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WANTED: Bard. Do you love romance? Live for drama? Get the giggles writing comedy? The Academy wants you. It's time for the Summer Bard Challenge (#19). The Challenge is called "Personally Yours." The premise is simple...take one of our 12 personal ads and write a story around it. You can get our list of ads, roools and any other info you need here:

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April 30th, 2008

-from Intaglio Publications

Intaglio Publications is very pleased to announce two new authors.

A.C. Henley hails from the quiet and historic city of Paris, Texas. A.C. has two passions: She's a pastry chef at the Paris Bakery by day and writer of lesbian fiction by night. When A.C. is not creating delectable confections or writing true crime novels, you can find her and her lifelong partner traveling about east Texas exploring A.C.'s other love, photography.
Her first full-length novel, the mystery/romance The Return, will be published by Intaglio in 2009.

Maria V. Ciletti is a registered nurse working as a medical administrator. She has written several medical practice management articles published in Ohio State Medical Association's Practice Essentials, Medical Economics Magazine and Family Practice Management Magazine.
Her fiction credits include: Three short stories were published in anthologies by Alyson: "Summer the First Time, 1985," "Unexpected Pleasures", and "The Things You Do For Love." The short story, "Jane Doe", was published in Bella Books anthology, Call of the Dark. Recently accepted by Haworth (Taylor & Francis), her short story, "Don't Sing: Growing up Lesbian in Catholic School," will be published in their Queer and Catholic anthology, due out in July 2008.
Her first novel, The Choice, published by Haworth Press is a 2007 Lambda Literary nominee for debut fiction. The sequel, Clinical Distance, will be published in 2009 by Intaglio Publications. She is currently working on a new novel about two young widows, one gay, one straight and what happens when their lives Collide.
Maria is a member of GCLS. She lives in Niles, Ohio with her partner Rose. She can be contacted through her website www.mariaciletti.com.

April 29th, 2008

Sweet Salvation by KW Jordan
Ronin returns to Byron, but is it too late for her to save Jesse? This story is the sequel to "The Birth of Lord Jesse".

Added part 12 of Lights and Sirens by Jeanine Hoffman

April 28th, 2008

Announcement from KG MacGregor

Secrets So Deep is now available for pre-order from Bella Books. It’s a courtroom drama set in Washington, DC, and has a little something for everyone—suspense, romance, sweaty sheets … and this one marks my first (and I hope not last) opportunity to work with renowned lesbian fiction author Katherine V. Forrest as my editor. For more information, including Chapter 1, please visit http://www.kgmacgregor.com/. Synopsis: Since assuming her late husband’s congressional seat, Glynn Wright has led a quiet life of devoted service and motherhood, earning a reputation as a dependable soldier in her party.

When her sixteen-year-old son Sebby tries to take his own life, Glynn is prepared to sacrifice everything to save him—including the revelation of her past relationships with women, a move that would likely mean the end of her political career a nd estrangement from her family.

One by one, Sebby’s secrets spill with devastating consequences for Glynn. Even Charlotte, Sebby’s psychiatrist, suffers from the fallout as her faith in Glynn—and the growing attraction they can’t resist—puts her at odds with her profession. Together, they search for the only thing that can save them—the truth about Glynn’s husband’s tragic death.

KG MacGregor

-- Coming in May 2008 from Bella Books, Secrets So Deep

April 26th, 2008

Lost Kingdom by J. M. Dragon (original/alt/unfinished)
With little regard for their safety, Princess Seera of the planet Corinthian sets her small shuttle on a course of destruction by insisting on the creation of a wormhole. That arrogance sets the backdrop for Princess Seera and her entourage in a journey of passion, unrequited love and treachery. Once they've landed on the planet Earth they find that survival isn't the only thing they must contend with.

April 25th, 2008

Evermore by Mavis (über/PWP)
Evermore is the third and final installment to Mavis Applewater's Everlasting Series. Raven & Alithea face their final challenge which could cost them everything.

