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last updated: June 8, 2011

Queen of My Country, Queen of My Heart - Alex Tryst available in ebook format
With her father ailing, Princess Alexa is on a mission to find a bride to sit beside her on the throne. Her parents demand she marry the woman they have chosen for her, but an unexpected entrance of a charming lady changes everything as Alexa falls in love for the first time. Will she follow her heart or her designed destiny? Does she have what it takes to be the great leader to her nation in its time of need? And will she win the affections of the woman she loves? WARNING: Angst Alert. You need a full box of tissues for this story.

Quest Ridden on Behalf of Love(A) - JM Dragon and Erin O’Rielly [unfinished]
A Quest Ridden On Behalf Of Love brings Lena Corkill and Kate Lawrence together in a story set in the thoroughbred horse racing circuit. The two women attracted to each other yet afraid to make the first move. Lena's past plays comes visiting and brings havoc to the budding relationship.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6

Radicals (The) - JM Dragon
Summary Pending

Rainbow Room (The) - Rainne O. Lawless [unfinished]
Read about Kaia Lasgow and Melinda Rodgers

Rainy Days - Sean Ambrosie

Rainy Sundays - N. D. R.-Lewis (a.k.a. Nicky) available in ebook format
This is a short story about how the pressures of family and responsibility can darken the lightest heart. It's shows in a very real way how people cope with the problems that face them.

Raven & Sparrow - Littlespit available in ebook format
The co-winner in the first Annual PWP contest on the Yomavis group!

Ready for This - Evelyn C.
When Blair reappears in her life, Ashley is clueless to her attempts to rekindle their relationship.

Reality in Dreams (The) - A. Tietz [unfinished]
A CIA assassin is having reoccurring dreams of a beautiful golden haired woman. She gets a big surprise when one of her marked victims resembles her dreams and she finds it hard to kill the person. The story follows what this assassin does when faced with her dreams possibly becoming a reality and challenging her past, present and future.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    

Realization - Idryth available in ebook format
The continuing story arc of two women thrown together due to an act of violence. More mystery and danger await them as they try to come to grips with their changing relationship. Sequel to Insight.

Realizations - Minerva available in ebook format
A romantic story set during the Thanksgiving season where two women learn that they have each other and many things to give thanks for.

Reason (The) - Jenna Dixon [unfinished]
A tale about new friendships and past struggles

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5      Part 6     Part 7     Part 8

Rebel High - Dylan Carreiro [unfinished]
Rebel High is a series about Casey Farrell, a high school student who's uprooted from her home in New Orleans and moved to Long Beach, California and her experiences at the first all-gay high school in the U.S.

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5

Red Line - Ri available in ebook format
Two strangers meet on the subway in Los Angeles and become very good friends little knowing they have something in common that neither would ever dream of.

Redemption Song - Blondebard [unfinished]
Deputy Federal Marshal Megan O'Brien is tasked with hiding former mob enforcer Antonia Ferenci until she can testify against her former bosses.

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8     Part 9     Part 10     Part 11     Part 12     Part 13     Part 14     Part 15     Part 16     Part 17     Part 18     Part 19     Part 20     Part 21

Reece's Faith - Vertigo available in ebook format
The sequel to Vertigo's highly acclaimed Private Dancer

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5

Complete file (1.4 mb)

Reef (The) - Lois Kay available in ebook format
A story about love long lost, friendship,hate, greed, choices and courage. Sam and Jody have not seen each other for years, torn apart by dramatic events that changed their lifes forever. Accidently they meet again....will they be able to restore what they once had? Or will they have to be satisfied with being 'just friends'? Who is trying to destroy 'The Reef'? Can they be stopped? At what cost?

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7    Part 8    Part 9    Part 10    Part 11    Part 12    Part 13    Part 14 (conclusion)

Reflected Passion - Aurelia
Dale Wincott likes restoring old furniture. In fact, one could say she has a passion for it, spending many long hours scouring the flea markets and second hand furniture shops in search of long-forgotten treasures. During one such search, she finds an old battered mirror and falls in love with it immediately. Little did Dale know what effect such a discovery would have on her life. Are the secret whisperings at night coming from the mirror, or is it all in her lonely, frustrated mind?

Reflections of Passion - Chariots of Fire available in ebook format

  Part 1
Entering a bar in a small college town, Faith is intrigued by the alluring bartender. What secrets are they both hiding?
  Part 2
More secrets are revealed, danger is lurking in the shadows. Can Faith and Miranda survive?

Reining in the Belle - S. Derkins [unfinished]
This the the third of the Now What? series. Lona and Tashalia's little girl is growing up and dealing with C'helan's society in her own unique way.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6

Remember Me - Midgit available in ebook format
An interlude in Cold finds the pair at a cottage on the estate that is haunted by the ghost of a victim from the dark doings of the original master.

Remembering Genevieve - Amanda Calkins available in ebook format
Demetria Daniels, a hit country artist, goes in search for a brighter future for herself. On the way she finds old forgotten memories of a girl she'll always love. She also finds more than she expects in a woman who she never dreamed could love her.

Rendezvous (The) - Debbie Dee, Shadylady & T. Stratton
Gwen has a chance encounter with a stranger that opens her eyes to new possibilities. Lacy always watched Gwen from a distance. Till one day she got the courage to follow Gwen and history changed forever. Mature audience, consensual sex between two women Non violent, Uber, Romance

Rescue (The) - Kim Baldwin available in ebook format
A gregarious travel writer runs into trouble during a kayaking adventure off the coast of Nova Scotia, and the experience sends her life in a whole new direction.

