December 31st, 2000

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Welcome to a couple of new bards to the list, Ashley and Amber A!

Love and Vengeance by Ashley

Eternity by Ashley

Both stories are Xena/Ares fic. No subtext.


Ode to Love by Amber A.

Poems by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Get in the Game

In the Darkness

Victorious Surrender

Winner Takes All

This is Goodbye

If I Knew

Faith in Love


What Do You See?


December 29th, 2000

Blazing Dreams By Larisa

Brandy moves into her late aunts dilapidated house on the Harpers Ferry Mountain. áHer curiosity is piqued when the neighbors warn her of the tall dark hermit across the road from her. áAfter meeting the silent neighbor she quickly befriends her and hopes for more than just friendship.

Battles and Blood by Nancy

Added part II. When the Golden Bard of Potedaia enters the Conqueror's life only little things, like a jealous God of War and deceitful first officer, happen.

Added part 21 of Malaurie Barber's Culture Clash


December 28th, 2000

Added part 18 of Taught by Love by Zoe

Added part 14 of Soul Crossing by Web Bard

Beth and Reese celebrate their vows by the cliffs near Potidaea.

Added part 4 (conclusion) of Mel and Janice Meet an Amazon Princess by Crow


Four of them by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Mirror Image


Lonely Fool

Forgotten Woman


December 27th, 2000

A Christmas Solstice by Lena

A new Xena/Gabrielle short story. It follows shortly after Return of the Valkyrie. It is Winter Solstice, Xena and Gabrielle return home to Greece in search of Eve. Rate this a strong R or weak NC17 for Sex.

I Found My Heart in San Francisco: A Christmas Vignette by S. X. Meagher

A small flashback in the lives (or almost lives) of Jamie and Ryan.

I Found My Heart in San Francisco: A Christmas Vignette - eBook version

Added part 3 of Mel and Janice Meet an Amazon Princess by Crow

Updated The Ultimate Über List by Eileen Marks


December 25th, 2000

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, have a very happy one! I am doing a very, very early update of the site because I promised Shadowriter I would get this up for you guys. I unfortunately have to work on Christmas day, so I wanted to make sure I had the time to update.

Added part 25 and part 26 of Shadowriter's Conspiracy of Swords

Christmas Wishes, Christmas Gifts by Shadowriter

A wonderful first time story! Thanks for the Christmas gift Shadow! Über, definitely alt and finished!


December 24th, 2000

Added part 5 of Change of Heart by Kawai

Added Chapter 44 of Jenah's Our Reunion (I must admit to following this story since the beginning and this is simply a wonderful, feel-good update, thanks Jenah!)

Added part 13 of Web Bard's Soul Crossing

Added part2 of Mel and Janice Meet an Amazon Princess by Crow


Quietude by Ellie Maziekien

Shopping Insanity by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Angel by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Nervous Bride by Terri Lyn Stanfield

December 23rd, 2000

Here is a special Christmas update to The Awakening by Lena. Keep a hanky handy.

A Solstice Concert by Kam

While preparing for her first public performance in over a year, a Solstice charitable concert organized by Salmoneous, Gabrielle discovers that Xena has been keeping a secret, and the warrior has to hustle to make things right again.Humour and angst.

Mel and Janice Meet an Amazon Princess by Crow

Added part 1


December 22nd, 2000


The Magi by Ellie Maziekien

The Light by Ellie Maziekien

The Child by Ellie Maziekien

ElfRespect by Ellie Maziekien

Please, Could We Have Some Snow by Ellie Maziekien

My Turn by Terri Lyn Stanfield

December 21st, 2000

Added the conclusion of Love's Journey by Carrie Carr

Added part 6 of dikern's Uninvited

Added part 5 of Lena's The Awakening

Added part 8 of Mythe's Loving the Conqueror

Added part four of Mavis Applewater's five part series Finding My Way. This section finds Allison and Stephanie celebrating Allison's birthday in an most unexpected way.


