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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Norsebard Adventures On The Orient Express
Xena/Gabrielle Conqeror Sammet Arena
??? ??? Wendy Arthur After The Honeymoon (2)
??? ??? Wendy Arthur After The Storm (1)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Verda Archeologists, Warriors, and Bards, Oh My
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Vivian Darkbloom All The Colors of the World (1)
Vivian Darkbloom Secret Histories (The) (2)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Tim Wellman As Long as Someone Remembers
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick The Fallen And a Nightingale... (1)
Who Was Going To Miss An Angel Or Two Anyway? (2)
Last Night I Dreamt I Slept A Dreamless Sleep (3)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Skylark/ Cath Bard Amazon Liberties
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Rachel2 Aegis, The
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Pat R As You Desire Me
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick GabbysHope Amazon Scrolls (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Firefly After Midnight
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick ??? Adventures in Archaelogy No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick archaeobard And The Walls Came Down
Taylor/Jaena Christmas store worker comes to the rescue [90's] Dreams ...And the Toilet Wouldn't Flush
??? Woman has a winter problem [90's] Mombard Aaachoooo! (1)
Illness strikes [90's] Mombard How The Stomach Turns or Another Day In My Life (2)
Mahu/Jordan Desert clan member/ hacker [SciFi] Tragedy88 [aka keket] Abend
Cameron/Blair Secret Service/ Pres. Daughter [90's] Radclyffe Above All Honor (1)
Radclyffe Honor Bound (2)
Radclyffe Love and Honor (3)
??? An angel protects through the ages Annemaart Above and Beyond
Taisiia Aliens [SciFi] Penumbra Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Christina/Francesca Grown child searches for mother's lover [90's] S. Anne Gardner Absolution
Magali(Zee)/Casey Drug Dealer / EMT [90's] Morrig Absolution: The First Sacrament (1)
Morrig Penitentia: The Second Sacrament (2)
Morrig Confession: The Third Sacrament (3)
Dray/Jordan Star fighter cadets [SciFi] Sandra Barret Academy's Finest (The)
Dana/Samantha Doctors who take in orphan [90's] Eveh Accident series [1-12]
Ronnie/Rose CEO/ clerical [90's] B L Miller Accidental Love
Jasper/Robbie TV actress/ writer ['90's] Contest challenge Anon2 Actress (The)
Jasper/Robbie TV actress/ writer ['90's]Contest challenge Debbie Actress (The)
Eva/Krista Jersey teen gets befriended in special ED [90ís] Lauren Vaniste Adapting
Leslie/Irene Archaeologists [90's] MomBard Adventure of a Lifetime (1)
MomBard Adventure of a Lifetime: The Sequel (2)
MomBard Scathingly Brilliant Idea (A) (3)
Agatha [Remington]/Blair Lady/pirate captain [1700's] Mavis Applewater Adventure on the High Seas (1)
Mavis Applewater Blair's Bounty (2)
Emily/Erin Financial mgr/ bar owner [90ís] Alex Tryst Adventures of Super Dyke
Blayne/Gabriella Daughter meets her half-sister [90's] S. Anne Gardner Affair of Love (An)
Jack[Blueyez]/Sonny[PerkyGrrl] Coffeeshouse owners exchange emails [90's] Ambrosia Affair To Remember (An)
Nikki/Terry Women meet on cruise [90's movie rewrite] Zeta Affair To Remember (An)
Marin Road trip woes [90's] Lori Lake Afraid of the Dark
Melina/Tricia Blind woman has visions [90's] Darkendkarma Afraid of the Dark
Rose Oklahoma Land Rush [1889] Geonn Cannon After Echoes from a Gun
Rae/Thea Lighting Dir./ Actress [90's] Beth Dragon/ Kathleen Wolf After the Curtain Falls
Allison/Courtney Lover relieves work stress [90's] Heruda After Work Stress Reliever
Kelly/Kathleen Corporate shark/ artist [90's] Wolfie Aftermath of Betrayal
Karley/Maddy PWP EO (aka Erin OíRielly) Afternoon Delight 1.html
Xena/Gabrielle Executive/ housewife [90's] Minerva Afternoon Delight (1)
Minerva Evening (2)
Minerva Just A Little Ditty (3)
Reina/Abigail Doctor/ computer programmer [SciFi] Felioness Aftershock!