Resist - S.Berry available in ebook format
Sequel to All the Way to Heaven Or Lesbian Parlor Games

Resurrection - Xena's Girl [postFIN]
Summary pending...

Reticulating Lives - Lexibard [unfinished]
Reticulating Lives is set in modern day times, and tells the story of what happens when after a brief night out in New York's "fast lane", a naive accounting clerk finds friendship, passion and her life will never be the same.

Part 1     Part 2   

Retreat (The) - Phair available in ebook format
A summer internship at a reclusive writer's colony turns out to be more than Taylor Kendall applied for.  She just may have found herself in a Gothic New England ghost story.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4   Part 5    Part 6    Part 7    Part 8    Part 9   Part 10    Part 11    Part 12    Part 13

Return of the Warrior - Katherine A. Standell (aka Archangel)
As promised, Archangel brings us the beginning of the sequel to Desert Hawk. Having survived the unimaginable, Dylan Hawke returns to a hero's welcome. What the public does not see and the soldier does not understand is that some battles come home with us from the battlefield. Nightmares drive the lovers apart as Dylan struggles to control the phantoms that haunt her. Lura is caught up in a battle of her own, struggling with a heritage she doesn't want and a family who would not understand. But falcons and hawks mate for life.....or do they?

Reunion - Kim Pritekel
Summary Pending

Revolution - Kim Pritkel & Alexa Hoffman
Brooklyn Fletcher is making her way in the world of advertising, comfortable as a copy editor in a large Portland firm. Her boss, and stand-in mother is having trouble with one of her twin daughters, and the other one is the apple of her eye. Can Brooklyn become a good role model?

Part 1     Part 2      Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6      Part 7      Part 8     Part 9     Part 10     Part 11     Part 12     Part 13     Part 14     Part 15 (conclusion)

Revolution - Tragedy88 available in ebook format
The '60s are a time full of turbulence and revelations. For Rain, a down on her luck street performer, her revelation comes in the form of a tall, dark haired stranger.

Revolutionary - SB Zarben available in ebook format
Have you ever started messing around with history and coming up with your own version of things? That's what this story is about. Set in Russia in 1920 it's about two women who meet and happen to change the world while they get to know one another.

 Part 1         Part 2         Part 3         Part 4

Ridded (The) - Phair available in ebook format
The Ridden is a story of a child rejected by one father, embraced by another, and depised by both warring cultures.

 Part 1         Part 2         Part 3         Part 4         Part 5         Part 6         Part 7         Part 8         Part 9         Part 10         Part 11         Part 12         Part 13         Part 14         Part 15         Part 16         Part 17         Part 18 (conclusion)

Ripples in Time - Lois Kay & cbar available in ebook format
Limburg, The Netherlands, 100 AD. The Roman conqueror occupies a large part of the Lowlands. Even though times are peaceful, underneath the surface opposition brews and occasionally the Romans have to fight a rebel army. In this setting, Mor and Isa meet, when Isa is running for her life. The dark, seclusive Mor saves Isa's life, not anticipating the impact that will have on her life. She had a mission. Will she be able to carry it out?

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5      Part 6      Part 7      Part 8      Part 9      Part 10      Part 11      Part 12      Part 13     Part 14     Part 15     Part 16     Part 17 (conclusion)

Rising into Consciousness series - Emily Mills


Rising Into Consciousness - Emily Mills available in ebook format
Fate, destiny, whatever. A chance meeting between two very different people; Auset (a college drop-out, ex-juvie inmate, and hacker) and Reese the student/writer; leads them down a very unexpected path. All sorts of mayhem ensues as Auset's shady past catches up with her, and the two have to get through it all together--all the while struggling to form a very strong friendship.

   Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4    Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8    Part 9


Duality available in ebook format
As Auset goes off on a job that she's pretty sure means trouble, she reflects on a time in her past that was less-than pleasant and helped send her on her current path. Reese, left in Auset's apartment alone, gets a call from her brother about some very distressing news and has to go back home to deal with it. Trouble lies ahead for both of them, but in the end, the goal is for them to come out on top of it all together. Easier said than done....The sequel to Rising Into Consciousness

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8     Part 9    Part 10  

Uber Gals and the Mystery of the Hen's Bane - Emily Mills available in ebook format
This short story is a sequel of sorts to the stories "Rising Into Consciousness" and "Duality". It is advisable to read them first. Auset and Reese are faced with a rather perplexing mystery, as dead chickens begin to appear on Auset's front door step. As the usual suspects are all locked up, the question remains, who's doing it and why? Follow our gals on a silly little romp to unravel the mystery all while struggling to spend some quality time with one another.

Road Back Home (The) - Lynne Norris available in ebook format
This story is a journey of healing and rediscovery. Emotionally and physically scarred from her injury and brush with death, Alex struggles to reclaim all the facets of her former life. Meanwhile, Regina fights her own battle with the need for her family's acceptance and the love she has for her embattled partner. With their newfound relationship hanging in the balance, they can shut the door and walk away or believe that the strength of their love will guide them home. Sequel to Second Chances

Road Trip (The) - Dee available in ebook format
A story of a young woman traveling on her own across the US, and a troubled soul with whom she is entangled, in an adventure filled with violence, rescue and love.

Rock series - Rain
1. Rock Me - Rain
Kiera Aigner is a world renowned rock climber and Theran Ryan has come to learn from her. Will the mixture of darkness and light work?
2. Rock On - Rain
Theran Ryan is about to attend Kiera Aigner's second rock climbing course, done on location, in realtime; ten days of intensity and death defying heights...
3. Rock Hard! - Rain
Kiera Aigner's third and final rock climbing course is about to begin and Theran Ryan has been preparing for and anticipating it eagerly. Five days to complete a climb, no ropes and no room for error... Will she have the courage?

