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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Immortal Xena ??? Kristian Fischer Disembodied
Immortal Xena ??? Kristian S. Fischer  Demon
??? ??? Sammet Darkwood
??? ??? Sean Ambrosie Dreams of You
??? ??? Barbara Davies Dorcas and the Gypsy
??? ??? ShyBard Dark Angels
??? ??? Jenny Frame Dalton Family Saga: Book One: The Road to Dencotte House
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Red Hope Digging Up Amazons
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Rhiannon Silverflame Deciphering The Rift
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Michael Dobler Dinner and a Memory 
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Kirk B Darkfall
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Katrina Dancing Winter
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Joseph Anderson Dear Diary
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Joseph Anderson Dropout
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Enginerd Disturbing Revelations
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Artemis Dangerous Role Playing
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick archaeobard Do You?
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick archaeobard You Do?
Grady/Jamie  terrorists phair Dissidents
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick archaeobard Decisions
Dex / Nellie Secret service/ Pres. Daughter [90's] Tendre D.C.
Dex / Nellie Secret service/ Pres. Daughter [90's] Tendre Dex and Nellie's Halloween
Anna/Carmen Club DJ acts as tour guide for new person [90's] Zee D'Artagnan
Zach/Mickey Marine / vietnam nurse [60's] Larisa Da Nang
Dakota/Jackie Card shark/rancher's daughter [1870's?] Ri Dakota series [1-4]
Koty/ Kasey Detective / Doctor [90s] Robin Hicks Dakota’s Way
Ashley/Jay EMT/criminal investigator[90's] Sparky Damage
Casey/Delaney Emergency brings a friend [90’s] Cate Swannell Damaged Goods
Taryn/Sarai Magical Healer-Adept/ telepathic slave [Fantasy] Sandra Barret Damek Keep
Megan/Jodie Mechanic/ stranded driver [90's] Crow / Barbara G. Smith Damn! Why Can't It Just Be Sex? (1)
Crow / Barbara G. Smith It's So Much More Than Just Sex (2)
Crow / Barbara G. Smith Sex is Good... Love is Better (3)
Crow Lifetime Employment (4)
Chris/Taylor Lifeguard/ student [90's] Teagen2 Dampen My Fears
Casey/Ryan Tow truck driver/ stranded driver [90's] Mavis Applewater Damsel in Distress (1)
Mavis Applewater Snowy Night (2)
Mavis Applewater Morning Frost (3)
Syd/Nikki Clubbers party [90’s] A. Hawk Dance (The)
Bridget/Lauren Injured writer/ friend [90's] KarenK Dance (The) (1)
KarenK Dance After (The) (2)
??? PWP LadyJ Dance (The) (1)
??? PWP LadyJ Dance Too (The) (2)
Grey/Christian Dance instructor daughter/ dancer [90’s] Kim Pritekel Dance With Me (1)
Kim Pritekel Play It Again Grey (2)
Sarah/Lacey Sensual dancing D Jordan Redhawk Dancing
Lynn/Wendy Wedding provides a breakthrough [90’s] Penelope Street Dancing With the Bride
Alex/Jen Criminal psychologist/ college student [90's] Psyk Dangerous Games
Cassidy/Danica College roommates [90's] Mavis Applewater Danica's Dilemna
Alex/Bridget Indigent/ reporter [90's] Curiositee Dangerous Truth (The) series [1-2]
Dante/Gabrielle Women fall off a cruise ship [1929] GabGold Danté's Island
Evan/ EMS-Vampire [90’s] T. Cullen Daonnan (Forever)
Mimi/Darby call girl/ Abused runaway Azurenon Darby
Morgan/ Allyson Woman meets vampire [SciFi] Wizzy Dare To Risk It All
Wizzy Dare To Risk It All: Interlude
Nightshade/ Sunstar Dark elf/ forest elf [Fantasy] J Falconer Dark Elf (1)
J Falconer Forest Elf (2)
Dalton/Aria Traveling warrior/ lady [Fantasy] Nessa/ Aria/ Dagger/ Killian Dark Ember