Three from Terri Lyn Stanfield

The Grand Prize

Something in the Air

I Am Woman!


December 19th, 2000


Susan F. has agreed to take over the poetry coding from Sum. Please send her a copy of your poem (as well as one to at Please welcome Susan to the Academy! Thank you Susan for helping out!

Endless Twilight by Rainbard

Three thousand years ago, Ares tricked Xena into immortality. The only way she can become mortal again is to destroy him, but so far she has been unsuccessful. In present-day New York City, Xena at last has a weapon that can kill Ares, and she finally tracks him down in a very unexpected place. But when she discovers that Ares' current wife, Alison Carter is the reincarnation of her eternal soulmate Gabrielle, things get rather complicated.

Mythe sends us an uber story entitled, 'Another Day'. 'Another Day' 2 is the same story but with a different ending.

Eternal Destiny by Socko [finished]

In an alternate season 5 premiere which takes place directly after the XWP season 4 episode 'The Ides of March', Eli and Amarice return to the Roman prison compound to mourn the death of their friends, however Ares doesn't accept Xena's death so easily. As concerns over the broken Chakram increase among the gods, it's true origins and purpose are revealed and a finale showdown with Callisto leads to the eternal demise of one of the lead characters. Based on my previous story 'Reciprocation'

Added the Conclusion of Undeniable by KM



December 17th, 2000

Added part 23 and part 24 of Shadowriter's Conspiracy of Swords


December 16th, 2000

Sum is going to be unable to code the poetry section until February. If anyone is willing to take this task on, please let me know. I need the help!

Now welcome a new bard to our ranks. Seldom have I been so touched by such short stories but that is exactly what happened when I was preparing these next two to be posted. Two quite short and very emotional stories that are wonderfully done! Welcome to Harpy.

Second Chance by Harpy

A quiet moment at the start of the day in which Xena and Gabrielle reaffirm their love.

That Time Of The Night by Harpy

Written for the ex-guards challenge, something has come between Xena and Gabrielle, and on a still night around the campfire they try to come together, but baby Eve keeps interrupting.

My Hope by Murphy [Alt]

This is a short story. . Xena and Gabrielle find out a little surprise from Artemis. Plus they do battle with Dahak. Some humor to this.

Acceptance by Murphy

Part 23 of Gabrielle's Journal series.

Added part 4 of The Awakening by Lena


December 15th, 2000

Added part 16 and part 17 of Zoe's Taught by Love


Fully Human by Ellie Maziekien

Added the rest of Terri Lyn Stanfield's Suspended In Time series:

Live for Today , Suspended in Time 4

The World Stood Still, Suspended in Time 5

Music of the Heart, Suspended in Time 6

Walking on Air, Suspended in Time 7

Life and Death, Suspended in Time 8

Precious Moments, Suspended in Time 9

Fighting the Good Fight, Suspended in Time 10

The Flying Fortress, Suspended in Time 11

The Longest Day, Suspended in Time 12

Forever in Love, Suspended in Time 13 (conclusion)

and some more poems by Terri :

Heart Betrayed

Come Back to Me

In My Heart



December 14th, 2000

Passion's Plaything by Sally Budd

Anything is fair game in this parody of alternative fan fiction, which was written round robin fashion by the lunatic fringe of the committee collectively known as Sally Budd. Their intent, they say was: "to commit, in as humorous a fashion as possible, every faux pas to which fan fiction is prone; ALL the errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling are deliberate. (That's our story, and we're sticking to it.)" They also warn, as well they should, that "Thar be foul language here... and numerous instances of unsafe sexual practices. If you find yourself duplicating any of the activities in this tale -- or even hankering to -- we recommend you seek professional help as soon as possible. Especially if it involves eight tiny reindeer, a big blue ox, and a cross-dressing Elvis impersonator. Oh, and if you care anything about the continuing functionality of your keyboard -- do NOT consume liquids while reading this story." It's excellent advice.