Rock of Ages Past - Elaine L. Becker [unfinished]
Soulmates, separated by 360 years and two continents, find a way to be reunited.

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8     Part 9     Part 10     Part 11      Part 12     Part 13     Part 14     Part 15     Part 16   Part 17   Part 18    Part 19

Rolling Thunder [unfinished]
This story continues with the lives of Jesse and Jennifer Branson, begun in the stories of Sweetwater, Bannack and Bozeman. As Jesse and Jennifer return to life in the town of Sweetwater, Montana Territory, they face new adventures when both their adopted daughter, KC, and the town begin to grow. And, has Jennifer's father returned to the east for good?

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8     Part 9     Part 10     Part 11     Part 12     Part 13     Part 14 (conclusion)    

Romance...or Something Like It - Gerri Hill available in ebook format
Two women are coerced by friends to help them score a date on Valentine's Day. Dana asks Jamie, an accountant, to help her make a former girlfriend, Tess, jealous. Tess has coerced her lawyer friend Kate to come along in her quest to find a date. Neither Jamie nor Kate are into Valentine's day until they meet.

Rose in Blue (A) - Jp available in ebook format
It's the sequel to Blue Oblivion. Same deal on the ratings and all that. We find Blue and Conner making an attempt live an love outside the reach of mob rule. Good intentions are cast to the side as our girls find themselves caught between people with scores to settle and people that don't appreciate progress.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3 

Rude - Lois Cloarec Hart available in ebook format
An tale that explores the supposition about what if your wishes came true and the impact they'd have on you.

The Sacrament Series - Morrig

1. Absolution : The First Sacrament available in ebook format
Magali Guerrerro rules a world pulsing with corruption, greed, and violence. A place where life is fleeting, survival tenuous and choices limited. Through the darkness, the light of innocence beckons her, and she finds what she can not give herself in a pair of emerald eyes - Absolution. Be forewarned this is what you should consider a conqueror uber, and is the first in a series. I cut my teeth on this one, and I'm still recovering.

Penitentia : The Second Sacramentavailable in ebook format
Everyone has a cross to bear, a sin to contend with, a penance to serve some sacrifice it all for another, while others betray. When innocence is shattered and faith torn asunder, who will stand and make amends? Magali's life is a countless toll of mortal sins, and Casey, her Saint, will offer up her own sacrifice in this sequel to Absolution.

3. Confession : The Third Sacrament available in ebook format
A demon Past lies in wait, an unseen predator that bided its time, then sundered and shredded two souls newly reunited, and trapped Casey in its unrelenting claws. Julia seizes the opportunity and summons all of her considerable resources to ensure that the ties are severed forever.  Seeking comfort with a phantasm found only in the shadows of her memory, Casey is maneuvered by fate to serve her own penance…one her dark lover may never forgive. The City of Angels--filled with whispers of seduction and echoes of guilt--conspires to keep Magali from reclaiming her beloved; while a darker evil lies in ambush, should she dare to try.  Saints and sinners alike will make their confession, but will it be enough to cleanse them, or will it come too late?

Salem's Secrets - Sheri available in ebook format
A student who finds more than she bargained on a summer tour.

Same Story... Three Times.. - Crow and Barbara G. Smith available in ebook format
Megan is a mechanic happily working...until she comes across a woman stranded and in need of assistance....little does she know how much assistance is needed. There's two sides to every story then there's the truth....

  Part I - Damn! Why Can't It Just Be Sex?
Megan's tale.
  Part II - It's So Much More Than Just Sex.
This is the same story just told from Jodie's perspective.
  Part III - Sex is Good...Love is Better  

Saturday Night Special - Tovie available in ebook format
Two desperate women meet in a pawn shop.

Sausage Sizzler - Weebod [unfinished]
The boss of a local community centre bites of more than she can chew when she falls for a mysterious blonde.

Say Goodbye to Boston - Barbara Davies available in ebook format
"While the rest of the Canary Islands celebrates 'Carnaval', British secret agents Ashley Blade and Jemma Jacobs try to unravel a terrorist plot against the USA. If they don't succeed... you can say goodbye to Boston!"

Scandalous - Minerva available in ebook format
(Follow up to Grind) Randi goes after what she wants and needs. She returns to The Grind.

Scars - djwood [unfinished]
Scars--we all carry them. Some can be seen, some cannot. Kate and Sam meet online, and as their friendship grows and deepens their scars are revealed. Can they each be healed by the other?

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8     Part 9    

School's Out - Mindwalker 78 available in ebook format
Andy Parker didn't know why she'd never had contact with Chris Chambers before. Maybe it was because Andy came from the other side of the tracks. But, one day, an after school incident brings their lives together, and they discover a friendship that neither had ever believed possible. They feel as though each can fill the aching emptiness in the other's heart. But, just as they begin to listen to their hearts, something devastating happens to Chris. Will Andy ever be able to convince her that she had nothing to do with it? Can Chris ever feel the same about Andy again?

Scream (The) - Medora MacD available in ebook format
What will it take to get publishing executive and outdoor adventurer Althea Ashford to scream at the top of her lungs? That's what biology professor Shelley Solomon has to discover before midnight if she's to win her bet with her twin sister's insufferable (and infernally attractive) best friend.

Sea Moon - Mark Annetts available in ebook format
This is a sci-fi uber set sometime in the not too distant future on Jupiter's moon, Europa. It's a comedy/adventure/drama sort of thing, involving murder most foul, strange dreams, a feisty soldier gal whose name isn't really Dutch, and a tall engineer who likes to solve problems and offer her invaluable assistance.