Caden/Laurel Roommates reunite [90's] Kim Pritekel Again
Mac/Sarah PWP Evecho Ageless Dance
Tony/Megan FBI agent/ coroner [90's] C. Paradee Agent (The) (1)
C. Paradee Dancing With Shadows (2)
Case/Kelly Hunter/ werewolf [SciFi] Hunter Ash Aggrieved the Wolf
Julia/Kelsey Teens: Christian/ pagan skater [90's] WarriorKat Agony in the Garden:Demons Dreaming
Phoebe Xenaverse fan Fedelma Agoraphobia
??? PWP Eveh Aiming for the Jugular but Hitting the Heart
Brody/Jennis Housemate helps a brain-damaged woman [90's] AC Ain't Love the Sweetest Thing
Jessica/Sean News anchor/ studio engineer  [90's] Zee Airwaves
??? Sexy wake-up [90's] Jude Alarm Clocks and Wake Up Calls
Delilah/Dixie Scam artists [90's] T. Novan / Advocate (aka Blayne Cooper) Alias Smith and Jones
Valerie/Alix College students art & theater [90's] dreams Alix (1)
dreams Valerie (2)
dreams Alix & Valerie (3)
Kody/BJ Vet/ Officer RJ Nolan All Gone
Hekate/Valerie Halloween run amok [90ís] Chelle / Phantom Bard All Hallows Peeve
Jamie/Kelly Physical therapist/ patient [90's] K. P. West (deceased) All I Ever Needed 
Lynn/Ricky Driver picks up a hitch-hiker [90ís] BluemoonWriter All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You
Marleen/Lili Snowy winter cabin & Xmas [90's] Fiur / Vlamme All I Want For Christmas... (1)
Fiur / Vlamme Honey, Honey... Be My Valentine (2)
Rhea/Sue Executive/assistant defends her boss [90's] Mavis Applewater All in a Day's Work
Sam/Allison Deaf girl/ clerk [90's] Sarkel All In the Family No Longer Available Ė beg for a copy
Joan/Jamie Photographer/ writer Anne Reagin All Manner of Madness
Alex/Max Women born and grown together [90's] Genea All My Life
Pat/Jean/Caren 3 friends struggle to stay connected [90ís] Anne Azel All of Them
Alex/Stacy Corporate counsel/ editor [90's] Leslaureate (deceased) All or Nothing
Caroline/Augusta Professorís daughter/ lady [regency] Nene Adams All That Glitters
Kylie/Blair Surgeon/ real estate agent [90's] S. X. Meagher All That Matters
Sloan/Robin Neighbor/ reporter meet in a heatwave [90's] Zuke All That We See or Seem
Shea Bartender [90's] Tami / Eveh All That's Left
Tiffany/KC Women meet at party [90's] S. Berry All the Way to Heaven: Or Lesbian Parlor Games (1)
S. Berry Resist (2)
Laurel Morgue transporter Mavis Applewater Allen Street
Valerie/Jasmine Right-wingers take over the govt. [SciFi politico] Ernie Whiting Allies (1)
Women battle fundamentalists [SciFi] Ernie Whiting Outlaw and Allies (2)
Grace/Rebecca Two women discuss sexual fantasies [90's Kami Ellis Allure
??? PWP Eveh Almost
??? Rubber ducky sidekick helps out [fantasy] Carola "RyŻchan" Eriksson Almost a story... no, really!
