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Voting deadline: January 1st, 2009

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December 31st, 2008

Another year is here at last
The future's rushing at us fast
But Xenites all, we bravely wait
Discovering our yearly fate!


Added part 2 of A Charmed Life by Elaine Kinney [alt/über/complete, posted in parts]

Added part 2 of A Chance Encounter by Bobbie Halchishak [alt/über/unfinished] Interview Inquiry
Hello, my name is Danielle Riendeau. I'm a writer for (part of MTV's LOGO Network). I'm writing a feature on fan culture, and I was wondering if I might be able to speak with a member of your community about
the art and practice of fan fiction and what it's like to be part of a community of fan artists.

I'm specifically interested in fan artists who write/draw/make videos about the Xena/Gabrielle relationship – would it be possible for you to point me in the direction of a prominent artist in your community?

Thank you very much, and I look forward to speaking with you.

-Danielle Riendeau

December 30th, 2008

A Charmed Life by Elaine Kinney [alt/über/complete, posted in parts]
Shawn Hudson has lived an impossibly perfect life - beautiful, intelligent, and athletic, with a loving wife, children, and a thriving career — until fate intervenes with disasterous consequences. Story is complete - this is Part 1.

After the Rain by Syro [alt/über/complete]
What happens when Leslie feels all is lost only to find hope again...

December 21st, 2008

Well, BC #20 is now open for voting...not that I expect any votes to drop into the contest mailbox anytime real soon. There are eighty-one entries...yes, you read that right...eighty-one story entries for you to read before you pick your favorite and cast your ONE AND ONLY VOTE. You only get to pick ONE favorite.

So read, and read and read, and read some more and then pick your favorite and click on the link and vote.

I would like to thank the BARDS who took the challenge and entered stories. Y'all rock! One BARD wrote twenty for each picture. Another wrote eight entries. Is that awesome or what? This has turned out to be our most popular challenge ever.

I would also like to thank Cheyne, D and Pinky & the Brain for giving us four wonderful non-competing entries, In three of those stories, we get to catch a glimpse of some favorite characters again. We provided links to the originals, so check them out. You can feed those BARDS immediately and I hope you do.

Many Thanks to the Munchkins...Ruth, Monxa and PT for pulling this together. Of course, big thanks to da Boss, Steph...for allowing these challenges to continue,

BIG, BIG THANKS to you readers who are now going to read those stories and when the voting is over, are going to FEED THE BARDS. They do this for you, please let them know you appreciate their efforts.

The PUNZle answers and Winner will be announced in a day or so. Stay tuned on that one. Evil J and I thought we had everyone outfoxed. One person proved us very wrong.

Okay y'all go and enjoy.

Announcement from Del Robertson
A new book release: It was just released on the 15th through Intaglio Publications and is available through both and and is titled "Taming The Wolff" by Del Robertson.

The Endgame by JM Dragon & Erin O'Reilly [alt/über/complete]
What would you do if you discovered your life wasn’t your own?

Private detective Olivia Santos and noted physiologist Dr. Amelia West face new challenges as they attempt to reconcile their previous lifestyles and forge a lasting personal relationship within the backdrop of busy business schedules that threaten to overwhelm them

They also find they are faced with the knowledge that their lives are not their own. Someone has been watching every facet of their everyday lives. When a package arrives at the offices of When Heaven Meets Hell, the contents set into motion a series of event that threatens not only the very fabric of their environment but their lives as well.

Will Olivia’s past finally catch up with her and destroy everything she has built in the last ten years? Or, will those that are stalking her finally put an end to a game that can only have one ending–death.

Added part 2 of Winning Touch by Kim Pritekel

Added part 12 of Cage Undone by Roselle Graskey

December 16th, 2008

Unwrap Me by Kim Pritekel [alt/über/complete]
This is just a bit of fun for the holidays. Don’t forget to tell those you love that you do, in fact love them. Merry Christmas!

Winning Touch by Kim Pritekel [alt/über/unfinished]
summary pending

A Strange Christmas Angel by Kay Bowring [classic/alt/complete]
Callisto is given the chance to earn her angel’s wings, under the tutelage of Clarence the Angel. Her task is to reunite two soulmates who risk missing each other in this lifetime, even though they live in the same city and cross paths every day. Ares, however, is still the god of War, and he has other ideas.

December 12th, 2008

Wine, Women and Good Food by Anne Azel [original/complete]
Here is something very different. Wine, Women and Good Food allows little glimpses into the life of Robbie and Janet Williams from the well loved Seasons Series. It also takes you on a tour of beautiful Canada and tasty foods that are meant for love.

December 11th, 2008

Want and Need by BardGirl [alt/classic/complete]
Xena ponders the progression of her relationship with Gabrielle. This is a first time story taking place just after The Quest.

December 10th, 2008

-from JLNicky

Hey all,

I'm just announcing a new group in Facebook that I've started. Lesbian Speculative Fiction Group Global

I hope to increase the interest and knowledge of our authors that write the Sci-fi and Fantasy books that we enjoy. Come on....don't tell me you haven't picked up a Jane Fletcher book and said....WOW! Cate Culpepper? Gun Brooke? You know you read em...make sure you take a moment to share the knowledge you have.

