Alternative Xena Stories


last updated: April 2, 2010

Take One Head And Call Me In The Morning - Larielavailable in ebook format
Lady Xena was never one to let a little thing like death get in the way of a good relationship... A Halloween story.

Taste of Deja Vu (A) - Saul Trabal
Joxer, Autolycus and Meg confront a dangerous enemy from Meg's dark past. This story is the sequel to BRAVING THE INNER STORM, and focuses mostly on Meg's past life. As with INNER STORM, the focus is on making Meg and Joxer more complex, three-dimensional characters. This story is very dark and intense -and is not recommended for children.

Teach Me Everything You Know - Kristien Damon (a.k.a. Lawlsfan) available in ebook format
A touching narrative of the final moments shared with a beloved friend and companion.

Telling Truths - Xena's Girl
Set after Resurrection; Tension and Release. Eve comes to see Xena and Gabrielle with the news her and Varia are together. Needless to say the shit hit's the fan.

Tender Mercies or...How I Learned To Stop Chafing And Love The Bard - Lariel and Kamoraskan
Gabrielle is in need of some very delicate TLC, and Xena is just the person for the job...

Terreis' Lover - Paranoia available in ebook format
A visit to the Amazons reveals the mystery of  Terreis's lover: a woman who hasn't been seen since  the day Terreis died. Why did she leave? Where is she now? And why did Terreis give her Right of Caste to a sweet, untested bard? Old choices have long-reaching repercussion in this 'Gabrielle's-mask-gets-challenged-and-Xena-can't-possibly-save-her'story with a twist.

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4

Tethered - Vertigo available in ebook format

That One Afternoon - MyOsage available in ebook format
Here's your answer to what really happened between Xena and Ephiny during the episode "Hooves and Harlots ".

That Time Of The Night - Harpy available in ebook format
Written for the ex-guards challenge, something has come between Xena and Gabrielle, and on a still night around the campfire they try to come together, but baby Eve keeps interrupting.

That Unfamiliar Activity - Xena's Little Bitch
This story fits into that well-loved category of First Time Stories Taking Place In A Cave; no hurt/comfort here, but there's a pregnant Xena sex scene if that makes up for it. It takes place right after "Back In The Bottle".

The End - Lena
A new X/G short story inspired by my musings on the season finale of Xena.

The Path Taken - Annazon Fox
Shortly after Xena comes back to life in "The Quest," Xena and Gabrielle travel with two of their Amazon friends to an annual Amazonian festival. Gabrielle believes the festival will provide the perfect backdrop to tell Xena of her love for her. As can be expected, complications ensue and Gabrielle find that she must make a difficult choice.

There Must In All Things Be Closure - John S. Gerow [unfinished]
It's heavily dialogue, deals heavily in social and criminal justice, recovery and rehabilitation. Teaser - it starts at end of Sacrifice 2 - Gabrielle dead, Xena goes back to Amazons - 1st time since Bitter Suite. Many many twists.

There is Always Hope - Rohan the Thunder Chick
Quantum Leap/Xena crossover..a QLeaper accidentally ends up in ancient Greece with out her holographic sidekick and must figure out what is going on...She has entered into the body of the reborn Hope and tries to stop the cult of Dahok with help from Serapem, Hope herself and works to undermine an evil high priest and Ares. After successfully destroying the cult, the holographic companion appears telling Chase (the main character) that she is the descendent of Xena and Gabrielle and since out of her time loop, will not be able to return home but spend her days leaping from ancestor to ancestor helping out during situations....

This Is a First-Time Story - Temora available in ebook format
Summary Pending

This Time Around - Chickram
A rewrite from the window scene in "Livia"

This Time Around - BlackDaemon [Clone fic]
Xena and Gabrielle are alive and well in the 21st century, but each questions the role she has in a new and strange world. Will they learn to adapt, and more importantly, who are they now to each other?

This War is Over - Ré
Xena deals with the loss of her soulmate as she heads home.

