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September 30th, 2007

-From Claudia Wilde

Nuance Books, an imprint of the Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company would like to introduce their next anthology project.

Toe to Toe: Standing Tall and Proud
An Anthology of stories dedicated to women who overcome adversity, jump over major hurdles, beat the odds, stand for what they believe in . . . About women whose stories inspire all of us to be strong and confident as we make our way in this crazy world.
The protagonist must be a lesbian or a woman of unknown sexuality-in other words, no heterosexual references for the protagonist. The story must be character-driven, well-written, and well-plotted. The style can be literary or genre. We're not interested in horror, erotica, strong sexual situations, over-used profanity, or extreme violence.

Length: up to 8,000 words

Payment: $0.01 a word, plus a copy of the anthology.

Unpublished stories, reprints, and short excerpts from novels that stand on their own are welcome.

Deadline: November 23, 2007

We look forward to your submissions.
Claudia Wilde

More info: http://nuancebooks.wordpress.com/books/toe-to-toe-standing-tall-and-proud/

Added part 14 of Possessing Morgan by Aurelia

Added chapter 4 of Night Blooming by Maderlin Bidmead

September 28th, 2007

The Kindness of Strangers by Andi Marquette [original/alt/complete]
Aidan O'Brien is on her way to grad school in Missoula in the wake of a nasty break-up and the uncertainty of a wide open future. On an already bad day, her truck breaks down outside Butte and she'll have to spend at least one night there, maybe another. But sometimes unexpected turns can lead down new roads, and Butte might turn out to be just what she needed.

Wrong Number by Kim Pritekel [original/alt/complete]
summary pending

Added part 13 of Possessing Morgan by Aurelia

Added part 8 of Cage Undone by Roselle Graskey

September 27th, 2007

Added part 12 of Jenny D Maher's As the Xenaverse Turns

-From PD Publishing

Barb and I are pleased to announce that Nene Adam's The Witch's Kiss is now in print and available for purchase at your favorite book seller.  This is the third installment of her Gaslight Series, for those of you reading this wonderful series. 

Please go to our website (www.pdpublishing.com) or to the book page (www.pdpublishing.com/witchskissendpage.html) to find out more information.  Thanks for supporting Nene Adams and all our PD authors. 


September 25th, 2007

-from Lara Zielinsky

I [Lara Zielinsky] will be signing copies of "Turning Point" in Provincetown, MA, at Now Voyager bookstore, on October 12, at 4:30 pm; October 13, at 11:30 am; and in the "last call" signing Sunday, October 14, from 9-11 am. Many of your favorite authors will be there with me. See www.nowvoyagerbooks.com for full information.

If you will be in Ptown for Women's Week, contact Mark through NowVoyagerBooks.com to reserve your copy today. If you won't be in Ptown but still want a signed book, Mark can mail you a signed copy after the event is over.


September 24th, 2007

Added a revised version of the prologue and chapters 1 & 2 as well as the new chapter 3 of Night Blooming by Maderlin Bidmead

Added part 12 of When We Met by B. Soiree

Added part 2 of Birdie's Song - The Invasion by Onesockbard

Added part 12 of Possessing Morgan by Aurelia

September 22nd, 2007

Added part 33, part 34 and part 35 of Double Play by Cruise

September 21st, 2007

Added part 11 of Possessing Morgan by Aurelia

Added part 11 of When We Met by B. Soiree

September 20th, 2007

Added part 7 (conclusion) of The Written Word by Mickey Minner

Added part 8 of Two Part Harmony by Colleen


September 19th, 2007

Intaglio Publications, Inc. is proud to announce the release of Gift of Time by Robin Alexander.

The Gift of Time
Robin Alexander
ISBN: 978-1-933113-82-1
Price: $16.95
Available now at www.bellabooks.com and StarCrossed Productions www.scp-inc.biz

Leah Marks has no idea what is missing from her quiet, uneventful life until a simple change in her daily routine alters her existence. From the moment she meets antique dealer Reagan Montgomery, Leah's world is turned upside down. A unique gift given to her by Reagan leads them on a journey that defies logic and the laws of time.

Gift of Time is a story of love, devotion, and a bond that has carried two women from one life to the next.

September 18th, 2007

Added part 10 of Possessing Morgan by Aurelia

Added part 3 of Torn Deep by JM Dragon

September 17th, 2007

New from P.D. Publishing:
Barb and I are pleased to announce two new titles have been signed.

Maloney's Law by Anne Brooke
Gay suspense novel about a Private Investigator in London

Chilling Tales of Terror and the Supernaturals edited by Patty G. Henderson
This is the official announcement of an anthology Patty has already announced. Please contact Patty at pattyghenderson@aol.com if you are interested in contributing.

Both are to be published in Summer 2008.

We are also pleased to announce that the following books are available for purchase from your favorite book seller!

Penetrate, 2nd edition by Kathleen Kelly
Set along the treacherous banks of the Amazon River, the worlds of organized crime and ecological science collide. Two women are forced to learn more about themselves while trying to outrun an almost certain death.

