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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick The Ashen Familiar Faces
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Jen Falling For You Thanks To WWII No Longer Available -- Beg for a copy
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Rhiannon Silverflame Fragment (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick L. Fox Favor (The) (1)
Janice and Mel: The War Years 1942: Traitors in Our Midst (2)
Janice and Mel: The War Years 1945: A Last Little Thing (3)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Kelly / Darkone Final Rest (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Joseph Connell Farewells and Greetings
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Focus Flu Season
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Della Street Finds
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick BikerBard Fall From Grace
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick ArdentTly Feast (The)
Ainninn/Dru  warrior/slave phair Fair Trade
Deni/Sawyer escaped convict/hostage phair First Seven Then Eight
Anne mother phair Flour Jar Dress
Kristen/Rebecca Doctor [ex-Navy]/ EMT [90's] ShoeX Faces of Evil
Lacy/Genna Industrial spies [90's] Barry Marshall Facing The Enemy No Longer Available -- Beg for a copy
Olu/Rianna Brownie/fairy [fantasy] Carola "Rychan" Eriksson Faerie Folk
Taylor/Jordan Princess/forest girl [Fantasy] Jordan Falconer Fairy Godmother
Brielle/Anex Young woman seeks out fairies [Fantasy] Carole Giorgio Fairy Ring (The)
??? Woman attends a fairy gathering [Fantasy] Mr Valentine Fairy Story (A)
Sara/Faith Nurse-therapist/accident victim [90's] Anj [Azurenon] Faith
Faith/Rachelle Family frolics at Xmas [90's] Zoe Faith
Sonya/Brie J/M descendants [80's] BikerBard  Fall From Grace
Quinn/Riley Resistance fighter/ cop [SciFi] LadyHawke Fallen
??/Angel An angel has a chance to make a difference [90's] Zuke Fallen Angel
Kerry/Angela Psychiatric intern/ patient [Horror] Phantom Bard Fallen Angels 
Gina/Shannon Alcoholic/ ex-drug user [90's] Stoley Falling
Reese/Beth Kickboxers [90's] WebBard Falling (1)
WebBard Falling Stars (2)
WebBard Soul Crossing (3)
Jordan/Stacy Woman asks detective friend for help [90s] Jessica Casavant Falling Into Grace
Jessie Paramedic realizes giving comes in man forms [90's] Patty S Family
??? Pet defends its family [Fantasy] LC Simpson (aka Felioness) Family
Maria Red Cross worker returns with kids [90's] Ri Family Aboard
Julie/Diana Movie Star/ childhood friend [20's] Ri Family Affair (1)
Ri Extended Family (2)
Sophie Woman awaits curse [90's] Carrie's AJ Family Curse (The)
Alex/Toni A neighborhood bar with matchmakers [90's] K Darblyne Family Establishment
Shea/ Madeline Teens of divorced parents are attracted [80s] Mavis Applewater Family Reunion (1)
Now a single mom / grade school teacher [90s] Mavis Applewater Extended Family (2)
??? Mavis Applewater Family Gathering (3)
Anna/Georgia Fan takes revenge Lena Fan (The)
Mykala [Mike]/ Aylese [Lee] US veterinarian / NZ actress [90's] Fantasy Fan Belt (The)
Randy Pop Star/ street dancer [90's] Teagen2 Fanatic
Tracy/Paula firefighter/ novice cook [90's] Mavis Applewater Fanning The Flames
Julie/Rachel Disgruntled lawyer on vacation gets laid-back driver [90's] Scully Fantasy Island
??? Women split Kattie Farewell Tears
An-Li/Nora Ex-missionary/ teacher [20's] A. L. Dunham Farewell to the Yangtze
Patricia/Sherry Pro basketball coach/ recent graduate [90s] Mickey Fastbreak (1)
Mickey Ghost Town-ing (2)
