [classic/alt/complete]
What goes through someone's mind as they are being nailed to a piece of wood? Are they wishing for death right away or wanting one last glimpse of the world? Get inside Gabrielle's head during that crucial time of pain, longing, and sorrow.

August 29th, 2006

Added part 9 of Ghost Town-ing by Mickey Minner

August 28th, 2006

Song of Sorrow by Lessa [original/alt/complete]
A moment in time - a song of sorrow.

Added part 11 of Kim Pritekel's 1049 Club

Added part 8 of Reining in the Belle by S. Derkins

Added part 10 of Sinagua Skies by S. Derkins

August 27th, 2006

Added part 10 of Kim Pritekel's 1049 Club

August 26th, 2006

Coolwood by Cornwell [alt/original/unfinished]
Shavonne Nash cannot get over the guilt of what happened to her wife, Tisha during their seperation a year ago. Vonne thinks if she had never cheated, Tisha would not have been brutally attacked and raped. Trapped in their small town during a flood the two of them must face the horrors of what the rains have drudged from the swollen bayou that winds through their small town, Coolwood.

Added part 4 (conclusion) of Lost and Found by Xena's Girl

August 25th, 2006

Xena: Warrior Princess – Virtual Season 4 'Re-Deaux'
Episode 1 "Reunion" by Xena Lorber

I recently got the idea to do a different sort of Virtual Season. I'm starting out right after "Adventure in the Sin Trade" and veering off from Tapert's version from there. I am *very* subtext is maintext, so anything I submit will be that way.

Added part 9 of Kim Pritekel's 1049 Club

August 24th, 2006

Trust by Alex Ringler [alt/classic/complete]
This story takes place as if Xena lived after the end of the sixth season. Xena and Gabrielle come to a village under attack. When Gabrielle heads off to hide some villagers outside of the village Gabrielle is taken hostage. While trying to free her friend, Xena encounters one of the great ledgends of ancient Greece - Alexander the Great. But will this hero of heroes live up to his reputation? Or will Gabrielle's trust in him lead to disaster for her and her friend?

Added part 10 of To Hold Forever by Carrie Carr

August 23rd, 2006

Duality of Hope and Despair by Adam Allison [general/classic/unfinished]
Hercules has brought the rampage of the Warrior Princess to an end. Now Xena wants to move beyond the Sins of the Past. She wants to go home. But it is not so simple. In Poteidaia, Xena's anger causes a brash young girl to forsake any idea of following the warrior princess. And a powerful warlord takes advantage of Xena's foolish sentimentality to do as he pleases. Two minor alterations in their history causes the destiny of Xena and Gabrielle to be shattered with catastrophic results. But while one fate is denied, another far more malevolent one will be fulfilled. And the world will never be the same...

Added part 3 of Our Family by Lissa

Added part 7 of Just Breathe by S. Lynne

August 22nd, 2006

Added part 8 of 1049 Club by Kim Pritekel

August 21st, 2006

Added a revised version (Parts 1-4) of Path of Thorns by Annemaart

August 20th, 2006

All's Loopy That Starts Loopy by Crystal Mills [classic/alt/complete]
The bard and warrior are on a short break in the Amazon Village... signing treaties. After perchasing a new wine, and having a big party, the amazons soon find themselves with an... unusual problem, and a future threat that could destroy the Amazon Nation...

Added part 70 of Phantombard's In an Age Before

August 19th, 2006

Remains of a Nation by Michael Dobler [classic/complete]
On the way to enjoy their honeymoon, David and Gabrielle pass through some of Gabrielle's old stomping grounds and find all is not well in Gabrielle's former Amazon Kingdom. (part 4 for the 'Ancient Scrolls Series')

Added part 7 of 1049 Club by Kim Pritekel

August 18th, 2006

Once by Fingersmith [Original/alt/complete]
"She said she'd love me forever". But forever is a long time, as Beth Chambers found out. It always is when you're with the wrong woman. Once is her story.

Role Reversal by Fritz [PWP/alt/complete]
Will an encounter end before it starts based on assumptions of what we are and what we aren't?

The Dance Too by Lady J [PWP/alt/complete]
A Friday night like any other for Patricia and her co-workers.  Patricia is bored, same women, same music, same club.  Could a wayward bachelorette party lift her spirits?