Threads - Kamouraskan
Summary Pending

Through the Eyes - Series by Del Robertson
A feast honoring the return of the Amazon Queen as seen through the Gabrielle's, Xena's, Ephiny's and Eponin's eyes.  This is intended as part of a series entitled "Through The Eyes" as the same event is recounted through four different pov's.  It should make no difference as to which order the four pieces are read in.  Spoilers for Hooves and Harlots, The Quest and Blind Faith.
Through the Bard's Eyes
Through the Eyes of the Warrior
Through the Weapons Master's Eyes
Through the Eyes of the Regent

Ties That Blind - Iseqween
At the conclusion of Season One's TIES THAT BIND, Xena and Gabrielle ponder personal questions left over from their previous encounter with Ares in THE RECKONING.

Til the Music Stops - Trish Shields (ArdentTly)
Story takes place during the Haunting of Amphipolis and Heart of Darkness.

Time As Long As Death - India
Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it's seems as if it moves so quickly, you can't possibly have wasted so much of it. Sometimes it seems as if it will never move again, and you will forever be trapped in the situation you find yourself. It seems the only things that can effect time are faith, hope and love. No force can stand against those; not even time.

Time Is On Our Side - Stacia Seaman available in ebook format
Xena is awaiting Gabrielle's return.

Time Slip - Bel-Wah available in ebook format
A strange woman accompanies Xena and Gabrielle as they travel through a forest that seems to be full of more than darkness.

Time Traveler - Live Simms

Part 1 TimeTraveler - Liv Simms
Cleopatra is forced unconscious inside a prototype time machine and is sent back to the time of Xena and Gabrielle. This is the first part of a very long series.
Part 2 The Pursuit - Liv Simms

Tin Cans and Strawberries - Blue Raven
Summary Pending

Tired of Hiding - XFILER17
Xena is captured and Gabrielle and the Amazons come to her rescue. Once the warrior has been returned to her bard they both realize that too much time has been wasted without revealing how they truely feel. What results is a nice, mushy, story that places the warrior and bard where they truly want to be. With each other.

To Die by the Sword - Leslie Miller available in ebook format
Xena decides it may be time to alter her path before it's too late (pre FIN).

To Love a Dark Heart - Taleweaver available in ebook format
This is the sequel to Stirrings Of A Dark Heart. A look at Gabrielle's motivations and desires, and a peek into the warrior-bard's soul. The beginning of the sub-text. Gabrielle is a bard, but she shares her feelings over Xena with us in her scrolls. I suppose this would be early enough in their relationship that neither of them were comfortable in sharing their feelings with each other, but after they've realized they're more than just best friends. This is a deeply felt love, so read on and bear witness to the love for a soul mate.

To Find What Was Mine - Red Hope [unfinished]
The adventure continues as we learn what's happened to Gabrielle and her family. Along the way, Xena makes a decision that'll change her and Lyceus's lives forever.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5a

To Rest - Brigit M. Morgan available in ebook format
"To Rest" takes place about a year after FIN and follows the aftermath of a decision that Gabrielle and Xena have made regarding the Warrior Princess' remains. A decision that while putting one soul to rest, threatens to destroy the other.

To Sleep Perchance - LZ Clotho
Rating: PG. Gabrielle has trouble sleeping.

Took You Long Enough - WhymZ available in ebook format
A peaceful evening campfire sets the scene for warrior and bard to surrender to their feelings at last.

Too Many Cooks - Doc available in ebook format
Amphipolis is full of surprises as Xena and Gabrielle travel home to celebrate Cyrene's birthday.

Too Much To Ask - Kennedy Northcutt
This sequel to A Nation's Pride takes place sometime after events in Season 3 and pushes the envelope on a new timeline in the Xenaverse.

Taking a break from life on the road, Xena and Gabrielle help rebuild Amphipolis in the aftermath of the destruction Athena's army wreaked on the town. A strange mystery and a desperate request for assistance interrupt their brief time-out and embroil the duo in a tumultuous hornet's nest of angry gods, pregnant Amazons and complications too numerous to name.

