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June 30th, 2007

KC and Grump by Mickey Minner [original/alt/complete]
KC and Grump is a short story with the characters from my Sweetwater Saga. While Jesse is away from the ranch, KC decides to help her grandfather. What could possible go wrong? ‹G›

55 Word Stories

Seasons by IseQween

June 29th, 2007

Figurine by Geonn [original/alt/complete]
Squire's Isle is just the latest stop on a long tour for rock star Dash Warren. After a long day of signing autographs, she wanders into a local bar and meets a young singer who may change Dash's outlook on life... and her career.

Added part 2 of Unconquerable Hearts by Gabrixena2007

June 28th, 2007

Added part 13 (conclusion) of Echoes of the Past by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

June 27th, 2007

Added part 3 of Patient Zero by Andrea Doria

Added part 9 of The Last Good Day by Amy Boatman

June 25th, 2007

Welcome to the Academy - Gabrixena 2007!

Unconquerable Heart Part 1 by Gabrixena 2007 [Conqueror/alt/incomplete]
Valeria, the Conqueror's Commander comes home to Corinth after ten years at war and immediately falls in love with the young concubine Gabrielle given to her as a gift for her ten years loyal service but soon realises that Xena has other plans for her.

Book Announcement from KG MacGregor —

I am happy to announce the return of Malicious Pursuit, available now from Bella Books. This was my first stab at writing a thriller, and I learned a great deal about pacing, twists and loose ends. Thanks to all of you who wrote me about the early version. I’m entertaining an idea for a sequel, so here’s hoping MP finds an expanded audience among the Bella faithful and those new to lesbian fiction.

For those who purchased a previous edition, thank you, and please put your wallets away. You won’t find any substantive changes in this one, just a correction here and there. The synopsis and first two chapters are available at www.kgmacgregor.com.

June 22nd, 2007

Added part 12 of Echoes of the Past by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

June 21st, 2007

Added part 2 of Licit Cusp by Weebod

-from Brisk Publishing

Susan X Meagher and Brisk Press are pleased to announce that Cherry Grove and Fidelity: Book Six of the I Found My Heart In San Francisco series are available for purchase.

These books join All That Matters, Arbor Vitae and the first five books of the IFMHISF series at the Brisk Press online website for purchase.

If you are interested in owning some of these wonderful lesbian novels log on to www.briskpress.com . All books purchased on the Brisk Press site will be autographed by Susan. All titles are in stock and ready for shipment.

June 19th, 2007

Sticks N Bones by MBInc [original/alt/complete]
Jane finally got herself a date...but will things go as planned? (Sequel to Chicken)

June 17th, 2007

Message from OZ:

As promised...while the writers are (hopefully) toiling away at the Criss-Crossover Bard Challenge, we are giving you patient readers a chance to win some Academy goodies too.

Evil J & I present to you the "Untitled Punzle."

You can applaud now.


Oh, why is it untitled? You'll have to read the instructions. ‹.snicker.›

Here's the direct link: http://www.academyofbards.org/contest/2007/criss-crossover/puncontest2007.html
Or you can get to it from the current Challenge page: http://www.academyofbards.org/contest/2007/criss-crossover/index.html

Evil J did a terrific job putting the graphic together & PT built the page & gave you a link so you could download a bigger version of the image. The deadline for entries is July 1st.

Also...don't forget to spread the word of the challenge to all your favorite fanfic writers...no matter what fandom they write. Drop them an email & let them know about it. We would love to have a big turnout & bard challenge first-timers seem to do awfully well.

Okay...go play.

Now, I'm off to find a good hiding place for me & J...I think we are gonna need it.
Hey J, whatcha think about the islands this time of year?

June 16th, 2007

PD Announcement:

Barb and I are very excited to announce the signing of another author! Anne Laughlin has contracted her story Sometimes Quickly to be published with PD in the Spring of '08.

For information, please check out our website at www.pdpublishing.com or write to us at publisher@pdpublishing.com.

Thanks for supporting all our authors.


