March 31st, 2001

A Mid-Hellenic Night's Dream A.K.A Our Hero Reneé by Les Rankins

It is part of the cannon of the show that in the modern day there is a television show called Xena: Warrior Princess that is based on the scrolls of Gabrielle. Have you ever wondered why when they told how Gabrielle returned from the pit in 'A Family Affair' they didn't really explain anything? Well here's why, the truth was even too freaky for this show. And that's saying a lot.

Added part 4 of Maderlin Bidmead's The Binding Tie

March 30th, 2001

Happy 1st birthday Academy of Bards! Thank you to everyone for your support.

Added Part 7 of The Road Back Home by Lynne Norris

Added chapter 31 and chapter 32 of Vertigo's Reece's Faith

Added part 5 of Windstar's North Star

Added eBook version of S.X. Meagher's I Found My Heart in San Francisco: Book Eight - Honesty

March 28th, 2001

Here is a special treat for all of us!

I Found My Heart in San Francisco: Book Eight - Honesty by S. X. Meagher

March 27th, 2001

Added part 6 of Strength of the Heart by Carrie Carr.

Added part 8 of LJ Maas' The Petal of the Rose

March 26th, 2001

Another of the very well written stories submitted for The Bards' Village "Snowed-In" story challenge.

You're a Wonderful Wife by Mark Annetts

Updated the Ultimate Über List by Eileen Marks

March 25, 2001

Added part 16 of Cold by Midgit

Added Chapters 3 - 5 of Minerva's White Nights

Added part 3 of Malaurie Barber's Original Sin

March 24th, 2001

Added part 4 of Windstar's North Star

Added part 3 of Ali Vali's How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?


Lessons by Ellie Maziekien

By Harley

Awakening Need
A Winter's Night Musings
Passion's Senses
More Winter's Musings
You Enchant Me
White Water Rapids of the Mind

March 23rd, 2001

Here with Me by X2

Two proud coaches find each other in this medium length piece of fanfic.

by X2

A night where it is all laid out for X & G.

March 22nd, 2001


Added several by Minerva

Linger parts 1-5
Summary: Two women down on their luck and the world in general find hope in each other.


A Halloween story with a romantic twist.

A romantic story set during the Thanksgiving season where two women learn that they have each other and many things to give thanks for.

Again part 1 and 2
A romantic story that takes place during Christmas and New Years. It's A Christmas Carol rewritten with an unforgettable twist.

A Valentines story of two women finding their way back to each other.   Guaranteed to open your eyes and warm your heart.

Added part 6 of The Road Back Home by Lynne Norris


Here are the results of the Academy of Bards Challenge 2001. Every single story received votes! There are some real gems in here. I hope we have encouraged new bards to start writing and S.X. Meagher to try her hand at more Xena and Gabrielle <bg>.

1st Place Winner - #25 -The Right Question by Fanatic
2nd Place Winner
- #18- Dateline by Alex
3rd Place Winner
- # 7 - Metaphorically, Speaking by Alexiares

Honorable Mentions - (all tied and only one vote behind 3rd place):
#29-Defending Peace by Shadowriter
#15-Surrender, Xena by SX Meagher
#1-Gabrielle, Bard of Hearts by TaraKerry

March 21st, 2001

Phil must be busy counting the ballots for the Academy of Bards Challenge 2001. It's too late to vote, but we have some very excellent stories entered in the contest. Head over there and check them out! We will have the results as soon as they are all tallied!

Added part 5 of Carrie Carr's Strength of the Heart.

March 20th, 2001

No story additions today but we have a bunch of announcements!

First, remember just over 24 hours left in the Academy of Bards Challenge 2001. Go Read...Go Vote!

Also, new on the Academy of Bards site- This is awesome folks! Anna did a great job, I spent the better part of an hour just playing around with it!

Not quite sure what you're in the mood for? Looking for a new twist? Don't really know story to try? Well, no need to stress about it, just use the buttons below to check out a random piece of fanfic chosen from the Academy indexes.

You can randomly choose from either Uber and X/G fanfic, or you can just let the Fates decide and choose from both categories! If you're not happy with your choice, come back and click on the button again and it will take you to a different story. Every click of the button will take you to a different piece of fanfiction.

