Alternative Xena Stories


last updated: August 28, 2015

Wager (The) - Rab Donald available in ebook format
A first-time story. Amusing little story that has the Warrior Princess making a VERY sure bet. Some fun mind games in here.

Wake of Darkness (The) - Wakar available in ebook format
The missing scene following the moment in RECKONING after Xena gives in to her blood lust in the cell and lashes out against Gabrielle.

Waking Up From My Nap - Texas Hottie[pwp]
Sometimes waking up can be the best part of nap time.

War of the Frying Pan - Smenzer (Gabrielle/Ares)
Xena and Gabrielle hold an auction. Hercules and Ares have a bidding war over the item. Although it's set in the year 2001, it reads more like a general Xena story than an uber. Short and funny!

Warden's Wish (The) - MyOsage available in ebook format
Memories from Shark Island ignite unexpected reactions when Xena and Gabrielle encounter the former warden, Thalassa. 

Warrior...Conqueror...Queen...Bard - Mark Annetts available in ebook format
This story is set after the 5th season ep "Amphipolis Under Siege". It involves alternate realities, a face-to-face confrontation between Xena and the Conqueror, and Gabrielle and an Amazon Queen of the same name, plus an assortment of Olympians, Amazons and other hangers on.

Warrior and Bard - Gabgal
It's seems not only Gabrielle is worry about her relationship with Xena. The Warrior herself knows something is wrong, and she tries to find out what, looking back into her memories and inside her soul.

Warrior...Bard...Goddess of Love - Kim Pritekel available in ebook format
How can a harmless day at the beach go so wrong?

Warrior For Our Time (A) - Sam Ruskin available in ebook format
A very short, very timely story.

Warrior, The Witch And The Nightmare (The) - Verrath
It's Xena, it's ALT, it's PG13 (creep factor!) and it's finished!

Watch Me Fall - Spheeris
Xena is left with a handful of flowers and a heart full of pain.

Watching Gabrielle - GraceH available in ebook format
Set around seasons 1 and 2. Xena reflects on her feelings for Gabrielle and the impact the young bard has had on her life.

Watching River - Monkey
A short piece of fluff...

Way (The) - L. Crystal Michallet-Romero available in ebook format
Whatever happened to Gabrielle's staff after she threw it into the Ganges River?

Way of Life Series - TZ

9. The Way of Honor - TZ
A new addition (after five years!) to the Way of Life series.
10. The Way of the Regent - TZ
A couple of days in the life of Ephiny, Regent and Second-in-Command to Gabrielle. Highlights the stress and endless duties brought on by the war between the Spartans and Greeks, which is slowly encroaching on Amazon land. It is a bridge story in the Way of Life series (story #10 in the series).
11. The Way of Intrigue - TZ
As the Greeks move closer to Amazon lands, an expatriate discovers that they might just have more than Spartans in their line of sight.  Part of The Way of Life series (story #11 in the series).
12. The Way of Treachery - TZ
A renegade betrays the Amazon Nation and Gabrielle must lead her warriors into battle against the Greeks.  Part of The Way of Life series (story #12 in the series).
13. Way of Destiny - TZ
In the aftermath of the battle against the Greeks, Xena must deal with some changes brought about through Divine intervention. (#13 of The Way of Life Series)

Welcome Home - jtd available in ebook format
Summary Pending

Welcome Home - Nalysia
Xena, Gabrielle and Eve head back to Amphipolis to find out what happened to Xena's family. Is Cyrene still alive after 25 years? What about Toris and the rest of her home village?

Well Lyceus - IseQween
Emotions provoked at the end of the Season One episode DEATH IN CHAINS lead Xena to reflect on what she's lost, discovered and gained.

Wellspring of Wishes - LZClotho available in ebook format
Xena and Gabrielle help a band of Amazons they find by the shores of Artemis' mythical lake.

