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last updated: June 8, 2011

Naked Warrior (The) - Sapphic Warrior available in ebook format
Xena has a fever but the bard also gets extremely hot and bothered as she listens to the warrior's lewd, delerious rantings. When Xena comes round it's to find her dream being presented to her on a plate.

Near Life Experience (A) and A Near Life Experience, Too - Claire Withercross
These are the same story told from different POVs and is "Sins Of The Past" revisited, with a twist.

After hesitating when Draco's men capture the women of Poteidaia, Xena finds herself rounded up with them. One story, two points of view. Gabrielle sees a dark, mysterious and dangerous woman, yet at some level there is an attraction for her rescuer. For Xena, it's just another day at the office, except at the end of it she acquires a sidekick.

Negotiations, Version 1: - UDK_Bard!
Xena the Conqueror is out to get Caesar and she needs Pompey's help. Negotiations take a rather interesting turn upon the arrival of his recently acquired Grecian slave. Rated NC-17

Negotiations, Version 2: - UDK_Bard!
Same story as Negotiations Version 1, but Pompey actually gets involved instead of just watching. Rated NC-17

Never - Grit Jahning available in ebook format
Takes place right where "Friend In Need" ended. It is something that was running around in my head ever since I saw the episode...and that's what I came up with. Gabrielle is on a ship heading west but she is she really alone?

Never a Fighting Chance - Cheeya available in ebook format
This story depicts the doomed relationship between Gabrielle and Perdicas even before our sheroes ever met.

New Adventures of XENA: Warrior Princess--Reversal of Fortune - Ernie Whiting
Have you ever wondered what might have happened to you if the coin toss had come up heads instead of tails? Or if you had turned right or left at that intersection instead of continuing straight ahead, or if you had missed your flight home and that nervously sweating man in the bulging overcoat had been given your seat? What if Brie hadn't been able to find the Fates when she had gone to seek their help in saving Gina?

The New Adventures of XENA: Warrior Princess - Marathon - Ernie Whiting
This is just a short little story whose idea struck me while I was watching the California International Marathon. It got me wondering what might happen if poor Gina had made a really, really bad bet...

New Beginnings Series - Carole Giorgio

A Place to Heal begins a few days after the episode 'Motherhood' ends. There are still questions needing to be answered as to why Xena found it necessary to throw the chakram at Gabrielle ~~ their relationship is definitely suffering the consequences of the warrior's actions. As Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve head toward the Amazon Village the answers are found in a most unusual of settings and a romantic reunion ensues.
2 What a Difference a Day Makes available in ebook format  
3. Our Village - Our Home available in ebook format  
4. A Royal Proposal available in ebook format  
5. Xantheia  
6. Reunions ~ Amphipolis  
7. Wedding Preparations  
8. A Royal Amazon Wedding available in ebook format  

New Day (A) - Phalkon
After Xena's death, Gabrielle aimlessly wanders the countryside until she faces a fearsome warlord who is not what she seems.

New Life (A) - Kim Pritekel available in ebook format
Imagine that Xena never met Hercules. She never saved Gabrielle from Draco's men. This story is a twist on the episode 'Sins of the Past'. It's a story of how Xena and Gabrielle may have saved each other without any outside influences.

New Moon (The) - Ri
Xena is worried about her new friend, she's not acting like herself and she is determined to find out why.

New Territory - LZClotho available in ebook format
Xena and Gabrielle cross into eastern Greece and while stopping a warlord, finally take a chance and change the nature of their relationship.

Newest God of Olympus (The) - L. M. Townsend available in ebook format
Ares asks the other gods to allow the actor who portrayed him to join them on Olympus. The gods discuss the TV series which has brought them back to the attention of mortals and try to decide if this is reason enough to reward the mortals who portrayed the characters in the show with a place in the sacred residence of the gods.

Nice, Comfy, Sensible Slippers - The Norm available in ebook format
Xena & Gabrielle help a new Goddess find her place in Olympus.

Nice Quiet Evening? (A) - MyOsage available in ebook format
A nice, quiet evening turns into something very different when a surprise attack catches the bard off guard.