??? Women enjoy morning Denic Almost Over
Rebecca/Emily Cyborg kills mafia [90's] BalticBard Almost Perfect Crime (The) No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Kate/Gretchen Women meet at a game [90's] frotu Alone
??? PWP Cole Mitchell Alone No More
Angela Real Estate agent meets returning ex-classmate [90ís] JM Dragon Along Came Sally
Stephanie/Connie Military hero reads friends uber story [90's] Chelle Alternative to Uber
Shannon/Stacey Women meet after time travel [Sci Fi] damnation Always
Stephanie/Louise Art gallery owner/ teacher [90's] JM Dragon [Dragonjuls] Always and Forever series [1-3]
Melody/Amanda School diva/ nerd [90's] Amanda Amanda's Melody
Alexandra/Riell Assassin / noblewoman [1200's] Dawn Lamanne Amazon Awakenings
Bebo/Annie Amazon warrior/ historian [21st] Ali Vali Amazonia (1)
Ali Vali Amazonia Ė Book 2 (2)
Minestra/Roe Queen/ warrior [fantasy] Cornwel Amazons of Fletalin Valley (The)
Janus/Connie /archaeologist [SciFi] S.B. Zarben Amicus Humani Generis (1)
interlude S.B. Zarben In Transit (2)
??? S.B. Zarben Lacrimae Return (3)
Claire/Samantha Werewolves [SciFi] darkendkarma Among Us
Xanda/Brie Commander/ doctor [SciFi] Felioness Amphipolis Expedition (The) (1)
Felioness For the Love of Gaia (2)
Amy/Brooke Pro-football player / lawyer [90ís] JM Dragon Amy's Eyes
TJ/Camryn Irish revolutionary/ photographer [90's] Moon Child Anam Cara
Dakota [SciFi] Carolyn McBride Anari Effect
Xena/Gabrielle Parody of Star Wars Dreamweaver Ancient Amazon Secrets
Cierra Mother Earth series about a shaman S. Derkins And a Door Opened (1)
S. Derkins Shamanís Legacy (2)
S. Derkins Pathfinder The (3)
S. Derkins Pathfinderís Journey (4)
S. Derkins Shoot the Sun (5)
S. Derkins Tales of the Making (6)
Kerry/Gwynne Celtic warrior/ bard [467 AD] Silk And Beyond
Kiely/Tai Woman is attacked in hate crime [90's] Verity And I Saw Her...
Caid/Robyn Legal TV show actresses [90ís] dabkey And Playing The Role of Herself
??? Cultist meets vampire [90's] Red And Then There Was Darkness...
Casey/Alexia/Angel Politics in drug cartels and mafia [90's] Eveh And They All Come Fall Down
Chase/EM Nightclub owner/ vampire [SciFi] DL And When Should I Have Told You?
Sam/Katherine FBI agent/ homicide detective [90's] Gabby Kat Angel Gabriel (The)
Taylor/Galen detective/Heavenly guide  [90ís] G. S. Binkley Angel In Disguise
Corin/Iris Bartender helps abused friend [90's] Nyxie Angel Of Mine
Randy/Melody Woman remembers her friend [90's] Merry Shannon Angel On My Shoulder
Angelique/Laurie Mysterious agent protects US Senate aide [90ís] DJ Belt Angelique
Angelique Woman masquerades as a boy Ellianora  Angel's Flight
Angel/Luann Prison inmates [90's] Mavis Applewater Angel's Heart (1)
Mavis Applewater Angel Unchained (2)
Christina/Amanda Lovers celebrate [90's] G. Brooke Anniversary (The)
Sydney/Sam Investigators [90's] Stoley Another Chance (1)
Stoley Chances Taken (2)
Catherine/Sierra Immortal souls in Union army [1860's] Mythe Another Day [version 1]
Mythe Another Day [version 2]
CJ/Kelly Businesswoman/ accountant [90's] Stoley Another Lifetime
Anne/Kia Professor/ golf pro [90's] Xfjnky [aka Harper] Another Lonely Day
Xora/Brie Soldiers [90's] L. B. Anderson Another Time
Shayne/Alea Web operator/ bookstore owner [90's] Stoley Anteros (1)
Stoley Anteros Encore (2)
Alexandra/Brelle janitor/wealthy cutie [parody] sHaYcH Anti Uber Uber Xena Story (The)
Renee/Cameron/Natasha Vampire longs for lost lover [SciFi] Minerva Any Day
Jay/??? Custom officer/??? Polarbear Anything to Declare?