Whacked Series - Cassandra and Bik

  Whacked - an Angel
Written in response to the 5th season opener. If you are going to be dead, you might as well enjoy the afterlife. Xena and Gabrielle are on probation from paradise, doing good deeds on earth.
  Whacked - an Angel Again: Return of Callisto
The "reformed" Callisto is getting on everybody's nerves in paradise so the powers-that-be come to Xena and Gabrielle for help. They hope that if Callisto can travel with our gals and see that doing good is a positive force, she may get back some of her old spirit.
  Whacked by an Amazon Angel
The spiritual Xena and Gabrielle meet the spiritual Ephiny, and return with her to the Amazon village. They are greeted by the spiritual Solari. It seems there are still Romans lurking around the village, and the Amazons need all the other-worldly help they can get. Xena, in her usual style, makes everything right. Along the way Ephiny and Solari receive some much-appreciated pointers on afterlife activities. Once again that burning question - is there subtext in paradise - receives a possible answer.
  Whacked by and Angel Too:Taking Care of Joxer
Our favorite angels decide to see how Joxer is doing - at least Gabrielle wants to see that Joxer is okay and Xena goes along for the laughs. They convince him, they hope, to give up his idea of being a warrior and settle down with Meg, who can probably handle him.

What Dreams May Come -K.S. Harrington
A displeased regent has banished an injured Eponin and a delinquent Solari to six days at hard labor on a remote work detail away from the main village.

What Do You Do? - Imagine available in ebook format
On a mid autumn night in an Athenian "house of pleasure", the attention of a courtesan named Tersa is captured bya table of warriors ... and a wild warrior of a girl named Xena

What's a Bard to Do? - Nickie
After Xena helps the Amazons win another war, the Bard tries a new way to win the warriors heart. No matter what she has to do, her heart is set on getting it.

What Lucy Did Next - Jay
Lucifer plans his escape from Hell and his revenge on Xena, but things don't quite go according to plan...

What Mother Never Told Me - Leslie Ann Miller
Set over 20 years after FIN, sixteen year old Thalia, daughter of the reclusive and slightly overprotective innkeeper of Amphipolis, begins a long journey of discovery and adventure when she is accepted as Homer's apprentice at the Athens City Academy of Performing Bards.

part 1     part 2     part 3     part 4     part 5     part 6     part 7     part 8     part 9 (conclusion)

What Perdicus Knew - Portia  available in ebook format
It is a love story about Xena and Gabrielle, but also a story about Perdicus' unrequited love of Gabrielle and how he feels about the whole situation. It begins later that same morning Gabrielle leaves Poteidaia in search of Xena.

What They Don't See - Seana James 
Contains spoilers for "The Convert."  The story is a "between the scenes" piece that has Xena walking the perimeter of camp, dealing with her reaction to something Joxer, in his infinite idiocy, has blurted out at the campfire. Gabrielle follows for a sensitive chat.

When!?! - Stacia X available in ebook format
This story is based on the premise that Xena and Gabrielle are lovers and partners for life. And that sometimes...friends can kinda get in the way.

When Death Rears Its Ugly Head - Smenzer (Gabrielle/Ares)
After a bloody war between the Romans and Amazons, an evil supernatural tree sprouts. Although weakened because the tree is sapping his powers, Ares helps Xena and Gabrielle fight it. The battle becomes a race against time when Gabrielle becomes infected. Rated PG-13 for violence.

When In Rome - Kamouraskan [PostFIN]

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20

Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24 Part 25 Part 26 Epilogue 1 Epilogue 2

When Love Finds You - Xena's Girl
This is Eve and Varia's story. How far they've come and how much they've changed. How they got together despite so many obstacles. And how love will always find a way

When the Cat's Away - Rab Donald available in ebook format
Xena picks up a 'stranger' in a bar.

When the Night - Grit
Being mortal makes you vulnerable. Physically....and emotionally. A lesson Ares is about to learn himself.

When Souls Collide - Mikki Hibbens
The first story is what you might call a prequel to the series. I personally read this story a while ago and I thought it was fantastic back then and I still think it is a very good read!

When We Dance, Who Leads? - LZClotho
Xena and Gabrielle's relationship suffers from the realities of heroes on-call, and a bit of being out-of-sync.