Searching  - Jen X  [unfinished]
When June stumbles in to Adrienne's camp, they become tentative friends. But is Adrienne who June think's she is?

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3    Part 4

Second Chance - Sunflower available in ebook format
When two high school friends are reunited at a plot filled with fame, love and intrigue anything can happen. Kristen and Melanie have worked hard to finally have love and fame, but fate had other ideas for them. Will their love resist? Will the truth be a too expensive price to pay?

Second Chance at Forever - xfbard

1. Second Chance at Forever - xfbard
Gabrielle Channon is a fiction writer who meets with Agent Xena Demakis while doing research for her latest book, the chemistry between them is immediate, however, Agent Demakis seems a bit hesitant. It is up to Gabrielle to draw the striking Xena out of her self-imposed exile and open her up to a new world of romance. Along the way they hit a few bumps in the road, all of which may lead them to a chance at a life that is filled with happiness.

Families and Old Flames - xfbard
The third chapter of the Second Chance At Forever series.
Xena and Gabrielle's relationship continues to evolve during a trip back to Xena's hometown. Will altercations with Xena's family and an old flame throw a wrench in the works?

Second Chances - Lynne Norris available in ebook format
Alex Marguiles is a self-driven, remote chief attending in the emergency department of a large community medical center. With the annual influx of new residents to the hospital, Alex meets one of her new charges, Regina Kinston, a bright, young, promising doctor. As personalities and professional differences clash, Alex and Regina both struggle with their own personal demons. Coming together in a fast-paced climax, the story is one of friendship, trust and chances regained.

Second Chances - Sandra Barrett
Kenya's future as a private security guard seems dismal when she's given the worst assignment - acting as babysitter to Roslyn Hullet, a woman with more money than sense in Kenya's mind. But when Roslyn's stalker turns out to be real, can Kenya maintain her professional distance and protect Roslyn?

Second Half - Niki [unfinished]
Set at college, Kyra is a girl who's starting to get her life back after a dark period. Even though she had told herself she'd never play soccer again, meeting Danni, the captain of the school's team, changes that and it isn't long before she realizes the blonde quickly works her way into her heart. Trying to win the title with the team and wrestling with her growing feelings is big struggle, complicated by past actions and a fear to let someone in once again.

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3    Part 4  

Second Generation - Littlespit available in ebook format
A romantic tale of love and friendship rediscovered, and all by the grace of the gods and a second generation of an angelic, green-eyed blonde and her blue-eyed lonely dark haired new friend.

Second Wind - Kim Baldwin  
The third installment in the story of Gable McCoy and Erin Richards that began with Blown Away and continued in Fire and Ice. One year after the tornado that brought them together, Gable and Erin plan to tie the knot. But nothing with these two ever goes smoothly.

Seeing You Again for the First Time - Colleen available in ebook format
The first section of the sequel to At First Sight

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6    Part 7     Part 8   Part 9     Part 10     Part 11     Part 12     Part 13     Part 14     Part 15   Part 16    Part 17    Part 18    Part 19 (conclusion)

Selene and Nix - Windstar and Zee
This story contains; mayhem, magic, love, jealousy, and some great fight scenes. Plus as an added bonus if you read this you'll understand Blood and Honor a lot better when we start posting it. So come join Nix and Selene as they struggle to build and keep a society together.

Selfless Love - Bo Merg available in ebook format
A story of the pain of unrequited love. Very touching short story.

Sex Education - Greek Warrior available in ebook format
A short story written in response to a PWP challenge. Alison is a doctor on a space station orbiting earth where sex is a forgotten thing of the past, until Piper comes along.

Sex, Wives and Misunderstandings - Ali Vali available in ebook format
A few months after the birth of their second son, Ram, Sarah and Ramses are having trouble finding time to be alone. The more they try to build on the bond they have, the more misunderstandings there are between them. This is the third chapter in the Nile series, and in the end, well, I'm not going to tell you the end.

Shadow of Justice - Shadowriter [unfinished]
FBI agent Alexia Reis returns to work, and this time must find a murderer who preys on children. Her lover of four months, Teren Mylos, gets a call from the CIA. Suddenly, the relationship is in danger. How would Alex react if Teren agrees to return to the CIA as an assassin? And what would it take for Teren to do so? Together or apart, they must each find their own meaning of the word justice. Sequel Conspiracy of Swords

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    

Shadows - Ladyhawke
Lee and Katlin are caught in a situation they never would have dreamed of going near in a million years... But their need to be together ignores the high price and pain it will cause if they are discovered. Together they begin an affair, living in shadows, grabbing and holding on to each precious moment. Two years down the line the emotional cost on both of them is starting to reveal that one of them wants more...
Shadows in the Night Shadows In The Night - C. Paradee available in ebook format
Two kittens, one dark the other light, befriend each other and face the rigors of the wild.

Shards - Ladyhawke
What if your past totally controlled the person you are now? When can you draw a line between what you know is real and what isn't? How could you fight against an event that created every fear within you, when it is locked in the past and cannot be changed.

All of these questions live as part of Jo's life and make her who she is. A life of lies, fear and conformity. That is until she meets someone who throws her controlled world into chaos and her rein on sanity begins to slip.

Can Jo face her fear and survive.....

Shattered - Ladyhawke available in ebook format
Timeline..... present day. Two woman meet and fall into lust, which quickly becomes more to both of them. But life is never easy for bonded souls and hearts. Life has boots that will kick you in the teeth any chance they get. Chris is the player who for the first time doesn't want a woman to be just another notch on her bedpost, so she takes a chance and gives everything. Carais has a choice, what she wants, or what she thinks is the right thing to do. This is their story. Of choices and consequences. Of love, lust, betrayal and loss. A story about the now and the then. The end and the beginnings in all of us.