Rain by Lady J [PWP/alt/complete]
A word need never be said when forbidden lust is finally quenched.

-from The Academy of Bards

The Academy of Bards is honored and proud to announce that we will have a special section for Amazon Trails, the site maintained by Lynka - Linda and Kathy for several years. Linda succumbed to cancer last week after a brave battle. We've received permission from Kathy and we mutually decided to keep the site completely intact, the way Linda left it. We may add a note from Kathy as she has time but other than that, the site Amazon Trails will be at

In Linda's honor, we have placed easy access to fund a free mammogram with just a click. Please click away in her honor. We'll miss her.

-From PD Publishing

PD Publishing is happy to announce the release of our latest title.  Talon by J.P. Mercer is ready for purchase.  You can find out all the information on Talon's webpage:  Another exciting story from the gifted author, J.P. Mercer.
Talon is coming out on the heels of our previous released book, Hearts and Flowers Border, by L.T. Smith (Fingersmith).  It's website is:  
Don't miss either of these wonderful stories.

August 17th, 2006

Brave New World by D [Wonder Woman/über crossover/alt/complete]
The year is 2043. For over one hundred years, the world has been ruled by Nazi tyranny. The Japanese are an acknowledged power within the Reich, but they concede the supreme leadership of the Fuehrer. The United States, because of its choice to remain isolated during the conflict that was World War II, is now an occupied territory of the Nazi regime. It is also home to the Resistance. This is the story of their fight for freedom.

Added part 7 of Nwyn by PsiDraconis

August 15th, 2006

Added part 6 of 1049 Club by Kim Pritekel

August 14th, 2006

Ownership by S. Berry [alt/original/complete]
Synopsis pending.

Added Part 9 of Sinagua Skies by S. Derkins

Added Part 36 of Beneath the Brambles by Lady Savay

Added a revised version of Part 9 (conclusion) of Deception by Erin O'Rielly

Added Part 5 of A Different Time, A Better Time by Adrienne

August 13th, 2006

From Xenaversity

Okay all you graphic designers who just can't get enough CREATIVE JUICES flowing (can we cook with those juices??)

The NEW Xenaversity website is only ONE WEEK away and I would love to put a cool Xena/Gabrielle picture on the FRONT MAIN page. I am looking for something cool and creative (not JUST a picture of X & G, but some neat but not overly busy collage)

If you win, of course, you get your COLLAGE on the MAIN page of our website for all to see! Plus you'll be added to our new FanWORKS gallery for the rest of time...

SUBMIT your artwork to not later than Friday August 18th and the winner will be announced THAT weekend when the new website premieres!!

Size of the collage: 300 pixels by 300 pixels. The color scheme of the website includes mostly purple, so feel free to incorporate that in as well. It doesn't have to say anything, mostly looking for a XENA/GAB presence!! Artwork, photos, you name it...


Sunday Interlude by Lessa [original/alt/complete]
What exactly can you do on a Sunday when the kids have gone out?

Added Part 8 of Sinagua Skies by S. Derkins

August 12th, 2006

The Treasure of the Amazons by DJ Belt [alt/Mel & Janice/complete]
An astounding discovery in an English archaeological dig propels Mel and Jan into danger and adventure as Jan teams with her ancestor, Gabrielle, in a frantic search for The Treasure of the Amazons and Mel's rescue from a grim fate in this, the eleventh story in the continuing Mel and Jan series.

Added Part 9 (conclusion) of Deception by Erin O'Rielly

Added Part 9 of To Hold Forever by Carrie Carr

August 11th, 2006

Added part 27 of Double Play by Cruise

August 10th, 2006

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Linda Osborne AKA Lynka.
She succumbed to cancer Tues. August 8, 2006. She leaves behind her partner of over 25 years, Kathy.
Lynka loved the Xenaverse so much she started a web page for the writers of fan fiction and other enthusiasts of the show.
That webpage, Amazon Trails, was her "baby" for many years. Her health had been deteriorating for some time, but Linda never gave up or stopped fighting. She exemplified the warrior she believed was in every woman

Fruition by S. Berry [alt/über/complete]
A sweet PWP that shows sometimes you do get the girl of your dreams

Added part 5 of 1049 Club by Kim Pritekel

August 9th, 2006

Added part 14 of Stud by S. Berry

Added part 5 of Daonnan by Tara Cullen

August 8th, 2006


Added part 13 of Stud by S. Berry

Added part 69 of Phantombard's In an Age Before

More Feedback from the Hall of Fame Inductees-

From Carrie Carr-
Could you please pass this along?