Where You Go - Ken Rogersavailable in ebook format
Gabrielle makes a decision against Xena's wishes, fighting a valiant battle to stop a warlord. (Post FIN)

White Water Terror series - Blind Faith

1. White Water Terror - Blind Faith
Xena and Gabrielle find themselves in "a little over their heads" as they try to help a village struggling to survive a flooding river near their homes. As the events swirl out of their control, Xena and Gabrielle are forced fight for their own survival.
2. White Water Terror 2: Kilaro's Revenge - Blind Faith
After surviving the harrowing events of "White Water Terror," Xena and Gabrielle double back to the town to discover if the villagers have survived the flood. However, when they reach the village there is an even greater threat that awaits them.
3. White Water Terror 3: The Hunt - Blind Faith
Xena and Gabrielle must fight for their lives to avoid Kilaro and her army. This is the concluding section of the White Water Trilogy.

Whose Child - Kamouraskan
A sort of Sequel to my The Joining, and the first story I ever completed. Xena and Gabrielle in a quiet moment with their child.

Why Are You Here? - My OSage available in ebook format
Wouldn't it be great if circumstances allowed Xena and Gabrielle to realize their true feelings for each other from the beginning? Let's see, shall we?

Why Me - Akiela Xal

Winds of Change - L. Crystal Michallet. available in ebook format
The story takes place after the XFile's episode, Nothing Important Happened Today, which Lucy Lawless starred in. It goes along the premise that Xena/Gabrielle never died in FIN, and are in fact  immortal and still living today.

Winds of Change, Part 2 - L. Crystal Michallet. available in ebook format
This story takes up where The Winds of Change ended, with Xena and Gabrielle, as immortals, living in modern times. After many years together, Xena and Gabrielle must overcome a misunderstanding or risk losing each other.

Winged Goddess - Cath, Bard available in ebook format
This is a thoroughly delightful story. Cath, Bard writes from the Bard's viewpoint as she examines where her journeys with Xena have brought her. Gabrielle wonders if she has lost her muse on her path to becoming a warrior. Can she find that part of her again? The author tells the tale with nice insight into the dichotomy that Gabrielle's life has become, a struggle to be everything she can be, without losing the best parts of her self. Warrior and Bard. Friend and Lover. Cath, Bard's telling of the gentle intimacies of daily life and love is wonderful. A simple, well-told story, "Winged Goddess" is a welcome change from big battles and bad Xena/good Xena. There is an Amazon love triangle that is a refreshing plot idea. Xena and Gabrielle do a bit of *Dolly Levi* matchmaking in the Amazon village. The title of the story is a lovely "Story within a Story." Best of all, it has a happy ending:} I had a very nice time reading this story and so will you. Thanks to EM for sharing her find with me.

Winning Touch - Kim Pritekel

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 (Conclusion)

Winter Chills - Kamouraskan
A piece I wrote after watching God Fearing Child in about 15 minutes, which thankfully is now a little dated. The sequel, Xena's chance to make things right.

Winter Furies - Osito available in ebook format
This is a XWP alt story. It is a first time story taking place after the drama of the Rheingold Trilogy, as our heroines travel through the north lands of Germania and battle the hardship of it's intrepid weather.

Winter Trees - Claire Withercross
Summary Pending

Wish Come True - Xena's Little Bitch aka Julia Goldman
This is a sweet, intimate first time/hurt/comfort story taking place a few months before The Hercules Trilogy. A classic "Wounded and trapped in a cave, Xena tries to come to terms with both her self-hate and her love for Gabrielle" story.

Wish You Were Here... - Temora
*collaboration with Lariel another fantastic writer!

Witch Way To Paradise by IseQween
As Solstice approaches in Season Four, Xena considers unsettling parallels between the fairy tale she contributed to in IF THE SHOE FITS and Alti's vision of Gabrielle's death, which continues to haunt them in the subsequent PARADISE FOUND and India arc, culminating in IDES OF MARCH

With Apologies to Bram Stoker - Ernie Whiting available in ebook format
Xena & Gabrielle story

With Vision Cleared - Bobbie Stewart
Bacchus has been defeated and Xena and Gabrielle find themselves with some unexpected downtime while they wander the countryside.  This allows one of them far too much time to think about the bite that transpired between them.