Touches - R. D. Elliott available in ebook format
Gabrielle can't speak and Xena is temporarily blinded so the two must find a way to communicate

Tough Luck - Rab Donald available in ebook format
A soldier seeking vengeance discovers tough luck may be better than no luck at all...

Transformation - T.C. O'Neill available in ebook format
Transformation takes place about a year before Xena and Gabrielle are thought dead and placed on ice by Ares. Caesar has defeated the combined Greek armies and plans to sweep across Greece and make it part of the Roman Empire. Before he can conquer the city-states one by one he must defeat the Amazon Nation. Queen Gabrielle and Xena go to the aid of the Amazons. The Fates have decreed that both Gabrielle and Xena will be killed defending the Amazon territory unless a champion can come to their rescue. Problems is, the Gods do not want any interference from "Known Champions" such as Hercules. Ares can't stand by and allow Xena to be killed. If he can't bring in a known hero he will mentor one. He solicits Joxer and trainees him in the art of combat. Ares also brings in help from a former Roman battle tactician now a drunkard and a brave Greek cavalryman. Together they must unite the Greek armies and come to the aid of the Amazons and drive the Romans out of Greece. Joxer also meets and recruits a young woman that is a balladeer by profession and an outstanding archer. She has a romantic interest in Joxer. But Joxer's heart belongs to Gabrielle, right? The story is told in the third person by the bard Virgil, that's right, Joxer's son.

Transitions - IseQween
Their more active years behind them, Xena and Gabrielle spend some quality time enjoying what they have and preparing for the future.

Treaty (The) - BL Miller available in ebook format
It's a change of roles as Gabrielle is forced to rescue the Warrior Princess after Xena is drugged and kidnapped by renegade Amazons in their bid to keep the young queen from signing a controversial treaty. Argo lovers will enjoy some of the humor in this one.

Trials, Challenges, and Chances - romansilence
Gabrielle wants to have a joining ceremony with Xena. But it isn't easy to get Artemis' blessing. Xena first has to prove that she is worthy.

Trouble! - StaceyX available in ebook format
Xena and Gabrielle and a PWP.....

Trouble in Toronto - David J. Duncan
In this crossover story between Xena and Forever Knight, Dave and Angie Dubois embark on a conference trip to Toronto after their battle with Ares.  However, Angie gets caught in the middle of a bank robbery, giving Xena her first taste of twentieth-century fighting, and drawing the police's attention in the process.  Detective Nick Knight and the "Forever Knight" crew...most notably Lucien LaCroix, invite Dave, Angie, and Xena to the Raven for a drink none of them would soon forget...

Truly, Madly, Gabby - Midgit available in ebook format
With a bit of clever bargaining, Gabrielle buys some extra time to spend with Xena after a wound inflicted by one of Ares' followers kills her before she can say everything she wants to the warrior. But Hades' price is a high one -- spending eternity in Tartarus. Xena convinces the god of the underworld that he has overcharged the bard. But the refund comes with strings attached. Of course.

Truth About Akemi - Gypsy Druid [postFIN]
In an attempt to convince Xena to return to the living, Gabrielle tells what she has learned of the Higuchi incident, and receives some unexpected help.

Truth or Dare - WordWarior
A classic in its truest sense. This story was first released in 1997 back at the beginning of XWP fanfiction. It still stands as one of the best. Xena and Gabrielle's newly formed bond is tested. A MUST READ and please feed the bard and encourage her to post more!

Truths in Paradise - Xena's Girl[unfinished]
The sequel to Featherheads and Followers

Twenty-Three - XWPFanatic available in ebook format
Xena confesses the twenty-three things she loves about Gabrielle.