Added part 21 (conclusion) of Lissa’s Journey of Love & Life
Set after Succession in the beginning of Season 5 Xena and Gabrielle's homes are being threatened by war, and Athena comes to their rescue, this is a first time story that becomes a series about the love and life of Xena and Gabrielle after the events of the first few episodes of Season 5, yes Xena still ends up pregnant and there are still some pivotal things in Season 5 that must happen, but this takes their travels too different places and answers a lot of questions that I think were left unanswered by the series.

April 24th, 2008

Added part 2 of Curious Whine by Msprism
[new synopsis] Following the time honored tradition where the Ruler of the Known World is tall, dark and brooding, and the small blond one is sneaky. Gabitina, a new slave to the Imperial Palace has caught the eye of The Conqueror. However, this new handmaiden is none other than the notorious assassin Gabrielle, the Golden Wolf of Potidaea, hired by the local rebel cell to infiltrate the Palace and kill the Empress.

Added part 7 of Adam Chiron's Duality of Hope and Despair

April 23rd, 2008

The Guardian by Terias McKlay [über/alt/complete]
As a wave of crime breaks across her city a young vigilante, Mariska, struggles to safeguard the innocent and discover the identity of a criminal mastermind. The answer to her question threatens to destory not only the hero but also the city she has sworn to protect.

Added part 11 of Jeanine Hoffman's Lights and Sirens

April 21st, 2008

Added part 9 and part 10 of Lights and Sirens by Jeanine Hoffman

Added Parts 10-12 of Destiny's Choice by Karen Hockemeyer


Intaglio Publications, Inc. is proud to announce the release of Tomahawk'd by Diane S Bauden

By: Diane S Bauden
ISBN: 978-1-933113-90-6
Available now at www.bellabooks.com and SCP at www.scp-inc.biz/
Price: $16.95

At a Wisconsin resort, Jackson and Erin meet as children forming a bond that is continued through letters even after the summer ends. Their adolescence is turbulent and it finds them separated from each other until an emergency in Jack's life brings them back together in adulthood.

Tomahawk'd, a coming of age story, full of suspense and twists with characters to love and hate.

- From Claudia Wilde
Check out the first issue of the Bedazzled Ink Newsletter. Find out about the newest releases and upcoming books.


Go to http://www.bedazzledink.com/roguebooks/xenaversescrolls and be a part of the Xenaverse history so everyone else can read about all the fun they've been missing! Participation is definitely a free ticket to the Elysian Fields.

April 19th, 2008

Miss-Match by Aurelia and A. C. Henley [alt/über/complete]
Clancy Fitzgerald's life was a mess. Thirty was approaching at light speed and she was still a virgin. Not even the experienced matchmaker, Minerva Goldberg, could ease her distress…at least not until Minerva organized an extraordinary blind date. Carmen Pratka had approached the date with no expectations but soon found herself challenged to not only convince the woman she was gay but that she was the right woman for the job.

Being Original by Spheeris 1
A lovely alt-X/G tale... Gabrielle is trying to write and notices all her stories have the same protagonist.

The Watcher by Spheeris 1
1 of 5 super-short fics, not truly connected...except for the love between Xena & Gabrielle.

The Realization by Spheeris 1
2 of 5 super-short fics

Say It by Spheeris 1
3 of 5 super-short fics

The Shield by Spheeris 1
4 of 5 super-short fics

Love and Affection by Spheeris 1
5 of 5 super-short fics

April 18th, 2008

Rooted Sorrow by Roman Silence [classic/alt/complete]
Three season cycles after Gabrielle's death in Britannia, Xena has found a new life and a new insight into herself with the help of an old friend.

Added part 5 of Fortress at the Edge of the World by Mickey Minner

April 17th, 2008

Added part 5 through 9 (conclusion) of Choices by Spheeris 1
Gabrielle is tired of waiting for Xena to choose *just* her as a lover and one true love... Angst and lust follows our two women as they both must make decisions about their relationship.

Questions by Spheeris 1
Xena tries to figure out her feelings for Gabrielle...by talking to herself too much.

A Good Nights Sleep by Spheeris 1
Gabrielle gets plied with drink and stumbles back to her bed. Yes, Xena is waiting.