After I picked myself up off the floor, I couldn't help but marvel at the generosity and kindness of the readers who voted for Lex and Amanda (they're psyched, too!). This is truly a great honor, and I'm still in awe of the amazing, talented company I find myself in. I'm thrilled beyond words, which is something new for me <g>. Thank you especially to the wonderful folks at the Academy, who continue to be an inspiration to us all.


From D-

A quick note of thanks to all the *very* patient readers of the Valiant Series who've read and continue to wait for the final installment to be finished and still took the time to vote the Series into the Academy Hall of Fame. Pink & Fluffy greatly appreciate the honor, as do I. :-) Thanks ya'll - readers ROCK!!
And to the many fine folks at the Academy who continue to promote reading and writing - Thanks for the hard work ya'll do every day to provide a home for many wonderful stories. It is greatly appreciated by readers and writers alike - so thank you all very much.


August 7th, 2006

Two more stories for the Between the Lines Series by Linda Crist

2.10 - Sloe Gin on a Southern Porch Swing (post "The Xena Scrolls")
2.11 - Masquerade (post "Here She Comes, Miss Amphipolis")

Afterwards: Epilogue by Adam Chiron [classic/alt/complete]
My story of Gabrielle after the passing of Xena's spirit comes to a close with this short story. It may be a bit sappy. But I think it brings closure to my tale in an interesting and emotional way.

Added Part 12 of Stud by S. Berry

Added Part 4 of 1049 Club by Kim Pritekel

August 6th, 2006

Testimony by Lessa [original/alt/complete]
In the Christian world people are encouraged to develop their testimony on how they became a Christian. This is a Lesbian testimony.

The Kiss by Lessa [original/alt/complete]
A short interlude following the events of First Sight

August 5th, 2006

Added part 3 of Lost and Found by Xena's Girl

August 4th, 2006

Note from Nene Adams

Hello, all!

Once again, I come to you asking for assistance. We thought we'd be okay, but something horrible and unexpected has happened. For certain reasons, I can't really go into details right now, but after I spent a lot of time and effort on some paying jobs, a considerable amount of money I was owed has not come in, nor does it look like I will ever get paid as it seems the person has, despite promises, reneged and refuses return my inquiries. The sick disappointment is awful. We were really counting on that money to keep us afloat until Corrie can complete a commission. At this point, I can't pay the rent and we have no money for groceries. I'm not so concerned with myself as I am for our fur kids. Nevermind that I was finally going to afford reading glasses - I'll be hitting the big 4-0 in October, and my vision isn't what it used to be - I'd be happy paying our bills and avoiding the bailiffs at this point.

If you can give anything at all, I'd be grateful. Thanks to everyone for your past generosity, your well wishes and your support. They mean a lot to me. Because I've been working on other things (in vain, as it turns out), I haven't had time to write a special Supporters-only story, but I will try to do something in the next week or so to express my gratitude.

There is a PayPal link on my Library page at

Or you could go to PayPal directly:
My account is listed under

With your assistance, we can - I hope - get over this disappointment and should be okay, at least for the next couple of months.

Nene Adams
Visit the CorrieWeb store for cool original merchandise: http://www.cafepress/corriewebstore

Added Part 8 of Deception by Erin O'Rielly
Added Part 11 of Stud by S. Berry
Added A Short Oestra Story by Linda Crist
A short visit with Kennedyand Carson on Easter morning, present day.
Added Once Upon a Future Time by Linda Crist
Setten years afterBluest Eyes, Kennedy tells the children bedtime stories, and then Carson has a very special bedtime story for Kennedy.

Note from Mickey Minner

I would like to thank the Academy and I can't wait to receive my little golden statuette.........Wrong Academy??