Mara/Ticker Guitarist/ ex-con [90's] Brian J. Zino Dark Embrace No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Casey Child with powers [80's/90's] M.E. Greska Dark Heritage
Rachel/? Research scientist/ survivor [SciFi] Karen Surtees Dark Heritage
Dorche/ Isolde Huntress battles evil in Erin [fantasy] Katia Davis Dark Huntress (The)
Alex/Denny Photo artist/ FBI profiler [90's] Regent to the Queen Dark In Frame
Valora/Cara Captor/ prisoner [SciFi] Law Nerd Dark Lady: An Internet Romance
Rooks Flying into the Flame
Felioness Dreaming on the Red-Eye
Klancy High Seas
Ryan/Kylen Naval Pilot/ Naval RIO [SciFi] T.M. Blakeley Dark Night Rising No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Time travelers Future doctors [2016] GabbysHOPE Dark Prophecy Fulfilled
Madison /  Butterfly Detective chases immortal serial killer [90's] Gabite Darker Side Of Light (The)
Dyani/Cate Biker & college grad run into road obstacles [90’s] Meghan O'Brien Dark Springs
Angel Shadow of the night [fantasy] Tuesday-Rose Steves Darkest Dawn (The)
Jess/Carrie Partners rekindle their love life [90’s] Alex Tryst Darkest Desires
Alex/Gabrielle PI/ Reporter [90's] Tiggster Darkness No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Catherine(Kate)/ Becky Pilot/ flight attendant [90's] Bel-Wah Darkness Before The Dawn (1)
Bel-Wah Roman Holiday (2)
Bel-Wah Storm Front (3)
Alandra/ Lillith Guardian/ dark warrior [fantasy] Melissa Wild Darkness Within (The)
??? PWP Emyster Darkroom (The)
Alandra/Tara Guardian/ warrior [Fantasy] Melissa Wild Darkworld
Jess/Kellie TV camerawoman/ reporter Mavis Applewater Dashing Thru The Snow (1)
Mavis Applewater Let It Rain (2)
Dana/Cara Long-term couple rekindle with a date [90’s] JL Nicky / Cherokeeechols Date (The)
Leigh/Ellie Mechanic/ hairdresser sleep in WW2 fort [90's] Barbara Davies Date to Remember (A)
Shayt/Daryl Egyptian/ English orphan-thief [20's] Shadowriter Daughter of Egypt
Susan/Shawn Woman seeking solitude in a cabin meets a camper [90's] Gerri Hill Dawn of Change No Longer Available  --  Published as a book
Sam/Sally Runaway/street walker [90's] Insane Englishwoman Day After (The) (1)
Insane Englishwoman Eight Months (2)
Maggie/Alex Shopper/ store clerk [90's] Mavis Applewater Day At the Mall (A)
??? Assoc. Professor/ Grad. Student [90's] Willowluvyr Day In the Life of Magnetic Personalities (A)
??? Shadowhunter [fantasy] Terais McKlay Day in the Life of Zoe (A)
Mach/Kelly Woman meets a friend's half-sister [90's] damnation Day Lucy Broke Down (The) (1)
damnation Love Struck (2)
Alix/Julia Computer programmers experience series of disasters [90's] Katia N. Ruiz Day The Earth Went Mad (The)
Luka/Memphis Vampire/ Lap dancer [90's] Larisa Day Walker
Xena/ Gabrielle Immortal/ student Hiknboots Days Long Past No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Grace/Fran Police detective searches for a murderer [90’s] Elize Days of Grace
Jubilee/Becca Unusual happenings in a funeral parlor [Horror] Nene Adams Dead as a Doornail
Carson/ Samantha Morgue attendant/ research librarian [90’s] Windstar / Zee Dead Can Dance (The)
Alberta/Dawn RCMP[forensics]/ housekeeper [90's] Anne Azel 'Dead' Murder Mystery series [1-6]
Teralynde/ Marista warrior/ seer [Fantasy] PatsBard Dead Hero (A)
Kaz/Chris News director/ reporter [90's] M. Ryan Deal (The) (1)
M. Ryan Seventeen Minutes
M. Ryan Shell Game (2)
Jaz/Olivia Women tangle on a beach [90's] Zuke Dear Booger (1)
Zuke Greetings From Reykjavik (2)
Toni/Andrea Lover tries to break up [90's] Redhawk Dear Toni
Anne/Sam Recently dead aided by new friend [90's] contest challenge At3sparky  Death and Taxes
Katherine/ Meredith Stage director/ actress [90's] contest challenge KiwiDesert Death and Taxes
Bunny/Chandra Dead woman recalls a lifelong friend [90/s] contest challenge Maylith Death and Taxes