Shattered Innocence - Tragedy88 available in ebook format
Eighteen year old Shane runs a gang called the 'Panthers.' She's tough, wild, angry...until she meets Antonia, the new transfer. Tony's not afraid to stand up to Shane, even thinks she can see the good in the depths of those tortured blue eyes. But who can live and love in the Ghetto with danger all around?

1 - First Day of School     2 - Girls Just Wanna...fight?     3 - Misintentions     4 - Painful Surrender     5 - Second Day of School     6 - Take a Look Around     7 - Understanding     8 - Flight or Fight     9 - Silent Cries     10 - Caught     11 - Disappointment     12 - Two Weeks Later     13 - Girl Talk     14 - Desperate Ends     15 - Revelations     16 - School Again, School Again...     17 - Let's Rock the Night Away     18 - Nowhere to go...but Down     19 - Adventures in the Heartland     20 - So it Begins...     21 to Conclusion

She Is - S. Lee available in ebook format
In the prequel to Three Days, Kat and Beth meet for a Valentine's rendezvous in the Colorado mountains. Enjoy another look into the lives of this loving couple.

She, My Home - Coleskilla
A brief but intense story about how two people can find the desired home in the love of each other.

Sheena's Sight - Claudette E. Dillard
Sheena has been "gifted" with visions. After a particulary disturbing vision, she inlists the aid of a psychic with unexpected results. This story is strictly for fun.

Shinobi - Carola "Ry chan" Eriksson
A Ninja looks back on her life and the woman whose very essence became entwined with her own.

The Short Story Series - Anne Azel
short stories of faith and love to warm your heart.

  A Christmas Story: available in ebook format
A street kid is touched by the courage and faith of another.
  An Arctic Story: available in ebook format
An ice cold background and a red hot love collide.
A WTC Story: available in ebook format
Out of tragedy grows a new strength.

Silence - Grit Jahning [unfinished]
She almost lost her soul once. But this time she was going to make sure that it would never happen again. And if that meant conquering Greece and half the world to do it - so be it. This one could be considered an alternative ending to Falling. It isn't, really, but it does pick up an idea from that story.

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3 

Silver Bullet - KarenK available in ebook format
A hitwoman who uses a silver bullet as her calling card contemplates on letting her lover know the truth about herself. When should she tell her? And would it be too late?

Similiar Features - Cruise [unfinished]
Despite the fact Xena is still upset with Gabrielle for leaving with Najara, Gabrielle finds herself attracted to a Xena-look-alike named Blaise. Blaise harbors a disdain for the Warrior Princess and affection for the attractive green-eyed bard much to the chagrin of Xena. The secrets of Blaise and Xena's similar features are revealed and all of their lives are changed forever. Xena and Gabrielle realize their true feelings for one another and act upon them. They venture to the Amazon village with Blaise, who meets Ephiny ,and finds her true destiny. (Added parts 1-20 in a single *huge* file, parts 21-23 in separate smaller ones)

Simple Pleasures of Life (The) - Ernie Whiting  
After having been confined in a psychiatric hospital for post-traumatic stress disorder, partial amnesia, migraines and night terrors, Colonel Gina Ryan, USMC, is finally reassigned to limited duty, which gives her and Dr. Gabriella Duncan, USN, a little more free time together. This is just a little bit of what they do with that free time.

Simpler Days - Amy van Dyke [unfinished]
Meg and Brandy figure out how to be themselves and be happy in the New World.

Sin City Confidential - Cephalgia available in ebook format
A detective hired to find a woman, only to discover that she bit off more than her handbook allows.

Sinagua Skies - S. Derkins [unfinished]
Chosen as by the priests because she was destined to walk the Path of Two Spirits, Parren begins her life as an emissary to her people, belonging to no world and walking apart from them. Will she ever find a heart to share her spirit with? Follow her travels as her life unfolds step by step.

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4

Sins of the Past - Bored Pup available in ebook format
A story about a woman who was a trained assassin from young. She gets involved with a lounge singer and both of them have to struggle for their happiness. 

Sister (The)- K.G. MacGregor
[Academy 101 Story Premise] Haley a detective novelist is asked to keep an eye on a friend's sister who just happens to be the latest up-and-coming bubblegum pop singer.  Only she has to sneak past security and its head, Rachel, is less than pleased to learn that the mystery writer is supposed to find the stalker wrecking havoc on the singer's life.

Skin Deep - Black Cherry

1. Skin Deep
2. Eye of the Needle
3. Ink and Steel
4. Fossil Fuel
5. Pushing Ink

Sleep (The) - D.K. Ward available in ebook format
Summary Pending

Slow Rise - Evelyn C
Even broken hearts can be mended. Best friends and lovers take the plunge to declare their feelings when unrequited love almost tears them apart.

Snap Shots - MJ available in ebook format
A brilliant yet introverted photographer, Tess Alexander's life takes a dramatic turn when she undertakes a shoot for the cities Lord Mayor. There she meets his daughter Nikki, a young woman whose visual disability has forced her into a world of over protectiveness. Instantly drawn to each other, neither of them are aware of the lengths one person will go, to try and keep them apart.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6     Part 7    Part 8     Part 9     Part 10    Part 11

Snap Shots II - MJ available in ebook format
Three months later, Tess and Nikki are ready to move into Riverside Farm. They both soon realize the trials and tribulations of moving home are if nothing else, an extremely hectic and at times a comical occurrence. However, it is Nikki who is first to sense that when they moved, a face from their past followed.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7    Part 8    Part 9   

Snowbound - Queenfor4ebook version available
A young homophobic writer finds herself convalescing in the home of a lesbian doctor.  Can she overcome her distrust and become friends with the heart-broken doctor?