Yes, even for this there is a disclaimer. There are Alt and Gen stories mixed together, so if you don't want to come across one or the other, I suggest you do not use this.

If you have any questions, comments or problems, please contact Anna Launchbury Feed the web designer <g>

Next from Eileen Marks

Due to the unfortunate events at Lycos/Tripod, updates to the Ultimate Über List will be delayed in order to give time to hosting sites to recover their pages, or move to another location and have this reflected in the lists. Over the past two months, I have spent considerable time maintaining 3,000 story links due to moves or reorganization. I also wish to thank several individuals who have helped point out incorrect links or who have located 'lost' stories.

And lastly -


We are having a charity auction during the brunch.  In order for everyone to have a good time and still donate money to two very worthy causes, the auction will be a SILENT BID auction.  We believe that a silent auction will give everyone ample time to view each item up for bid and mingle while viewing.  We will begin announcing the winning bids at 11:30 a.m.

Mary Priddy is in charge of this auction and if you are interested in donating an item or items to this worthwhile event, PLEASE contact Mary at or PriddyM@simplexnet.comRemember, donors will be in charge of transporting the donations to CA, because we're hoping that there will be such a tremendous response that Mary couldn't possible get it all to CA herself.  HOWEVER, Mary still needs to know what you're donating so that she can compile a list w/starting bids.   Mary will need to hear from you by APRIL 15TH.  Everyone in the United States should be able to remember that date and our international guests, please just mark that on your calendars.   Proceeds will go to either the Susan G. Komen Foundation or the National Kidney Foundation.  The winning bidder will pick which charity they wish to donate to.

Bards and artists, we would appreciate donations of signed copies of your favorite work.  Craftspeople, we would love to auction any pieces that you would like to donate.  I KNOW that there are incredibly talented folks attending this brunch and all the proceeds will be going to two very worthy causes.

If you've received this email and you purchased several tickets for folks who won't be receiving notice of the auction, I would appreciate it if you would forward this info to them.



March 19th, 2001


from S.X. Meagher

No, this is not a post to announce that Book 8 is available <s>. However, I should have it ready to go by the end of the month.

We'll soon have IFMHISF logo T-shirts, golf shirts, and baseball caps available. To see the artwork and read the details, go to and click on the "What's New" section.

In order to have the shirts available for Pasadena, I need to place the order fairly soon. I'll probably order a few extra shirts and caps, but only a few--so if you want one, it's best to order it now.

Added part 7 of L.J. Maas' The Petal of the Rose

Added Here Comes the Sun Part 15 by Alison Phipps


March 17th, 2001

Added part 3 of Windstar's North Star


March 16th, 2001


I have this overwhelming desire to tell people to GO READ, GO VOTE . I don't know why that is but if you haven't been over to our Academy Challenge 2001 page, get over there! There are some really great stories. Only 5 more days left!!! GO READ, GO VOTE

Announcement 2

From Old Warrior:

Since I'm an avid Uber reader/closet reviewer, I decided to start a group for the discussion of weekly uber selections. The purpose here is to have a lively chat about the current week's selected stories.... what did you think, like or dislike and why, what effect, if any, did it have on you....etc.

Just as watching Xena can produce many viewpoints, observations and insights within one episode, hopefully a lot can be gleaned from reading and discussing some of the best fan fiction being offered today.


Added part 4 of Carrie Carr's Strength of the Heart.

Added part 2 of Ali Vali's How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?


1,2,3,4,5 by Ellie Maziekien

Apathy by Ellie Maziekien

A Merry Irish Dance by Ellie Maziekien

Lord of the Past by Ellie Maziekien

Special Way by Lor

March 15th, 2001

Welcome to another new bard! Here are several stories by Amity
New Angels

A short piece set that explores a missing scene in 'Fallen Angel' where an angel Callisto asks for Gabrielle's forgiveness.

I Try

Set before 'Ides of March', Ephiny finds her lover dead at the hands of Roman soldiers. A short vignette of loss and acceptance.

Only You

In a subtle PWP, Xena submits to a stranger's passions.

Love's Pyre

A 'by the fireside' story where Amarice reflects upon her feelings for the Warrior Princess.

