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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Immortal Xena ??? Redhawk Breaking (The) (1)
Breaking (The) (2)
Breaking (The) (3)
Breaking (The) (4)
Breaking (The) (5)
Breaking (The) (6)
Immortal Xena ??? Protek Bloodlust (1)
Bloodlust (2)
Bloodlust (3)
Immortal Xena ??? Llachlan Broken Blade (The) (1)
Broken Blade (The) (2)
Broken Blade (The) (3)
Broken Blade (The) (4)
Broken Blade (The) (5)
Immortal Xena ??? Kristian S. Fischer  Bad Timing
Xena/Gabrielle Conqeror Demoka Bard and the Conqueror
??? ??? Jazemine Heard Best Kind of Revenge (The)
??? ??? Kim Phoenix Blue Furred
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Zeta By the Gods You Look Like Xena
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick SandaKat Burning Time
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Rocky Birthday Present (The) (1)
Fall (The) (2)
Watching the Ball Drop (3)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Pat R Benediction (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Oowatie Beginnings
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Kristo Body and Soul
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Idryth Bats, Cats and Rats 
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Bacchae2 Blue Scrolls (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick ArdentTly Barfly 
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick archaeobard Brygos Painter Does Xena (The)
??? A motel from hell  K. Simpson B Movie
Rachel/Elizabeth Pulp Fiction: terrors in detention Halls Babes Behind Bars
Sarah/Angela Women meet in a bar [90's] Merry Angel Baby Doll
Kit/Liz Driver picks up a hitch-hiker [90's] Emily Mills Back Across the Desert
Kearney/Jesse College writing instructor/ lawyer [90's] Medora MacD/ Teresa L. Crittenden Back Door to Summer (The)
Xena/Gabrielle Athletic teens [90's] Red Hope Back in Our Teens
Sonni/Jessie Soldier/ wife [2010] Nyxie Back In Vietnam (1)
Nyxie After Vietnam (2)
Emma/Isabella Pulp Fiction: two con artists meet Girlbard Bad and Beautiful
Xena/Gabrielle Two women recall a warrior of note [90's] Mark Annetts Bad Dinar (A) (1)
Mark Annetts You're a Wonderful Wife (2)
Cody/Keila Gunslinger/ saloon girl [western] Dimples Bad Girls
Annie/Bess Lawyer/ Assist. DA meet again [90's] Mavis Applewater Bad Timing
Sam/Ann Cop / Doctor Warrior Angel Badges and Needles
Jessica/Alix Trauma of high school [90s] Dreams Baldwin High
Casey/Morgan Halloween party has 'treats' [90's] Shadylady / A. Hawk Ball (The)
Azhani/Kyrian warleader/ stardancer [Fantasy] sHaYcH Banshee's Honor
Kayla/Natalie Women meet in a bar [90's] Blue Dragon Bar (The) No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Keagan/Rudy Writer/ college student [90's] Jules Kurre Bar Girls (1)
Jules Kurre Guardian (The) (2)
Katherine/ Corrine Modern "A Christmas Carol" [90's] Alex Bard Challenge III
Skyler/Jessica Horse trainer/ Rider  [90ís] Jackson Leigh Bareback
Analee/Lunella Wolf helps a sheriff [Horror] Nene Adams Bark at the Moon
??? Bartender/ dancer attract [90's] Shadylady Bartender (The) (1)
Shadylady Dancer (The) (2)
Elizabeth/ Caroline Prisoner/ Medical technician [SciFi] Wishes Battle
Christina/ Elizabeth Space marine/ fighter pilot [Sci Fi] Windstar Battle for Mars (The)
Sam/Justine Lawyer/fanfic writer sued by TPTB [90's] Tal Battle of Words (A) No Longer Available --- beg for a copy
Daryl/Carrie Beach house has memories [90's] Mavis Applewater Beach (The) (1)
Mavis Applewater Storm Warning (2)
Sandy/Marcie Woman returns to home town for reunion [90ís] Mickey Beach Encounter
??? Troubled woman [90's] LaRecha Cummings Beaches
??? Woman with strong yearnings Moon7u Beast
Darlene/Teri Neighbors share kid [90's] Littlespit Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (A) (1)
Littlespit Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2)
Littlespit Beautiful Addition in the Neighborhood (A) (3)
??? Means to forget lifeís troubles Jesse KW james Beautiful Oblivion
Jo/Marjorie Beverage truck driver/ convenience store owner [90's] K.Darblyne Beauty of Your Words (The) No Longer Available --- beg for a copy
??? Lioness/beaver LZ Clotho Beaver Hunt
??? PWP KnightSkye Because I Love You
Jackie/Amanda Mental patients [90's] Mavis Applewater Bedlam
Gabrielle/Bobby Babysitter/ young boy WordWarrior Bedtime Story (A)
Natalie Woman has bad day [90's] Angelrad Been There, Done That Bought the T-Shirt
Sariah/Emily Mormons travelling West [1870's] Simahoyo Before Our Journey's Through
N/A Big bang [SciFi] BladeMast Before the Dawn of Time
Lou/Ash Childhood friends grow apart & together[1974-2004] Fingersmith Beginnings
Robin/Rosie CEO/ new employee in acctg. Co. [90's] Ri Behind the Black Cloud...
