May 31,2001


Many of you may remember a certain incident from Pasadena in which Missy and the pack were presented with some doggie biscuits. The Pack, in it's infinite capacity to turn negatives into positives, responded by wearing the edible items as a sign of solidarity. Now you can own your own! Check out the website Jewelry by Xenonbia Wright and keep memories of Pasadena with you forever!


Looking For Love By Anj (Azurenon)
This is about a Xena fan-fiction writer (Rachael Perry) who, at the age of 42, is once again single following the dissolution of a long-term relationship. At a gay bar, in a small southern town, she meets up with a tall, dark stranger (Regi). Sorry, this isnt an uber story. Regi is not a ravishing beauty with blue eyes and Rachael is no Gabrielle by a long shot, either. Shes just a lonely Xenite "looking for love".

Oh Avalon my Amazon by Bronwyn of Llewelyn/B-Bard. [unfinished]
Rhiannon of Avalon is confronted by the destructive force of an Amazon Goddess and runs into an old warrior friend on her quest to find out the truth. Ancient beings, Gods and Magick turn the Elfling's journey into a major life event, for many women.

May 30th, 2001

The Bet by Verrath
This was inspired by the infamous "Triple XXX Review", performed by Alexandra Tydings and Claire Stansfield at the 2001 Pasadena Convention. Let's just say that Aphrodite finds herself compelled to seduce a rather unlikely person... Classic Xena, Alt, therefore rated PG13

Added partá9 of The Homecoming by Janet Lynne

Added part 15 of LJ Maas' The Petal in the Rose

Added part 9 of White Nights by Minerva


May 29th, 2001

Studies In Light by Caina Q. Fuller [unfinished]
To save Gabrielle's life after an attack by assassins of the temple of Apollo, Aphrodite sends Gabrielle to an alternate universe. The plan is to send Gabrielle back to her home universe a few moments before her death so she can save herself. However Gabrielle encounters the alternate Xena who is Athena's Champion and in desperate need of redemption.

In her attempts to point Xena on the right direction Gabrielle misses her opportunity to get home and becomes trapped on the other world. In the home universe Xena falls apart without Gabrielle and becomes the monster she was before she met Gabrielle.áIn addition to this, Gabrielle's presence is harming the alternate universe and if she isn't sent home soon that world will be destroyed. Can Xena get Gabrielle home to her homeworld to the moment before her death to prevent the tragic events that occur in her absence and find redemption in a world without her?

Added part 37, part 38, and part 39 of Vertigo's Reece's Faith


May 28th, 2001

Seeing You Again for the First Time by Colleen [unfinished]
The first section of the sequel to At First Sight

Deja Vue by Dee
Summary Pending

Call of the Wilderness by Warriorkat
A girl is due to marry her betrothed when she discovers a stranger asleep in the barn. Can she escape her fate and the outlaw her certain death?

1001 Armageddon Nights By Dreamweaver [unfinished]
Whatever happened to the alternate universe Gabrielle from the Hercules episode Armageddon Now part 2? Did she die on the cross or was she thrown into the Empress Xena's royal harem?

Added Part 8 of The Homecoming By Janet Lynne
Additional Disclaimer: The lovemaking descriptions in this chapter cross the line from PG13 into hard R territory.

Added part 13 of Lynne Norris' story, The Road Back Home

Added more to part 4 of A Centaurs' Tail by Alexiares

May 27th, 2001

Updated Snap Shots part 1, chapter 10 by MJ

Some poetry by Terri Stanfield:
The Greater Good
You Can't Know

May 26th, 2001


Lariel wanted everyone to know she has a new website. You can access it at There are a few stories there she hasn't turned over to the Academy yet, so go check out the writings of this excellent bard!


áGuess Who's Having a Baby? by Xfjnky
A short little piece of fluff about the trials and tribulations of pregnancy. Very cute!

May 25th, 2001

Deep, Black Water by Lariel
On a dark and dreary evening, Emmy Day takes a shortcut home through the park, and meets Sarah Walker. It's a decision that will change her life, forever. This story will blow you away!