Added part 11 of Echoes of the Past by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

Added the conclusion of Birdie's Day in the Life by Onesockbard

June 15th, 2007

Added part 17 (conclusion) of AK Naten's Second Son

June 14th, 2007

- from PD Publishing

PD Announcement:

Barb and I have a number of fantastic announcements to make today!

First, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Kim Pritekel! Lessons has been selected by the Civil Rights Coalition as a June 2007 Book Club selection! Read more about it from the Civil Rights Book Club website (AND weekly newsletter!).

We are also pleased to announce two new books signed:
Fast Break by Mickey Minner to be published in Winter 2008

Face Your Fears by Jeffrey L. Stoddard to be published in Winter 2008
Please check out the author pages or go to www.pdpublishing.com or write to publisher@pdpublishing.com if you have any questions.   Thanks for the continued support of our authors and their wonderful stories. 

- from Jo Fothergill
The LESBIAN FICTION READERS CHOICE AWARDS were started to provide the readers of lesbian fiction a voice and we are extremely proud to say that the readers responded. In our inaugural award period, members nominated over 230 books representing 135 writers and over 1,000 votes were cast during the voting period.
We can only say, WOW!! 
We are very pleased to announce the results of the 2006 LESBIAN FICTION READERS CHOICE AWARDS.
In alphabetical order, the Readers' Favorites are:

Favorite Lesbian Fiction Writer
- Fletcher, Jane
- Good, Melissa
- Hill, Gerri
- Meagher, SX
- Radclyffe Favorite Lesbian Fiction

Anthology/Story Collection of 2006
- 18th & Castro - Karin Kallmaker
- Erotic Interludes for Extreme Passions - Radclyffe
- Lessons in Love - Radclyffe/S Seaman
- Romance for Life - Lake/Young
- Wild Abandon - Ronica Black

Favorite Lesbian Fiction Romance Book of 2006
- Carly's Sound - Ali Vali
- None So Blind - LJ Maas
- Passion's Bright Fury - Radclyffe
- Tropical Storm - Melissa Good
- Turn Back Time - Radclyffe

Favorite Lesbian Fiction Mystery Book of 2006
- A Matter of Trust - Radclyffe
- Black by Gaslight - Nene Adams
- The Devil Unleashed - Ali Vali
- Idaho Code - Joan Opyr
- The Killing Room - Gerri Hill
- Unexpected Sparks - GL Dartt

Favorite Lesbian Fiction Adventure Book of 2006
- Promising Hearts - Radclyffe
- Snow Moon Rising - Lori L Lake
- Sweetwater - Mickey Minner
- The Devil Inside - Ali Vali
- The Devil Unleashed - Ali Vali

Favorite Lesbian Fiction Speculative Fiction/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book of 2006
- Broken Wings - LJ Baker
- Journey's End - LJ Maas
- The Exile and The Sorcerer - Jane Fletcher
- The Growing - SM Beck/O Skat'si
- The Three - Meghan O'Brien

And because this was the first year for the LFRCA, we added a category for books released prior to 2006 -- Favorite Pre-2006 Lesbian Fiction Book
- Accidental Love - BL (Brenda) Miller
- Fated Love - Radclyffe
- Hunter's Way - Gerri Hill
- Madam President - Cooper/Novan
- Tiopa Ki Lakota - D Jordan Redhawk

The LESBIAN FICTION READERS CHOICE AWARDS are not just about awards. Activities are planned year-round to provide readers a voice. Regular features will include Reader Interviews and Rate That Book polls. The LFRCA is open to any reader of Lesbian Fiction and joining is easy. For more information on the LFRCA or to join in the fun, go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LesbianFictionReadersChoiceAwards/
Thank you.
Jo Fothergill
LFRCA Administrator

June 13th, 2007

Welcome to the Academy, Xenamungrrr!

Living in the Past: Book One - Ripples in the Water by Xenamungrrr[alt/über/unfinished]
Sarah, the modern day great niece of Mel and Janice, finds the means to go back in time and save Xena from the events of "A Friend in Need."  Will her efforts to change the past succeed?