Laura Loss and love [90's] Donna Mazzoni Behind The Locked Door
Darrien/Erin Two women meet in an online fantasy world [90's] Idryth Belief
Damien/Juliana Police officer /journalist [90's] Troubleshooter Belief
Haniel/Lauren Angel/ human [Fantasy] Darkenedkarma Believe
Andi/Clare Halloween Horror tale Meghan OíBrien Bella Luna
Casey/Lucinda Attorney/ victim of a spirit [Fantasy] Various authors Belle, Booke & Kandell series [1-6]
??? PWP Danni Beloved
Harley/Emily Lawyer-sheriff/ author [90's] Lady Savay Beneath the Brambles
Cordie/Piper Fishing Cpt. / fleet mgr. Daughter [90's] Barbara Davies Beneath the Surface
??? Christmas fable romansilence Best Christmas Ever (The)
Tyler/Adena Friends since childhood [90's] D. K. Ward (aka DevenK) Best Friends
Anna/Faelyn Childhood friends reunite as CEO/ writer [90's] Maiacat Best Friends
Sherry/Paula Women on cruise [90's] J. S. Stephens Best Friends
Camille/Kate Two friends [90's] Stoley Best of Friends
Alex/Alley Writer/bookstore owner [90's] Alexandria Wolfe Best Seller
Sophia/Angel Nun helps separated lovers [Fantasy] Nene Adams Best Served Cold
Tori /Chris Doctor/undercover FBI agent [90's] Cheeya Betrayed
??? Fans bemoan FIN Fantasy Betrayed
Linda/Rebecca Car accident victim/ friend [90's] Jera Between
Marie/Duck Bar owner rents to a lonely woman [90's] LA Tucker Between A Memory & A Dream
Julie/Tess Dentist & ad editor take an enchanted  trip [SciFi] Balyne Cooper / SX Meagher Bewitched
Erin/Mariel Grief and worry send a woman to a psychic [90ís] Lois C. Hart Beyond and Begone
N/A Meet via Internet [90's] Penelope Downs Beyond Ones and Zeros (1)
Penelope Downs Virtual Dilemma (2)
Penelope Downs Ethereal, Tangible Resolution (3)
??? Encounter with a homeless woman [90's] Wishes Beyond Redemption?
Maureen/ Rosie Bisexual woman comforts recent widow [90s] G. Brooke Beyond Sadness
Khrys/Skyler Model/ bartender [90's] Whymz Beyond the Edge
Harlan/Briana College roomates [90's] Miri BF4EVR
Dakota/Casey Bible Camp Kim Pritekel Bible Thumping
Racquette/Nina Warrior cat/ sidekick Susan A. Rice Big Bad Sucking Monster (The) (1)
Susan A. Rice Up A Tree (2)
Susan A. Rice Mouse In The House (A) (3)
??? PWP Saggio (Sage) Amante Big Ju Ju
Jewel/Billie One lover stays in the closet [90's] Katia N. Ruiz Billie and Jewl (aka The Long Way Home)
Billie/Dori Tomboy runs into a new girl [90ís] C. J. Harte Billie has a Girlfriend
Fran/Hunter Heiress/ slave bodyguard [Sci Fi] Maderlin Bidmead Binding Tie (The) (1)
Maderlin Bidmead Strongest Bond (The) (2)
Maderlin Bidmead Tightest Knot (The) (3)
Denise/??? Birthday and mistaken identity [90's] Shadylady's Birthdays Suck Or Do They?