Night Full of Memories (A) - Cheeyah
Wanting their first time together to be perfect, Xena makes a reservation at an inn that holds a special significance for her.

Nightkiss - Elad Avron available in ebook format
Summary Pending

Nightmares From the Past - Paully Adams available in ebook format
After two years, Sophia, Gabrielle and Xena are reunited once again. This time to deal with a dark secret that the Bard has kept hidden from her soulmate. WARNING: This story focuses on child abuse: physical, sexually and mental. As my beta reader Virginia said "[The stories] were intense but not so that a reader would be squeamish." If you think you would have trouble with this story or that this story will cause you discomfort, please find something else to read. I've suffered enough discomfort writing this for the both of us.

No Choice At All - Nut56
After a particularly painful battle, where there are no winners and Xena has to watch a city consumed by fire, Gabrielle wishes there were some way she could erase all the mistakes in her friend’s youth. When her wishes come true, Gabrielle has the chance to get to know a young Xena and to attempt to steer her away from her bloody destiny. Learning that fate will not be cheated, Xena finds herself with a familiar blonde child in her arms. Does she choose the future that most benefits her, or her soulmate?

No One Else For Me But You - Jaden
Another story following the events of "Motherhood," the season 5 ender that has Gabrielle and Xena reflecting on where their relationship has been and where they would like it to go.

No Good Deed - IseQween
Our heroines process an unsettling new trend in their journeys, after Xena survives a poison dart in Season One's THE GREATER GOOD, just before discovering the possible source at the beginning of CALLISTO.

No Turning Back - Mary G
Part three of the series. An invitation to an Amazon bonding ceremony brings a welcome change of pace. But then again when do things with the Amazoms ever go exactly as planned?

Noctem Aeternus - L. Crystal Machallet available in ebook format
While camping, Xena is plagued by prophetic nightmares of death. She must solve the mystery of the dark rider or become his victim.

Ocean - Ogami available in ebook format
Set after the 'Ring' episodes, Xena and Gabrielle are on their way back to Greece. Gabrielle is trying to find inspiration to write a poem for her scrolls.

Old Silk Hat - LZ Clotho available in ebook format
Rating: PG. Xena, Gabrielle and Autolycus spend a wintry day dodging snow.

Old Warriors Never Die, They Just.... - Kam, Lariel and Verrath available in ebook format
These bards all went to Brighton Beach and all you get is a X+G comedy? Definitely 'post fin.'

Once And Future Journey - Temora available in ebook format
Set a few weeks after the events--of a Friend In Need 2. Do I really have to say more? ***** SPOILERS!******

On the Couch series - Ximena

  Sappho's Couples Counseling Service, Session One - Ximena
As a birthday present for Gabrielle, Xena agrees to go to Lesbos to seek couples counseling with Sappho, aka Dr. Love, to help them work through their intimacy and boundary issues.
  On the Couch
Is followed by "Sunset Interlude" which includes a long-forgotten scene from Xena's past.
  Sunset Interlude  
  A Job Well Done
A brief entry in Gabrielle's diary reflecting on the effectiveness of Sappho's "cure."
  One Enchanted Evening or An Awful Tale Involving the Hideous Side Effects of Sex & Drink & General Hard Living
Will Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer survive the Curse of Ugliness that has struck down a village's most beautiful inhabitants? Will they be Hungover and worse in the morning? Will Joxer really have to make out with his own sister? Enter the depravity, steel yourself against terrible stereotypical accents and hideous plot contrivances and find out......if you THINK YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!

On the Way to Corinth - Xena's Little Bitch aka Julia Goldman
Another alternate time line story. In this one, Xena is a young warlord on the rise when she happens upon Poteidaia and runs into Gabrielle, whose parents don't approve but of course that doesn't really matter.

Once A Warrior - Iseqween
Middle-aged Gabrielle and Xena weathered knowing each other too well in “Two Breaths of Wind,” but must suffer through the opposite after a stormy voyage forces them to drift apart. For ma soeur.

One Tin Solider - Prince Bryazon available in ebook format
This is a Xena fanfic story based upon the old camp song "One Tin Soldier". In this tale, Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer stumble upon a small mountain village about to be attacked by the people of the valley below.