Oh. I would like to thank all the little people that made this possible.......Wrong again?? Um...

Ok, seriously. I was caught completely by surprise when I was notified of this honor and all I can say is IT WAS MIND-BLOWING!!

Thishonor is special for a number of reasons but the most important is that it is the fans whochoose the inductees.
And that makes it all the more special.

I know Jesse, Jennifer, KC and Charley would also like to say --

Thank you so much. <VBG>

The Sweetwater Saga series

August 3rd, 2006

Added Part 3 of 1049 Club by Kim Pritekel
Added Part 10 of Stud by S. Berry
Added The Sea-ment God by Phalon (gen/short/complete)

Announcement from Jude Morgan

Learning to Trust by J Y Morgan - available for pre-order (release date August 5th, 2006)
ISBN 978-1-932300-59-8

Jace Xanthos, the director of a college Achievement Center has a new graduate assistant, Taryn Murphy. The women cannot avoid spending time with each other, as they are part of an extended family. Both have their secrets and reasons not to trust, but when they find themselves opening up to each other, they realize their problems are very similar. Can a friendship develop between them or will their pasts haunt them forever?

This is a Yellow Rose Book.

Purchase from StarCrossed Productions

Note from Dabkey

Holy Hannah!<blink, blink> Academy Hall of Fame- now that's some dem fine company, for sure, and I'm very, very honored, thank you. Please pass on my thanks to the readers who've supported and helped me along the way, and to all the 'behind the scenes' folks at the academy who make such a great site available.

August 2nd , 2006

Added Part 6 (conclusion) of Queen and Goddess by Adam Chiron
Added Part 4 of A Different Time, A Better Time by Adrienne
Added Part 68 of In an Age Before by Phantombard
Added Part 6 of Nwyn by PsiDraconis
Added Part 9 of Stud by S. Berry

Added Esta Noche by L. Crystal Michallet-Romero (complete)

Announcement from OZ

WOW...another July has bit the dust and with it another successful Feed The Bards campaign. Y'all told dozens of Bards how much you appreciated them sharing their talents with you and possibly kick-started a few muses along the way too. Ya done good.

Our Fan of the Year 2006,for stuffing the most Bards, is the one and only (and the world breathes a sigh of relief <.bg.>):


CONGRATULATIONS to Chris and a big round of applause <.APPLAUSE.> to EVERYONE who took the time to feed a Bard or twelve.<.g.> Y'all ROCK!

In addition, to the FTB event we also ask y'all to send in your nominations for the new inductees to the Academy Hall of Fame. Last year we inducted 10 Bards and 15 Stories/Series. ..we intended to induct 5 Bards and 10 Stories/Series each year thereafter. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. Due to ties in the voting...we will induct 15 Stories/Series this yearinstead.

Yeah, I know...what a hardship. LOL

Before you ask...there were 127 Bards receiving nominations and over 200 different Stories/Series nominated. WOW!

The author's pages will be updated with the HOF statuette graphic (both for Bard and Story/Series winners). In addition, if the5 new Bard inductees will contact me privately (, I would like to send you our HOF medallion.

Anyway, without further ado...

The Class of 2006: HOF Inductees

5 BARDS (in alphabetical order)
Nene Adams
BL Miller
T. Novan
D. Jordan Redhawk

10...ummm 15Stories/Series (we had ties <.shrug.>)

TOP vote getter for 2006
And Playing the Role Herself...(Dabkey)

The rest of the best (in alphabetical order)
Amazonia Series (Ali Vali)
A Valiant Heart Series (D)
Cold (Midgit)
Destiny Series (JM Dragon)
Galveston 1900 (Linda Crist)
Hearts and Flowers Border (Fingersmith)
Iditarod (D. Jordan Redhawk)
Jess/Robin Series (KM)
Jesse/Jennifer Series (Mickey Minner)
Lex/Amanda Series (Carrie Carr)
Modern Crusaders Series (PsiDraconis)
Tempus Fugit (Mavis Applewater)
The Return (Tas)
TheSoulmate Series (Melissa Good)

Lifetime Achievement Award
Joanna Sandsmark aka WordWarior aka Wordee

Fan of the Year
Chris lawlesseyes@

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