Sarah/Claire Stable hand/ Princess Figment Black Knight
Black Knight [Edwina]/Alicia Knight and Lady from Camelot [1100 AD] J M Dragon Black Knight and The Lady (The)
Scary/Jennifer Magic hunter/ magic user [MIB Parody] Leslie Ann Miller Black Scarab (The) and the Magic of Christmas
Franie/Iliana P.I./ suspect [90's] Jo Anna Guerra Black Triangle (The)
??? PWP Black Cherry Black With Blood
Addison/Skyler British agent/ kidnapped scientist's daughter [90's] Cephalgia / MJ Black's Magic (1)
MJ Addison Black and the Eye of Bastet (2)
Zeen/Abby Firefighter/ homeless [90's] ArdentTly Blaze (The) (1)
ArdentTly Inferno (the) (2)
ArdentTly Flashpoint (2) No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Rowan/Brandy Wealthy Hermit/ construction worker [90's] Larisa Blazing Dreams
Kit/Tamara Haunted hotel and ghosts [90ís] Lois Kay Bleeders Moon
Dylan/Layne Comic book artist/Muralist[90s] Ambrosia Blessings in Disguise
Mel/Claire Blind date encounter [90ís] D Blind Date
Keira/Cindy Executive meets crazy woman on a date [90's] Mavis Applewater Blind Dates and Other Tragedies
Lynn/Jerry Blind dates [90's] J. S. Stephens Blind Dates and White Roses
Jessie/Sydney Bodyguard/ doctor [90's] Shadylady Blind Persuasion
Julianne/Kris TV actress/ artist in college [90's] Dreams Blind Side of Love
Max/Leah Musician/ runaway [90's] Keket Blinded by Rage No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Emily/Hailey New Years brings changes [90's] Alicorn Blind-Sided
Jules/Petra Vampires seek relationship advice [SciFi] Ellis Acton Bell / Cornwel Bliss of Another Kind (A)
Morgan/Beth Stranded traveler gets help [90's] Kim Baldwin Blizzard
Grace/Elizabeth Pirate captain/ hand maiden [1700's Nene Adams Blood and Thunder
??? Dancer/ Reporter D. Jordan Redhawk Blood Benediction
Sali doctor phair Blood of Crisp
Darion/Taylor Police Detective/ hacker [90's] Valerie Ross Blood Red Scream I & II
Immortal Xena/Gabrielle vampires Darkraider and de Bonheur Bloodgame
Jessie/Karlie Refinery Mgr./Oil Well Specialist Wildside [Aka Katherine] Blow Out Specialist [aka Blow Out] No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
??? Steamy goodbye kiss [90's] A. Hawk Blowing
Gable/Erin Volunteer fireman helps tornado victim [90's] Kim Baldwin Blown Away (1)
Kim Baldwin Fire and Ice (2)
Kim Baldwin Second Wind (3)
Duncan/Tucker Bartending surfer/ novelist [90's] Larisa Blue Calm
Dylan/Anna Firefighter seduces woman in a bar [90ís] Alex Tryst Blue Eyes (1)
Alex Tryst Rhythm of a Broken Heart (2)
Blue Fire/Alicia Apache warrior/ horse rancher [1868] C. E. Gray Blue Fire
Blue/Conner Jazz Singer/ gang accountant [90's] JP Blue Oblivion (1)
JP Rose in Blue (A) (2)
Wade/Laura Guard/dispatcher [90s] J. A. Zollicoffer Blue Silence
Hudson/ Waylon Psychiatrist/ ER chief [90's] Larisa Blues (The)
Kennedy/Carson Attorney/paralegal [90's] Texbard Bluest Eyes In Texas (The) (1)
See pirate captain ghost Texbard Soul Vessels (2)
Anniversary interlude Texbard To the Love of My Life (3)
Easter Morning Texbard Short Oestra Story (A) (4)
Camping trip from hell Texbard Borderline (5)
??? Texbard Moondancerís Delight (6)
College football Texbard Double Teamed (7)
??? Linda Christ Airships That Pass in the Night
Isalba/Megan Pirate cpt. From Soul Vessels Texbard Rituals (7)
Kendrick/Leigh Drug addict/ research doctor [90's] Rhiannon Silverflame Blurring the Lines
Angelus/Jake Angel investigator [Fantasy] Lariel Body And Soul
Nadine/Charlene Bodyguard/ tv actress [90's] Mavis Applewater Body Guard (The)
Mavis Applewater Babysitting Charlie (2)
Xepher/Brianna Homicide detective/ coroner Larisa Body Parts (1)
Larisa Lover's Tryst (2)
Larisa Ripper's Heart (3)
Ryan/McKenzie College students into bondage [90's] Kodi Wolf Bondage Primer (A)
