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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Immortal Xena ??? Kristian Fischer Mia
Xena/Gabrielle Conqueror Kennedy Northcutt My Lord Conqueror: Changes (1)
Xena/Gabrielle Conqueror Kennedy Northcutt My Lord Conqueror: Taking Chances (2)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick T. Harley Mad Dog Experience
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Nance Gice Map Quest
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick LZClotho Massage on the Beach No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick L. Fox Mistress of the two Lands
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Joseph Anderson Mothers Day
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Daniel Wackerman Merry Christmas, Doctor Covington
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Dawn L. [aka Tigress] Memoirs of a Bard: Translated by Melinda Pappas
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Croaven [Crow] Mel and Janice Meet an Amazon Princess
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick C. N. Winters Magic of Egypt (The) (1)
Magic of Paris (The) (2)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Bel-wah Mound of Hisarlik (The)
Beth nurse phair Man in Black
Tess/Jordan owner/slave phair Manor Series
Conor/Keila Disgruntled 7-11 clerk meets bar waitress [90's] Larisa MacArthur's
Xena/ Gabrielle Love on a Harley [90's] Cath Machine Dreams
??? Futuristic earth [SciFi] P Kristen Enos Macto Reports (The) series [1-3]
Devlyn/Lauren US President/ bio. writer [Future] T Novan / Advocate (aka Blayne Cooper) Madam President (1)
T Novan / Advocate (aka Blayne Cooper) First Lady (2) 
??? parody Athenian Bard Madeline Shephard
Vanessa Captain's wife attracts mermaid [Fantasy] Balticbard Madness
Samantha/ Jordan Conductor/ brass hornist [90's] Patty S. Maestro
Maggie/Susan Rock singer/ CFO [90's] CJ Harte Magic of the Heart (The)
Shadow/Wolf Jin/werewolf [Fantasy] Hippie Squirl / Wolf Nightwind Magical Spirits
Darby/Maggie Students in writing class [90's] DJ Wood Maggie and Darby
Jace/Jillian Rancher/ mail-order bride [1870's] Janice Mail-Order Bride
Jenny/Xena/Gab Cancer patient [time travel] AH-ladis Make A Wish
Jess/Andi Animal control officer/ companion [90's] Anais Make a Wish (1)
Anais Hitchhiker (The) (2)
Anais Movietime (3)
Anais Trick or Treat (4)
Anais Note (The) (5)
Anais Make a Wish (6)
Eden/Reece Archers [90's] Kandis Glasgow Make Me Quiver
Mica/Reagan bodyguard/ law student & prof. Escort [90's] GabGold Makes Us Stronger...
Jill/Lauren College lovers separate due to family [90's] Anne Brisk / S X Meagher Making Our Way Home
Malificent Sorceress/ princess [Fantasy] Creme Brulee Maleficent Beauty
Spencer/Ruth computer programmer/ fleeing bank teller [90's] KG MacGregor Malicious Pursuit
Addison/Kris Wealthy woman/ social worker brought together by lost boy [90's] MelJanice Mamma's Little Boy No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Marjorie/Adele Elementary school principal/ veterinarian [90s] Crme Brle Marjorie Humboldt: A Revelation in Several Parts
???/Mana Immortal is helped by a mermaid [fantasy] Carola Eriksson Mark of the Mermaid
Galila/Zilla Christian tale Alcandre Marvelous Light An Easter Story
??? Mother tells daughter tale of her birth [SciFi] Sonia C. Barrera Mary Incident (The)
Ashley/Katia Md. St. Trooper/ college student [90's] Red Hope Maryland State Trooper
??? Halloween story Colleen Masquerade
Sara/Megan Halloween story S. X. Meagher Masquerade
??? PWP JL Nicky Massage (The)
Alanah/Sunlight Billionaire/ masseuse [90's] L. B. Anderson Masseuse (The) No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Alessandra Model for an artist Lariel Masterpiece
La Bianca/ Alysse Matador/ magazine writer [90's] Pamela Lord Matador
Donna/Christy Bumbling romantics [90s] Robin Alexander Match Made in Heaven (1)
Robin Alexander Camping with the Klutz's (2)
Julia/Livia Festival attendees filfil Matchmaking Festival (The)
??? Woman gets a material gift [90's] Sage Amante Material Gift for a Material Girl
Judy/Rhea projectionist/ Hairdresser meet at movie matinee Mavis Applewater Matinee
??? PWP JLNicky Mattress Shopping Oh My!