Something Between Them by Akiela Xal [classic/alt/complete]
Xena and Gabrielle get a big surprise when Ares plays a practical joke on them

Party Games by Akiela Xal [classic/some alt/graphic/complete]
While attending a friend’s birthday party, Xena and Gabrielle discover the joy of party games.

from Lara Zielinsky

This Saturday, June 16, I will be reading and signing books at my local Barnes & Noble from 12-4pm. If you are in the Central Florida area, mapquest 2418 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida, and join me for some great author mingling!
Just finalized! Saturday, June 30, I will be selling books and signing at St Pete Pride Festival, http://www.stpetepride.com/ with Bett Norris, author of Miss McGhee.

June 12th, 2007

-from Steph

Today, I received some very upsetting news. One of our munchkins - the one who is the glue who holds us together - found out she was sick. Very sick. I feel like I've been punched in the stomach and at the same time am totally disbelieving.

Michelle de la Rosa is the one who subs for me when I need time off, who keeps us on our toes and doesn't let anything get passed by. She's a great graphic artist and a good friend.

Please, everyone say prayers or light candles or think good thoughts - do whatever it is that you do to send positive energy her way. For now, that's what we can do. We might ask more from you guys soon but right now, just please send healing vibes her way.
Thank you.

Prison Grove by Geonn Cannon [original/alt/complete]
Elizabeth Hudson hasn't had much to look forward to having spent the last fifteen years serving a life sentence for murder. Her new cellmate - young, confused and scared out of her wits - brings out the maternal instinct in Elizabeth and she takes the frightened girl under her wing.

Future's Past by Akielaxal [classic/alt/complete]
When Velasca finally escapes her rocky tomb, Xena and Gabrielle are thrust into a race against the clock to save their lives

Season's Change by Boudica X [original/alt/complete]
The second in a line of stories that is quickly becoming a series.  You will need to read A Season of Loss to understand anything that is going on in this one.  Jess and Mac continue on in thier lives...together?

Added part 78 of In an Age Before by Phantombard

Added part 5 of Missing by ME Tudor


June 10th, 2007

Added part 13 of The Message by J. A. Breeze

June 9th, 2007

Surrender by Lori A. Meyers [alt/classic/complete]
Gabrielle of Poteidaia is engaged to her cousin Lyceus and awaits the arrival of the wedding party that will escort her to her wedding in Amphipolis--but destiny will not be denied.

Hot For Teacher by Jesse KW James [Über/alt/complete]
Samantha Morgan comes back to school after the summer break and her world is turned upside down when she meets the new gym teacher. What she doesn't know is that meeting her turned Coach Dianne Rainer's world upside down too.

Added the conclusion of A Different Time, a Better Time by ARS Williams

June 8th, 2007

Licit Cusp by Weebod [alt/original/unfinished]
This story begins in September 1986. Shona MacLeod, an eighteen year old from a small Island off the west coast of Scotland is leaving home for the first time to study at university. This is the story of her struggle to cope with a domineering father and her attraction to a woman she meets in the city.

Added part 10 of Echoes of the Past by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

June 7th, 2007

“Serendipity” or “How Xena got Gabrielle to Shut Up” or “A Xenaverse Fairytale” by Lori A. Meyers [alt/classic/complete]
A little story on how Xena finally got Gabrielle to shut up.

- from Missy Good

Folks -

Need some help here. I think most folks know Renee has done a film called Diamonds and Guns - she showed a bit of it at the convention the other day. As a bit of research, could everyone who would like to see this released please go to IMDB.com - search on Renee's name, and then click on "Diamonds and Guns" - it would be very helpful.