AJ/Pepper Customer/ fastfood server [90']s Carrie's AJ Fast Fling
Astrid/Paulette Pulp Fiction: Trash novel writer/ smalltown clerk  Crme Brulee Faster Pussycat! Kill, Kill, Kill! [aka Passing Redemption]
Bertha/Tessie Meet at Jenny Craig [90's] Anonymous Bard Fat Bottom Girls
Ashlin/Lauren Ex-bounty hunter & musician/ student artist [90's] HL Kaia [aka DE Salsbury] Fate
Bailey/Felice Lonely woman meets hip artist [90's] T. Walker (aka Cornwel) Fate of Fire (A)
??? PWP Marianne Fleischman Fate's Gift
Angela/Carson Bartender / single mother MythBard Fates Destiny (The)
Amber/Carrie College/ high school students in a shooting [90's] Eveh Fear
Rebecca/Sloane Oceanographer/ TV reality show prod. Assist. [90's] Trish Kocialski Fear Masters
Xena/Gabrielle Get a future glimpse [SciFi] Mayt Fear of Daylight
??? PWP L Crystal Michallet Fearful is the Night
??? Good sex [90's] Emyster Feast (The)
??? PWP Lani Radack Feathers In The Moment
None birds Bradley Sparks Feeding the Jaybirds
??? PWP KTBard Feel
Elena/Kelli Lesbian mom [90s] Evecho Feel Like a Woman
Dal PWP JLNicky Femme Theme for the Butch Gene
Eunice/Molly Rancher/ grad student Dee Fenced Fields (The)
Gaine/Meghan Sheriff/ promised bride [1875] b. soiree Fetchin' Cousin Minnie (1)
b. soiree Willy's Present (2)
Jo/Kirstie Artist/ school teacher on field trip [90's] contest challenge Carole Giorgio Field Trip (The)
Shay/ Kate Artist & School teacher & students time travel [fantasy] contest challenge Merry angel Field Trip (The)
Bobbie/Cherish Female professional baseball players [50's] Mavis Applewater Fielder's Choice (1)
Mavis Applewater Spring Training (2)
Morgan/Piper Partners deal with a brain tumor [90's] Redcat Fields of Gray
Bettie/Becca Women meet at gay rally [90s] Mavis Applewater Film at Eleven
Mina/Briar Students study for finals [90's] Mavis Applewater Final Exam
P.J./Kitty Professor of paleontology/ socialite [90's] Ri Find of the Century (The)
Anna PI gets tattoo in search for runaway [90s] Jean Rosestar Finders LTD San Francisco
??? Woman searches [90's] Redhawk Finding Family
Reagan/Melanie Judge/college student [90's] Alex Tryst Finding Herself
Allison/ Stephanie History professors & ex-lawyer]/ writer [90's] Mavis Applewater Finding My Way
Eden/Halley Fighter jet pilot/ special ops marine [90's] planetsolin Finding Your Heart
Bailey/Sarah Girl falls overboard & rescued [1750s] Bacchuskiller Finding Yourself
Alex/Star Sheriff/ ammesiac woman [90's] Rose Corsaro Finding Yourself
Alex/Danielle Burglar/ journalist [90's] Friction Fire and Ice
Amy/Grace Childhood friends at christmas [90's] S. Lynne Fire and Water
Alex/Cassandra Firefighter/ editor [90's] Nanook Fire Ignited Within (The)
Regan/Haines English warrior [260 AD] Trfan Fire Spirit
Skylar/Bobie Investigator/ Deputy Sheriff [90's] Anita Louise Fire Within
Nadine/Ryan Sizzlin' Southern summer Shelby Travis Fireflies
Tess/Jamie 4th of July picnic [90s] J. S. Connelly Fireworks
Rene/Kit Car accident [90's] Maria First
Beth/Emily Woman mourns close friend [90's] Kim (KP) Pritekel First
Sandy/Nicky Cabin & 1st Xmas for lovers [90's] Mickey First Christmas
Rosemary/ Violet Widow meets a friend [90's] J. S. Stephens First Christmas Alone
??? PWP Lisa S First Crush
Mia/Jo Lawyer/ espresso waitress Seana James First Date
??? Women are attracted [90's] Kattie First Girl (The)
Jake/Nina Protector/ club manager [90's] Emily Duncan First Light [aka Here Comes the Sun]
Cecilia /Christina Police Lt./ robbery victim's granddaughter [80's] BCBard4U First Look (1)
Police Commissioner/ wife BCBard Hindsight (2)