Without You - Darkone available in ebook format
Gabrielle is dead and Xena has a hard time dealing with it.

Wonder Xena - Amy Van Dyke
Have you ever wondered just how someone gets the idea for a superhero? Well, you have to start by meeting one. But first you need a dynamic duo.

Worth the Pain - IseQween
Xena's obsession with Alti's fourth-season vision of Gabrielle's death severely tests the soulmates' bond during CRUSADER, PAST IMPERFECT and PARADISE FOUND.

Writer's Block - Smenzer (Gabrielle/Ares)
Gabrielle is cursed while attending a bard's convention thanks to Discord. And until she kisses War in Love's temple and walks War's dog, she won't be able to write a single word. Ares/Gabrielle Rated PG.

Written in My Days - Deb
This is a tale of jealousy, romance and best of all an admission of love.

X&G: The Lost Years - Time and Space - MaryE [crossover]
Xena and Gabrielle transported into a different time and space by one of our favorite gods.  There are battles, humor, love making, and more humor... and 2 other characters which are liked/loved by many X & G fans... family so to speak.  :-)

Xena: Goddess of War - Dreamweaver available in ebook format
Perdicus unexpectedly returns to Gabrielle from war, for a wedding night of passion. But is it really Perdicus?

Xena & Gabrielle Series - Sam Ruskin

  In Her Dreams
This story takes place shortly after the episode Amphipolis Under Siege. Naturally, it is my own idea of what "could" happen and not part of the actual storyline from the series
  Telling Secrets
This is the sequel to In Her Dreams. It would definitely help to read that first
  After the Glitter
Well, I have been told this 'could' stand alone. However, it IS the third in a story that began with In Her Dreams. That was followed by Telling Secrets. It might help to read those first. Up to you. I will tell you that In Her Dreams was my very first Fan Fiction and was not posted for a long time because I thought no one would like it. You can judge for yourself if I was correct.

Together At Last
This is the sequel to After The Glitter, which is a sequel to In Her Dreams and Telling Secrets. It can be read alone but would probably be better if you read the others first.


Xena and the Dancing Herb - Ralene
Aphrodite helps Xena give Gabrielle a birthday gift that extends beyond the warrior's usual many skills and provokes uproar among the Amazons.

Xena and the Fairy Folk - S. King [unfinished]
Xena and Gabrielle run into a mysterious woman who is escaping her home land, and her traveling companion a big butch girl called Nic. Chaos takes over as they try to get the couple safely to Amazon Territory, and when Amazons and Fairy Folk finally meet all hell breaks lose. This is a 'first time' comedy as Bride and her special friends force Xena to declare her love for her Bard and then deal with the mayhem that follows.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4

Xena of Gaul - Xena's Little Bitch available in ebook format
This alternate time line story begins when Xena is a child slave and chronicles her unique adventures with Gabrielle. Described by readers as either "charming" or "disturbing," this unusual story is best described by reading its disclaimers.

Xena Stroll (A) - Anon2 available in ebook format
An entry in the christmas challenge

Xena Warrior Gardner: Destroyer of Nasturtiums - Xenamour
A humorous look at the everyday warrior in all of us.

Xena and the Flight of the Phoenix - Michael Dobler
Gabrielle recorded all of her adventures with Xena. These records became known as the Xena Scrolls. But what about the adventure neither one of them remembers? This is a bridge story with a Sci-Fi twist, set between S1 finale "Doctor in the House" and S2 opener "Orphan of War".

Xena and the Terror of Andros Island - Michael Dobler
Xena gives Gabrielle a suprise birthday gift! Two weeks on the beautiful Isle of Andros. She even invites a couple of old friends to join in the festivities. The vacation takes a sinister turn when an ancient horror begins to stalk the island, and brings Xena, Gabrielle and their friends face to face with their greatest challenge yet! A Xena/Hercules/ Predator crossover. May be a bit gory for younger readers - be warned!

