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Xena's Girl

Last Updated:  9/8/2007

Her Story In Time  [Incomplete]

A Janice/Mel uber story

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Featherheads and Followers

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Truths in Paradise

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Telling Truths

Set after Resurrection; Tension and Release. Eve comes to see Xena and Gabrielle with the news her and Varia are together. Needless to say the shit hits the fan.

Goddess and Warriors

Set after Truths in Paradise. Xena and Gabrielle are Goddess' of the Underworld and Healing. The Romans are invading Greece and trying to destroy the Amazons. Loki and Mars are teamed together bent on destroying everything in their path. And the Amazons are caught in the crossfire.

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Love Eternal

Eve and Varia are getting joined and Xena has a surprise for Gabrielle.

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Second Chances

This is takes place after Love Eternal. Eve is pregnant and Varia is ecstatic; Gabrielle finds out she's pregnant and Xena's doubting herself. Can Xena overcome her past and enjoy the second chance she and Gabrielle have been given?

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When Love Finds You

This is Eve and Varia's story. How far they've come and how much they've changed. How they got together despite so many obstacles. And how love will always find a way.

Lost and Found

This is a story of finding the one person who completes your heart and soul and looking beyond years of pain loneliness and betrayal and opening your heart.

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