Death/Lady Nature Elements of life share a bond [Fantasy] Gem Death and The Mother
Millie/Charlie Translator/ farmer [1940's/90's] JM Dragon Death is Just the Beginning
Brette/Chantal PWP Robin Alexander Death of a Hunter
Tanya/Claudette ??? Robin Alexander Death of a Hunter
Lex/Kim Vampire hunter/ waitress [SciFi] Terais McKlay Death of Innocence
Jack/Taylor businesswoman/ publicist [90's] Alecto Debts
??? ??? Erin O’Rielly Deception
Odessa/Wendy Vacationing therapist gets roadside help [90’s] Nyrdgyrl Decision Coin (The)
Dani/Andrea Teen finds neighbor interesting [90's] BJ Decking the Halls
Reilly/Tia Physical Therapy student/ professor [90's] Kel Deconstructing the Box
Noel/Dee Corpsman/ young black woman [70's] Willowluvyr Dee's Song (1)
Willowluvyr Fini's Dance (2)
Willowluvyr Fini's Two-Step (3)
Emmy/Sarah Divorced woman meets a killer [90's] Lariel Deep, Black Water
Kris/Shelby Assassin/ CIA Analyst [90's] C Paradee Deep Cover No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Dean/Chris Cruise captain/ first officer [90’s] JL Nicky Deepest Ocean Green
??? Woman watches lover sleep [90's] Sparx Deepest Part of the Night (The)
Catherine/Jace Rancher / Movie documentor [90's] JM Dragon [aka Dragonjuls] Define Destiny series [1-6]
JM Dragon Christmas Carol With a Difference (A) (7)
Dolan/Jess Regrets of a momemt AC Henley Defining Moment (A)
Deirdra/Nicci Bar owner longs for love Roki Storm Deirdra’s True Colors
Leah/Sara Oxford Professor/ pathologist [90's] Dee Déjà Vu
??? Women in a moment of passion [90's] Alec Rene Déjà Vu
??? musings SB Zarben Delicate Insanity (A)
Whitney/Josie Women meet on tv show [90's] Vivian Darkbloom Delirium Tremens
Emma/Jamie Flower delivery gets hot [90’s] BluemoonWriter Delivery (The)
Kate/Julie Women on vacation [90's] Girlbard Delta Sucks
Danni/Nikki Motorcyclist / traveler [90's] Tiggster Desert (The)
Dylan/Lura Army MP Cpt./ reporter [90's] Archangel Desert Hawk (1)
Archangel Return of the Warrior (2)
Kael/? Counter Terrorist/ [90's] Sword 'n Quill Desert Storm
Ka'Leem/ Georgia Desert Nomad / crash survivor [90's] Tragedy88 [aka keket] Desert Wind Rising
Jack/Desi Designer/ [90's] Heatbrkn Bard Designs of the Heart
Lee PWP Texas Hottie Desiring Deborah
Dru/Kasey Novelist/ Proofreader [90's] Candy Desperate Measures (1)
Candy Extreme Measures (2)
Jacqueline/ Kristi Halloween party & drinks don't mix [90's] Mavis Applewater Desperately Seeking Clark
Cassandra/ Destiny Police officer/cashier [90's] Mavis Applewater Destiny (1)
Mavis Applewater Finding Destiny (2)
Lita/Des Prison Guard/ educator [90's] Sheri Borgstahl Destiny
Nikita/Jayce Contract agent /professor [90's] Larisa Destiny Be Damned
Christine/Hayley [SciFi] raiders create inter-planet havoc Lifetrekker Destiny's Choice
Cat/Rhiannon Irish Chieftan/ orphan [Fantasy] Inyx Destined by Gods
Stevie/Katy Mechanic/ young woman [90's] HikNBoot Destiny At The Amphipili Nursing Home
Sam/Teagen College roomates, one is attacked [90's] Teagen2 / SER Logan5 Destiny Discovered
Lex/Amanda Rancher/ realtor [90's] Carrie Carr [aka Cbzeer] Destiny's Crossing series [1-7
Eileen/Nicole Drug dealer/ cop [90's] Patty Pat Destroyer
Amanda/ Cop [90’s] Pat Winterburn Detective Amanda Ellis
Donna/Mae Truck stop waitress/ mysterious trucker [90's] Mavis Applewater Detour
Claire/Ryan Psychologist/ Navy SEAL K Alexander Deus Ex Machina
Corrin/Athena State trooper/vampire hunter [SciFI] Zee Devil's Greatest Trick (The) (1)
Zee Between Heaven and Hell (2)
Casey Youth meets devil [horror] L. Crystal Michallet- Romero Devil in the Dark (The)
Diablo/ Sonji Archaelogist/ stranded boater [90's] Larisa Diablo's Island
Danny/Jeanie PWP Blue Moon writer Diary (The)
Andrea/Conner Hair stylist/ customer [90's] Rocky Did We?...