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7 Part 8     Part 9    Part 10     Part 11      Part 12      Part 13      Part 14      Part 15      Part 16

Snowed In - Sheri available in ebook format
A young woman who is trapped in a snowstorm and meets a woman refinishing a house.

Soldier's Peace (A) - SB Zarben available in ebook format
Picture this: What if there was a researcher/reporter whose current job was the only way she could make ends meet after her own plans for the future went spiraling out of control. And what if she was handed one of, if not the largest story of the year? Dealing with a failed Naval mission that resulted in the deaths of many, many people. What if her main source of information was the leader of the Navy unit involved, who also happened to be blamed by almost every paper and form of media in the United States? What if this story slowly started becoming important to her, or more importantly, what if she found yourself becoming friends with the Navy Captain? What if someone else didn't want her to crack this story? What would they do? What would she do? What would you do? This is Captain Dean Ransom's and reporter Ranelle Maloch's story.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7    Part 8    Part 9

Solitary Love Lady D
Angela Cougar is a quiet, hard woman who does her job well at Wensha Prison. As one of the best prison guards in the facility, she takes her work seriously. However, when a hot new inmate arrives, her focus and her heart are thrown off course.

Solitude - D
Summery Pending

Solstice to Forget (A) - Panda available in ebook format
A holiday goes wrong.

Some Kind of Love - Verity [unfinished]
This might upset people. It's very real, there's a lot of pain (physical and emotional), love falters, and happy endings are iffy. I would tell you guys more but there isn't really one thing that it's about. To sum it up — it's a tribute to life and love and all the excess baggage that comes along with it. Just read it. It's... different.

Something I Said - Denic available in ebook format
A harmless (or not) glimpse into what happens when we are unable to keep ourselves from speaking our minds. Some things are better left unsaid.

Part 1    Part 2a    Part 2b    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7    Part 8    Part 9    Part 10    Part 11    Part 12    Part 13    Part 14 (conclusion)

Somewhere in Hollywood - J. Rose available in ebook format
This is essentially a modern day fairy tale. It is necessary to forget everything you know, everything you think you know, and believe that anything can happen in the land called Hollywood.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7

Somewhere in Time - DS Bauden available in ebook format
This is a "Xena style" adaptation of the movie, "Somewhere in Time".

Song of the Candle (The) - Kamouraskan available in ebook format
"A tale of soulmates, of chances not taken and regretted. The story of two women who lock eyes on a subway, feel something shift inside themselves and know that this is it. The decision made whether to follow an impulse or not will affect the rest of their lives. And if one of those characters is already near emotional breaking point, how long will she wait for her soulmate to battle her own fears and realise that this is their one chance?"

Sorority Sisters - Dawn Lemanne available in ebook format
Chronicles the mis-adventures of a small whacky sorority that decides to recruit.

Sotta La Luna - Carlisle [unfinished]
When Christian Farrow sends a detective to locate an old friend , she finds herself reliving mistakes made years ago...  It was supposed to be fairly easy. They had jobs and apartments lined up, they had a little cash to grease the wheels. All they needed was to pack up and Venice, Italy. But the language barrier became the least of their problems as Christian realized she'd fallen in love with her friend, Alex. The decisions they make set them on a course that changes them forever. This story is about how they try to change it back.

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3

Soul Crossing - Web Bard
This tale takes place after "Falling" and "Falling Stars" will eventually take the friends to Greece to trace their common ancestral past. This first chapter deals with a reunion after a short separation. Rated PG 13. Sequel to Falling Stars

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8     Part 9     Part 10     Part 11     Part 12     Part 13     Part 14     Part 15     Part 16     Part 17     Part 18     Part 19     Part 20  

Soul's Rescue - Patty S. available in ebook format
The story is familiar, two souls meeting for the first time in their current lives. But one woman is trapped beneath hundreds of pounds of metal. The other must find a way to free her before time runs out.

Soul Retriever - LM Townsend & Crow available in ebook format
The sequel to "Ghost Writer".Celine and Lisa must travel to Land of the Dead to rescue the soul of a young man taken before his time - the problem? Where is he and can they find him before it's too late?

Soul Vessels - Linda Crist available in ebook format
While camping out at the Beach Kennedy and Carson, from 'Bluest Eyes' encounter the ghost of a female pirate.

Soul Watchers - Berlinpup available in ebook format
A writer who helps her apartment building neighbor.

Sound of Rain - Ladyhawke  
One night on a lonely road Sam's life changed forever as she starred into green eyes so filled  with pain and loss that she had to follow. Drawn by some unseen force into a nightmare that would pull them together. This is a story about healing and forgiving, but most of all to find the courage and strength to face the whispers of their hearts. 

Sound of Snow (The) - Stacia Seaman available in ebook format
A short but nicely written story, high in angst.

Southern Cross - Windstar available in ebook format
The sequel to North Star. The invasion of earth has begun. Only a few stand between the annihilation of earth and all of humanity.

Spanish Eyes - MaryG [unfinished]
Taking place in the 1700's a young woman desperately searches for an escape from the life her father has carefully planned for her. During a voyage to France with her family to visit her betrothed she is thrust into and adventure that leads to her freedom. She learns all too quickly that things are not always what they appear to be and that heroes and love can be found be in the most unlikely places.