Xena's Tale and the Truth About the Japan Fiasco of Season 6 - D.A. Frances
This is a story of a relationship coming to age as told by Xena to the 'Bard Diana of Rome'.  There is also an epilogue which is the scene of Xena and Gabrielle's anniversary 6 years later when xena gives Gab the scroll as a gift and they discuss the fiasco of Japan.

Xena & Gabrielle Do the Dating Game - Darkone available in ebook format
Dating Game scenario with Gabrielle choosing between Callisto, Ephiny and Xena

The Xena/Gabrielle Series - Linda Crist
Begins after "The Ides of March" 4th season cliffhanger and is their ongoing adventures from that point. My Xena/Gabrielle series parts ways with the show after the 4th season. What that means is no pregnant warrior, no Eve, no 25-year ice cave time warp, no twilight of the gods, no new chakram, no angel Callisto, no Japan, no Akehmi, no battlin' bard (although Gab does fight in this series both with staff and with sais, she just isn't the killing machine she became in the 5th season). Cyrene, Toris, Amarice, Eponin, Gab's family, Eli, Hercules, Iolaus, and all the Greek gods are alive. Octavian is still a very young Roman leader. Joxer is dead because he died in my first story. Callisto is in Hell for breaking her deal with the devil to not physically harm Xena during "The Ides of March." I have made Xena's history in the Norse lands a part of her history in the series, but only up to the part where she locked up Grindle, so in this Xenaverse, Grindle is still locked up with the ring.

March The 16

A Solstice Treaty

The Sixth Sense

Cleopatra 4 AD


Eyes of Eire (unfinished)
Xena and Gabrielle travel to Eire to help a new friend solve a mystery. They encounter foes, both old and new. Novel length, Alt, rated R.

Xena and the Rose - Ri
summary pending

Xena Warrior Princess - Laura Lynn Petersen available in ebook format
Very short story

Xena Warrior Princess - The Legend Continues - Gabster
This will start right from where the series ended, This story is about how Gabrielle deals with Xena's death and finding out she can bring her back to life. There is a little violence and a beheading of a certain bitch and little bad langue. If that offends you this might not be your story but that was the way life probably was back then. I hope this "reboot" comes if not by my words I certainly hope by some one good words. Let the Greater Good begin.

The Xenaverse Faery Tales - Nene Adams
Your favorite fairy tales retold in the spirit of the Xenaverse! All tales © copyright 1997-2000 Nene Adams. All rights reserved. 

Xena and Gabrielle - and other familiar characters - join forces with the Brothers Grimm to bring you these tales of wonder, magic and more. Sleeping Beauty, Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Snow White - you'll find these here and others as well. But beware, fair mortal... once entered, the Faery Realm can be difficult to leave !! (Adult situations/may not suitable for children). rights reserved.

The characters of Xena, Gabrielle, et. al. are the sole copyrighted property of MCA/Universal. No attempt has been made by the author to profit from these characters and no infringement is intended by their inclusion here. Stories may contain some violence and adult situations; reader discretion is advised.