Liz Woman travels back in time & falls for Gab Blue Dimension of the Heart (1)
Blue New Dimensions (2)
Blue Dimensions Hope (3)
Blue Dimensions End (4)
Rikki/Moe Tutot/student [90's] Greek Warrior Dinner is Served
??? Woman recalls passion [90's] SL Bowers Dinner, Not at Eight No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
??? PWP Cheryl AC Dirty Bloody Cops
Allison/Virginia Private Investigator/ American [20's] Nova Disaster Follows
Anna/Maddy Computer programmer/ librarian [90's] JM Dragon Discovery Cyber Style
Beth Woman meets demon [Sci Fi] D. Jordan Redhawk Divine Desecration
Shelby/ Rebecca Rodeo Riders Carrie Carr Diving Into the Turn
Lily/Verna Lee traveler/waitress [90's] Swordnquill / BrightSword Dixie Fried Christmas
Wil/Dixie Rancher /brothel owner [1849] Ponigirl Dixie Stampede (The)
Group of friends live together [90s] Aurelia Do It Yourself Guide to Bathroom Fixtures (1)
Aurelia Paramilitary Handbook to Table Dancing (2)
Aurelia All You Ever Wanted to Know about Bathroom Bogeys (3)
??? Woman recalls progress of her love D Do You Remember
Helen/Marly Sense-impaired friends [90's] Blindzon Elyzon Do You See What I Hear?
Stel/Merry Lost dog brings women together Blue Dragon Dog Days
Clare/Nicky Terrorist/ Police Office [SciFi] Barbara Davies Dog Days
???/ Lindsey Dog owners and their pets unite [90’s] Jh Dog Days
Jessie/Cady Stuck woman/ rescuer [90's] Nyrdgyrl Doggie Door Follies (1)
Nyrdgyrl Doggie Door Redux (2)
??? PWP naxewp Doggie Magic
Jill/Patricia Women meet doing laundry [90s] Geonn Cannon Doing Laundry on Valentine’s Day (1)
Geonn Cannon How I Spent My Summer’s Vacation (2)
Jenny/ Lady Mary JHP Halloween entry about a painter [Sci Fi] Nene Adams Dolarosa: Our Lady of Darkness
Lois/Jack Dame / PI [30's] Tragedy88 [aka keket] Dolls, Dames, and Skirts
Angel/Jaime Drill sergeant/ soldier [90's] S.K. Allen [D.R.] Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Jay/Gina Reporter/cop meet under unusual circumstance [90's] Cate Don't I Know You
Morgan/ Catherine Profiler/ detective [90's] Kieron Grey Don't Look Back No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
??? PWP Eveh Done by Morning
Tucker/Abby Undercover reporter/ firefighter [90's] T. Stratton Don't Promise Me Tomorrow
Morgan/Dylann Writer/boat builder meet a ghost [90s] Capt_Esq Dorian’s Desire
Joan/Brit Woman’s lover wants to share on vacation [90’s] Mavis Applewater Double Dating
Dakota/ Cassandra Star softball player/ recruiter [90's] Cruise Double Play
Kris/Erin Computer Security/ Medical Transciptionist meet at ballgame [90’s] RJ Nolan Double Trouble
Elena Conversation on peace [90's] MaryD Doves & Peace
JJ/Cory Computer tech/ married teacher [90's] Jules Matthews Download
??? ??? Crystal Mills Dozen Roses (A)
Raven/Mac Cpt. Of guard/ kitchen servant [Fantasy] J. Falconer Dragon Wizard
Samantha Future woman becomes Chosen [Fantasy] charmdfate Dragon Chain (The)
Sara/Hilde Ladies [Fantasy] Jera Dragon's Blood
Del/Chris Business woman/ doctor chase dragons [fantasy] At3sparky Dragon's Gate
??? PWP Emyster Dream (The)
??? PWP Evecho Dream (The)
Cordy Woman meet in dreams Tamster Dream Diary (The)
Jennath/ Chymera Writer / mysterious stranger [Fantasy] HeronW [aka Pam Lord] Dream Lover 
??? PWP Erin O'Rielly A Dream or A Nightmare?