??? BC Bard Legacy (3)
??? PWP Kiki Hart First Love
??? Lovers meeting [90's] PP Bard First Night
??? Intimate women Savmut First Night/ Contact/ Information
Xenar/Gabr Women meet in chat room [90's] Odet Owens First Night (The) /Torture of a Tiger/First Christmas 2001
Christine/Noel Childcare worker meets a mother [90's] Kerry Lenny First for Noel (A)
Helen/Jo Professional woman longs for spice in her life Lorna Wilson First Secret (The)
Teri/Laura Lovers 1st time Fantasy Bard First Taste
Niki/Rachel New roommates adjust [90s] Nativebard First Time for Friends (The)
??? PWP JLNicky Fishing Days
??? Investigator follows a man Outlander Fitting In
Amy Office worker/ ex-boss [80s] Lois Kay Five Days Too Early
Carcen/Lela Washed-op star recalls a lover [90s] Brigit M. Morgan Five Hotels
Jake/Arty Firefighter/ accident victim Larisa Flames of a Soul
Mac/Cameron Woman driven to distraction [90's] Gabgold Flashback
Xena/Gabrielle Flat tire ruins the mood [90's] Callisto Wolf Flat Tires and Irritated Bards
Flea A children's guardian [90's] Lois Cloarec Hart Flea
Chance/Vickie Gunslinger/ saloongirl [1870's] Collaboration Flickering Shadows  No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
??? Women meet on a flight [90's] Nickie Flight 461
Marva/Gwen Pilots meet [SciFi] Barbara Davies Flight of the Gryphon (The) (1)
    Barbara Davies Hero of Arcadia (2)
Alexandra RAF flyer [WWII] MBInc Flight of the Falcon
Shay/Teri Sheriff/ TV newsperson [90's] Patty S. Flood (The)
Devon/Brianna Combat pilot/ mechanic [90's] Amber Loe Fly Bye No Longer Available Beg for a copy
McCain/George Policewoman/ naval pilot [90's] BJ Gale Flygirl
Val/Tracy Artist draws a killer [90's] Rooks Flying Into the Flame
Audra/Lillian Time travelers Red Hope Flying Time Warp
"The Kid" Woman takes a moment to reflect [90's] Doc Following My Heart No Longer Available beg for a copy
Kara/Faith heartbroken woman meets jogger on a beach [90's] Erin Jennifer Fool For Love series [1-6]
Kass/Loren Canadian police officers [90's] Idryth Foolin' Around
??? Woman fantasizes about shoe clerk [90's] Minerva Foot Fetish
Dee/Vickie Artists admire each other's work [90's] Ri For Art's Sake
Irina/Gabriella Vampire/ aristocrat [1780's] Nene Adams For the Love of Irina
Alex/Kathryn Mother & small business owner / Kindergarten teacher [90's] Crow [Croaven] For the Love of Miss Bard
Raisa/Carolyn Pres. Oil Co./ married woman [90's] S. Anne Gardner For the Love of a Woman
Jo/Taylor Friends reunite for one night [90's] Kel For One Night
Kris/? Documentary producer/  eToh For Which the First Was Made
Tori English girl [90's] Dolph Forbidden Fruit
Deanna /Katie ROTC Commander /Catskills worker who are agents [90's] Trish Kocialski Forces of Evil (1)
Trish Kocialski Blue Holes to Terror (2)
Trish Kocialski Deadly Challenge (3)
Trish Kocialski The Visitors (4)
Blue/Michelle Forest service worker falls for partner's sis [90's] Carol Forest for the Trees
Zya/Brielle Shapeshifter/ human [Fantasy] Tammy Forest of Eyulf : Instincts of Blue
/Anna /writer [90's] Dee Forever
Kate/Shaerelle Woman recalls past life [SciFi] Trigar Forever
??? Warrior/slave [fantasy] Zuke Forever
??? Hidden box holds a story Robin Alexander Forever and Always
Lacy/Tori Restaurant mgr./ waitress [90's] Gabster82 Forever Love
Sarah Meets an old woman who tells of a scroll EpTalk Forget the Moment and Reflect
??? PWP Robin Alexander Forgiven
Cara/Sam Woman hires electrician to cure her house [SciFi] Mavis Applewater Forgotten (The)
Alex/Jordana Terrible accident occurs Lillybet Forgotten Love