Jen/Angie PWP in a bar KT Anytime
Josie/Sandra Retiree/ RN Student [90's] Lena Apartment (The) (1)
Lena Honeymoon (The) (2)
Mike/Samantha Renter/ building owner Alex the Cat Apartment for Rent
Renny/Rochelle Retired CEO/ store clerk [90's] Larisa Appalachian Trails
Lorelei/Liddy NY women in a small town [Horror] Nene Adams Appetite
Charlotte/Kelly Rival columnists [90's] Kim Pritekel April Fool's, Charlie Brown
Colleen/Aubrey Women discuss their dating fiascoes [90's] Mavis Applewater April Showers
Clancy/Abby Landscaper drawn to older client [90ís] S. X. Meagher Arbor Vitae
Mattie More than games at an arcade [90's] ??? Arcade (The) No Longer Available Ė beg for a copy
Jane/Nowdlak Biologist/Inuit [90's] Anne Azel Arctic Story (An)
Anne/Maggie Lawyer/cop [90's] Zuke Are We Being Graded On A Curve?
KC/Dawn Singer/ student [90's] karguo Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Victoria/Janie Wealthy widow and friend share a secret [90ís] Erin O'Reilly Arsenic and Victoria's Secret
??? Shy woman musings [90's] Dreams Art of Subtlety (The): A guide to romance for the shy
Ana/Jazz Goddess now vampire meets ancient soul [90's] Gaiagal Artemis by Moonlight
Luke/Cassie Architect/ artist [90's] Gerri Hill Artist's Dream
Xena/Gabrielle Office workers interact [90's] Kamouraskan / Lariel As Good as it Gets
Ash high school graduate phair Ash Series (abridged)
Ashe/Laure [fantasy] Jayce Morgan Ashe
Rain/Case Bodyguard-agent/ assassin [90's] Kodi Wolf Assassin
Claire/Clancy Soul helps a friend from beyond find happiness [90ís] JM Dragon Assembly of Souls
Jo/Claire Bookstore clerk/ musician [90's] Poto Assume This
Sharon/Lynn Older woman meets amorous teen [90's] Knightowl At First Glance
Jamie/Erin Proofreader/ writer [90's] Colleen At First Sight (1)
Colleen Seeing You, Again For the First Time (2)
Colleen Blindsided (3)
Peach/Harlan Restaurateur/ runaway [90's] Nyxie At Jake's
Xena/Gabrielle Biker & bodyguard/ teacher [90's] Doria At Michael's Feet
Bey/Reese rebel/ arbitrator [90's] phair At Your Word
Jana/Brille Soldier/village girl [1632] Daniel Wackerman Atonement and Redemption No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Tracy/Payton Phone conversation with interesting results [90ís] Robin Alexander Aunt Charlotte
Jody Autobiography [90's] Anne Azel Autobiography of Jody Evans (An)
Rheda/Noira Human/elf [fanasy] Erin G Autumn Night (1)
Erin G First Storm (2)
Clarissa/Etsuko Ronin samurai helps an English lady [late 1800s0 Aurelia Avenging Angel
Diane/Stephanie Newspaper publisher/ bodyguard [40's] Mike Vivian Avenging Angels Of The Night
Avery/Alice Women and guns in Toronto [90's] Pat Winterburn Avery Stevens Maintenance Wizard
Jo/Maddie Metal worker/ battered wife remember past lives Richard B.Kloosterboer Awakening
Tasha/Monica Two students act on attraction [90's] Ellianora Awakening
Rachel/Meg Nurse & Fitness therapist/ psychologist [90's] Lena Awakening (The)
??? PWP Moon Dancer Awakening (The)
Sage/Tristan artist/reporter phair phair Ayer is Human
Ayumi/Kimiko Samurai / young aristocrat [Fantasy] Nene Adams Azumaya - The Eastern House (1)
Nene Adams Hotaru - Fireflies (2)
Nene Adams Onna Yugao - Lady of the Evening Faces (3)
Nene Adams Shorogejo - The Weeping Maid (4)
Nene Adams Nukekubi Ė Floating Head (5)
Nene Adams Yuki Onna: Snow Woman (6)