Anita/Po Vampire/ techno geek [90's] Crme Brle Matter with Primes (The)
Sloan/Michael Internet Security specialist/ Corporate CEO [90's] Radclyffe Matter of Trust (A)
Eliza/Feon Opposing commanders Eveh Meadow (The)
Gwen/Anna Sisters try to rebuild their relationship [90s] Eveh Means Nothing at All
Carrie/Sam PhD meets a woman in bar [90's] Jules Kurre Meaningful Encounter
??? Romantic evening at home Texena A Means To A - Beginning
??? ??? Erin O Rielly Meant to Be 
Quin/Vivian PI/detective [90s] A. C. Henley McKee (1) 
A. C. Henley McKee II (2)
??? Pensive musings [90's] Emily Duncan Mediation (A)
Carol/Sharon Women move into new home [90's] Blue Meet You There
Ann/Kim Sizzlin' summer aft. [90's] Liz Green Meeting (The)
Sorrel/Dana Ship captain/ wreck survivor [fantasy] Hermes Meeting (The)
Jess/Elizabeth Rancher/ IC director [90's] J. S. Stephens Meeting Like This
Meka/Monti Management specialist/ factory worker Ri Meka's Desire
Melinda/Janice Mountie/  Janice Melinda Lovelady - Tales of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Christian/Jill Skating instructor teams with figure skater [90s] Alex Tryst Melting Ice
Gina/Brie Ex-marine & sailor recall fallen comrades [90's] Ernie Whiting Memorial Day
??? Woman reflects on her life and choices [90's] Candideyes Memories
Alex/Gabrielle Investigator/reporter [90's] Tiggster Memories
Xena/Gabrielle Cop/ TV writer [90's] Easyreader Memories I & II
Juniper/Lilith Witches & vampires [Fantasy] Anne Sweeney Memories
Briar/Megan Stockbroker/ school teacher brought together by an organ donation [90s] Ali Vali Memories of the Heart
Cynthia/Jessica Computer consultant/ restaurant marketing Director [90's] Leslaureate (deceased) Memories of Love
Lois/Maddie Elderly woman and life [90s] D. Jordan Redhawk Memories of Maddie
Alex (Lex)/Brynn Pediatric surgeon/ nurse [90's] Alix Stokes Mended Hearts (1)
Alix Stokes Choices of the Heart (2)
Chauncey/Beau Bar bouncer/ nurse [90's] Larisa Mender Of Souls
Jacqueline/ Sophie OSS operative / French Resistance [40's] Pallas Mercy That Sadness Brings
Tessa/Casey Right-hand person/ mobster daughter [90's] LJ Maas (deceased) Meridio's Daughter
Zohra/ Alexandra Harriet Guardian/ Starship Lt. [SciFi] J.A. Bard Merker's Outpost (1)
J.A. Bard Arnica (2)
J.A. Bard Foreign Harbors (3)
Damsis/Valry Island goddess meets mermaid [Fantasy] BalticBard Mermaid's Refuge
Wade/Macen Saleswoman/ programmer meet in anger mgmt. [90s] Tara Kerry Merry Bleeping Christmas
Nikki/Ketley Women brought together by their kids [90's] Auntie Beth Merry Christmas Jamie and Merry Christmas Emily