Forgotten Sister

Having stayed with Yakut and the Northern Tribe, Amarice finds a new life for herself. A tale to bring a completion the unfinished story of the young Amazon.

Added part 3 of Moon Child's Anam Cara

Added part 4 of KM's Considerable Appeal

March 14th, 2001

The Sound of Snow by Stacia Seaman

A short but nicely written story, high in angst.

Added part 30A and 30B of Vertigo's Reece's Faith (do NOT read at work!)



Dashing Thru the Snow

March 13th, 2001

Dashing Thru The Snow by Mavis Applewater

A reporter and her camerawoman find themselves trapped in a snow storm. PWP. Winner of The Bards Village Snowed In Challenge.

How Do You Mend A Broken Heart by Ali Vali [alt/über/unfinished]

Do you remember your first love? Harry Basantes did. She remembered with vivid clarity the way young love could break your heart leaving you empty inside. Would seeing the object of her pain and desire sixteen years later drive Harry to forgiveness, or would it be her turn to walk away without explanations? Only one way to find out.

Rules by Dikern

This is an alt X&G story with a twist. A loving relationship between two women is explored but nothing too graphic

Added part 7 of Uninvited by Dikern

Added part 2 of North Star by Windstar


March 12th, 2001

Added part 6 of LJ Maas' Petal of the Rose

Added part 24 (conclusion) of Alex P's The Keeper of My Soul -- Always

Added part 5 of The Road Back Home by Lynne Norris


These Dreams by Verda Foster


by Terri Lyn Stanfield

For the Love of Aragon part XV

For the Love of Aragon part XVI

For the Love of Aragon part XVII

For the Love of Aragon part XVIII

For the Love of Aragon part XIX

For the Love of Aragon part XX

For the Love of Aragon part XXI

For the Love of Aragon part XXII

For the Love of Aragon part XXIII

For the Love of Aragon part XXIV


March 11th, 2001

One Fine Day by Rohan the Thunder Chick

A take-off of the sixth season Xena episode, "You Are There". Join Kendall Day as she finds out that everything is not as it seems on TV while interviewing Xena and Gabrielle.

Silver Bullet by karenk (Heavy angst warning!)

A hitwoman who uses a silver bullet as her calling card contemplates on letting her lover know the truth about herself. When should she tell her? And would it be too late?

March 9th, 2001


A couple of friends of mine have books coming out and I thought you guys might want to know:

Shady Ladies Press has its first book available. It's Nene Adams' The Sunne in Gold. The print version has been expanded and improved upon. It can be ordered online:

Also -

Hope's Path - sequel to Destiny's Crossing - by Carrie Carr has gone to the printer. You can order it from Destiny's Crossing may also be purchased at or Barnes and Noble.

Congratulations to both of these talented women and two of the nicest people around!


Welcome to more new to our list bards! Welcome to Leigh McEoghan and Windstar!!!

There is Something About Dairy by Leigh McEoghan

Two halves become whole at a late night store.

Thank You by Leigh McEoghan

A woman reflects on how actions speak louder than words

North Star by Windstar

March 8th, 2001

A warm welcome please to our newest addition to the Academy. This is one of the first writer's work I read wayyyy back when I started reading fanfic. Welcome to Verda Foster!

These Dreams by Verda Foster

Here is a brief note from Verda - Here is the first story to be posted at the Royal Academy. It is a completely rewritten version of my two short stories, THESE DREAMS, and ENEMY WITHIN. This story is quite a bit longer than the original stories combined, and I hope quite a bit better.

When Samantha finds out that the mysterious woman she has dreamed about as long as she can remember may be real, she sets out to find her. The search leads her to the Beautiful Tess Richmond, but heartbreak is soon to follow. Aware that a private investigator has been hired to look into her affairs, Tess mistakenly assumes the little blonde asking questions about her is the investigator. She decides to teach her a lesson, never suspecting the terrible mistake she's about to make, and the fragile heart she'll decimate in the process.

