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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Immortal Xena Off for a vacation in beautiful Europe, Xena and her young lover, Rickie Gardner, are in for a sinister surprise Redhawk Oktoberfest (1)
Redhawk Oktoberfest (2)
Redhawk Oktoberfest (3)
Redhawk Oktoberfest (4)
Redhawk Oktoberfest (5)
Redhawk Oktoberfest (6)
Redhawk Oktoberfest (7)
Redhawk Oktoberfest (8)
Redhawk Oktoberfest (9)
??? ??? Geonn Cannon Other Woman (The)
??? ??? The Fallen Out (The)
Immortal Xena ??? Redhawk Only One (1)
Immortal Xena ??? Redhawk Only One (2)
Immortal Xena ??? Redhawk Only One (3)
Immortal Xena ??? Redhawk Only One (4)
Immortal Xena ??? Redhawk Only One (5)
Immortal Xena ??? Redhawk Only One (6)
Immortal Xena ??? Redhawk Only One (7)
Immortal Xena ??? Redhawk Only One (8)
Immortal Xena ??? Redhawk Only One (9)
??? ??? Norsebard October Romance (An)
??? ??? Norsebard On The Fast Track To Love (1)
??? ??? Norsebard On The Fast Track To Love (2)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick trfan Out of Ashes
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Argo69 Once In A Lifetime
??? ??? Norsebard October Romance  (An)
??? ??? Dark'n'Ligh On the Way to Kilimanjaro
Grandma/Jude spies phair Old Spies' Home
Alaina/Lindsey Vampire/ magazine writer Darkened Karma Obsession
DarkenedKarma Obsession Returned
Kelly/Michala Police LT./ Children psychiatrist/ J. Brownell Obsessions
Kat/Marcy Horse trainer-teacher/ show jumper [90'd] Fantasy Obstacles
Molly/Bridget Pub ownerÕs daughter/barmaid [1890sÕ] Mavis Applewater O'Connor's Pub
Anna/Kyle Grad Asst./ doctoral candidate [90's] Scout Oceanbreeze
Terri/Sarah Student writer/ lawyer [90's] Day October
Libby/Jennifer Falstaff festival Fingersmith October
Morrisey/ Charlene English Prof./ rapist's mother [90's]  Sarkel Odd Couple (The)
Nicole Client/ lesbian hooker [90's] RacerX Odd Jobs
??? Hostess/ guest [90's] LB Anderson Odd Love
Janet/Cally Martial arts instructor/ teacher [90's] BardWooHoo Oddity
Gerry/Tracey Little girl adjusts to her motherÕs new girlfriend [90Õs] Dani Of Amazons and Angels
Taryn/Rosalind Drag King/ professor [90's] Susan Smith Of Drag Kings and The Wheel of Fate (1)
Susan Smith Drag King: The Burning Dream (2)
JHP Halloween entry Susan Smith Dead Come Knocking If You Leave the Screen Door Open (The)
Chase/Blake Homicide detective/ author [90's] Rescuewarrior Of Karma, Kismet, and Finding the Way
Mickey/Raechel FBI profiler/ ER doctor WarriorGab Of Love and Honor
Terry/Shaye Students {fantasy] Cecily Hawkins Of Mars and Moon
Crispin/Helena Knight rescues princess [fantasy] K Alexander Official Guide to Rescuing & Maintainin Damsels in Distress (The)
Judy/Muriel College student/ musical archaelogist meet in SF [90's] Ri Okaaaay...
Melissa/Karen Old friends reunite [90's] Magenta Old Flame Burning Bright (An)
Val/Erin Singing messenger/ Temp. manager T. Foolery Old Fool is an April Fool (An)
Jamie/Tyg Ex-con/ rancher [90's] Kim "KP" Pritekel Old Wounds, New Beginnings
Jaxon/Rayven Firefighter chief/ wildlife photographer [90's] Koda Graystone Old Yellow House (The) (aka Blue Mountain Smokies) (1)
Koda Graystone A Fistful of Rain (A) (2)
Benny/Chris curator/ chemist Alexiares Omega's Folly (1)
Alexiares Alphabet Soup (2)
Lian/Jennifer Architect/writer [90's] B. S. Raven On A High Cliff
Cass/Rox Pilot /novelist [90's] Kd bard On a Wing and a Prayer
Azrael/Ursula Lord & general/ slave [Fantasy] D. Jordan Redhawk On Azrael's Wings
Jake/ ??? Carrie Ryan On Raven's Wing
Nadine/Miranda Disk jockey comes out [90s] Geonn Cannon On the Air (1)
Geonn Cannon Chritsmas Boat (2)
??? Woman muses Lost Forever On The Outside In The Cold (1)
Lost Forever Sleepless Nights Thoughts and Discoveries (2)
Alex/Jaimie Restaurant owner/ DJ [90's] Sabrina Luv On the Radio
Elise/Chance Writer / webmistress [90's] Kim Pritekel On the Wings of Chance
Beth Love at wrong time Fingersmith Once
Guenivere [Xena]/ Lancelot [Gabrielle] Reincarnated souls in legendary people [Fantasy] Nancy M Once and Future Love (A)
Dee/Ry Cop/ drug dealer [90's] Tragedy88 Once Forever, Now Always No Longer Available -- Beg for a copy 
???/Josie Artist/ trainee guardian [fantasy] Insane Englishwoman Once in a Blue Moon