Jennifer/ Casey Publisher/ ADA & Blackmail [90s] J. A. Breeze Message (The)
Marina/Lizette A trinket brings back memories [90's] Saggio Amante Message in a Bottle (1)
Saggio Amante Love's Journey (2)
Lyran/ Tyshanara Seafarer/ Mysterious person [Fantasy] sHaYcH Message in a Bottle
Jasmine/Terri Bike messenger and office worker collide [90's] Mavis Applewater Messenger (The)
??? PWP Amy van Dyke Metamorphosis
Adrienne /Michelle Horse owner/ horse trainer [90's] Mavis Applewater Michelle's Chance
Mickey/Victoria Geek kidnaps savvy business woman [90s] msprism M.I.C.K.E.Y (1)
msprism More Mickey (2)
Renee Via an accident, meets the real Xena [Fantasy] Les Rankins Mid-Hellenic Night's Dream (A): A.K.A Our Hero Rene
Raven/Princess Two cats [90's] Blue Midnight Clear (A)
Geri/Monica Working late [90's] Carrie Carr Midnight Oil (1)
Carrie Carr Returned (2)
Trish/Cathi Women see apparition [90's] Pamela Lord Midnight on Purdy Hill
Evin/Elizabeth Rival attorneys [90's] B. Soiree Million Dollar Lady (A) (1)
B. Soiree Evin's Revenge (2)
B. Soiree Little EM (3)
Claire/Becker Weekend junket to Las Vegas has unexpected results [90s] Ali Vali Million Reasons (A)
Robin Camille English Prof/ security specialist [90s Horror] SeoMoonDreams Mine (1)
SeoMoonDreams Circle of Hatred (2)
Future Janice/Mel Starship members [SciFi] J S Stephens Mining The Future Past
Fran/ Ellie Architecht/ grocery store clerk [90's] AK Naten Minor
Mique/Melly Friends have adventure [90's] Rocky / Lyraine Mique
Miriam/Esther Newbies to town meet [90's] Belle Sherry Miriam and Ester
Rachael A woman encounters a mirror that changes her [Fantasy] Lariel Mirror, Mirror On the Wall
Jill Dr. afraid of death [SciFi] Zee Misappropriation of Death (1)
Jill/Annabelle Death interrupts angsty teenager [SciFi] Zee Death and Teenage Angst Black (2)
Jill/Tracy Death & doctor [SciFi] Zee Evaluation of Death (3)
Zee Death in Drag (4)
Zee Death Takes a Holiday (5)
Tasha/Mariell Gallery owner/ heiress [90's] BlackGabby Miscellaneous Uber
Striker/Morien Yankee A&E [ER] staffer/ injured civic restorer [90's] Devize Misplaced People
Vivian/Nellie Schoolteacher/ shopkeeper [1880s] Mavis Applewater Miss Larilia's Lesson (1)
Mavis Applewater Stolen Moments (2)
Kelly/Pat Loner/ business owner [90s] ME Tudor Missing
Judy/Nancy Photographer/author share Christmas [90s] Anne Azel Mission Beach Christmas (A)
Nicole/Laurel Photographer/ musician [90's] Blue Dragon Mississippi Blues (1)
Blue Dragon All That Jazz (2)
??? PWP Robin Alexander Mistake Number...