Spark of Hope (A) - PatsBard available in ebook format
summary pending

Specter of Fear - Erin O'Rielly available in ebook format
Two women's worlds are tested when an unknown person begins a campaign of fear through threatening letters filled with innuendoes. Will their love survive or will the phantom win?

Spellbound - Medora MacD available in ebook format
Two women meet and engage in a Scrabble game at the behest of a benefactor.

Spells Really Do Come True - Di Kern available in ebook format
Long lost friends are reunited.

Spirit of the Soul - Debbie Dee
Dawn can hear a voice talking to her. Is it real or is it just in her head. Could someone just be playing a Halloween joke on her. Dawn is determined to find out the truth.

Spring Break - Lady J [unfinished]
Jessie and three close college friends prepare for a trip they will take over the spring break holiday from grad school. All looking forward to this trip, all with different expectations, but none could have predicted what would happen.

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

Spy Who Killed Me (The) - Barbara Davies available in ebook format
Sequel to 'Say Goodbye to Boston' and 'A View to a Kiss'. After their fraught mission in Brazil, British secret agents Ashley Blade and Jemma Jacobs return home to London looking for some rest and relaxation...

Stand by Me : In A Broken Dream - AC available in ebook format
In sequel to 1944: Year of the Mandolin Wind, Sofia and Bekah struggle to rebuild their lives in a new place after World War II, finding that all they will ever need is right beside them.

Star Turtle Voyager - Carola "Ry chan" Eriksson
A Dash & Kiri / Voyager crossover - crazy lesbian turtles in space.

Starlight, Starbright - Jessie [unfinished]
Two worlds collide on accident but the results are long lasting.

Starting Again - Sunflower Brazil
After saying their goodbyes in Rio de Janeiro, what ever happened to Alison and Jordan? Tag along to find out how the lives of these two strong women were changed by time and what all it took for them to start again. (Sequel to A New Year, A New Life)

Starting Over - djwood [unfinished]
What do you do when your world falls apart? When promises of 'forever' last so much less than that? Beth's answer is to sort through her life's list of wants and needs, and come up with a plan. Than plan coincides with the wants and needs of Bailey. This is how strangers can meet and help each other through some of life's obsticles and possibly become more than just friends. 

Stashed - Kamouraskan available in ebook format
A thief and a wannabee reporter cross the path of a drug dealing enforcer.

Strength Inside (The) - Claire Lanham [unfinished]
Two women are letting life pass them by, going through the motions. They meet each other and both are forced to open their eyes and start to live again.

Strike Out - AK Naten
A woman who is unlucky in love meets up with someone who could change her losing streak. Will they get a hit, or will they strike out?

Stirred - KG MacGregor available in ebook format
In this sequel to Shaken, Anna Kaklis and Lily Stuart find their new love tested by dramatic changes in their lives.

Storm Surge - KatLyn available in ebook format

  Alex Montgomery
A ten-year veteran of the FBI. She lost everything of meaning in her life, in the blink of an eye. She has now returned to where it all began, to heal, to rebuild, and to find the man responsible for the hell in which she now lives. Will Alex ever find the peace she once knew? Will she ever find a love like she once had?
  Conner Harris         
An undercover cop with the Jacksonville Police Department. Her home is the streets, and her life is her job. She is a loner by choice who finds her fun in chasing drug dealers, and her relief in one-night stands. Life is just as Conner wants it until one fateful morning when she is it by a storm surge, and finds life never to be the same again.

Story (The) - Siel le Dain available in ebook format 
Out is best., of course it is. But what happens when you fall for a straight person so badly, you don't even care she might be totally confused and will, for sure, realize she never wanted to have a romantic relationship with you? Renée didn't want this to happen, so she hid her feelings for almost two years, waiting for them to disappear. They didn't and everything came out in the open. But maybe, she had been so busy looking inside herself that she forgot to look around.very near her.

Story Goes On (The) - Siel le Dain available in ebook format
This is a sort of sequel to "The Story". Well, actually, more than a sequel is a "what could have happened differently" kind of story. Same characters, same old situation, different scenario. 

Strained - KG MacGregor available in ebook format
In Shaken, they fell in love. In Stirred, that love was tested and reaffirmed. Now in Strained, LA car dealer Anna Kaklis and family attorney Lily Stuart face new questions about family and future. Very low on the angst-meter. ;-)

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6

Stranger in the Garden (A) - Claire Withercross available in ebook format
This is a sequel of sorts to "Eve's Garden" by Kamouraskan. There are stories that tell of a place far from the hustle and bustle of the world where a person can find peace. Somewhere in Greece a man goes in search of that place, and hopefully, some answers. What he finds are the spirits of two long dead women and a small piece of heaven on earth.

Stranger Things - Ian Hayes
Two women meet under mundane, unsurprising circumstances. Uncommon events thrust them together into an oddly familiar situation. As they become acquainted coincidences shower them, some of which they notice, some they don?t. Is it all just the fickle hand of fate at work, or something more determined?

Strength of the Heart - Carrie Carr available in ebook format
In the latest story of Lex and Amanda, the couple attempts to rebuild what was lost while also planning their upcoming nuptials. Things don't go as planned when Lex is arrested, a deadly brushfire gets out of control, and someone close to the rancher dies.

Strike Out - AK Naten
A woman who is unlucky in love meets up with someone who could change her losing streak. Will they get a hit, or will they strike out?

Strings Attached - Inyx available in ebook format
Moody, temperamental, and quite the loner, Kelly never planned for parenthood. Kelly never planned on Jessie. Until one day, she finds that the one she cares about the most is with child. Kelly never planned on falling in love...