??? PWP Vivian Darkbloom Book of the Body (The)
Joyce Lab researcher [90's] JM Dragon Born On Hallowedís Eve
Andrea/Gracie Helping friend yearns for more [90ís] Siel LeDain Borrowed Reality
Ellie/Randi Lovers reunite [90's] Nyxie Bourbon Borderline
Tarian/Cassie Librarian / fairy [fantasy] Barbara Davies Bourneís Edge (1)
Barbara Davies Doll Hospital (2)
Mel/Jackie Rival boxers [90’s] Katia N. Ruiz Boxing Dream
??? Girl mistaken for a boy [90's] AC [aka Nyxie] Boy
Sydney/Ashley Neighbor meets boy next door [90ís] D_Exphagus Boy Next Door (The) (1)
D_Exphagus Just a Love Story (2)
Ann/Violet Pirate Cpt./ merchantís daughter [1600s] Merry Shannon Branded Ann
CC/Jamie Cop/med. student [90's] Mavis Applewater Brass Ring (The)
??? Bravery of all kinds [90's] jh Brave
??? Nazis rule into 2043 D Brave New World
Jennifer/Charlie Travelers [90's] Barbara Davies Break Out 99
Dawn/Reyna Woman visits family before going overseas Mavis Applewater Breakfast With Amelia
Faith/Gabrielle PI/ amnesiac [50's & 90's] Rooks Breaking Chains No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Elizabeth Western traveler[1870's] R.A. Hughes Breaking Free
Sloan/Keegan Horse owner/ mute horse handler [90's] T. Stratton Breaking the Silence
Melissa/Hilary Tech editor/ English Teacher [90's] Bluedragon Breaking the Waves No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Cherry/Lucky Woman learns to let go of fear Marcia Ellen "Happy" Beevre Breakthrough
Adele/Gillian Lovers separate [90's] S.Anne Gardner Breath of Scandal (A)
Shaz/Emily Tortures lover [Terror] archaeobard Breathe
Adelaide/Pearl Saloon girl/ mail order bride [1869] Mavis Applewater Briars Creek
Catalina/ Damiane Arranged bride-to-be/ neighbor  [90ís] L'Bleu Bouche Bride in Pearls and Blood (The)
??? Rendezvous at a bridge Petra J. Collins Bridge (The)
Vicki/Beth Deaf girl has a special summer with a friend  Penelope Street Bridge Over Wilsonís Creek
Tyler/Jan  College student/ sick friend [90's] Cecily Hawkins Bridging the Rift
Sunshine/Animal corporate consultant/demolitions expert phair Bright Day
Emily/Carol Actress/Inn Mgr. [SciFi] Barbara Davies Bright Star
  High school gangleader / new kid [90's] Shandy Bring It On
Gina/Holly Brits meets American tourist [90's] Cephalgia British Invasion (The) (1)
Cephalgia Body English (2)
Cephalgia Her Majesty's Pleasure (3)
Marika/ Rhiannon lawyer/ legal assistant [90's] Lois Cloarec Hart Broken Faith [aka Broken Homes]
Davy/Lisa Mute woman/ customer [90's] Teagen2 Broken Silence
Val/Marti Teddy bear brings women together again [90ís] Nann Dunne Broken Teddy Bear (The)
??? Woman writes in journal Koda Graystone Broken Trust
Jenna/Paige Cop/ trespasser [90's] Jaden Brush With The Law
Helen/Wendy Enjoy some time together Emily First Bumblebee
Remi/Jostyn Women caught in bank robbery [90's] Larisa Bumbled Burglary
??? Individual ruminates on life [90's] SB Zarben Burden of Existence
Jericho/Shawna FBI agent/ co-ed [90's] Larisa Buried Prejudices
Madelline/Brit Officerís daughter/ car thief [90ís] Kim Pritekel Burniní Rubber
Sage/Kari CEO/maid [90ís] Koda Graystone Burning Flame
Dina/Rene Firefighter/ doctor [90's] Sandakat Burning Time (1)
Woman  Sandakat Slow Burn (2)
Logan/Frith Investigative Journalist/ web developer [90's] Karen Malevich Burning Tree
Jana Woman celebrates Xmas [90's] Dreams Business of Giving (The)
Kara/ Woman exec  [90's] Lady J Business Trip
Erica/Brooke Cheerleaders make out in a bathroom [90ís] Irish Bard But We are Cheerleaders!
??? Woman reflects on love [90's] Shadylady Butterflies Are Free
Carmen/Cheryl Admissions assistant/ basketball student [90ís] Mavis Applewater By Request
??? Solace in 1940s style nightclub Geonn Cannon Bygone