April 16th, 2008

Added part 8 of Lights and Sirens by Jeanine Hoffman

Added part 4 of Choices by Spheeris 1

April 15th, 2008

Choices by Spheeris 1 [alt/original X&G/unfinished]
Gabrielle is not sure she can wait for Xena to decide on which way their 'relationship' will go. Angst and lust follows as both women try to make the right decision.

Added part 7 of Lights and Sirens by Jeanine Hoffman

-from Blue Feather Books

Blue Feather Books is pleased to announce the release of The Thirty-Ninth Victim, a haunting memoir written by Arleen Williams, now available to order.

The Green River murders were headline news throughout the 1980s. By the time the perpetrator was sentenced in 2003, at least 48 young women had met an untimely death at his hands.

What started as as string of local killings in Seattle became a national nightmare before it was over. In homes all across America, television news programs and newspapers large and small carried feature stories about the ever-growing list of victims.

Now imagine that during this time, someone you love--your baby sister, a beautiful young woman of 19--suddenly goes missing. The police are at best unhelpful, and at worst, seemingly uninterested in what's happened to her.

And then comes word you hoped you'd never receive: your youngest sister's remains have been found. She is yet another victim of the Green River killer.

With amazing candor, Arleen Williams tells the story of her family's journey, before and after the Green River killer murdered her sister Maureen and left her body in a stretch of wilderness off the west side of Highway 18. As insightful as it is heart wrenching, The Thirty-Ninth Victim gives you a window into the family dynamics that contributed to this life-altering tragedy.

This is a memoir unlike any other. The author set out to tell Maureen's story, but in doing so, she tells bits and pieces of every family's story. You cannot read this profoundly personal and cataclysmic tale and come away unchanged, nor will you ever view your own family in quite the same way.

You will applaud Ms. Williams's courage in sharing this recounting of her family's trauma through one of the most atrocious streaks of serial killings in American history. And like the family, you will never forget The Thirty-Ninth Victim. __._,_.___


April 14th, 2008

P.D. Publishing Announcement:
Barb and I are happy to announce that we have signed Moondancer Drake's Worlds Collide to be published in Fall 2009. For more information about this title or any other, please go to our website, www.pdpublishing.com. Thanks for supporting our authors! ~ Linda

April 13th, 2008

Announcement from Claudia Wilde
Good morrow! Grab your tricorne and scurry to ye olde favourite book shoppe for Bedazzled Ink's latest Barbara Davies book, Rebeccah and the Highwayman.


Rebeccah and the Highwayman
Barbara Davies

It's 1706, the time of good Queen Anne. Mistress Rebeccah Dutton never dreamed that several encounters with the notorious highwayman Blue-Eyed Nick on the deserted heaths around London would turn her respectable world upside down. When she discovers the highwayman is actually a woman named Kate, her curiosity about the dashing thief turns to fascination. Kate has to deal with a thieftaker snapping at her heels and secrets from her past before Rebeccah can become better acquainted with this intriguing highwaywoman. Will Kate avoid the shadow of Tyburn long enough for Rebeccah to explore this twist of fate?

Penance by Paully Adams [classic/alt/complete]
After the events of "Rising Phoenixa," it seems that Gabrielle is seeing Najara's ghost. However, when this 'ghost' attacks Gabrielle, Xena and the Bard must travel to the Land of the Dead to defeat Najara. A nasty surprise awaits them.

Added part 16 (conclusion) of When We Met by B. Soiree

April 12th, 2008

WANTED: Bard. Do you love romance? Live for drama? Get the giggles writing comedy? The Academy wants you. It's time for the Summer Bard Challenge (#19). The Challenge is called "Personally Yours." The premise is simple...take one of our 12 personal ads and write a story around it. You can get our list of ads, roools and any other info you need here:

Announcemnet from Terias McClay
“Hello to everyone!
Some of you may or may not know me. I’m Terias, an avid reader and occasional writer here at the Academy. I also happen to be in the midst of training for THE RIDE TO CONQUER CANCER. The ride is a 2 day, 200km ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls benefiting the Princess Margaret Hospital, one of the top 5 Cancer Research hospitals.
I’m doing the ride to support my uncle, a prostate cancer survivor, and everyone whose life has ever been touched by cancer. Here’s the catch though, to participate in The Ride, each rider must raise 2,500$ in donations. I’m doing what I can to get donations, everything from bake sales (me in the kitchen is a scary idea), door to door, hitting up people at work, all that good stuff. What I also need is your help, anything you can give, a dollar, a ten spot or even an encouraging email, all are welcome and appreciated!
Together we can help make cancer history!
Many thanks for reading and I'll see you all across the finish line!!!
Terias McKlay
To Donate please go to http://www.conquercancer.ca
Step 1. Click 'Sponsor a Participant'
Step 2. Click on 'Advanced Search'
Step 3. Enter Rider Id: 521433-6
Step 4. Fill in the online donation form :)
I’ll also be keeping a blog chronicling my training and journey at http://terias-mcklay.livejournal.com , if you’re interested in reading. ”

What She Sees by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
After almost winning her back near the end of Season One in TIES THAT BIND, Ares ponders why Xena continues to resist him, confident she’ll eventually accept the ridiculousness of her budding partnership with Gabrielle.

April 11th, 2008

Added part 6 of Lights and Sirens by Jeanine Hoffman

Added part 15 of When We Met by B. Soiree

-From Ali Vali

Hey guys, I just wanted to say that in a few weeks Deal With The Devil is due out through Bold Strokes Books. It’s the third book in the Devil series and now that its finished, I want thank all of you who have written and encouraged me to keep up this storyline. A few years ago when I was sitting on the beach in Florida and trying to finish the story that eventually became The Devil Inside and The Devil Unleashed, I had no idea you all would like these characters as much as I do. Your emails and interest are truly humbling.
I’ll admit that when the second Devil book came out I thought the story was over. There was nothing else to write about, but whoo was I wrong. This one came slowly but in the end it was to date the most fun I’ve had writing anything. It came slowly since I’m still working on the house and ended up having surgery as we got to the editing stages.
For more information on the book please visit the Bold Strokes site at www.boldstrokesbooks.com.

April 9th, 2008

Added part 14 (conclusion) of Breathless by Lois Kay

April 8th, 2008

Added part 5 of Lights and Sirens by Jeanine Hoffman

-from Stacia Seaman

Editing, Self-editing, and Beta-reading:
Taking your skills to the next level

Join us for a month-long educational experience where you’ll learn:
• Tools to help writers craft better stories
• Ways for writers to get the best from their beta readers
• Storycrafting tips and research techniques
• What red flags editors look out for, serious enough to defeat a manuscript
• Insights into the publishing process

This unique learning experience will not only give you important feedback and new insights, but it will also take you steps beyond what other beta readers and beginner editors can do.

You’ll also learn:
• How real editors use style sheets to keep stories consistent (and you’ll learn more about these powerful tools that well-known authors find essential in their work)
• How to avoid editorial pet peeves that can work against your manuscript
• How to do research that’ll take your art and work to the next level
• How to avoid the genre trap: make the formula work for you
• And more!

Don’t think you know the beginning of what real editors do? This interactive workshop will use real-life examples and exercises to get you ahead of the game. It’ll take the guesswork out of many steps of beta reading and will give you an insider’s grasp of important editing techniques.

It’ll take the mystery out of professional editing, answer your questions, and give you an insider’s perspective on how to make stories and novels more coherent, easily read, and ultimately, more sellable!

This is a can’t miss opportunity!

Brought to You By:

Stacia Seaman is an editor who has worked with New York Times and USA Today best-selling authors. She has edited numerous award-winning titles, and with co-editor Radclyffe has won a Lammy for Erotic Interludes 2: Stolen Moments and an Independent Publishers Awards silver medal and a Golden Crown Literary Award for Erotic Interludes 4: Extreme Passions. Stacia edits everything from textbooks to popular nonfiction to mysteries and romance novels. Visit her on the Web at www.staciaseaman.com.