....a Grit Jahning
Just as the title says.....this is a beginning. Taking a day off Xena and Gabrielle use this opportunity to enjoy some quiet time together.........and sometimes all it takes is a kiss..........

May 24th. 2001

Added At First Sight ebook by Colleen

Added part 7 of The Homecoming by Janet Lynne

Added Chapter 8 of John S. Gerow's There Must In All Things Be Closure

May 23rd, 2001

Added part 14 of LJ Maas' The Petal of the Rose

Added revised version of Fruit of the Loom by Phantombard

May 22nd, 2001

At First Sight by Colleen
Can a blind woman fall in love at first sight? Can a woman blinded by her past open her eyes and her heart to true love. Erin and Jamie find those answers as their paths cross on the way to their future.

Added Part 7 of Considerable Appeal by KM

Added Chapters 4 and 5 and chapters 6 and 7 of John S. Gerow's There Must In All Things Be Closure (yesterday's update had a mysterious missing file <G>)

May 21st, 2001


From Missy Good

Hi guys. As ya'll know, the auctions and raffles in and around Pasadena raised 58,000.00 for the American Cancer Society. I was reviewing the American Cancer Society's page after the convention, attempting to find a person I could talk to about tendering our donation. We had decided to donate the funds to the Summer Camps for Kids with Cancer, and Laura had discovered one in her area, Camp Can Do, as an example. Well, we didn't expect to do nearly as well as we did. (g) So, what I thought was - it would be better to split the donation up and send it to more than one camp - sort of spread the cheer around, as it were. I went to the camp page, and found camps in areas where we have a lot of people who were part of the raffle and donation - Florida, New York, California, Penn (Camp Can Do) and Texas.

I contacted the directors at each camp (and believe it or not, I could not get the California camp to call me back so I could get an address to send the donation to - we selected as an alternate, Atlanta, where we will all be gathering for Dragoncon.) So anyway, it being busy at work for me last week, I just called and got the addresses, and said we had a donation. Then, I realized that two or three of the addresses were PO boxes, and I knew that Denise wasn't about to send all them checks and cash to no PO box, so I suggested she contact the directors of those camps and get real addresses. (bear with me, ya'll - there is a point to this story. (gggg) Saturday, Denise and Lisa drove on down to pick up two of the extra posters we're sending BACK to NZ for signature that we'd had sent to my house in The Big Box. (with the bubblewrap, yes. Denise got the box, and bubbles, back, so she can roll around in t.. anyway.) So, Denise tells me that she contacted the camp directors to get the addresses.

One of the camps she contacted was in Texas. Austin, Texas, as a matter of fact. She explained to the camp director that she needed a street address to send this donation to - the lady didn't understand at first - she just told Denise to send it to the PO Box. Denise, of course, told her she couldn't do that because of the size of the donation, and the need to send it return recipt. The camp director asked her how much the donation was - and Denise told her it would be 11,100.00. Denise said there was absolute silence coming down that telephone line for so long, she finally had to say 'hello?' just to make sure the lady was still there. Well, she was - and what it turned out was - until that very moment, that camp was 10,000.00 short of it's budget for this summer. So we were, this nice, very overwhelmed lady told Denise, an answer to a prayer. I thought that was pretty cool. M

From Mist at Sword and Staff

Tributes to Xena Warrior Princess is an effort by several Xenaverse webmasters to present an opportunity for Xena fans to write a few words that express what Xena:Warrior Princess has meant to them and how the show has changed their lives over the past six years.

We are encouraging fans from around the world to contribute to these tributes. Simply write a few lines and let us know what it was about Xena that drew you toward the show and what made Xena special for you. You can email your tribute to me at If you prefer, you may send your tribute to any of the participating listed :
MaryD's Australian Information Page
Aida's Warrior Princess Page
Suite 101 Hercules and Xena Page
Xenite Country


Full Circle by Silence
Short story. Xena's musing over the events after "When Fate's Collide"

Fruit of the Loom by Phantombard
short story based on the events in the episode "When Fates Collide". The story has the standard disclaimers for violence, anguish, and a subtext based relationship, and includes the death of a principal character.