Twilight - Richard B. Franke
It is an alternative ending to the fifth season of Xena: Warrior Princess, one in which the Olympians aren't quite so easy to kill

Twilight's Eve - Xenamour [unfinished]
When Xena and Gabrielle go in search of their lost daughter Eve, they discover that twenty-five years in an icy tomb has changed more than the topography of Greece. A bond unbroken - death and resurrection is threatened once agian - life. Will the cost of finding Eve be their love for each other?

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3a     Part 3b

Two Parts of the Whole - Allyson Heisey available in ebook format
Xena and Gabrielle visit the city of Alexandria and unwittingly anger a patron diety.  To exact his vengeance, he separates the two women, but they are destined to always meet. In this case, in a bizarre twist of fate. It's up to Gabrielle to solve the riddle and set things right.

Two Scrolls in One - Fedelma
Two very short stories that look at events "between the scrolls" in our heroine's early life together. In the first, set after the events of "Destiny/The Quest/A Necessary Evil", our heroes/heroines meet for a celebratory dinner and some revealing interaction with an old friend of Hercules. In the second, after the incidents in "Crusader", our heroines explore their relationship while they discuss the nature of the universe. The obligatory "first-time" story, but there's no explicit sex in it. Honest. Read the story and see.

Unbound - Mindwalker78 available in ebook format
What could possibly make Xena so afraid that she would leave her beloved Gabrielle? And what did the elegant looking gentleman with the strangely elongated teeth have to do with it?

Ulysses: the Lost Epilogue - Wakar available in ebook format
An epilogue to the episode ULYSSES.

Ulysses Revisited - BL Miller available in ebook format
My answer to that annoying episode. Gabrielle, unable to handle denying her feelings any longer, decides that leaving is the answer after seeing Xena's actions with Ulysses.

Unfaithful - Xenickz available in ebook format
A very angsty and surprising look at a night in Xena's and Gabrielle's life. This one will catch you off guard!

Unfinished Business - Doc
Xena and Gabrielle join forces with Hercules and Iolaus to retrieve the Hind's Blood Dagger before it falls into the hands of two unlikely allies.

United We Stand - Kennedy Northcutt
This is the final installment in a three-part series that began with A Nation's Pride and Too Much To Ask. If you haven't already read the first two parts, you might want to do so.

After defeating yet another army and setting the gods straight, Xena and Gabrielle now face their most difficult challenge yetand one that will rock the very foundation of everything they hold dear. Not only must they save the Amazon Nation and set them on a path to a brighter future, but the girls must find a way to keep the past from drowning them in a sea of intrigue and spiritual upheaval far greater than the Aegean.


Unity - Ripley available in ebook format
Xena and Gabrielle find themselves dealing with an evil Samurai warlord, the ghost of an old friend, and the greatest sacrifice of their lives. Faced with a final goodbye, the warrior teaches the bard an unforgettable lesson about the unifying power of love.

Until We Meet Again - IseQween
A brief encounter between two young people possibly influences the destinies of a warrior and bard whose partnership changed the world.

Up to the Old Inn Door - Beowolf available in ebook format
Poignantly haunting alt. tale that has Xena and Gabrielle trying to discover what happened to a pair of lovers on a fateful night long ago. - 4/13/97

Vision (The) - Darkone available in ebook format
Xena and Gabrielle fast for 4 days while on a vision quest and learn more than they ever expected

Visions - Rab Donald available in ebook format
This tale is set in the aftermath of the ep. "Return of Callisto" A still shaken Gabrielle decides to return home alone and is given help by a mysterious stranger. However the kindness of strangers hides an ulterior motive and soon Gabrielle is given a stark decision to make. (Graphic sex scene between Xe and Gab)

Voices - Ponigirl available in ebook format
This is just another week in the life story of our two favorite heros. Gabrielle is still a wandering Queen, Xena is still her bad *** self and the Amazons, well they are still a bunch of party girls. Several new characters come to play with this wild bunch. This tale is involves love and hate and it's consequences and of course a happy ending. Enjoy!

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