Jan/Carey Asst. DA/ truck driver [90's] Shadylady Mistaken Identity
Charlie/Sarah Psychiatric Nurse/ patient MJ Misunderstood
Evelynne /Alleandre Princess/ unique traveller [SciFi] PsiDraconis Modern Crusaders series [1- 4]
Alex/Storm Women glimpse prior lives [90's] Jay Modern Life is Rubbish
No names [90's] R. E. Rowley Modern Women 1 - 3
??? Lost traveler finds aid ElovynX Moistened Lips
Chris/Roz An opportunity reunites two people [90s] Jane Fletcher Moment (The)
Bridget Travel journalist given a journal [fantasy] Mickey Minner Moment In Time (A)
Tina/Julie Woman goes to roommate's family for Xmas [90's] Nalysia Moment Like This (A)
??? Rainstorms and desire [90's] Alison Burke Momentary Storm (A)
Erica/Dana Doctor and lawyer slay monsters [90s] Ronica Black / Enigma Monster's Slayer
Venom/Ellie Demon warrior/ elf mage[Fantasy] Ellianora Monsters (1)
Ellianora Turn Of The Wheel (2)
Ellianora Few Turns More. . . (A) (3)
Ellianora The Swan and the Scorpion (4)
Ellianora Final Turn (5)
Danny/Tori Lovers are apart on valentines [90's] Zee Monsters in Love (1)
Halloween story Zee Control (2)
Jessie/Annie Forest Service surveyor/ journalist [1910] Amelia Sedley Montana Journey (1)
Amelia Sedley Mountains to the Sun (2)
Amelia Sedley That Which One Desires (3)
Makiko/Abby Women investigate a murder [SciFi] Nene Adams Moonlight and Blood Red Peonies
Gina/Sally Women meet at USO canteen [40's] SX Meagher Moonlight Serenade
Kieran/Sam Law student picks up stranded horsewoman [90's] Catherine Q. Moonstruck
Apathy/Patrice Women meet in gay bar [90's] S. Berry Moonstruck
Morbida character in a game K. Simpson Morbida's Game No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Lane/Teresa DEA agent/ druglord's wife [90's] Bel-Wah Mordida
Shane Doc soothes accident victim [90s] Bluemoonwriter More Than Bedside Manner
Camille/Kate Friends reunited [90's] Stoley More Than Friends
Gio/Becca Mathematician meets her match [90s] Insane Englishwoman More than a Game
Robin/Sarah commander/ released slave [SciFi] loubug More Than There Are Stars (1)
loubug Star Dust (2)
Cy/Shelby Bartender/ program director meet in chat [90's] T.S. Chandler More Than Words
??? PWP Dani Morning
??? PWP Iro B Hunter Morning After
??? After-glow musings Marcia Ellen "Happy" Beevre Morning After the Night Before (the)
Jenny After-glow musings Marcia Ellen "Happy" Beevre Morning Dream
??? Lover describes her mate Phoenix McKenna Morning Glorious
No Names vampires Joseph Connell Morning Roses
Donovan/ Hannah Bermuda triangle brings a journalist and naval cpt. Together [SciFi] D Most Cherished Dreams
Lisa/Cameron Senator/lost son [90's] C. Bradshaw and LB Anderson Mother's Day Tale (A)
Susan/Lou Archaeologist / magazine writer [90's] Jera Mountain God (The) No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Cassie/Victoria Rancher/ runaway Psyche_b Mountain Love
Moira/Sulleene Abused princess is rescued [fantasy] Balticbard Mournful Dove's Lament (A)
Christine/Kim Movie star/ rock climber [90's] Vada Foster Movie Star (The) 
Vanessa/Callie MRI tech/patient [90's] Grasshopper MRI (My Reply Is:)
Reagan/Ms Evans Young teen gets counseling from coach [90s] Ronica Black Ms. Evans
Jordan/Cynthia Lesbian senator / publicist [90's] S. Lee Ms O'Connor Goes to Washington
Louise/Marty Math teacher/ golf pro K.G. MacGregor Mulligan (1)
K.G. MacGregor Mulligan II: In the Rough (2)
K.G. MacGregor Mulligan III: Teacher's Pet (3)
K.G. MacGregor Mulligan IV: The Cart Path Not Taken (4)
K.G. MacGregor Mulligan V: Best Ball (5)
Lara/Dolly Professor solves mystery [90's] LZClotho Murder at Besser Creek
Johnnie/Alma Homicide detective and her lover Tonya S. Coley Murder By Association (1)
Tonya S. Coley Murder Has Two Faces (2)
Jennifer/Lauren Stage Mgr./ Actress [90's] Poto Much Ado About Uber
Nandita Transport arrives with only one survivor [SciFi] Nene Murasaki Midnight
Julia/Ixtchel Psychotic woman meets her match [90's] Katia N Ruiz Murder For Sale (1)
Katia N Ruiz Spirit of Murder (2)
Cale/Lindsey Ex-cop falls for a writer at a con [90's] GS Binkley Murder at Bardcon - Chicago
Alex/Patty Assassin-Executive/ waitress [90's] Ri Murder, Inc.