Only You - Amityavailable in ebook format
In a subtle PWP, Xena submits to a stranger's passions.

Openings - IseQween
This vignette delves into the minds of a warrior and peasant girl who change the course of each other's lives during the "teaser" for SINS OF THE PAST.

Opportunity Knots - Iseqween
Early in their journeys, Gabrielle bumps into reminders of the life she left behind, as had Xena during the second episode CHARIOTS OF WAR.

Our Family - Lissa [unfinished]
Continuing on from Return of Unity Xena and Gabrielle learn that they are expecting twins and Gabrielle learns that being a Queen isn't always what its cracked up to be. Join Xena and Gabrielle as they welcome their children into the world and live through the trials and tribulations of being Queen of the Amazon and Consort.

Part 1    Part 2

Out in the Open - Annaria
Out in the open (XWP alt) is a first time vignette in which the bard struggles to voice her feelings for a certain beautiful warrior princess. Not very explicit.

Out of Boredom a.k.a. Can I Kiss You, Xena? - d_exphagus available in ebook format
A first time story. As Xena and Gabrielle settle in for the day, Gabrielle gets bored and invites Xena to have a little fun - with something else in her bardic mind of course.

Out of the Darkness into the Light - Ri
Gabrielle searches Chin for her missing freind the last thing she expected was to find her as a slave with no memory of who she was or who Gabrielle was, will she recover?

Party Games - Akiela Xal
While attending a friend’s birthday party, Xena and Gabrielle discover the joy of party games

Passion and Romance - Kris Johnson available in ebook format
Xena must stand aside when the destiny of a bard must be fullfilled when Passion and Romance is all the world has left.

Past Perfect/Future Perfect - Ann Dancer
Now in her old age, Gabrielle sits by her fire and reflects on her life: the years with Xena, the years rebuilding her life after FIN. As the night progress, she experiences glimpses of reunions in lives to come, and regains hope in the promise that she and Xena would always be together.

Past Tense - Carrie Carr available in ebook format
Carrie *finally* tries her hand at Xena and Gabrielle fanfic! Sequels - Present Tense and Future Tense

Paternal Instinct - PhantomBard available in ebook format
Two enemies claimed the Warrior Princess as a daughter, the mortal warrior who tried to kill her, and the god who led her to darkness.  Now, as her adventure races towards its conclusion, she will find the resolution to a question that has followed her all her life.  "Paternal Instincts" answers many of the questions left by the episode, "The Furies", and defines a father's love.  Is that love displayed in the lifelong machinations of the immortal who will never give up on her?  Or is it to be found in the determination, of the dead man whom she believed had abandoned her, to return from the underworld to bring her the truth?  Before she dies in her final battle, Xena will know that she was always cherished and always loved.  (Revised Version 5/21/2003, Original Version, 11/5/2001).

Path of Thorns - Annemaart [unfinished]
This story picks up a month after where Edge ended. Everything seems to be working out, between Xena and Gabrielle, between Xena and Iona...But things are never as easy as they seem. And when you're dealing with a confusing relationship that is constantly being attacked, a hormone-ridden teenager with newly discovered godly powers, meddling gods and a new threat coming from overseas....Well...Then you've got yourself a new story (parts 1 & 2).

Patient Zero   - Andrea Doria [Incomplete]
Patient Zero is a story about a doctor who worked in Uganda during an Ebola outbreak. She used an experimental drug from a big pharmaceutical company to try and combat the disease. After the harrowing experience, of watching people rapidly bleed to death form within, she turns her back on modern society and secludes herself in Colorado. A by the book judge goes to Colorado to depose

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10
Part 11


Peas in a Pod - Doc available in ebook format
Xena and Gabrielle stop in a small village for a brief rest. Gabrielle, being Gabrielle, finds herself in a 'stinky' situation.