Added Part XV of The Amazon Queen Series-Legacies by Lisa M. Townshend

While visiting her father, Tecmessa is held hostage by Pharoah, and ArynŰ finds out just what she inherited from her mothers. Meanwhile, Ares may be up to his old tricks and it╣s up to his sister to get him back on track.

Well Worn Path by Enoon Erehwon

Wardrobe Warrior by Verrath

What happens when a little bard gets way too caught up in a book? What's a warrior to do? And Sina's mom does have this ancient wardrobe sitting in the attic... Rated PG.


Jae and Reed are back!

Some of you have seen parts of this already, but most of you haven't, but here it is, for public consumption. Expect updates on it every one to three days. It's the sequel to "Silent Legacy" - which, by the way, has finished the editorial process and will be published May 1, 2001 by RAP, under the name "GLASS HOUSES." BLOW THE HOUSE DOWN is darker and along the lines of a thriller rather than a romance, but there will be plenty of that too as Jae and Reed work out how to build a life together. Falling in love was the easy part - now they have to make it stick.


The beginning of a wonderful series of poems by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Suspended in Time

The Beginning, Suspended In Time, Part 2

Settling In, Suspended In Time, Part 3


December 13th, 2000

Added part 9 of Love's Journey by Carrie Carr

Added part 10 (the conclusion) of Conquered by Leslie Ann Miller

Added Soul Crossing Part 11 by Web Bard.

Reese and Beth arrive in Amphipolis and meet Reese's grandparents. Reese asks Beth a life altering question on Christmas Eve. Beth has a surprise for her friend, as well.

Welcome to another new bard to the Academy. Here are the works of Murphy!

Finding Peace:

It is where Gabrielle comes to terms with her warrior part. It is General Fiction.

Godly Games:

Xena and her wife, partner Gabrielle get caught up in more plots with the Gods. Gabrielle has to be strong through this because she finds out a secret Xena has bee hiding. It is Alt.

Ares Goddess of War:

Is where finally the other Gods and Xena get even with him. Humor/Alt


Xena wants to be intimate with Gabrielle, but Eve keeps interrupting. It was part of the Ex-Guards (Soon to be Bard's Village) contest. Alt/Humor

Gabrielle's Journal Series by Murphy

These are Gabrielle's personal Journals. Separate from her scrolls. IT is her feelings about life and her life with Xena. IT is all ALT. This is the order. (Ongoing)

Wish Upon A Star

Loving My Warrior

The Love Of Friends

Trials Of Relationships







A Day With Joxer


Pray For Peace


In My Life

Darkness Into The Light


PMS (Persecute My Spouse)

Song Of Gabrielle

Never Bet The Warrior Princess

Soul Searching

Xena In The Moonlight


Reflections of Xena and Gabrielle by Georgeanna

The Light by Ellie Maziekien

The Magi by Ellie Maziekien


December 12th, 2000

New update for the Ultimate Uber List!

Added part 20 of Malaurie Barber's Culture Clash

Added part 7 of Midgit's Cold


White Nights by Minerva

White Nights is the story of two women finding each other andáthemselves on the back drop of Minnesota blizzards with danger and jealousy not far behind threatening to tear them apart.áMeet Michelle St. Jean, on the run from her old life and searching for a new one. Learn about Dr. Bobbi Waszinski, a woman who has been apart of enough tragedy that it has changed her, seemingly irrevocably, making her devoted to her patients-- giving them so much that there is nothing left for herself or others. Village." This is a place where bards learn their craft, have fun, and encourage one another. Readers are more than welcome too. Anyone can read until you drop here and even step into the world of fanfiction yourself. All we ask is that you obey the rules, according to the FAQ, and offer Feedback to the bards (whether on list or off). We have a little of everything & everyone here. Authors, both published and not, poets, musicians, artists, and folks who just plain love to read Xena fanfiction and original works. Just a reminder that this an "age 18 and over" mail list.