Jaye/Lindsay Woman's aunt dies by live-in help [90's] C. Paradee / Lois Cloarec Hart Murder Most Foul
Alex/Claire Woman has a stalker [90's] Robin Alexander Murky Waters
Chris/Gayle Accidental encounter [90s] Insane Englishwoman Murphys Law
Lori/Michelle PWP Emyster Music (The)
Ashton/ Elizabeth Young ladies [1860's[ Raine Music Box (The) No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Kate/Eve Small towner / musician [90's] S. Anne Gardner Music Within (The)
Nora/Wendy Actress / film assistant [20's] April Hladis Musical Chairs
Cody/Jennie Baseball player/ daycare worker [2017] C. E. Gray MVP
Jackie/Shannon Freelance writer takes 2nd look at friend [90's] Shadylady My Best Friend (1)
T. Stratton Behind Closed Doors (2)
Phoenix/Rhea Warrior / brother's widow Ariel My Brother's Wife No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Lexa/ DJ Android/ robotics scientist[Sci Fi] AJ Marks My Creator, My Protector (1)
AJ Marks DJ's Christmas Gift (2)
Nancy/Brenda TV show worker/ wife Lace Priest My Daughter's Story
Megan Enchanting woman Chrysti Reichert My Earth Goddess
Elly Love gone but remembered C.Y. Watkins My Elly
??? PWP Moon Dancer My First Time
Rebecca/ Gabrielle Women at costume party [90's] GabGold My Girl (1)
GabGold Trick or Treat (2)
??? PWP Erin G. My Goddess
Alex/Amy Woman protects another [90's] DS Bauden My Guardian, My Friend
Nicky/Becca Corporate raider/ waitress [90's] Ri My Knight
Megan/Erin Bike riding partners [90's] Zuke My Leap (1)
Zuke Her Leap (2)
Blake/Hannah Cowboy/ newcomer [90's] Nyxie My Leather Wearin' Cowboy
Mandy/Cass Teenage lovers reunited later in life [90s] Mavis Applewater My Life With Mandy
??? Pre-1900 Texas Rangers Red Hope My Midnight Muses series [1-4]
Donna/Jana Literature teacher meets bookstore manager [90s] J. S. Stephens My Most Painful Memory
??? Woman haunted by past memories [90's] Janice Logan My Own Dark Angel
Laren/Sarika Pilot/Empress [Sci Fi] J. C. Wilder My Protector
Jenny/Lizzie Police Officer/ nun [90's] Mavis Applewater My Sister's Keeper
Jess/Katie Lover loses partner in accident [90's] Lawlsfan My Source, My Soul
Victoria/ Polly Wealthy woman/ streetwalker [90s] Summer Lynn Forester My Sweet Polly
Sharon/Stacy Therapist/ patient [90's] L. B. Anderson My Therapist No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Jo/Cheryl Bank teller/Coast guard sailor [90's] Heruda My West Coast Love (1)
Heruda Presidio (2)
??? PWP M.S. Anderson My Whole Life
Parker/Amy Coma patient/ visitor [90's] Teagen2 Mystery Woman
Mysti/Gillian Dream master/ lonely woman [SciFi] Sam Ruskin MYSTI series [1-7]
Emily A young princess with a heart [Fantasy] Sam Ruskin Mythica