The group is mostly about support so we will be listing publishers that sell/produce/advertise/and darn well push out Speculative Fiction around the globe.

The group will also discuss topics about these authors and events that happen annually (i.e. Gaylaxicon, GCLS Goldies).

Take a look if you are a Facebook junkie. I started the group based on my yahoo forum Lesbian Specfic anyway. We have over 200 members there and I have loved the conversations that ensue.

Hope to see you soon,


December 7th, 2008


Happy Holidays from L-Book ePublisher


Wishing you all every happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year. Thank you all for being our customers, supporting our Authors, eBooks and our L-Books.

All the best to you and your families this Holiday Season.

Enjoy our Holiday Specials for You,

Roxanne Jones, Staff and Authors,

L-Book ePublisher

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Happy Holidays!

Added the conclusion of As You Wish by Kim Pritekel

December 6th, 2008

Just in time for the Holidays! Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company has just published L-J Baker's whimsical fantasy, Adijan and Her Genie. L-J's Broken Wings won the Alice B. Readers' Appreciation Award Lavender Certificate for Debut Novels and was short-listed for the 2007 Gaylactic Spectrum Award. Her Lady Knight novel was short-listed for the 2008 Gaylactic Spectrum Award. Enjoy!
Claudia Wilde

Adijan, a poor messenger girl in an Arabian Nights fantasy world, wishes she could build a world-spanning business empire. Shalimar, her wife, wishes Adijan would spend more time at home. Their landlord wishes Adijan would pay the rent. Adijan?s brother-in-law wishes she would get trampled by a herd of camels so that he could marry his sister Shalimar to someone affluent and influential. And of all the wishes in the world, Adijan wishes the genie she?s saddled with would grant her wishes instead of treating her with disdain. Be careful what you wish for in a world of genies, sorcerers, and flying carpets.
Order here: and soon to listed at Star-Crossed.
Don't forget to check out our new children's books.

Oh heck... just visit all our books. We have a variety of imprints for that hard-to-please reader of all ages...and a little minion elf said there might be a few more ready for Christmas.

Added part 9 of As You Wish by Kim Pritekel

Added part 5 and part 6 of To Fight for What is Mine by Red Hope

Added part 2 of Forbidden Love by cxw

December 5th, 2008

Long Division by Mavis Applewater [alt/über/complete]
Lali simply wants to get a passing grade in math. Instead she finds herself helping her socially inept tutor with life and possibly love.

December 3rd, 2008

I Wish You Loved Me by Syro [alt/über/complete]
Jada and Sara have been best friends since childhood and different as night and day. Jada carefree and comfortable in her sexuality. Sara pure and innocent. Sometimes opposites just attract and the person you've been looking for your entire life has already been there the whole time.

Added part 8 of As You Wish by Kim Pritekel

-from Blue Feather Books

Blue Feather Books is pleased to announce the release of Greek Shadows, the third in the popular Shadows series by KC West and Vi Welsh.

What could be more exciting for archeologists Kim Blair and PJ Curtis than jetting off to a picturesque Greek island to work with one of Kim's former students on a newly-discovered underground labyrinth?

How about slipping through a portal into the past and taking an extended journey back in time to meet some very famous women - women who help Kim and PJ face and defeat their weaknesses and discover their true Amazon destinies?

If you've read the first two books of the Shadow series, you'll be eager to accompany Kim and PJ on their latest adventure where ancient treasures and timeless warriors have profound effects on Kim and PJ's present-day lives. If you're meeting Kim and PJ for the first time, buckle up and hang on for a fast-paced, unpredictable ride to the far side of the world and beyond.

What do Kim and PJ find in the labyrinth? What do they discover about the Amazons deep within their souls? Can they shine a light deep into the ageless Greek Shadows and accept the truths illuminated there?

Don't delay--order your copy now!

Coming next, for a Christmas release: the all new revised and re-edited Journeys, by Goldie winner Anne Azel!

Also, check out our link to a brand new feature: video trailers! Right now we have three up and running, and we'll be adding more soon! _

December 2nd, 2008

Two Breaths of Wind by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
Some 15 years or so after they settle down in the story “Enough,” Xena and Gabrielle weather internal and external turbulence in their relatively peaceful co-existence.

December 1st, 2008

L-Book ePublisher Announces

Two New Book Releases:

Next of Kin by Jae A Romantic Crime novel and the sequel to Conflict of Interest. It is a commuter novel of 175,000 words or around 650 pages and approximately 18 hours of reading time. All eBook formats are released and available at

Specials: 5% discount bundle pricing for Conflict of Interest and Next of Kin. Purchase of Next of Kin or the bundle set comes with a free short story, Change of Pace a sequel to Next of Kin. Go to for more information.

Fran Heckrotte, Saira Book 5 of the Illusionist series, Paranormal. All eBook formats are released and available at

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Thank You for supporting our authors, eBooks and L-Books (Audio).


Added part 7 of As You Wish by Kim Pritekel

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