December 11th, 2000

Soul Crossing Part 10 by Web Bard

Beth and Reese buy Christmas gifts for each other in Athens, then head for Amphipolis to meet Reese's grandparents.


Heavenly Smile by Terri Lyn Stanfield


December 10th, 2000

Stage to Phoenix (aka Hellcat's Honeymoon) by Barbara Davies

(Sequel to Silver Lining.) When Zee and Christie take the stagecoach to Phoenix for an impromptu honeymoon, the journey turns out to be more exciting than they had anticipated.

December 9th, 2000

Added part 9 of Web Bard's Soul Crossing

Added part 17 of Elaine L. Becker's Rock of Ages Past

Added several new parts of The Amazon Queen Series by L.M. Townsend

Part Four Summary - Old enemies are out to destroy the Amazons and with the help of Xena, Gabrielle, and Ares, Melyse must face the darkness of her own past to defeat them

Part V Summary: Xena takes Queen Melyse to Amphipolis to visit her son, and receives a surprising revelation about Cyrene's past.

Summary Part VI: Xena receives an even more startling revelation in Themiscyreia, capital city of the Amazon Nation, where Melyse fights to get her cousin on the Throne, despite heavy opposition.

Part VII Summary: Gabrielle does the "bard thing" to help Melyse get her cousin on the throne, while Xena's bid to add "Dragonslayer" to her list of many skills is thwarted by Melyse's desire to save the Dargons.

Part VIII:Amulet of Persephone - Gabrielle fends off Romans in Ephesus, while Xena and Melys╬ meet with Persephone in Eleusis to obtain an Amulet which will protect the Amazons from Rome.

Part IX Summary: Part IX: "The Centaurs' Tale" - Ephiny and Selen fight Dahak's evil in the Amazon Village while their mothers face him in Rome.

Part X Summary: The story takes place between "Battle Cry" and "The Unveiled Truth". Xena and Gabrielle are back on the road to try to save Amazons from being sold as slaves, while good news awaits Xena back at the Amazon village.

Summary: Part XI Malatyra - Selen' is kidnapped and the three queens travel to Britannia and the Land of Fa╬rie to rescue her, encountering new adversaries - and at least one old friend. (Explicit maintext) (Co-authored with Becky Love)

Summary Part XII -Malatyra (2) - "Non-Explicit " version of previously posted Part XI. If you're looking for explicit scenes, see Part XI, otherwise this is essentially that same story, with a few other changes. The story arc begun in part XI will be continued at a later date.

Summary Part XIII - The Totem - After 'Ryn and Tecmessa's Joining, Melys╬Ýs Totem spirit takes her on a soul searching journey, while a worried Xena and Gabrielle go searching for her.

Summary Part XIV -Warriors and Mothers - While Aryn adjusts to being Joined, the Three Queen's find themselves having to make adjustments of their own.


December 8th, 2000

THE AMAZON QUEEN SERIES, Part III Family Matters by L.M. Townsend

Ares goes after his sister's daughter to make her into Xena's 'Successor'.

Added part 21 and part 22 of Shadowriter's Conspiracy of Swords


December 7th, 2000

Gabby Gets Some by Nalysia [Gen/finished]

The title says it all.

Added part 6 of Midgit's Cold

Added part 12 of Sedona Rain by Carole Giorgio

Added part 8 of Web Bard's Soul Crossing


Reflections of Xena and Gabrielle by Georgeanna Lee

Stolen Innocence by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Davis Family Christmas by Terri Lyn Stanfield

December 6th, 2000

Of Captains and Conquerors by PatsBard

A cross-over story (Voyager/Conqueror Xena). Something to make these cold days *much* warmer!

The Amazon Queen by L.M. Townsend

First two parts of a continuing series: In part One, "A God-Thing", Ares asks Xena to help his Amazon daughter and In Part II, "The Rite id Caste", she in turn helps Xena realize that letting Gabrielle follow her heart will not disturb the fact that they are soulmates.

