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Last Updated:  9/3/2005

Freedom's Heart   ebook version available

During a routine skirmish against bandits, Jessica DaGran, the daughter of a local lord-knight, meets Kaleah, a recently released slave-turned-warrior. Sparks immediately fly. Jessica is determined to befriend the dark-haired stranger, and while Kaleah at first stubbornly refuses her kind overtures, eventually she cannot fight against her own desire for companionship. Their friendship quickly grows stronger and deepens into love, then desire. But there are problems each will have to overcome in order for their love to grow, and stirrings of war that will threaten the lives of those Jessica has sworn to protect.

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Nights Of Silk And Sapphire   ebook version available

Dragged from a homeland of strict moral order, Dae is marched by her kidnappers into a harsh world of desert dunes and wind-carved stone. The rescue she prays for, however, may not offer respite from her fate, as she finds herself in the harem of a mysterious, dark-haired woman with flashing, seductive eyes of pure sapphire – the Scion Zafirah Al’Intisar. Plunged into a world of decadent morals and utter sexual freedom, Dae struggles to come to terms with desires she has never felt before in her life. As love and lust collide, these two women slowly forge a bond... as one learns to listen to her heart, and the other hears the call of her awakening body.

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Primal Touch   ebook version available

Deep in the wilds of the Indian jungle, SOMETHING is stalking the men who come to hunt the endangered tigers. Silent, mysterious, and utterly lethal, it leaves no trace except the mauled bodies of the slain. Ashley Richards is a young wildlife photographer, drawn to the jungle by rumours of a rare white tiger. What she finds instead is something far more unique and unexpected... something that will change her life forever.

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