Persian Encounter (The) - by Patricia Wiseroostr and Xanjaa [unfinished]
In this long awaited sequel to Powers of the Queen, Xena and Gabrielle have fallen into a routine at the camp of the Thracian Amazons, but that is about to change.  Sister Amazons from the Caucus Mountains reach out for help. Dangerous forces are afoot and the future of the Amazon Nation and of humanity stands in the balance.  You will meet new Amazons and Gods from the East and learn about their loves and lives.  This is an old fashioned love story with a heavy dose of drama and adventure thrown in as Xena and company battle an army the likes of which even she could not anticipate.

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6

Piece of My Soul (A) - Alexiares available in ebook format
This story is a bit of an anomaly in some versions of the Xenaverse. Alexiares didn't care for the Dahok storyline or the whole Eli thing... but this popped into her mind as an explanation for Gabrielle's behaviour in the official Xenaverse. And then it wouldn't go away until Alexiares wrote it down.

Pillow Talk - Claire Withercross available in ebook format
Been there, done that, torn up the t-shirt in frustration; sharing a bed is never easy! You are cordially invited to spend some time in bed with Xena and Gabrielle. Find out what happens when Xena gets a mouthful of hair and Gabrielle's pillow won't shut up!

Plan that Worked Requiem for the Warrior Princess part II - Kwipinky
Gabrielle faces an old enemy and realizes she must work with him to save Xena from Ares' grasp.

Playing with Fire - Annaria
A first time story about a (not so) naïve village girl that wants to learn everything a certain warrior knows.

Potions - Sam Ruskin available in ebook format
Just a bit of madness inspired by a favorite "oldie but goodie".

Powers of the Queen - Xanjaa and Patricia Wiseroostr! available in ebook format
Xena and Gabrielle first time story with a few twists and turns. Our story begins immediately following the Blind Faith episode in season 2. All the gods are still alive and kicking and several appear in this story. So, if you're looking for a rollicking good time with our favorite gals in a new adventure the likes of which TPTB were afraid to show, then join us. Note: this piece has some graphic loves scenes (ever so tastefully done ), so read please the disclaimers.

Praise You - Xena's Little Bitch available in ebook format
Ever wonder what Xena was thinking after "To Helicon and Back"? Or what might have happened if Xena and Gabrielle had their first time soon after that! Go ahead and read it!

Presence (The) - BCBard4Uavailable in ebook format
Sometimes a Warrior needs to surrender to win.

Present Tense - Carrie Carr and AJ available in ebook format
This series is a kind of filling in the blanks of the last few seasons of XWP. An excellent read of how Gabrielle finds her way back to her warrior. Prequel - Past Tense, Sequel - Future Tense

Prodigals - David J. Duncan (PG-13--language)
(xover: Xena, Forever Knight, Smallville, Mutant X) (uber) As Dave, Angie and Francesca welcome some new students at the university, a new professor presents problems for them all.

Promise - Absinthe Angel 777
A private talk between Eve & Gabrielle

Pure Bliss? - Sam Ruskin & Debbie McLain available in ebook format
Xena finally has Gabrielle alone, in a cave, in a snowstorm. What could be better? Right? Not necessarily. [This was originally written as part of a Bard's Challenge at the Bards' Village.

Purest Love - Seana James available in ebook format
The story was prompted by some "gaps" in the story "Chakram" and other episodes and began as a PWP, but, as with life, it got complicated. It's my take on Xena's and Gabrielle's occasionally mystifying pushme/pullyou relationship. It does contain spoilers for several episodes, but it's complete in and of itself.

Purple Flowers - Xena's Little Bitch
An alternate time line story relating the tale of the lives of Xena and Gabrielle in a world where Xena didn't fight back against Cortese.



Queen and the Goddess (The) - Adam Chiron
Following the events of Afterwards, a powerful foe bent on vengeance leads Gabrielle back to the Greek Amazons. Still coming to terms with her actions of the past year and what it means to follow the Way of the Warrior she learns secrets from her past that may lead to a destiny she is not ready for and may not want. The warrior bard faces past fears and an uncertain future.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Queen's Sacrifice (A) - BL Miller available in ebook format
This story was the first alt story on the web to deal with rape and the character of Gabrielle. Please be certain to read the disclaimers carefully before choosing to read this story. From BL: When I wrote this story, the goal was to take the characters past the trauma to the healing then to the living and learning to love again. I never expected the reactions I've received about this story, an in truth had been reluctant to post it. Now I'm glad I did. It truly is a wonderful feeling to know that a story that I've written has touched so many women in the past two years. This story earned an Eddie award on Tom's Xena Fan Fiction page and has been recommended reading by a women's sexual abuse survivor's mailing list.