Did You Know by D.S. Bauden
A new X/G first time story that was inspired by the Pasadena Convention.

Tethered by Vertigo
PWP...need I say more? <g>

Also added part 36 of Reece's Faith by Vertigo

Added part 20, part 21 and the epilogue of Taught by Love by Zoe

Added part 6 of Janet Lynne's The Homecoming

Added part 12 of The Road Back Home by Lynne Norris

Added part 16 of Carole Giorgio's Sedona Rain

Updated Cold by Midgit with part 19. A "Must Read" story!

Updated Snap Shots part 1, chapter 9. by MJ

Added Chapters 4 and 5 and chapters 6 and 7 of John S. Gerow's There Must In All Things Be Closure

May 20th, 2001

Added Chapters 3 & 4 of John S. Gerow's There Must In All Things Be Closure

May 19th, 2001

Welcome to new bard, John S. Gerow

There Must In All Things Be Closure [alt/unfinished]
It's heavily dialogue, deals heavily in social and criminal justice, recovery and rehabilitation. áTeaser - it starts at end of Sacrifice 2 - Gabrielle dead, Xena goes back to Amazons - 1st time since Bitter Suite. Many many twists.

Added part 17 and part 18 of Elaine L. Becker's Rock of Ages Past

Added part 11, part 12 and part 13 of LJ Maas' The Petal of the Rose

Added Part 5 of The Homecoming by Janet Lynne

Updated Eileen Marks' The Ultimate Über/Original Story List

May 18th, 2001

Added Part 1 Chapter 8 of Snap Shots by MJ

Added Always, Gabrielle by Verrath
Lana discovers that it's not always easy to stick to an old childhood promise when Sina disappears, leaving only a cryptic e-mail message.

May 17th, 2001

Added Parents And Children by David J Duncan [gen/uber]
Summary:  A case of child abuse causes the characters to rethink their familial relations in particular Dave, Nick, Eve, LaCroix, and Xena.  As a result, they have a series of confrontations in which long-standing feelings and issues come to light.  Advisement to the Reader: There are some scenes of physical abuse in this story.

Added Until It Ends There Is No End by Phantom Bard [alt/uber/sci-fi action-adventure]
Synopsis: "This is a sequel to "Cycles".  The 65th generation reincarnation of Xena brings about a change in mankind with the deployment of a fearsome weapon created by her predecessor, Dale, the Goddess of War.  This story follows the growth and adventures of a new Warrior Princess, and the return of Ares, the God of War."

Some poetry by Terri Stanfield:

Heart Transplant
In The Arms Of An Angel
Rainbow Turned To Gray

May 16th, 2001

Added Sex, Wives and Misunderstandings by Ali Vali

Added Episode 5 of Knowing Me, Knowing You by Jaden

Some poetry by Beth:
Poetry Mysteries
I Want to Know

May 15th, 2001

Added Part 4 of The Homecoming by Janet Lynne

Added part 9 of dikern's Uninvited

May 14th, 2001

Added Part 7 of Snap Shots by MJ

Some poetry by Beth:
Eyes Full of Untold Delights
Forever Happiness
Parts of Anguish

May 13th, 2001

An announcement from the UFFD:
Beyond Uber Index Change

Hi to all you Fan Fiction and Original Fiction Addicts!

As some of you know I have just returned from the Con and must tell you I was overwhelmed with all the wonderful folks out there who give their time and talents to keep us all entertained with stories.

I remember back when (yea yea I'm old) I was receiving Missy's story At A Distance in daily emails ;) Seeing her published and writing scripts show how with the great support of all you readers and fans all the changes and progress we can make in this world. It was a natural progression and change is a part of growth and who knows where this will continue from here.

With this in mind and considering all the changes that Fan Fiction will face in the coming year, after discussing the best future for Beyond Uber I would like to announce that the UFFD and The Beyond Uber Crew (Raven, Celine and Singer) have decided to separate our sites. This is a mutual decision as we are both strong indexes and will most likely be reporting the same information as Uber fiction continues to grow.

