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Terri Stanfield

Suspended in Time Series - Poetry

Suspended in Time

The Beginning

Settling In

Live for Today

The World Stood Still

Music of the Heart

Walking on Air

Life and Death

Precious Moments

Fighting the Good Fight

The Flying Fortress

The Longest Day

Forever in Love



Always on My Mind


And the Wall Came Tumbling Down

Because of You

The Best Things

Beyond Measure

Blanketed in Love

Can You Feel It?


Clichés II

Clichés III

Come Back to Me


A Cry in the Night

Daddy's Girl

Davis Family Christmas



A Dif'rent World


Dream Lover

Dream of Me

Down in da Bayou

Empty Bed

Enough Already


Eternally Inseparable


Faith in Love


Fantasy Love

Fearless Heart

Fill My Senses

Final's Phobia

For the Love of Aragon I

For the Love of Aragon II

For the Love of Aragon III

For the Love of Aragon IV

For the Love of Aragon V

For the Love of Aragon VII

For the Love of Aragon VIII

For the Love of Aragon IX

For the Love of Aragon X

For the Love of Aragon XI

For the Love of Aragon XII

For the Love of Aragon part XV

For the Love of Aragon part XVI

For the Love of Aragon part XVII

For the Love of Aragon part XVIII

For the Love of Aragon part XIX

For the Love of Aragon part XX

For the Love of Aragon part XXI

For the Love of Aragon part XXII

For the Love of Aragon part XXIII

For the Love of Aragon part XXIV


Forgotten Woman

From My Heart to Yours

Friends or Lovers

Frozen In Time

The Grand Prize

Get in the Game

A Girl Can Dream

Graveyard....Shift, That Is


Hateful Youth

Heart Betrayed

Heartless Liar

Heavenly Smile

I Am Woman!

I Believe

I Dared

I Give Up

I Never Knew Love

I Think It's Love

If I Knew

Imagine Me There

I'm Not Old!

In a Rut

In My Heart

In the Darkness

Insomniac's Dirge

Is This Love?

It Should Have Been Me

Joined at the Heart

Just Friends

Just a Woman

Justice Exists

The Ladder

Life Begins

Life's Highway

Life's Journey

Leave Me Be

Lonely Fool

Love Eternal

Love at First Sight

Love Mourned

Love's Waltz

Lover's Game

Mama Tried

Miracle of Life

Mirror Image

Moving On

My Hero

My Mistake

Mystery Man

Nervous Bride


No Answers

No Denying It

No Place Like Home

No Regrets

No One Else

Older and Wiser

On Angel's Wings

Only Forever

Only in my Dreams

Our Time Has Come

Out of the Blue


A Perfect Man

Perfect World

Priceless Treasure

The Queen of Loneliness I

The Queen of Loneliness II

The Queen of Loneliness III

The Queen of Loneliness IV

The Queen of Loneliness V

The Queen of Loneliness VI

Raging Storm


Secret Obsession


Shopping Insanity

Silent Muse

So Long Sucker

Something in the Air


Stolen Innocence

The Spirit of Christmas

Thank God for Apron Strings

That's Life

That's What Love Is

This is Goodbye

Thoughts of You

Through the Eyes of Love

Through the Eyes of a Queen

Tortured Soul

Uncle Jodie Did

Until There Was You

Used Again

Unknown Destination

Victorious Surrender

The Way You Look Tonight

Weigh Your Words

What Do They Know?

What Do You See?



Winner Takes All

The Wonder of Your Love

The Wraith I

The Wraith II

The Wraith III

The Wraith IV

The Wraith V

The Wraith VI

The Wraith VII

The Wraith VIII

The Wraith IX

The Wraith X

The Wraith XI

The Wraith XII

The Wraith XIII

The Wraith XIV

The Wraith XV

The Wraith XVI

The Wraith XVII

The Wraith XVIII

You Promised

You're To Blame

You're Not Here

Your Time's Coming

A Young Man's Memorial

A Moment of Weakness

My Dearest Wish

The Final Frontier

A Gentle Touch

Turn Back The Hands Of Time

A Nurse's Life



Long Distance Romance

I Love

Life's Funny That Way

Society's Standard

Just To See You Smile


At the Edge of Forever


Timid Heart

I Died Today

Mighty Poet


A Mother's Love



Waiting in the Shadows

What Choice Did I Have


Heart Transplant

In The Arms Of An Angel

Rainbow Turned To Gray


The Greater Good


You Can't Know

Harmless Fun

Love's Dirge


A Baby is Coming

Forgive Me

Go Away

Vengeance Desired


Out of My Hands

Not Interested

My Last Request

Through Your Eyes

You Did This

What Have I Done

My Heart Belongs to Me

Willing Conquest


Love Matters

You Don't Know What You Are

A Real Man

Let Me


Lost Long Ago

Stay the Course

Angelic Soul

I Don't


Sea of Passion

Bad Moon Rising

Black Void

Heart of a Poet

Would I?

No One To Blame

What Have I Done

My Heart Belongs to Me

Willing Conquest


Love Matters

You Don't Know What You Are

A Real Man

Let Me


Desert Heart

Destiny Has Found Us


Sing To My Heart

Creatures of the Night


I Found Me

Look At Me

It's Not Love

Was It Something I Said


I Finally Found You

How Deep is Your Beauty

Facing Infinity

Crossing Paths




You Think

You Can't Go Back

Cowardly Hatred

Heart Smart

I Think of You

Desire Incarnate


Childhood Memories

Nightmare I

Nightmare II

Nightmare III

Nightmare IV

Nightmare V

Nightmare VI

Nightmare VII

Nightmare VIII

Nightmare IX

Nightmare X

Nightmare XI

Nightmare XII

Nightmare XIII

Nightmare XIV

Nightmare XV

The Nightmare XVI

The Nightmare XVII

The Nightmare XVIII

The Nightmare XIX

The Nightmare XX

The Nightmare XXI

The Nightmare XXII

The Nightmare XXIII

The Nightmare XXIV

The Nightmare XXV

The Nightmare XXVI

The Nightmare XXVII

The Nightmare XXVIII

The Nightmare XXIV

The Nightmare XXX

The Nightmare XXXI

The Nightmare XXXII

The Nightmare XXXIII

The Nightmare XXXIV

The Nightmare XXXV

You've Made Your Bed

Desperate Wife

Savage Struggle

Final Curtain

Queen of the Night

It Takes Two

Surprise Lover


Fighting The Good Fight


A Warrior's Spirit


Destined Soulmates

My Warrior


And the Wheel Turns



The Effects of Xena Warrior Princess on Middle America
This is a humorous essay of sorts, on being a Xena fan in middle America.
Even in Death I Will Never Leave You
A love letter of sorts, to the characters.
Ember's Fire

Epitaph for a Hero

Flawless Lucy Lawless

Lucy Vs. Xena
My Warrior's Love
Translated by Trisha Von Doss For Gabrielle the Bard of Potedia
When I iz Watchin' Xeener

Where for Art Thou Steven Sears?
The Woman in Your Eyes
From Xena of Amphipolous to Gabrielle of Potadia, as translated by Trisha Von Doss