??? PWP Patricia Winterburn Once in a Lifetime
Talon/Shasta Servant/Princess [Fantasy] Merry Shannon Once Upon A Time 
Snow White/ Aurora Fractured fairy tale TaraKerry Once Upon an Uber: A Fractured Fairy Tale
Kendal/ Savannah Police Detective/ attorney [90Õs] b. soiree One (The) (1)
b. soiree Third TimeÕs the Charm (2)
Ashton/Karla Woman returns for mother's funeral [90's] Alex Tryst One (The)
Riley/Cass Security guard/ trucker [90's] JS Connolly One Day the Heavens Opened and Sent me an Angel (1)
J.S. Connolly Our Love Is Written On The Wind (2)
Marina/Becca Soulmates meet in gym [Parody] Stacia Seaman One Flew Uber the Chakram's Nest
Samantha/ Lindsey Firefighter helps stranded woman Anais One For the Team
Selina/Amanda Visitor/ store owner [90's] Jeff Eastmond One Glorious Autumn
Denise/Julie Women meet at party Midnite Ryder One Last Chance
Gwennis/Loren Healer/ injured woman [SciFi] Melanie Rutman One Last Time
??? PWP Panther One Last Visit
Connie/Lana Montana Rancher/ ex-writer [90's] Teagen2 One Life To Live
??? PWP D One Little Smile
Rps/?? Lawyer/ client [90's] ¤ara One Night Of Passion, Lifetime Of Happiness
Jamie/Hope Women at a gay bar [90's] Xenalicious One of Those Days
Evan/Lisa Florist delivers more than just flowers [90's] Colleen One Perfect Rose (1)
Three Piece Heart (2)
??/Lori Woman and sister's friend [90's] J. Johnson One Unforgettable Night
Chandler/Sarah Bike-riding psychologist/ cop [90Õs] Ronica Black One Wild Ride
Rowanne Warrior/ young ward [Fantasy] Teagen2 Only One (The): The Story of Rowanne
Chance/Tracy Soldier of fortune/ stripper [90's] Bardicway [aka Lord Nessa] Only One Chance
??? Woman yearns for another [90's\ Nancy Hill / KatLyn Only You
Kate/Josie Lovers fight [90's] Michelle Galea Open Arms
Dale Military woman writes home  K Darblyne Open Letter (An)
Mackenzie/Dana Bookstore owner/ late shopper [90's] Rose Corsaro Opened Heart (An)
Tanner/Meg Lawyer & assistant [90's] JS Connolly Opening Doors
??? Women meet [90's] Verrath Opening Up
Alexandrina/Gigi Starship cpt./ engineer [parody] Nene Adams Operation: Annihilate!
Alicia/Maria Freedom Fighter/ escaped slave [SciFi] PhillyGirl Operation Freedom
Dana/Regina Drummer meets a girl via male friends [90's] Darkenedkarma Operation: Matchmaker
Villar/Jo Haz Mat employees [Sci Fi] Penumbra Oppression Engine (The)
Xena/Gabrielle Immortal Vampires Absinthe Ordinary Morning
Tarphan/Arhina Two soldiers escape to fight invaders [SciFi] Mickey Organi
Maxine/Ann Actress/ nun [90's] Malaurie Barber Original Sin
??? thoughtful vignette Carola Eriksson Other Breed (The)
Kate/Storey A distraught waitress is helped by a stranger [90Õs] Devize Other Side )The)
Randy/Logan Publishing co-workers on retreat [90's] Xenalicious Our Grand Western Adventure
??? Women have hot nite [90's] Pitbull / Blackstetson Our Night Has Only BegunÉ
Tina/Sam Reunion [90's] Jenah Our Reunion
Jenah Halloween Memories
??? Women are drawn to each other [90's] Tragedy88 [aka Keket] Our Souls series [1-3]
Eva/Zoe Nazi General's daughter/ Greek Partisan [40's - 50's] Mary Draganis Out of Darkness series [1-5] and short stories [aka Intertwined Souls series]
Jane/Gillian Cop & technical advisor/ fiction writer [90's] Ri Out of Despair
Alex/Taylor  Officer/ photojournalist [90's] Poto Out Of Sarajevo
Immortal Xena Meets young girl Absinthe Out of the Darklands
Randy/Kater Day at the zoo with kids p90s] Littlespit Out of the Mouth of Babes
Jessica/Amy Stalked woman/ reporter [90's] Julie Blue Out of the Shadows
???/Gwyn Warrior/ loner  Lyraine Out of the Shadows
Xena/Kate Time traveler Maureen McGowen Out Of Time
Xena Resistance commander [SciFi] Wolfsword Out of Time
Sydney/Marla journalist/ Aussie tracker [90's] Rab Donald (Angelrad) Outback Tracker (The)
Haley/Andi High school senior needs a tutor [90's] Kim Pritekel / Alexa Hoffman Outcome
Robin/ Marianne Outdoor Adventure owner/nature magazine writer  [90Õs] M. E. Tudo Outfitter (The)
Zeen/Rielle Outlaw/ ranch girl [1880's] MythBard Outlaw I & II
Xena/Gabrielle Outlaw / Storyteller [1870's] L. N. James Outlaw
Yancy/Mel Psychiatrist takes cooking lesson from a chef Ali Vali Over Easy
Meggie Woman loses baby phair Overtime Check (The)
Elizabeth/ Madison Boss/ admin. Assist. [90's] Mavis Applewater Overtime
??? PWP S. Berry Ownership