  Bright Ribbons of Gold - (Based on the Russian tale, Baba Yaga & the Wise Doll) When Xena fails to return from a mission to the wild Ukrainian steppes, Gabrielle must make a hazardous journey and play a dangerous game to free her love from a witch.
  The Bard and the Beanstalk - (Based on Jack and the Beanstalk) After helping a beggar, kindhearted Gabrielle and Xena embark on a magical journey that will make them immortal with the help of three magic beans. 
  The Beauty in the Beast - (Based on Beauty & the Beast) The fierce warlord Xena receives a vision of a young woman that changes the course of her life forever. 
  The Sacrifice of Beauty - (Sequel to The Beauty in the Beast) Learn how Gabrielle traveled through time to change Xena's life... and why. 
  Princess Fascia - (Based on Rapunzel) Xena and Gabrielle ride to the rescue of a princess held in durance vile in a witch's castle, with hilarious results. 
  Golden Hair and the Three Ursae - (Based on Goldilocks & the Three Bears) Xena dons a disguise and confronts the three best thieves in Greece. The warrior gets more than she bargained for, including an experience she'll never forget!
  The Happy Princess - (Based on Wilde's The Happy Prince) A ragged, bitter bard returns to Amphipolous and helps lay the tortured spirit of Xena to rest at last.
  If Thou Lovest Me - (Based on the Babylonian legend of Innana and Tamuz) When Gabrielle is accidently slain, Xena travels to the underworld and undergoes a hellish trial for posession of the bard's soul. 
  The Maiden and the Seven Warlords - (Based on Snow White & the 7 Dwarves) Xena is captured by evil warlords and only Gabrielle's cleverness can save her from a fate worse than death - Applesauce! 
  Beauty Wakes - (Sequel to the Maiden & the Seven Warlords) In an effort to force Gabrielle and Xena to declare their feelings for one another, Cupid devises a clever plan involving a love obsessed warlord and a comatose bard.
  Little Red Riding Cloak - (Based on Little Red Riding Hood) The bard is left alone to face a monster created by a village's blindness - an evil that preys upon innocence and is determined to extract a terrible price in blood. 
  A Swan is Born - (Based on The Ugly Duckling) In a fishing village named Potideia, a girl who's "different" vows to escape her tormenters and follow her destiny. 
  The Warrior's New Armor - (Based on The Emperor's New Clothes) Joxer is proud of his suit of "invisible" armor, until Xena and Gabrielle open his eyes.

XXX Scrolls - Shana and Kye

Blondes Wear Leather Too

Yeah, But With A Really Sword - Temora
Summary Pending

Yearnings of a Dark Heart (The) - Taleweaver available in ebook format
This is the sequel to To Love A Dark Heart. One of the few pieces of Xena's writing, it allows us to be privvy to her feelings that she keeps hidden from her traveling partner. This is an accompaniment to TLADH, and the third installment in the trilogy. It's not over yet though.

Yeehaw Junction - Uncaged Amazon available in ebook format
I am a fu***** genius. I mean who else can be given a map and compass, be told not to enter the areas highlighted in red, and still manage to camp in the forbidden fields? Right beside the signs that say "Warning: Infested Tick Fields, Keep Out..."

Yellow - Minerva
An unconventional story about how the bard and warrior's love affected those around them, and those closest to them.

You're a Wonderful Wife
Another of the very well written stories submitted for The Bards' Village "Snowed-In" story challenge.

You Drive Me Crazy - Chickram
A rewrite of a scene where Gabrielle is drugged from "Altered States"

You've Got Scrolls - Advocate, Fanatic and TNovan available in ebook format
What do you get when you combine the talents of three of the best in the fanfic business? You get a hilarious look at the first e-mail list!

Winner of a Xippy and a Swollen Bud Award!

You Looked At Me - Amanda Calkins
A short story on love and life

You, Me & The Tripolis Militia - Jay
A sequel to "A Return to Form," Xena and Gabrielle make their way back to Amphipolis to lay Xena's ashes to rest. Will Gabrielle ever let go of the urn? Was Cyrene really a witch? Will Aphrodite ever stop crying?

You Made Me - Simahoyo
Callisto reveals the major events in her life that led her to become a madwoman.

You Should Have... - L. Crystal Michallet-Romero available in ebook format
The first Xena Fan Fiction Story written by L. Crystal Michallet-Romero. It was written shortly after FIN aired in 2001, and is a prequel to the longer story, The Curse of Higuchi. After the loss of her soul mate, Gabrielle finds herself sailing on a ship away from Japa with her jealous ghost lover and an exquisite female captain. Revealed secrets may be the bards only hope of bringing her soul mate back to life.

Youth of the Nation (The) - Kialon [unfinished]
Xena and Gabrielle meet a young girl on their way to the Amazon village. Soon it is visible to women that she does not belong in her small village and would make a valuable addition to the Amazons. On the way to the village they find her sisters' bloody horse, alone in the path.

Part 1    Part 2


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