Blue Holes to Terror, 2nd edition by Trish Kocialski
The second novel of the Dean and Katie series, Blue Holes begins in Washington, DC and culminates on Grand Bahama Island. Trish utilizes locations she's very familiar with as well as hefty plot development, continually exploring the relationship between the two women.

Thanks for supporting all our authors!

September 15th, 2007

-from Blayne Cooper

Years ago, Lorna Malachi, a frightened teenager, was plunged into a nightmare called Blue Ridge Women's Correctional Facility. Terrified and desperate to belong, she sold her soul one piece at a time. She survived to sit atop the ever-shifting trash heap of prison society.

Lorna has learned the hard way not to trust anyone, particularly penal system virgins like Kellie Holloway, her unrepentant new cellmate. But Kellie's pride and cluelessness guarantee that without help, she won't last long.

Together, Kellie and Lorna navigate through an oppressive, hidden world where the lines between right and wrong blur, sexual passion is forbidden but explosive, and love is the biggest risk of all.

Pre-order on Amazon.com - http://www.amazon.com/Hard-Times-Blayne-Cooper/dp/188352396577188-2912013?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1189795896&sr=1-1

September 14th, 2007

Curious Whine by MSPrism [alt/conqueror/unfinished]
In the footsteps of the infamous 'Curse of the Conqueror' and the unequalled 'The Conqueror goes Shopping' I offer up 'Curious Whine'. Where the Ruler of all Greece is tall, dark and brooding, and the small blonde one is sneaky.

Added part 6 of The Written Word by Mickey Minner

-from Renée O'Connor

WOW! After feeling a strange mix of emotions, from a sense of loss of putting the little film out on its own, to wondering just who will show up to buy it . . . I feel a great sense of relief! You ARE all so amazing, and generous. I never thought anyone would want more than two copies tops, and a couple of you greatly surprised me. You know who you are! And you inspired me to start a raffle. After each month, I will put the names of those who bought a copy into a hat, then draw a name to offer up a prize. It will probably be a form of my artwork! I have until December to sell all of the "Limited Edition,” which is going straight to the Talent, meaning everyone from the Writer to the Composer. Starting this month, in September, I will hold the drawing at the end of the month, up until December. If you have bought more than one, your name goes in for as many DVDs as you bought. I hope this sounds like fun! I was inspired!
Thanks again.

Diamonds and Guns is now on sale at http://www.diamondsandguns.info/
In this romantic comedy, set in Las Vegas, "Diamonds & Guns" follows best friends, Ashley (Renee O'Connor, of Xena...Warrior Princess) and Bria as they set off to change their luck. From the Sunset Strip to the Vegas Strip they cannot seem to escape their troubles. In a comedy of errors, they find themselves wrapped up with the mob, chased by a hitman, and falling in love with the least likeliest guys. What happens in Vegas... just may alter their fortunes forever. Who will make it out alive? Who will end up with who? Place your bets... "Diamonds & Guns"

September 13th, 2007

Rounding Home by Geonn Cannon [alt/original/complete]
Takes place between "On the Air" and "Baked Goods," I thought I would take a step backwards and show the very beginning of Kate and Amy's relationship. After a baseball game, the team celebrates and the new couple decides to take their relationship to the next level.

Some Kind of River by Andi Marquette [alt/original/complete]
To tell or not to tell? That's Dez's dilemma. As an outdoor nut and river guide, she's spent 4 summers working with fellow guide Mel. But the 5th proves different because Dez's feelings for Mel have deepened beyond friendship. Problem is, she's not sure Mel reciprocates and if Dez tells her, it could ruin one of the best friendships she's had. But if she doesn't tell, Dez might be missing out on a chance for something beyond buddy with Mel.

Added part 9 of Possessing Morgan by Aurelia

September 11th, 2007

Added part 8 of Possessing Morgan by Aurelia

- from Intaglio Publications

Intaglio Publications is very pleased to announce the addition of four new authors. All from various backgrounds, their dedication to lesbian fiction will be evident in their work. We welcome these authors to our ever-growing family.
Diane S Bauden
Title: Tomahawk'd
Release Date: June 2008

Diane lives in the Midwest with her longtime partner and their two dogs, Matty and Bella. She has seven siblings who are the rock of her foundation. In addition to writing, Diane owns and operates a pet-sitting service and the online newswire service The Open Press, Inc. She loves playing golf and playing in her rose garden.

Laurel Mills
Title: Racing Toward Providence  
Release Date: September 2008
Laurel Mills grew up in Maine and now lives in Neenah, Wisconsin. Her first novel Undercurrents was published by Rising Tide Press. Laurel is excited about being a new member of the Intaglio family and anticipates the publication of her second novel Racing Toward Providence in 2008. Currently, she is senior lecturer in English at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley, but she is secretly looking forward to retirement in a few years so she can write full time.