The Queen Series - LJ Maas


To Become A Queen available in ebook format
In this "first time" story, a brutal attack leaves Xena and Gabrielle to recuperate in the Amazon village, as their hidden dreamscapes threaten to tear Warrior and Bard apart.


Quest For A Queen available in ebook format
Xena must fend off her past against mortals and Gods to rescue the other half of her soul. At the same time, Gabrielle must complete her own Quest to find out who she is as a woman, a bard, a lover & friend, most importantly, as an Amazon Queen.


Heart Of A Queen available in ebook format
Before they are to be joined in front of the eyes of the Amazon Nation, an old flame comes back into Xena's life. Will an old lover be able to tempt the Warrior to step across the line of fidelity? Gabrielle must deal with this very real threat to her future, while at the same time the young Queen must also find a way to face her own heritage, finally revealed by her mother. 


Queen of My Heart available in ebook format
A deadly sickness sweeps through the Amazons until even their Queen is afflicted with the unknown fever. The only thing that can save an entire Nation is the Elixir of Life, a liquid with the ability to heal the ills of any mortal or God. Xena, along with her friends Eponin and Autolycus, embark on a quest for the Elixir, which can restore the Amazons, but the potion is being closely guarded on the island of Delos. Along the way, Xena reminisces to herself about her wife. It is through the Warrior's eyes that we get to see how she met and traveled with the young woman from Potidaea, the woman that has become the Queen of her Heart.

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4  

  Happy Anniversary, Gabrielle available in ebook format
The Summer Solstice is Xena and Gabrielle's first anniversary and this just happens to be the Warrior's present to her bard. It also takes care of one of Xena's biggest have been Gabrielle's first lover. So, what would happen if Xena had the ability to go back to that day? You know...the infamous one when Perdicus asked Gabrielle to marry him? Would said Warrior finally swallow her pride and tell the bard about her feelings, or will she allow history to repeat itself?
  Happy Anniversary, Xena available in ebook format
This is the Bard's present to her Warrior. Turnabout is fair play, as they say, and Gabrielle has a surprise for Xena. We've seen what can happen within the dreamscape when two people try to relive an event in the past. Things don't always go as planned. Gabrielle is ecstatic about the gift that Xena gave her. So, what about Xena's first time? The young Queen begins to wonder what would have happened that summer that Xena turned sixteen, if the bard actually met her wife as that young woman.

To Walk the Path of a Queen available in ebook format
The latest entry in LJ's very popular Queen series. Gabrielle and Xena go through a dark period, do they come out of it unscathed?


The Perfect Gift available in ebook format
In this vignette to the Queen series, Gabrielle's pregnant and learning to cope with her godly powers with Ares as her mentor. Xena is bored and enlistslittle Tai to have a little fun at the expense of Ares. And warlords are making everyone miserable. A typical day in Amazonia.


Queen and the Goddess (The) - Adam Chiron [unfinished]
Following the events of  Afterwards,  a powerful foe bent on vengeance leads Gabrielle back to the Greek Amazons. Still coming to terms with her actions of the past year and what it means to follow the Way of the Warrior she learns secrets from her past that may lead to a destiny she is not ready for and may not want. The warrior bard faces past fears and an uncertain future.

Quest ~ An Epilogue - JLynn
An exploration of the immediate impact of Xena's death and resurrection upon both herself and Gabrielle following the events in the episode The Quest.

Quiet Survivor (The) - Gabby's Hopeavailable in ebook format
Days after "Sacrifice II", Hope returns to start her father's new following in Poteidaia. Along the way she meets with two unlucky thieves, Discord, Hades, Amazons, followers, Gabrielle's family, her child and eventually.... Xena.

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