An Alice B. Reader’s Choice Award winner, Therese Szymanski has been short-listed for a Spectrum and a few Lammies and Goldies, and made the Publishing Triangle’s list of notable lesbian books in 2004. She’s written eight Brett Higgins Motor City Thrillers (When the Dancing Stops, When the Dead Speak, When Some Body Disappears, When Evil Changes Face, When the Corpse Lies, When First We Practice and When It’s All Relative); It’s All Smoke & Mirrors (the First Chronicles of Shawn Donnelly), edited Back to Basics, Call of the Dark, Wild Nights, Fantasy and A Perfect Valentine; has novellas in Once Upon a Dyke, Stake through the Heart, Tall in the Saddle and Bell, Book and Dyke and has a few dozen published short stories. Every single book she’s edited has been shortlisted for—or won—an award. You can check her out on the Web at www.BigBadButch.com.

This workshop facilitated by Evecho.
Evecho is the publisher and editor-in-chief of ReadTheseLips.com, an e-publisher of lesbian short writings and a bibliographic resource of lesbian and lesbian-friendly anthologies. For more information, see www.ReadTheseLips.com and the Read These Lips blog.

Details of this fantastic workshop:

When: 5 weeks, from 5 May to 10 June 2008.
Where: Online at YahooGroups
Fee: USD $25 per participant
How to register: Payments via PayPal to editingworkshop@gmail.com. After payment is confirmed, send an e-mail to editingworkshop@gmail.com with your name and YahooID to be invited to the Workshop on YahooGroups.

Spaces limited! All invites on first-come, first-served basis.


April 7th, 2008

L-Book Press Announcements:

I am happy to announce that Rrrose Carbinela's book Romance: Mild To Wild is now available for purchase through http://L-Book.com/rc-mild_to_wild.html  and Mobipocket.com    

I am also happy to announce that RJ Nolan has extended her relationship with L-Book to publish her Double Trouble. eBooks scheduled for release summer of 2008.   http://L-Book.com/rj_nolan.html

Also want to announce the beginning of our free short stories. Each month we will be posting a free short story from each of L-Book's authors.  This gives you the opportunity to read and learn about the authors and their work.

For more information go to our website:  http://L-Book.com

Our authors and myself want to thank you for supporting them and their works.


Added part 3 and part 4 of Lights and Sirens by Jeanine Hoffman

April 6th, 2008

Added part 2 of Lights and Sirens by Jeanine Hoffman

Added part 14 of When We Met by B. Soiree

April 3rd, 2008

Lights and Sirens by Jeanine Hoffman [alt/original/unfinished]
This is an ongoing work of fiction depicting the life of paramedic/firefighter Chloe "Donny" Donovan as she discovers things about herself, her friends, and her mentor that could tear her apart. Her best friend's sister has a crush on her, fellow firefighters are injured in a fire, and her mentor has a crisis that could cost both of them their career. Only one way to find out what happens!

Added part 13 of When We Met by B. Soiree

April 2nd, 2008

Separation Anxiety by Geonn [alt/original/complete]
Jill Colby and Patricia Hood take a huge step in their relationship. Unfortunately, it means they'll have to stay apart for a week; a feat easier said than done. Follows my stories "Doing Laundry on Valentine's Day" and "Patricia's Portrait."

- From Claudia

No Foolin'! Khimairal Ink has returned with an April issue. http://www.bedazzledink.com/khimairal-ink/4-08issue/4-08cover.html

I think you'll enjoy the variety of stories . . . I did lots of giggling and smiling while reading them... and wiped a few tears as some hit sweet, sentimental notes and squirmed with other storylines hitting too close to real life.<g>

The authors this month are first timers to Khimairal Ink and we're pleased to showcase their wonderful writings. When your ex-girlfriend unexpectedly shows up, your worst nightmare comes true in "Gay Day" by Sandra Barret. "Lemon on the Side" by Sandra Gail Lambert offers a twist and a gentle squeeze to your girlfriend's attempts to find you a date. And then there's going to a buy-it party knowing full well your hostess had another reason for inviting you. Jennifer Muirhead explains party perils with her "Tupperware Stomp." "Cherries" by Rrrose Carbinela serves up an interesting dish about jumping into the singles scene while the poem "Lorelei" by S. V. Green reminds us of the anguish of a lonely lover.

April 1st, 2008

Andromeda by Calliopenjo [Uber/Alt/Complete]
Bellona longed for a companion of her own. That is why she came to America. Will she be able to find someone? Will it be what she expected to find? Is she willing to learn to love and trust again?

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