Laurel and her partner, Lynn, recently celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary. Laurel and Lynn are the parents of three grown children and are Grandma and Nana to two lovely little girls. They are raising their orphaned nephew, who is now a junior in high school. In addition, they are strong advocates for their oldest daughter, who is cognitively disabled. In their spare time, they are avid readers, moviegoers, bicyclists, birders, and virgin fly-fisherwomen.
Allison Nichol
Title: Contents under Pressure
Release Date: August 2008

Originally from Chicago where she was a member of  SoPo Writers and was publisher of the Queer Planet Review, Allison Nichol has been widely published in such journals as The Pegasus Review, The Rockford Review, Common Lives/Lesbian Lives, The Evergreen Chronicles, and Folio and the anthologies Dykes With Baggage:  A Lighter Look at Lesbians and Therapy (Alyson Publications 2000), Family Celebrations (Andrews McMeel, 1999), Reclaiming the Heartland, Gay and Lesbian Voices from the Midwest (University of Minnesota Press, 1996), and A loving Testimony:  Remembering Loved Ones Lost to AIDS, (Crossing Press, 1995).  Her poetry has been adopted for the stage and featured on Chicago’s Dial- A- Poem.

She is a long-time civil rights lawyer now working in Washington, D.C. where she lives with her partner of seventeen years.  This is her first novel.  

Del Robertson
Title: Taming the Wolf
Release Date: November 2008

Del Robertson is the pseudonym for Del Dodson, a thirty-something retail store manager living in San Antonio, Texas. Although not a native Texan, she has resided in the state for over fifteen years. A voracious reader and writer, it is difficult to find her without a notebook in her possession and a pen tucked behind one ear for when inspiration strikes.
To date, Del Dodson has a filing cabinet full of unpublished work, as well as fifty-odd stories listed on the Internet. This is her first published novel.

September 7th, 2007

Added part 2 of Torn Deep by JM Dragon

September 6th, 2007

Added part 7 of Possessing Morgan by Aurelia

September 5th, 2007

Added part 7 (conclusion) of Licit Cusp by Weebod

Added part 7 of Cage Undone by Roselle Graskey


from KG MacGregor

Out of Love is now available for pre-order from Bella Books, shipping on September 17. Normally, I’d wait for the release date to announce this, but Bella is offering autographed bookplates or bookmarks for those who order early. For more information, please visit www.kgmacgregor.com. Out of Love is based on the characters from the short story Surreal, which was part of the Academy of Bards Valentine Special in 2006. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks to all for reading.

Clients and coworkers know Carmen Delallo, owner and CEO of a Chicago consulting firm for the travel industry, as a smart, engaging woman driven to succeed in business by a genuine love of her work.

Judith O'Shea is focused on her work too. Born and raised in Brooklyn, she makes do in a small studio apartment in Chelsea, wondering how she’ll salvage a livelihood in a dying field. Career motives take a back seat when she finds herself falling hard for the enigmatic Carmen.

For Carmen and Judith, falling in love proves to be the easy part. Separated from Carmen by miles, economic class, and a duty to care for her family, Judith won't allow herself to imagine her life fulfilled. And Carmen, whose secret, unrequited love for her married best friend has compelled her to devote her life to her work, must break both addictions before her love for Judith can flourish.

September 4th, 2007

Added part 15 of The Message by JA Breeze

September 3rd, 2007

Baked Goods by Geonn Cannon [original/alt/complete]

Amy Wellis (from my soon-to-be published novel "On the Air") is shocked when a former lover arrives on the island expecting to pick up where they left off. But not as surprised as she is at her new girlfriend's reaction to the idea. A sequel to "On the Air," and will spoil a few things if you haven't read that first.

Added part 11 of The Last Good Day by Amy Boatman

Added part 6 of Aurelia's Possessing Morgan

September 2nd, 2007

from Khimairal Ink


With our readership and writing pool expanding, we're pleased to showcase some first time contributors to our issue. Developing a short story takes a lot of thought and skill and we appreciate these talented writers sharing their visions with us.

Waterfall by Amy Sisson gives us a glimpse of a bright and provocative future tempered with human frailities. The age-old question of "why?" lurks unsaid in Seeing It Through by Cheri Crystal. Divine Intervention by Robert Hyers offers us a budding awareness of a new world while Spring and Fall by Val Gryphin shows us the comfort of a warm, established one.

You can find these great stories here. http://www.bedazzledink.com/khimairal-ink/9-07issue/9-07cover.html


Oh, and we're still taking applications for a graphic design artist. The duties include creating a graphical theme for each issue and applying this theme to all the graphics in the issue. The artist must be able to work on deadline, have knowledge of and access to graphic software such as Photoshop or its equivalent, and must love to be creatively challenged. This is a volunteer position. We offer free ad space for our artists in Khimairal Ink, not to mention something to put on the resume. If you're interested drop an email to editor@bedazzledink.com.

Claudia Wilde


Added The Written Word part 5 by Mickey Minner


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