The UFFD will continue to report Xena and Uber while Beyond Uber will now be owned by Raven, Celine and Singer and will be housed at our new address :

This site addy will be active by Sunday till then we can be found at We hope to expand our site to grown to accommodate Uber and Original fiction and with many other ideas to help keep our loyal readers entertained with more fun and artworks. Keep an eye out we will be growing by leaps and bounds.

At this time I would like to thank Barry and UFFD for their support in this change and for allowing us our creative licenses in building a tiny page into the expanded site it has become. It has been wonderful working with everyone at UFFD and we will continue to keep our sites linked so all you readers can find all the fiction you can!

I would also like to thank Celine and Singer for all your hard work in making this new site what it is today! Without Celine's Ramblings where would we all be ;) And without Singers Talented artwork.. well let me just say my T-shirt at the con was a HUGE success and I know you all will be looking forward to more of her artwork! This is a great team and I am proud to be a part of this site!

Special Thanks to Calli, Blaize, Michelle, Rhonda, Juliet and Peggy Lu for all their help with artwork, reporting and special project work making Beyond Uber an up to date and beautiful place to visit!

Thank you to all the loyal readers and fan fiction Nutballs that have made Beyond Uber a place to find fiction and given us an audience that will allow us to grow with you!

And finally a heartfelt thank you to ALL you wonderfully talented Bards who write these great stories and allow us to share them with the world and Webmasters who give their time and site space to house these wonderful works! We look forward to working with you on the new site!! Thank you for keeping us up to date with your latest additions as well!!

I open to all of you if you have ideas, suggestions or time and talent you would like to give for our new site to come forward and be heard, we hope to make Beyond Uber a site that will give you all the fiction your hearts and eyes can stand ;)

We look forward to your visits to our new site.. sit back and make yourself comfortable this is going to be another great year of fiction and fun!


Some poetry by Terri Stanfield:
A Mother's Love
Waiting in the Shadows
What Choice Did I Have

May 12th, 2001

Added Part 3 of The Homecoming by Janet Lynne

Added Parts 9 & 10 of Father of All Evil by Annemaart

The eBook version of Book 9: Intentions by S X Meagher is now available.

May 11th, 2001

We've got a special treat tonight: I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book 9: Intentions by S X Meagher

Added This Is a First-Time Story by Temora
May 10th, 2001

Added Part 6 of Snap Shots by MJ

Added Part 2 of The Homecoming by Janet Lynne

Added Part 6 of Moonchild's Anam Cara

Added Climax: Rematch with Ares by David J Duncan
In this installment of "The Dubois Chronicles", Ares conspires to get revenge after the events of "The Crystal Necklace" and allies himself with Alti, Callisto, Caesar, and Discord to do so.  Their initial attack has some success forcing Xena, Gabrielle, the Duboises, and their friends to collect themselves before the final showdown.

Added Enforcement Matters by David J Duncan
After the recent skirmishes involving the vampires, Xena, and the Dubois, a group of renegades within Toronto's vampire community sic the Enforcers, the guardians of the Community's secrecy, on the heroes.  This turn of events has some interesting circumstances, especially for a certain Warrior Princess.....

May 9th, 2001

Added part 10 (conclusion) of The Binding Tie by Maderlin Bidmead

Added Part 5 of Snap Shots by MJ

Added Part 8 of The Awakening by Lena

Added Part 5 of Original Sin by Malaurie Barber

Added The End by Lena [short story]
A new X/G short story inspired by my musings on the season finale of Xena.

Added Coming of Age by touchsilent [über/finished]
Coming of Age is a story everyone can relate to - from the occasional feelings of worthlessness to wanting to escape to your own bizarre world.  Rachel does this after flunking out of her freshman semester of college and makes some interesting discoveries as a result.