??? A dream §ara Dream's Reality/Dream's Prayer
Lauren/Jamie Dying woman/ club owner [90's] Danae Dream Workers
Cora/Jackie Writer dreams of a woman in a story [90's] S. Derkins Dreamer (The)
??? Two dreamers [SciFi] Wishes Dreamer and the Dream (The)
Rai/Maggie Woman is chased by a stranger [90's] J. Obra Dreaming in Reality No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Celine/Darcy Woman picks up a stranger who is dazed [90's] J.A. Bard Dreaming of a Life (1)
J.A. Bard Different Dream (A) (2)
??? Women meet on plane [90's] Felioness Dreaming on the Red Eye
??? He-said/she-said dialogue [90's] Dee / kt Dreams
Jenn/Kristen Publishing comptroller/ writer [90's] ROCShadow Dreams
Kay/Lori History prof. / antiquities shop girl [20's] Tomihawk Dreams from the Darkness
Sheryl/ Mary-Lou Ad agency exec/ waitress [90's] JM Dragon Dreams in a Jar
Madison/Karlie Attorney / accused woman [90’s] C. J. Harte Dreams of Bali
Meg/Luke Young girl meets a singer on Bandstand [60’s] Blue Moon Writer Dreams of a Different Kind 
Toni/Rae Unemployed worker meets juice bar owner on beach [90's] Cephalgia Dregs of Summer (The) (1)
Cephalgia Endless Summer (2)
Libby/Penny Pulp Fiction: Naval Trainer/ Recruit [90's] Amelia Sedley Dress Blues
Kelly/Sarah Love lost Sept. 11th ]90's] Goesome Dress Blues
Aliana/Rickie Receptionist/ store clerk [90's] Amber Andersen Drifter
??? Woman reflects on drinking angharad governal Drink No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Georgia/Ivy Teens get friendly at a Drive In [90's] Mavis Applewater Drive-In (The)
Dylan/Cat Professional basketball coach/ rookie player [90's] Sue Beck / T. Novan Driven
Joanna/Lauren Detective/ doctor DocGirl Driven No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Apparition/Leah JHP Halloween entry about voodoo Frost Drums No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
??? PWP The Alias Writer Drunk, Naked And Thinking Of You No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
???/Livvy PI encounters a possessed well [90's] April Hladis Duende
Rae/Bonnie Down on their luck women [90's] Jera Dumpster Diving
Cassie/ Shannon Woman ends up aboard space shuttle after road accident [SciFi] CyberAmazon Dust and Shadows
Sandra/ Duster [Debra] Prison guard/ prisoner [SciFi] S. Derkins Duster (1)
S. Derkins Stone Walls (2)
Abbie/Kate Writer/ retreat’s host [90’s] Fingersmith Dwelling in the Past
Vero/Mariah Cowboy falls for dying woman [70's] T. Walker Dying Woman's Lust
Ileana/ Singer-dancer enters a stressed woman’s life [90’s] Fiur / Vlamme Dyki Tantsi
Leigh/Caren Dyslexic student gets math tutor [90's] Red Hope Dyslexic Writer