Added part3 of Finding My Way by Mavis Applewater


She Loves Me by Ellie Maziekien

a beautiful poem told from Xena's perspective!

December 5th, 2000

Added part 19 of Malaurie Barber's Culture Clash


Bereft by Ellie Maziekien

No Place Like Home by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Frozen In Time by Terri Lyn Stanfield


December 4th, 2000

Added part 9 of Conquered by Leslie Ann Miller


She by Terri Lyn Stanfield

A Young Man's Memorial by Terri Lyn Stanfield

The Spirit of Christmas by Terri Lyn Stanfield


December 3rd, 2000

Xena: Defender of the Faith by Phantom Bard

Xena is requested by the archangel Michael to return from the Elysian Fields to guard the Ark of the Covenant in modern Washington, D.C. There she must lose a battle to win a war. (Includes a Janice and Mel intro).

Xena: Goddess of War by Phantom Bard

Xena became a goddess during a second season episode, but kept it a secret. Following her intuition, she has spent centuries preparing mankind for a future war against an enemy no one knows.

Added part 7 of WebBard's Soul Crossing


December 2nd, 2000

Added part 15, part 16, part 17, and part 18 of Vertigo's Reece's Faith


December 1st Part II


Just in time for the holidays -- a baker's dozen of some of the best fanfiction in the Xenaverse. The newest set of Swollen Bud awards includes stories, new and old, by Advocate (twice), Bracer, Friction, Journs, Trish Kerr (Phopos), B.L. Miller, Mary Morgan, Nova, TNovan, Scout, Stacia Seaman, TZ, Verrath, and XWPFanatic (twice).

A list of the winning stories (with a synopsis of each and links to the award-winning tales) may be found at The Swollen Bud Page at

Some are short and some are long, but all have two things in common: they have all been completed, and they are all uncommonly well written stories with exemplary plotting and craftsmanship.

Swollen Buds Awards are announced whenever exceptional fan fiction comes to the attention of the group of dedicated fan fiction readers who comprise the Swollen Buds Committee. Stories do not compete with each other for recognition, but against a standard of writing excellence. Accordingly, awards may be presented to more than one story in a category or not presented in every category every time. Stories are honored in the following categories:

All Nighter - Novel Length Constant Arousal - Series First Timer - New Bard Fooling Around - Comedy Getting Serious - Drama/Action Instant Gratification - PWP The Quickie - Short Story X:WP Fan fiction of all types (alternative, general, traditional, and/or uber AND ranging in explicitness from G and PG to NC-17) is eligible. (The provocative name of the awards program and of its categories were chosen for the purpose of catching readers' attention, not to signal graphic content. ) Whatever their nature, stories are NOT considered for awards until they have been completed.

Best wishes to you, each and every one. May your holidays be cheery and bright. And may you given thanks where it is due and FEED THE BARDS when you've digested these delectable dishes. Let's let them know how much we appreciate them sharing their time and talents with us! Sincerely, The Swollen Buds Committee. "There have been many circulations of the sap before we detect the smallest sign of the bud." -- Mary Ann Evans, aka George Eliot


Seeded by Kamouraskan [Alt Classic X+G Xena]

Gabrielle get stoned with some help from Autolycus.

In Her Eyes by Kamouraskan [ALT Classic X+G]

A young boy sets out to kill a warrior princess

Added the conclusion of Sacrifice for Friendship by D.S.Bauden


A Dif'rent World by Terri Lyn Stanfield

December 1st, 2000

I have a quick but highly awaited update to offer today.

I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book 5 Entwined by SX Meagher

SX continues following the lives of Jamie Evans and Ryan O'Flaherty told in her wonderfully unique descriptive style.

I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book 5 Entwined

I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book 5 Entwined (zipped version)

I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book 5 Entwined (e-Book version)