June 6th, 2007

Added part 5 of Two Part Harmony by Colleen

Added Read These Lips: Openings edited by Evecho and Linda Lorenzo

from Blue Feather Books

Blue Feather Books is happy to announce the release of two new titles.
Up in the Air, the exciting sequel to The Fellowship, by K. Darblyne:
With seven months to go in her Trauma Fellowship, Dr. Garrett Trivoli is finding many things in her life uncertain. When she attempts to enlist hospital funding to create a lone survivor support group, Garrett is offered a counter proposal by the hospital Board of Directors: she and nurse Danni Bossard, her roommate and friend, will become the hospital's Trauma Flight Team. As the two women grow closer together, they are torn between friendship, love, and duty. Will their mission be compromised by emerging realizations, or will their good intentions drive them further away from the truth and from each other? As each woman searches for her own set of answers, their lives--and their jobs--are up in the air.

Intuition, by KM:
In this sequel to Undeniable and Considerable Appeal, Jessica Harrison, a junior partner at a prestigious Florida law firm, and Robin Wilson, a young associate at the same firm, continue their journey of life and love together. Even as their bond grows stronger, they find their relationship tested in a profound and unexpected way.
An unwelcome intruder into their lives surfaces, causing much more than trouble between them and revealing weaknesses Robin and Jess must confront. Complicating matters further, a devastating revelation threatens to overwhelm them.
The decisions they make and how they overcome the past will ultimately determine their future together. The sixth sense is at play as they learn that things aren't always what they seem... or are they? But some things just never change, and Jess and Robin will have to summon every ounce of instinct from deep within themselves to survive the challenges that await them, and prove that their love is indeed stronger than the forces that seek to destroy. Intuition is what it is all about.

From Evecho:

ReadTheseLips.com presents a lesbian short fiction anthology in Read These Lips: Openings. We are pleased to bring you twenty-one reflections on lesbian life in stories and poetry ranging from fantasy and science fiction to erotica and everyday issues, showcasing some of the increasing diversity and complexity in lesbian fiction today.

AK Naten, Anne Azel, Anne Laughlin, Beatriz Copello, JLNicky, Lara Zielinsky, MsPrism, Pearlie McNeill, Ren Peters, Renée Strider, Shadylady, Therese Szymanski, Tricia Dearborn and Trish Shields have generously donated their works for our first edition. We invite you to pick up a free copy from www.readtheselips.com. The Academy has also archived a copy of the PDF.

June 4th, 2007

Quittin' Time by Jesse KW James [original/alt/complete]
When a relationship turns abusive, there comes a time when you have to make a decision. Does Cass have the strength to decide when it's quittin' time?
Warning: Contains domestic violence including rape.

June 3rd, 2007

Oz here...
‹.looking around.›
Yeah, you...

I have to make this announcement and I don't want the Boss to see it. Y'see, I am announcing the Summer Bard Challenge. Yeah, I know...nothing new there right? Well, this time I kinda stepped out of the box. The Royal Academy...archive to a gazillion X&G fanfics is having...

‹.looking around again nervously.›

a Multi-fandom Bard Challenge.

Yep...Bard Challenge #17 is the Criss-Crossover Challenge. It involves characters from a variety of fandoms. I'm sure, if all you bards out there check our list, you can find some you would just love to play with and I know our loyal (and rabid) readers are rooting for you.

The premise and Roools are posted here:

But in a nutshell...the premise involves writing a story using some of the single characters or pairings of characters from other fandoms and putting them in a story to interact with X & G. Please read Roool #1 carefully...it explains all.

Okay...go to it...deadline is July 1st. Oh and one more thing...for you non-writers...we will be having a Punzle Contest as well. Look for it around the middle of the month. We are evil-ing it up. Buwhahahaha

Whoops! I gotta go...I hear the Boss coming. Good Luck y'all.

Her Final Chapter by TwinkerHell [postFIN/alt/complete]
10 years after the death of her soulmate, with their daughter by her side, The Battling Bard finally finds peace.

Added part 4 of Extended Intentions by Jynaki

Added part 15 of A Different Time, a Better Time by ARS Williams

55 Word

Perfect III by IseQween

Silver Lining by IseQween

June 2nd, 2007

Added part 9 , part 10 and part 11 (conclusion) of Diplomacy by S. Derkins

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