Strong Foundation - Luciddream
In this sequel to Hammer and Nails, Jump and Bernadette find themselves trying to make a life for themselves and Ryan.  Things get complicated though when they want to make their little family official.  Will their love survive the homophobic social worker and unforeseen circumstances that work to push them apart?

Strongest Bond (The) - Maderlin Bidmead
Months after the events of 'The Binding Tie', Francesca and Hunter are slowly settling into life together. Things seem idyllic in the Prince mansion, unfortunately the outside world will soon intrude. Power is seductive and the power of master over slave is not something the public are willing to abandon, not even for a super-star.  And a little apology for not having updated in so long, I am now settled into work and home is stable so updates should be coming thick and fast. 

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8     Part 9     Part 10     Part 11     Part 12     Part 13 (conclusion)

Sugar and Spices Series - Katherine Smyth
Take one Australian Cook who's just a little confused and lost. Add one city restaurant and some interesting incidents, combine thoroughly. Beat in the adventures with a trouble-magnet waitress and bake for six parts. Decorate liberally with a good sense of humor and serve to a waiting public.

All Things Come     To Those That Wait     Many a Slip   
Twix Cup and Lip   Every Cloud Has    A Silver Lining 

Summer's Circus - Barbara Davies available in ebook format
When Summer Walsh's struggling circus comes to Cheltenham, novice reporter Alison Carmichael is willing to jump through hoops to get to know its enigmatic ringmaster/owner better!

Summer Heat - MJ available in ebook format
PWP... An intriguing stranger turns Cody's day of escaping from the toils of University life into more than she could have ever imagined.

Summer Heat 2 - MJ available in ebook format
Sequel to the PWP Summer Heat (another PWP+ <g>)

Summer Love - S. Lee available in ebook format
This is an extended version of the story I posted in the Bard's Challenge. Quinn O'Brien goes to the beach for a summer job before going off to college. She finds more than just work when she runs into the woman she has been in love with for four years, her former high school swimming coach. The two women spend the summer in love, but it comes to an end with the arrival of Fall. Ten years later, they meet up again at Quinn's high school reunion ten years later. Can the two women rediscover the love they once shared?

The Summer of Autumn - CXW
This is the Summer of...Autumn, a young girl that we can all relate to. Just graduating from high school, Autumn is ecstatic for her summer, and impending first year at University. Her summer quickly livens up when everything she thought she knew about herself ends up being a lie. Confused about her sexuality and what love really is she meets and falls in love with her new neighbor, Charity. Can the laws and rules that come between the two break their bond, can they hold onto their love?

Summer of Love - Zoe (unfinished)
Sequel to Taught by Love

Summer of Need - J. W. Heart available in ebook format
The need for a summer job leads Trace home. What she finds will alter two lives. What she loses may change her forever.

Summer Reign - kaia available in ebook format
Queen Gwenneth is asked to champion a dark knight, Sir Jordan competing in a jousting tourney.

Summer Reunion (A) - Barbara Davies available in ebook format
Sequel to Summer's Circus. When Alison is lumbered with organising her school reunion, she thinks it'll be easy. Wrong! Fortunately, Summer is on hand to provide a helping hand and a paper plate or two!

Sunday Mornings - Troubleshooter available in ebook format
A lazy Sunday morning begins with a discussion about the origins of Valentine's Day leads to reminiscing about the time the couple first dated on that day.

Surrender - Stone [unfinished]
Taylor Cross is an illustrious detective that must learn to live again after tragic loss. In the meantime, she has a job to do. The last thing she wants to do is fall in love. Victoria Roberts is a sophisticated, beautiful and extremely hi-spirited woman that finds out that her whole life has been a lie, but not before Taylor Cross shows her a part of life that she has been missing. Along with these two women are the entwined lives of their family, friends and partners.

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Surprises Can Be Fun...Or Not - D.S. Bauden available in ebook format
The third installment in the Charlie and Terri series (the others are Ready for Take Off and I've Never.**Do Not Read At Work!**

Sweet Rapture - Jessica A. Michallet [unfinished]
A classical musician, an exotic archeologist, a mysterious and dark Countess, and a Native American soul mate brought together in a story intertwining the tales of love, lust, possession and intrigue that finally culminates in an unexpected finale.

Part 1     Part 2

Sweet Surrender (A) - Katia N. Ruiz available in ebook format
A Story of unrequited love... Cassidy Monsignor is in love with her best friend, Andrea Cates. Andrea Cates holds Cassidy very dear and suffers the fact that her friend is troubled... Will Andrea ever realize Cassidy's true feelings? And if she does, will she realize that she may feel the same way?

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7

Swimming for Shore - Little Mac available in ebook format
In the sequel to The Nearest Distant Shore, has the profiler and her love stalked by the serial killer who they thought was caught. Also compounding the problem is a jealous suitor who kidnaps and rapes the young architect.

Swing - B-Bard available in ebook format
Have an appetite for something new? Read this and find out who Xena's old friend is and how she affects the lives of our favorite beauties. This is a prequel to Oh Avalon, My Amazon

Sydney's Serenade - JLNicky
Sydney's younger brother Sammy is a radio contest winner of a week long trip to stay at JT and the Stars home in Nashville, Tennessee. Sydney takes the announcement calmly in stride until she is given a CD to listen to a few songs from the band. Suddenly the years fall away and she is once again mesmerized by that sensual, husky voice crooning out lyrics of love. Justine Salinger has returned. Too bad their romantic encounter when they were younger had ended so painfully. Well at least now Sydney gets to see how Justine grew up. Good Lord that sexy voice!

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