Added Holiday Affairs by David J Duncan
This segment of "The Dubois Chronicles" combines events taking place both before and after "Climax: Rematch with Ares".  In the story, the group decides to throw a medieval-style Christmas party for Nick.  During the process, Francesca and Gabrielle get to know each other a bit better.  Xena's presence is also felt throughout the story.

Added Children of Darkness by David J Duncan
After being revived by an unfortunate archaeological expedition, Hope is reunited with her father, Dahak, and his ally, Divia, LaCroix's daughter.  The two girls attack Tucson, seeking to wipe Xena, Gabrielle, the Duboises, and their friends out.  In the process, a couple of heavenly messengers are sent to assist the heroes in their struggle....

Added Part 1 of The Homecoming by Janet Lynne [alt/über/unfinished]
A violent attack brings together Janna Norden, a rock musician-turned photographer and Ryan Zamora, a tough Cop. Though as different as night and day, light and dark, these two women discover and rekindle a timeless love and a bond that has existed throughout the ages. A romantic story of emotional and spiritual awakening.

Added  Part 1 of Love at Long Last by Sandie [unfinished]
This is the first time story, taking place after the season five episode Motherhood.  While trying to apologize for the hurt that they have caused each other, our two girls disclose their true feelings for one another.

May 3rd, 2001

Hi everyone, I am back! Thank you all for the good wishes and notes about our new baby boy. He's a big one but of course perfect in every way. For those who will be in Pasadena...we will be showing him off there starting Friday <g>. Big thanks out to Ruth and Cadryn for handling the list while I was recovering.


Our bags are packed, we're ready to go...

But not before we leave some treats behind for those unable to travel to Pasadena for the Xena Con. There are five great stories here -- all but one of them quite long, all finished and all well worth your time and attention. So pour yourself a tall cool one, settle back in a comfortable chair, and enjoy the talents and craftsmanship of Advocate and T. Novan, Anima, Kamouraskan, Shadowriter, and Temora. You'll be glad you did.

To check out the Swollen Buds of May 2001, visit The Swollen Buds Website

Remember: Stories do not compete with each other for recognition, but against a standard of writing excellence. Accordingly, awards may be presented to more than one story in a category or not presented in every category every time.

X:WP Fan fiction of all types (alternative, general, traditional, and/or uber AND ranging in explicitness from G and PG to NC-17) is eligible. Whatever their nature, stories are NOT considered for awards until they have been COMPLETED.

Please, read and enjoy. And when you're through: remember to FEED THE BARDS!

The Swollen Buds Committee


Added part 11 of The Road Back Home by Lynne Norris

Added part 12 - conclusion of The Life in Her Eyes by Debox

Added part 34 and part 35 of Vertigo's Reece's Faith

Added part 8 - conclusion of Windstar's North Star

Added part 2 of Shadowriter's Shadow of Justice

Added the latest edition of The Muses' Sandbox by Eileen Marks....This month "Sad Songs"

May 1st, 2001

I'm off to Pasadena tomorrow morning, so hopefully I'll meet lots of you there! - Ruth

Added The Crystal Necklace By David J Duncan
In this segment of "The Dubois Chronicles", Ares seeks to conquer the otherworldly enclave of Althanor.  Accordingly, he sends Roman troops into the future to steal a certain necklace and kidnap Cybelle Rogers.  What happens when Angie Dubois, Cybelle's sister-in-law, finds Xena's sword and chakram in a museum display is another story.  After the initial battle, Angie and her husband, Dave, go back in time and team up with Xena and Gabrielle to take on Ares and certain events fall into place.....

Added Trouble in Toronto By David J Duncan
In this crossover story between Xena and Forever Knight, Dave and Angie Dubois embark on a conference trip to Toronto after their battle with Ares.  However, Angie gets caught in the middle of a bank robbery, giving Xena her first taste of twentieth-century fighting, and drawing the police's attention in the process.  Detective Nick Knight and the "Forever Knight" crew...most notably Lucien LaCroix, invite Dave, Angie, and Xena to the Raven for a drink none of them would soon forget...


Added Part 4 of Snap Shots by MJ

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