Added part 46 of Jenah's Our Reunion

Added part 22 and part 23 of Alex P's The Keeper of My Heart -- Always

Added part 2 of Moon Child's Anam Cara

Added part 10 to Debox's The Life in Her Eyes


March 7th, 2001



On behalf of the Academy (I love to say that <g>) I am please to announce the Academy Challenge 2001 page listing all the stories ready to be voted on. Please go to

The Swollen Bud Committee is pleased to announce a new set of award-winning X:WP fan fiction -- and just in time (a little early even!) to celebrate the first anniversary of the first set of Swollen Bud awards. Our thanks to all the bards for a year of exceptional reading and entertainment.

The Swollen Buds of March 15 include stories by Bel-wah (one old, one new), Imagine (for a story that
will definitely heat up your winter), Ella Quince, and Word Warior.

Look for another set of awards in two months -- Hold it! In the middle of the Pasadena Convention? How the
frell are we going to manage that?! Ah, don't worry...we'll find a way. <g>
To check out this month's winners, visit <>

Remember: Stories do not compete with each other for recognition, but against a standard of writing excellence. Accordingly, awards may be presented to more than one story in a category or not presented in
every category every time. X:WP Fan fiction of all types (alternative, general, traditional, and/or uber AND ranging in explicitness from G and PG to NC-17) is eligible. Whatever their nature, stories are NOT considered for awards until
they have been COMPLETED.

Please, read and enjoy. And when you're through: remember to FEED THE BARDS!
The Swollen Buds Committee

Added part 2 of Malaurie Barber's Original Sin

Added synopsis -

This is the story of Maxine and Ann...or should I say sister Ann?:-) Ann is a nun living in a convent and Maxine is a forgotten Hollywood star who has fallen into drugs and alcohol. She is sent to Ann's convent by her brother and manager to try once more to kick the habit. There she meets the young nun...

Echos of a Lost Soul by Silence

Added part 20 of Troubleshooter's Trial of Conscience (I so very love this story!)


March 6th, 2001


For those planning to make a donation to the auction in Pasadena, *please* contact Mary Priddy at and let her know. So far she has only recieved 6 responses and would like to have a list of all donations catalogued before she arrives in Pasadena.


Updated the Ultimate Über List by Eileen Marks

Strands of Friendship by Tovie

A flashback to the early days of Xena and Gabrielle's journey together when Gab and Xena first braid each other's hair.

Saturday Night Special by Tovie

Two desperate women meet in a pawn shop.


March 5th, 2001

Anam Cara by Moon Child [uber/alt/unfinished]

Anam Cara is a gaelic expression for "friend of the soul." It is the story of an ex-patriot Irishwoman named T.J. who after leaving her "revolutionary" days behind, starts a pub in San Diego. She runs into Camryn, the cute blonde photographer who turns T.J.'s world upside down. Life could be great, if only T.J. can keep her ex-husband and his drug dealing friends out of her bar and her life. And if only she can admit that Camryn is more than a pal, she is truly T.J.'s Anam Cara.

Added part 5 of LJ Maas' Petal of the Rose

Added part 20 and part 21 of Alex P's Keeper of My Soul --Always

March 3rd, 2001

What a great response we had to the Challenge. Thanks to those who participated. I should have everything ready by wednesday to have the voting start.


Added part 9 of Troubleshooter's Belief

White Nights by Minerva (unfinished)

White Nights is the story of two women finding each other and themselves on the back drop of Minnesota blizzards with danger and jealousy not far behind threatening to tear them apart. Meet Michelle St. Jean, on the run from her old life and searching for a new one.

Learn about Dr. Bobbi Waszinski, a woman who has been apart of enough tragedy that it has changed her, seemingly irrevocably, making her devoted to her patients-- giving them so much that there is nothing left for herself or others. Minnesota is a small world for them, and Ivanhoe is even smaller, where they literally run into each other. Join them and a cast of eclectic characters on a journey you won't forget.

March 2nd, 2001

Get your stories in for the Academy of Bards' Challenge 2001 by midnight Pacific time to qualify for the prizes!!! Good luck everyone!


Added the update for Lynne Norris' Part 4 of The Road Back Home

Added part 28 and part 29 of Vertigo's Reece's Faith


March 1st, 2001

Only one more day to have your stories submitted for the Academy of Bards Challenge 2001!


Added part 2 of Mavis' Just One of Those Things

Added part 3 of The Binding Tie by Maderlin Bidmead