Dusty/Alex Boarder/ writer [90's] Tragedy88 [aka keket] Forgotten Way
AJ/Sam Private Investigator/ amnesiac airline passenger [90's] Jennis Forgotten Whispers
Zim/Brie Alcoholics [90's] BairdBard Fork In The Road
Andi/Cass Dog trainer/ waitress [90's] Trish Kocialski Fortune Cookie series [1-2]
Miranda/Alex Married woman finds a lover [90's] Moon7U Forward (1)
Moon7U Home (2)
Kia/Fox Foundling/ hunter [artic] GabGold Foundlings (The)
Helen/Holly Cop partners [90's\ Carol Four Days At Time and a Half: an Easter Story
Catherine/Erin Socialite/ maid [1912] Del_Kaiden Four Days in April
Leah/Alice Courier/programmer [90's] MJ Four Mondays (1)
MJ Two Tuesdays (2)
Valeria/ Caitlin Football star/ Physical therapist [2055] Strongsouljah Fourth and Goal
Maddie/Anabel P. I. /video clerk [90's] Kiera Dellacroix Fractured Tapestry
Maxine/Chase Songstress/writer [90s] Damnation Fragile
Rayne/Liv German bar owner/ student-waitress [90's] Grit Jahning Fragments
Kate Xmas roadtrip with "pals" [90's] Fern Driscoll Fred and Ethel's First Christmas
Joanna/ Frederica Viscountess/ country gentleman's daughter [1815 Regency] Barbara Davies Frederica and the Viscountess
??? Spirit visits lonely woman Chantal Free to Wander On This Earth
Kaleah/Jessica Slave-warrior/ nobleman's daughter [Medieval England] Amber Freedom's Heart
Jac/Laura Woman marine returns from war [40's] D Frequent Conversations
Chef AJ Proprietor of diner [90's] Carrie's AJ Fresh From the Roadkill Caf . . . A Love Story No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Sydney/Alex College student/ stable hand [90's] D. S. Bauden Fresh Start (A) (1)
 D. S. Bauden In Healing Arms (2)
??? ??? D. S. Bauden Nuturing Souls [rewrite]
Minerva/Terry Highschool students [90's] WarriorKat Freshman Year (1)
WarriorKat Vices and Their Devices (2)
Jess Dominatrix and sub [90's] Golly Goanna Friday
Zephyr/Annie Women meet on airplane [90s] Kim Pritekel / Alexa Hoffman Friendly Skies
Megan/Caitlin SCI-FI battle in 43rd Century Mike Vivian Friends and Strangers (1)
Mike Vivian Adventures Of The Galaxy Defenders (2)
Mike Vivian Darkness from Space (3)
Alex/Gaye Biker/ photographer [90's] Xena's Protegee Friendship's Beginning
Frizzle A young dragon [kid story] Betty Harmon / Carolyn McBride Frizzle's series [1-4]
??? PWP Eveh From a Body Half Electronic,l
???   Eveh From a Body that is Different
Stash/ Carson Artist/ Hair consultant [90's] V. Darkbloom / L. N. James From Hair To Eternity
??? Fearful of love  angelrum From the Heart
??? PWP S. Berry Fruition
Xe/Gab Hobbyist/ writer [90's] Kelly Noble Frustrated
Morgan/ Gabrielle Gambler/ reporter [1880's] T. Novan Full Boat
Zsaulynn Woman searches of soulmate Shonda Campbell Full Circle
Si'ian/Maia Gifted farm girl/ warrior [Fantasy] Sue Beck [aka SwordnQuil] Full Circle: The Tale of Si'ian and Maiandria
Desiree/ Jasmine Distraught lawyer has strange encounter [90's] Tonya S. Coley Full Moon
Laura/Amy English prof/ EMT meet at awkward time [90s] Kim Pritekel Full Moon
Teannabun A bunny learns about life [fantasy] Keegan Fumbling Toward Ecstasy
Donna Pet owners [90's] tap, the Wizard Furkids and Lovers
Cam/Toni Research doctor / daywalker [Sci Fi] J. A. Zollicoffer Fusion
Darien 21st century cop travels back in time to ancient Greece DevenK / Lissa Future Bonds (1)
DevenK / Lissa Bonds of All Time (2)
DevenK / Lissa Tale of Two Goddesses (A) (3)
Malik/Gabrielle Ex-doctor&singer/ scientist [Sci Fi] DevenK / Lissa Xena 3K (4)
??? ??? D. K. Ward (aka DevenK) Dark Raine (5)
Xena/Barb Cop/Librarian [90's] R.Az Future Life